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It is the James Webb Space Telescope. It is also called JWST, and Webb. In 2018, a rocket will take JWST into space. The new telescope will explore farther into space than Hubble. It will travel a million miles from Earth. This will give scientists a better view of the universe Want to be notified of new releases in spacetelescope/jwst? Launch your notebook to run the JWST pipeline. Latest release of any packages is not guaranteed in this environment The James Webb Space Telescope is expected to launch to space in 2018. Don't worry. NASA has a plan. By 2018, the space agency hopes to launch the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), a new instrument designed to see farther into space than ever before

Andrucyk said Tuesday at a meeting at the National Academies of Sciences that some of the recent JWST problems “were driven by poorly written procedures.” The launch of the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) was starting to feel within touching distance. Set to blast off next year, excitement was brewing in the community with astronomers writing proposals for observing time on the JWST's four scientific instruments. But following the telescope's.. The sunshield and mirror will fold up origami-style to fit inside the envelope of the European Ariane 5 rocket that will launch JWST from French Guiana. The Ariane 5 launcher is one of the European Space Agency’s major contributions to the mission, along with key instrument hardware. • NASA's James Webb Space Telescope currently is undergoing final integration and test phases that will require more time to ensure a successful mission. After an independent assessment of remaining tasks for the highly complex space observatory, Webb's previously revised 2019 launch window now.. Dragon crew begins augmented version of NASA’s standard pre-launch quarantine

The Launch - Webb/NAS

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  2. The James Webb Space Telescope will not launch until March 2021 at the earliest, a delay of about two and a half years, NASA announced Wednesday. The mission's total cost also increased to nearly $10 billion, up from an $8.7 billion estimate in 2016, according to an independent review board hired..
  3. for this next generation space telescope to launch. It was announced in March that the mission would be delayed until 2020, which is already two years past its original launch date of October 2018. But after accepting the recommendations of an independent review board, NASA has announced that the..
  4. An independent review board chaired by Thomas Young, a space industry veteran who served as an executive at Lockheed Martin and as mission director of NASA’s Viking Mars landers, will help the space agency confirm a new target launch date and cost figure for JWST.

SpaceX readies rocket for final Falcon 9 launch before crew flight The James Webb Space Telescope Jason Kalirai1, Alberto Conti1 & Blake Bullock21 Space Telescope Science placed at L2, with a detailed error budget and careful instrument characterization prior to launch JWST is an excellent The James Webb Space Telescope Want More Informatio “More time is needed to test and integrate the highly complex sunshield and spacecraft section at Northrop Grumman,” said Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator of NASA’s science mission directorate. “That is taking longer to complete, and there are also a few mistakes that happened.”

Sorry, the newest Starlink (launched Apr 2020) isn't very visible at your location during the next 5 days. This might change in the coming weeks, due to changing orbits. The older Starlinks might still be visible (please see below) What you said, and, the James Webb Space Telescope cannot be serviced once it's launched, so we've got make absolutely sure that everything is working perfectly, from launch to the deployment of its mirrors and its heat shields Andrucyk said NASA Headquarters will have more oversight over JWST in the future, including direct interaction with Northrop Grumman’s president and chief operating officer. NASA will also dispatch a project manager to Northrop Grumman’s factory in Southern California on a permanent basis, along with additional NASA spacecraft integration and test experts during critical operations.Blaming a slew of technical snags and “avoidable errors,” NASA officials said Tuesday that the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope, already years behind schedule, will be delayed to 2020, potentially pushing the mission’s development cost above an $8 billion cap mandated by Congress.

NASA Delays James Webb Space Telescope Launch to Space

  1. The Hubble Space Telescope's days of ruling low Earth orbit appear to be numbered as the European Space Agency just announced its mammoth James Webb Telescope will officially launch into the wild blue yonder in roughly three years. Through a collaborative effort with NASA..
  2. e how galaxies evolved, observe the formation of stars from the first stages, measure the physical and chemical properties of..
  3. The first of these telescopes, NASA's highly anticipated James Webb Space Telescope, is slated to launch in 2021, then start scanning the atmospheres of Since its launch in 1990, NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has discovered new planets, revealed strange galaxies, and provided new insights..
  4. NASA's James Webb Space Telescope now is planning to launch between March and June 2019 from French Guiana, following a schedule assessment of NASA's says the currently approved budget will not bust the budget or reduce the science output. It accommodates the change in launch date..

NASA has delayed the launch of its huge, highly anticipated James Webb Space Telescope by another 10 months. The road to that destination has been quite bumpy to date. Webb is a very complex observatory that has proved difficult for primary contractor Northrop Grumman to build and.. The launch date for the James Webb Space Telescope has been kicked back a year to 2020, NASA confirmed during a press conference on Tuesday. The instrument - a 6,200kg (13,668lb) telescope designed to look at stars formed soon after the Big Bang as well as closer objects - was scheduled to..

Meet NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope - Launch Date: 2018

Webb telescope's launch delayed until 2020 - Spaceflight No

NASA will also have daily and weekly schedule reviews with Northrop Grumman, which will also revamp its management structure. Northrop Grumman is also making personnel changes and updating procedures. The first of these telescopes, NASA's highly anticipated James Webb Space Telescope, is slated to launch in 2021, then start scanning the atmospheres of distant worlds for clues about extraterrestrial life. As early as 2022, other new telescopes in space will take unprecedented observations of the.. Some of the problems were minor at first glance, but because of Webb’s complexity, have had inordinate impact. One problem discovered during testing last year was that the fasteners containing the hair-thin sunshield membrane had snagged, tearing holes in the membrane. The membranes were repaired, but to ensure this problem doesn’t occur during the mission itself, the fastening lock nuts were tightened only to be flush with their bolts.The observatory survived a brush with cancellation by lawmakers in 2011, who proposed zeroing the mission’s budget. An independent review in 2010 found that the mission needed more money to maintain a target launch date in 2015, and NASA and Congress eventually agreed to aim for JWST’s launch in 2018, with additional funding to give managers a budget reserve to handle potential technical issues. [Photos: Hubble's Successor, the James Webb Space Telescope]. The targeted launch window is now Considering the investment NASA has made, and the good performance to date, we James Webb will lift off atop an Ariane 5 rocket from the European spaceport near Kourou, in French Guiana

For the record, Andrucyk said, NASA’s standing review board — comprised of engineers and managers not part of the JWST program — concluded the mission could launch in January 2020 with 30 percent confidence. Copyright ©2020 AAS Sky Publishing LLC. All rights reserved. The Hubble Space Telescope gave us a huge leap forward, showing us what our Universe looked like; next year, James Webb will Stars — When the Hubble Space Telescope was launched, it opened up a fascinating possibility to observational astronomers: the capability of measuring the properties of..

Timeline of the James Webb Space Telescope - Wikipedi

NASA announced last September that JWST would miss its target launch date in October 2018, but managers still expected the observatory to be ready for liftoff between March and June of 2019. Officials on Tuesday said that was no longer possible. NASA's James Webb Space Telescope is the most ambitious and complex space science observatory ever built, capable of detecting light from the first stars and galaxies that To date, all Ball Aerospace hardware has been delivered. We continue to support NASA through integration and test The spectacular James Webb Space Telescope is bound next for the giant Apollo testing chamber. Image copyright NASA. Image caption JWST has just emerged from vibration and acoustic investigations. Engineers are getting ready to box up the James Webb Space Telescope and send it.. The ambitious James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) has a new launch date: March 2021. Testifying before the House Science Committee in Washington this week, Nasa's administrator, Jim Bridenstine, suggested that the agency could slow down the development of another space..

NASA’s standing review board estimated the mission could be ready for launch by April 30, 2020, at a 70 percent confidence level, Andrucyk said at the National Academies of Sciences’ Space Science Week meeting Tuesday. That led the agency’s leaders to announce the mission was likely off until May 2020. Does the JWST (James Webb Space Telescope) use a similar reaction control gyroscope as previous (failed) space telescopes? The JWST cost over $10 billion to develop, construct and test. The cost was enormous because of technologies that had never been used before took far more costs than.. Nearly a month after launch, a trajectory correction will be initiated to place the JWST into a halo orbit at L2.[37]

On the plus-side, the infrared universe from the dawn of time will still be there, whenever it launches...Meanwhile, testing and integration of the spacecraft element continues. Once this phase is complete, around October, the telescope and science instruments will be integrated on the spacecraft and the whole shebang will undergo environmental testing and a final deployment test before it’s shipped to Kourou, French Guiana, for launch.

The Webb telescope will travel 1 million miles from earth and look back over 13.5 billion years, providing images of the first Northrop Grumman is proud to lead the industry team building NASA's James Webb Space Telescope. This revolutionary observatory is the largest telescope built for.. Uh oh. Now we need to feed these new dates into the linear regression equation: Julian date of prediction = 2458296 Julian date of predicted launch = 2459303 “Also, the sunshield tensioning system, the cables that hold the sunshield membrane into its shape, developed too much slack during the deployment, creating a snagging hazard,” Zurbuchen said. “So they had to redesign how the cables straddle certain parts of the boom so that wouldn’t happen.”

NASA Sets March 2021 Launch Date for James Webb Space

James Webb Space Telescope Launch Delayed to 201

James Webb Space Telescope new launch date - March 31, 2021

  1. Zurbuchen and his deputy in NASA’s science mission directorate, Dennis Andrucyk, said a series of problems beset the observatory’s spacecraft module over the last year.
  2. It was launched at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in 1973, and flew by Venus 3 months later. It then crossed into Mercury's orbit managing to photograph 45 The Hubble Space Telescope is one of the most productive scientific instruments ever built. Astronomers using Hubble data have published more..
  3. Announce that the Spitzer Space Telescope will observe TRAPPIST-1 for nearly continuous 20 days. By this date our collected ground-based data made clear that more that the original period for TRAPPIST-1d was incorrect that more than 3 planets The James Webb launches in Autumn 2018
  4. g to be ready to launch the space observatory in May 2020, and that it may exceed its budget
  5. us 370 degrees Fahrenheit, or
Nasa's Hubble successor and most advanced telescope JamesNASA delays the launch of its flagship space telescope

NASA delays launch of the world's most powerful space telescope

Once the telescope and spacecraft sections are connected, ground crews at Northrop Grumman will again deploy the sunshield, along with the telescope’s unfoldable wings and other structures, then put the entire observatory through electrical, vibration and acoustic tests. After those checks are complete, technicians will unfurl the full observatory once more before stowing it into launch configuration.

James Webb Space Telescope inches closer to launch

  1. The telescope's launch has been delayed numerous times due to ongoing technical issues. The US Government Accountability Office released a After all, if something goes wrong after the James Webb Space Telescope launches, we have no real options in terms of being able to fix it in orbit
  2. The James Webb Space Telescope is a planned international 21st century space observatory. It is intended to be a premier observatory of the 2020s, combining the largest mirror yet on a near-infrared space telescope with a suite of technologically advanced instruments from around the world
  3. Illustrated guide: What can you expect to see with different sized telescopes at different conditions: Planets, Moon, nebuale and other astronomical objects. In this article I will try to illustrate the views you can expect through different telescopes, and maybe help to decide which one to choose
  4. ating heat, the telescope will be placed in the L2 Lagrange point with the Earth permanently between the telescope..

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope has big shoes to fill. Designed to succeed Hubble and the Spitzer Space Telescope, it has generated high expectations — and expenses — during nearly 20 years of planning. Cost overruns pushed the launch date back to 2018, then testing and integration.. James Webb Space Telescope. Launch/Servicing Missions. Hubble Space Telescope's iconic images and scientific breakthroughs have redefined our view of the Universe

James Webb Space Telescope launch pushed to 2021 EarthSk

The review board has made more than 30 suggestions to address these errors, as well as other factors that are impacting Webb’s schedule, including “excessive optimism,” system complexity, and inexperience with new systems such as the five-layered sunshield, in order to ensure a successful launch in March 2021. NASA has fully endorsed the review board’s evaluation and has already implemented or begun implementing most of these items. NASA and the independent review board both conclude that Webb's incredible science potential makes mission success critical.  "Webb will be worth the wait," says Thomas Zurbucken, associate administrator of NASA Science Mission Directorate.The James Webb Space Telescope is a planned international 21st century space observatory. It is intended to be a premier observatory of the 2020s, combining the largest mirror yet on a near-infrared space telescope with a suite of technologically advanced instruments from around the world.[1] JWST is expected to cost at least $8.8 billion, including design, construction, and five years of operations (does not include extended mission funding) or International contributions.[2][3] Its likely peak year for funding was probably 2014, when the project used more than $650 million.[2]

James Webb Space Telescope shipped to Texas for its

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope Launch Delayed to 201

  1. istrator, James E. Webb, the deep space telescope is..
  2. “Northrop Grumman remains steadfast in its commitment to NASA and ensuring successful integration, launch and deployment of the James Webb Space Telescope, the world’s most advanced space telescope,” Northrop Grumman said in a statement.
  3. g it receives Congressional reauthorization.
  4. “Webb is really complex,” Zurbuchen said. “Extensive and rigorous testing is necessary to ensure that we have a launch, deployment and checkout that succeeds with high confidence.
  5. Prior to the launch of Sputnik, the United States had been working on its own capability to launch a This was for an experiment operated by researcher James Van Allen, which, together with Space stations marked the next phase of space exploration. The first space station in Earth orbit was the..
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  7. Space fans waiting for the launch of the Webb Space Telescope - which will be the successor to the Hubble Space Telescope - will have to wait longer. This week, after completion of an independent review, NASA announced a new launch date for the James Webb Space Telescope: March 30..
Hubble Space Telescope over Earth | ESA/Hubble

Once the James Webb Space Telescope is launched, it will be the largest observatory into space that has ever been conducted. The telescope, which will operate at ultracool temperatures, will be able to detect infrared from the earliest stars and galaxies in the universe and analyze distant planets “One conclusion you could make is you shouldn’t do complex missions like this,” Zurbuchen said Tuesday afternoon at the National Academies of Sciences. “I will tell you that this would be a very grave and wrong assumption. At NASA, and together with our international partners, we should push the envelope. The telescope was launched into space with the help of the space shuttle Discovery on 24th of April, 1990. Till date, Hubble has made more than 1,10,000 trips around our planet. The Hubble Space Telescope will be replaced by the James Webb Space Telescope The telescope and instruments have passed their standalone tests, but the team in charge of building the spacecraft has run into problems, NASA officials said. A NASA review board determined earlier this month that the mission would likely not be ready to launch until 2020.

How Close Are We to Launching the James Webb Space Telescope

The JWST will replace the aging Hubble Space Telescope (launched in 1990) and provide a fresh pair of eyes on the universe. It will offer unprecedented resolution and sensitivity from long-wavelength visible light, through near-infrared to the mid-infrared NASA'S James Webb Space Telescope has been successfully folded into the compact configuration it will match on the day of its launch. The £8.25billion ($10billion) James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is the biggest and most complex scientific instrument ever built The flagship mission will be the most ambitious astronomical observatory ever launched, building on a quarter-century of discoveries made by NASA’s famous Hubble Space Telescope. Originally proposed more than 20 years ago, the James Webb Space Telescope has been redesigned to expand its observing power and overcome numerous technical hurdles, ballooning costs from an original projection below $1 billion to more than $10 billion, a figure that includes planned launch and operations expenses, along with European and Canadian contributions. Webb looks a bit like a diamond-shaped raft sporting a thick, curved mast and sail -- if the sail Its 18 hexagonal beryllium sections unfold after launch, then coordinate to act like one whopping primary Once known as the Next Generation Space Telescope (NGST), Webb was renamed in September..

NASA's Webb Space Telescope Launch Delayed to - Universe Toda

“The sunshield complications also took a toll on the schedule,” he said. “It’s a very large five-layer membrane sysstem about the size of a tennis court, and during the deploy, fold and stow operations, the amount of time that we expected to perform those activities took longer than we expected. The first deploy we expected to be two weeks. It wound up being a month, and in the fold and stow, we expected it to be about a month, and it wound up being two months. We have two additional of those deploy, fold and stow operations to go.”Smith added in a statement that the delays and cost overruns “undermine confidence in NASA and its prime contractor, Northrop Grumman.”If NASA needs relatively little extra money to complete JWST, future expenditures planned for the observatory’s post-launch operations could be applied to finish assembly and testing of the spacecraft on Earth, Zurbuchen said. If the budget ends up well above NASA’s previous expectation, the impacts to the agency’s other science missions could be more severe, assuming Congress gives the green light to proceed with the observatory’s final testing and launch.

Why the James Webb telescope launch could be the most - Big Thin

Structural engineering is among the oldest types of engineering, dating back to the first instance of tree branches being lashed together with vines to make a shelter. However, most designs for famous modern structures such as the Large Hadron Collider and the James Webb Space Telescope are.. NASA's largest and most complex space telescope has to fit into a 17.8-foot payload fairing for its upcoming launch into space, and let's just say there's not much room to spare The telescope will study the first stars and galaxies and examine the physical and chemical properties of solar systems. Published 16 April 2014 Last updated 21 December The UK leads the European Consortium to build the Mid InfraRed Instrument (MIRI) for NASA's James Webb Space Telescope NASA's James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), the world's most powerful telescope to date and the successor to the Hubble Space Telescope (HST), will have a few extra months before it's launched into orbit. After the latest check on outstanding technical issues and integration work.. The James Webb Space Telescope will allow us to see further into space than ever before, and its discoveries are expected to revolutionize astronomy

NASA delays JWST launch to 2020 - SpaceNews

NASA delays James Webb Space Telescope launch to NET May 202

  1. The James Webb Space Telescope will be launched on an Ariane 5 rocket, one of the world's most reliable launch vehicles. The European Space Agency (ESA) has agreed to provide an Ariane 5 launcher and associated launch services to NASA for Webb
  2. While the astronomical instruments for Webb are ready to go, the spacecraft bus itself and the sunshield designed to protect the infrared instruments from the Sun’s heat are still in a process called “integration and testing.” Numerous issues have cropped up during this phase. Although integration and testing are designed to detect problems, delays have come at the cost of approximately $1 million per day.
  3. James Webb Space Telescope science space policy nasa physics astrophysics astronomy telescopes. Following an independent review, NASA's planned James Webb Space Telescope has received yet another delay in its mission schedule

Последние твиты от NASA Webb Telescope (@NASAWebbTelescp). NASA Webb Telescope начал(а) читать The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is NASA's long-planned - and long-delayed - successor to Hubble. But after a recent spate of testing to mimic the extremes of space, it's looking like the telescope is still on track for its 2021 launch date. The telescope itself, along with its instrumentation..

The James Webb Space Telescope: The Hubble's successor is expected to provide greater insight If you're unfamiliar with the James Webb Space Telescope, the following are seven brief things to know It'll launch via the European Space Agency's Ariane 5 rocket, and then embark on a 30-day.. Webb will enable “science that will look at the universe in a way we have never seen it,” Zurbuchen said.

NASA delays James Webb Space Telescope launch until 202

Northrop Grumman is proud to lead the industry team building NASA's James Webb Space Telescope. This revolutionary observatory is the largest telescope.. Launched in April 2018, TESS is surveying the sky for two years to find transiting exoplanets around the brightest stars near Earth. The first space mission to search for Earth-sized and smaller planets in the habitable zone of other stars in our neighborhood of the galaxy The James Webb Space Telescope is tragically stuck in a cycle of hype and disappointment. Upon further review, the agency has decided to play safe, not sorry, and set March 2021 as a more realistic date. When — if — it ever launches, the Webb will be the most powerful telescope in existence.. For example, New Horizons, though launched in 2006, was largely made from 90s tech. The shuttles flew through the 90s with 1970s computers because it had proven reliability. Why have a cutting edge computer that will blue screen when a 70s iron core has 100% reliability?

Launch of the world's biggest space telescope - the 'Super Hubble' - that could spot alien life has been delayed until Officials say they need more time to assemble the James Webb Space Telescope. Nasa and its partner, the European Space Agency, will work together to firm up a new launch date Space Race became an important part of the cultural , technological and ideological confrontation between the Soviet Union and the United States during the Cold War . This was due to the fact that space exploration had not only of great importance for scientific and military applications , but also.. The Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph (STIS) separates light into its component parts. STIS is used for many observations, most notably as Hubble's main Distorted images captured by the Hubble Space Telescope shortly after launch were caused by a small flaw—called a spherical aberration—in..

Diagram of the Hubble Space Telescope, 1981 | ESA/Hubble

Solution video. James Webb Space Telescope Deployment Sequence. The most powerful space telescope ever built, the Webb Telescope will observe the most distant objects in the universe, provide images of the first galaxies formed and see unexplored planets around distant stars 20 Public Internet remote telescopes across 4 remote observatories located in the northern and southern hemispheres. It even takes moon phases into account, which is especially important around full moon. In order to use it with our telescopes, you need to be a member and can join here

But the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) appears likely to have to wait at least two more. On Tuesday, NASA said it needs more time to test the $8 billion space observatory, pushing back the scheduled launch date to approximately May 2020 from the previous plan for a.. Space telescope education program. Home of the Hubble and James Webb Space Science Missions. Timely scoops from the Hubble and James Webb space telescopes UK record labels association the BPI administers and certifies the iconic BRIT Certified Platinum, Gold and Silver Awards Programme. This recognises and celebrates the commercial success of music recordings and videos released in the UK. Click here for more information With another announcement that Webb’s costs are rising, some worry that the mission’s budget will hamstring NASA’s ability to secure approval for future flagship-class science missions. Zurbuchen said missions like JWST have strong value, pushing frontiers in technology and scientific productivity that make future probes possible.

James Webb Space Telescope (JWST). Sep 25, 2019. NASA says it is holding to a March 2021 launch date for the James Webb Space Telescope, but a new reportfrom the US Government Accountability Office suggests the mission probably will not happen then For 30 years, the Hubble Space telescope has been our eye into outer space. This stunning map looks at 550,000 observations made between 1990-2019. Soon, it will be joining forces with the new James Webb Space Telescope, to be launched in March 2021 The James Webb Space Telescope is a crucial project and an investment in our future. I expect it to be completed within the cap and launched as close to on The delay in JWST's launch will also delay the science it will produce. Zurbuchen said that a call for proposals for the first cycle of observations.. The James Webb Space Telescope will not launch until March 2021 at the earliest, pushing back the date by about two and a half years, NASA announced Wednesday. This will bring the mission's total cost to nearly $10 billion, up from an $8.7 billion estimate in 2016 “We need to successfully integrate both halves of the observatory into the final flight configuration and complete some vital testing after an independent assessment of the remaining tasks,” Lightfoot said Tuesday in a conference call with reporters. “Frankly, the tasks are taking longer to complete than we expected, which will result in a new target launch window, which we now expect to be approximately May of 2020.”

Human errors have also been part of the problem. In NASA’s previous report in March, the agency acknowledged two mistakes that caused significant delays while testing the propulsion system: an incorrect solvent was used to clean valves, which destroyed the valves that then needed to be repaired/replaced and reinstalled, and improper wiring delivered excessive voltage to a transducer, which also had to be replaced. Both of these problems could have been avoided, says Tom Young, chair of the independent review board, had the proper processes and the discipline to follow them been in place. The James Webb Space Telescope has suffered another setback prior to its launch in October 2018 - it may conflict with ESA's BepiColombo BepiColombo has priority due to the tight launch window to reach Mercury. This will result in the JWST having its launch date pushed back to 2019 at the earliest NASA in March said the James Webb Space Telescope, the long-awaited successor to the Hubble Space Telescope, would miss its planned We also have a specific launch date to look forward to, not just a rough window of time. Named after a former NASA administrator, the James Webb Space.. This page hosts the Virtual Telescope's webTV featuring live, real-time observing sessions and many more events, connected to our activities. Support The Virtual Telescope Project! If everyone reading this right now would donate something, our fundraiser would be done in a few days Arianespace SA is a multinational company founded in 1980 as the world's first commercial launch service provider. It undertakes the production, operation, and marketing of the Ariane programme. Their vehicles launch exclusively from French Guiana in South America

Cameras in space tell stories of life on our planet from a brand new perspective, revealing new discoveries, incredible colours and patterns, and just how fast it is changing Despite significant cost overruns, NASA's James Webb Space Telescope is now set for a March 2021 launch — assuming it receives Congressional reauthorization. The new date is a 29-month delay from the original October 2018 date established back in 2011 1. SPACE: Walk around the class and talk to other students about space. Change partners often. After you finish, sit with your partner(s) and share your findings. 2. CHAT: In pairs / groups, decide which of these topics or words from the article are most interesting and which are most boring NASA has postponed the launch of its flagship James Webb Space Telescope to early 2021 owing to a range of factors influencing its schedule and The telescope's new total lifecycle cost, to support the revised launch date, is estimated at $9.66 billion; its new development cost estimate is $8.8 billion.. The new report also puts a new price tag on the mission: $8.8 billion, which exceeds the $8 billion cap placed by Congress in 2011. This means that the mission will face Congressional reauthorization. While NASA has the funds necessary to implement the review board’s recommendations for 2018 and 2019, the agency will need Congress to approve additional funds for 2020 and 2021. Launch of the James Webb Space Telescope is slipping to March 2021 while its cost increases to $9.66 billion. The panel made more than 30 recommendations, estimated the additional cost at around $1 billion and recommended moving the launch date out to March 2021

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