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  3. The bedding varies according to train and class, but you will definitely have two sheets, one pillow-case and a towel, all in a sealed plastic bag. In SV you may get little luxuries like free slippers, refreshing wipes and shoe polish.

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  1. We are the world’s most convenient and most trusted service for booking Russian train tickets. Enjoy our award-winning service with real people and in 5 different languages. Make your plans up to 2 years ahead and pay any way you like.
  2. Just as queueing is governed by unwritten rules, the Russian train carriage has its own etiquette. The more people together in an enclosed space, the more important it is that everyone adheres to it. Only if you have a compartment to yourself can you do as you please.
  3. At the end of the journey you fold everything up neatly and bring it to the provodnik. On a platskart from Kharkiv to Kiev I got shouted at by the provodnitsa for giving back my sheets rolled up in a ball.
  4. Spalny Vagon, usually called simply SV (say: Es-Vay) means sleeping car. Two berths in a compartment with a door you can lock. Plus lots of cushions, carpet, tassels und curtains.
  5. At the station, look for a sign saying Кассы (Kassy). There is a dedicated counter for international services.
  6. Our mission is to contribute to Russian economy by creation of comfortable conditions for the development of all kinds Home. Commercial Organisations. JSC Russian Railways [JSC RZD]
  7. Rail lines (total route-km). Internation Union of Railways ( UIC ). License : CC BY-4.0

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Imagine pushing open the door to Blagoveshchensk station, putting one foot across the threshold and gaping at the unreality of time itself.When it is time to get ready for bed, men are expected to leave the compartment while the women change.

Add some steam to your journey on one of historic trains. Explore Moscow suburbs, St. Petersburg royal palaces, arriving same way emperors did that in XIX century. Amaze yourself with a once in a lifetime challenge, doing the famous Trans-Siberian in tzar’s comfort.PRICE: Moscow to Ekaterinburg in 1st class costs from 6,500-12,500 RUB (95-180 EUR). Check your price here  Since the 1st of August, 2018, all departure times on tickets and clocks at stations are in local time across the Russian Railways network.Hi and thank you so much for the kind words! 🙂 I’m glad you find the blog useful! No, there is no problem if your name appears on both tickets, the tickets are not nominal so they won’t check your IDs. Regarding Peterhof and Pushkin (Tsarskoje Selo) – I am talking about these in this post about 11 Things to do in Saint Petersburg, where I am also indicating where you can buy a tour or normal tickets 🙂Hi Vineeth. Thanks for your comment. Both me and Yulia did our best to find good photos. What you are seeing is the best we could obtain. Follow this link for pictures from Russian Railways themselves: http://visual.rzd.ru/photobank/public/ru?STRUCTURE_ID=4&layer_id=5327&make=search&type=&cat=&photogal_id=&textSearch=плацкарт&city=&date_begin=&date_end=. I would have liked to use these, but I couldn’t get them in a decent resolution.

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Newer (especially firmenny) trains have closed-circuit toilets that keep their sewage in a tank. These are not locked during sanzonas. In Russian they are known as Bio-Toilets. When booking, look for the WC symbol with a leaf. Russia intends to improve its standing as a 'land bridge' for freight moving between Europe and Asia JSC Russian Railways and international railway оrganizations. Russian Railways transports passengers on domestic services and direct and transit routes to Europe and Asia You also wrote about the Belarus-Russian visa agreement that is planned for the future. We read that taking the direct train from nice to moskow has another problem though, going through Belarus: even if you have a belarus Transit Visum, you are not entering Russia in a legal way if you are a foreigner, because they don’t have a border control on the common Belarus border… I even read about people being sent back after entering Russia this way. We already called the Belarus embassy, but they could not really say much. The Russian embassy unfortunately does not seem to be available by phone ever 😉If you sit on someone’s made bed, it would be rude to do so in street clothing. If you are wearing street clothing (honestly, I always forget to bring house-clothing) shift the mattress so you are sitting on the bunk underneath it.

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If you don’t want sugar in your tea, say so (BEZ SAkhara) – or the provodnik will just put it in.Let’s assume you made it onto the train at Blagoveshchensk. There is a jolt, then, barely perceptibly, it lumbers into motion. Rousing music crackles from the megaphones on the platform as you head out.

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The drawback is that you see these people day in, day out, awake and asleep. After three days nobody can stand the sight of anybody else. If the carriage is full, the air can become atrocious. British Railways, former national railway system of Great Britain, created by the Transport Act of British Rail was restructured in 1993 prior to its privatization. Passenger and freight traffic were taken.. Thank you Edward, this will be very useful. I have a question. During the stops, which are the signals that the train is about to leave, is there a number of whistles, do the provodniks call the passengers on the platform or the doors just close when the time comes? Thanks a lot for your effort.We booked our train from Moscow to St Petersburg using tour operator Express to Russia. I must state how impressed and pleased we were by the efficiency and help we received in booking our train. Thanks Seraina. I’m so glad you like it. Yes, writing this post nearly broke me. I hope it helps you when you do visit Russia – or Ukraine, or any of the other countries using this system.

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  1. We welcome you to the online store of Russian Custom Train - the first Russiancompany engaged in the production models of locomotives of Russian railways from thebrass in HO scale Here you will..
  2. Thus train No. 1/2 is the firmenny train Krasnaya Strela, (Red or Sublime Arrow) between Moscow and Saint Petersburg.
  3. Discover train travel in Europe with our convenient and affordable Eurail pass. Book a rail pass now and travel up to 17 months later

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  1. Hi! In 3rd class open sleep compartiment we have to pay for the sheets? We will travel from Mosocow-to Sankt Petersburg. What is 3E comfort? Thank you
  2. d about Orient Express. Double-deckers and Regular trains are cheaper but still comfortable and convenient option
  3. No matter which train you are looking for - high-speed Sapsan or Allegro, luxury overnight between Moscow and St. Petersburg or the famous Trans-Siberian - we are at your disposal. Each year we issue thousands of tickets for customers from all over the world, who choose our trusted brand.

Publisher Info. Russian Railways website Russian Railways support. Russian Railways privacy policy Terms of transaction Russian Railways JSC. Open Joint Stock Company Russian Railway provides rail transportation services. The Company offers various transport services including freight..

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  1. d forgoing your privacy. There is no such word in Russian. The concept is alien to the Russian view of the world. Nowhere is this better illustrated than in the platskartny vagon. Platskart is an open plan sleeping car, a mixed-sex dormitory on wheels.
  2. I’ve queued at Russian stations. There are better pastimes. If you can’t avoid it, click here to get my FREE Russian Ticket Template for buying tickets without having to speak Russian.
  3. It is your right to sit on the lower bunk until bedtime, even if the occupant has already made their bed – provided you are wearing house-clothing (see below for what this is).
  4. Alison, I’m glad you liked my post. I don’t think there is one station that serves all trains. There are threads on the internet with people swapping conspiracy theories about who runs the radio on the train. None of them are conclusive. Recently I published a post on my own blog with an eclectic mix of Russian music from Youtube. Here is the link to that: http://bit.ly/2IIHpE3. One Russian music site I love and recommend is staroeradio.ru. They have an app and you can also find them using an internet radio. Their repertoire is huge, spanning from the 19th century to the 1990s. For more contemporary music I tend to rely on Youtube. Thanks for reading and let me know if you managed to find what you wanted.

..Namibia Netherlands New Zealand Oman Other countries and regions Otros países Paraguay Peru Philippines Qatar Russian federation Saudi Welcome to the Russian virtual queue. In communist times this allowed people to be in three lines at once, which made shopping for stuff that wasn’t readily available less of an ordeal. Check out our russian railways selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade Well you're in luck, because here they come. There are 84 russian railways for sale on Etsy, and they.. Trains magazine offers railroad news, railroad industry insight, commentary on today's freight railroads, passenger service (Amtrak), locomotive technology, railroad preservation and history..

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Itineraries > Intercontinental itineraries > Trans-Siberian Railway PRICE: Moscow to Ekaterinburg in platskart costs between 2400-3800 RUB (35-55 EUR). Check your price here [/vc_message]2. Go Second Class (Kupe) For SpaceKupe in night modeThese are the slowest trains with the oldest carriages and the most basic service. Tickets for these trains are cheaper.

Thanks for this lovely informative post. Quick question: do you know if any trains are hop off hop on? Let’s say I want to get off at a village and explore and catch a train the next day, will the ticket allow this? ThanksMost people covet the lower bunks. These are good because you don’t have to climb and because you can stow your luggage safely in the box underneath, accessible only by lifting the bunk – and you if you are sleeping on it.This is a great article! I really enjoyed the way you write and all the information you gave. Thanks, Yulia!But kupe is more of a lottery than platskart. You are shut in with people, so here’s hoping they’re nice. Once I spent the night in a Russian kupe from Vorkuta to Moscow with oilmen from Volgograd, drinking vodka (made from mosquitoes, judging by the singing in my ears the next morning). Browse Alphabetically: Onetouch | Showroom | Country Search | Suppliers | Wholesaler | Affiliate

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So if you took a train from Blagoveshchensk, you had to be at the station six hours earlier than the time stated on your ticket, as Blagoveshchensk is six hours ahead of Moscow.Platskart has nine virtual compartments. Each has six berths – two lower and two upper bunks perpendicular to motion on one side of the corridor, one lower and one upper bunk on the other side, riding lengthways. It has 54 berths altogether. Russian Railways Coal Train on big Moscow ring line. B-B B-B B-B freight power VL11-series 3kVDC locomotives. Some new gondolas ride on barber S-2-R trucks


Russian Railways has stopped its infrastructure activities in Iran. It made this announcement today, 2 April. Its subsidiary RZD International was working on the electrification of the vital Garmsar.. Russian Railways. News, Analysis, Multimedia. Find out more on Sputnik International

The railway connects the European part of Russia with the Ural, Siberia and Far Eastern parts. In the Ural region the line crosses the border of Europe and Asia. TRAINS Indian railways passenger reservation enquiry I will always remember the reflection of the cathedrals in the Vologda River, seen from the window of my SV during a white night. It was just me and the view, and it was marvellous. Russian Railways OJSC (Russian Railways) cancels the Lastochka trains on the routes Krasnodar - Anapa and Rostov-on-Don - Krasnodar-Tuapse from April 7 to 29 An exception are the Elektrichka trains – slow suburban services that go far into the countryside. In the greater Moscow area you can just check in and out if you’ve got a Troika card. Or simply pay for a new single ticket.

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However, at the moment I don’t recommend crossing into Russia with a train starting in, say, Brest or Minsk.Dear Edward! Wow, thank you so much for this wonderfully detailed guide on Russian trains! We are planning to go from Germany through Russia to Kyrgyzstan by train in August, and this did already answer some of our questions!Buying train ticket has never been so simple - you can book your russian train ticket in less than 2 minutes.Your coach is swaying and clanking through forests teeming with nameless streams under the expansive Russian sky. Just now you passed through a city with golden domes glittering in the sun.I was very happy with the bookings you made for me. I always got a response within 24 hours and the answers were clear and accurate.

I love platskart. It is hard to imagine a more Russian experience. Go for this option if you want the real thing and if you want to save money.Mostly it will have Russian pop music on. In Belarus they use it for extensive public health announcements as well as music.

Be careful – this train tilts in the corners. This makes some people feel sick. Once I had to get off a Swiss pendolino at Biel and put my head between my knees. Though that may have been because I had paid €8 for an abominable cup of tea. Russian Railways was founded by decision of the Russian Federation Government on 18 September 2003, but the history of the Russian railway started 175 years ago

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Read A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess. I mean it. If you read this book you will effortlessly learn enough Russian words to make droogs (friends) you’ll cherish for the rest of your jeezny (life).So let’s imagine 30 minutes before Kazan, a 34 minute stop at Kazan station and 30 minutes after Kazan – one and a half hours with no toilet, plus the line for it afterwards.

Without any further context I assume that “M” stands for “Мужское” (male) and “Ж” for “Женское” (female). Likewise, “МЖ” also sounds like “Мужское” to me.In practice you get whatever train you can, but know these differences – when I went on my first Russian style train I had no clue.

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Could you please tell me what you mean by “sectors”. At the moment I’m not sure how to interpret it and thus cannot find you the best answer. The gateway to Britain's National Rail network. A portal into UK rail travel including train company information and promotions; train times; fares enquiries; ticket purchase and train running information

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All three classes on Russian trains have day and night modes. In kupe and platskart you are provided with bedding to make your bed yourself, in SV your bed is made for you.I intend to find out and share as much information as I can once we make it on board later this year!Depending on how long the stop is, I wouldn’t move too far from the train. I recommend always being able to see your provodnik, and if you do go away from the train, to make sure your watch is showing the correct time.At larger stations the guards may let peddlers onto the train. They have magazines, newspapers and sudokus on sale as well as snacks, toys and playing cards. But I’ve also bought travelling icons, plastic passport covers and poetry from them. Russian Railways is like a state within a state, run with the precision of an atomic clock. Until recently it had its own time-zone: the entire Russian Railways was run on Moscow time

This page has been locked for the categorization revamp. Trains in Terminal Railways can be used for everything in the game, ranging from passenger transportation to freight. The trains are divided into different countries of origin Kaliningrad is not connected to the rest of Russia. It is a Russian exclave on the Baltic Sea surrounded by the EU. To reach it you have to pass through Belarus and Lithuania.

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In public, Russians are often grim, reserved and closed. The train, however, is a setting in which they open up and talk to strangers about almost anything.This website allows you to book Russian rail tickets on any trains in Russia, Baltics and Eastern Europe. You can book the newest high-speed Sapsan trains, classic luxury trains from Moscow to St. Petersburg and the traditional overnight trains. The convenience and reliability of our train ticket service can be attested by tens of thousands of customers from over 50 countries of the world.Enrich your journey to Russia by choosing one of our special experiences. We offer big variety of railway tours from unforgettable weekend tours from main Russian cities to unbeleivable two-week Trans-Siberian adventure from Moscow to Vladivostok or Beijing.At some point the occupant of the lower bunk will say that they want to go to bed. Then you should move.

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Product Listing Policy - Intellectual Property Protection - Privacy Policy - Terms of Use - User Information Legal Enquiry Guide The Russian rail system is one of the largest in the world, and trains serve almost every town and city in Russia. Train travel is a safe, comfortable and inexpensive way to get around However, upper bunks are good too: You don’t have to tolerate someone sitting on it till bedtime; if you want some peace you just make your bed, climb up and get some respite from the seething platskart hubbub.

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I decided to pay into the points system as this was at the very beginning of a 20 hour journey. If he wanted more I could still refuse.A spalny vagon fits 18 people into nine real compartments. Usually two people book this, but when booking online it is easy to choose an empty compartment to maximise the chances of solitude. Some trains have even more luxurious Luxe compartments with en-suite bathrooms.Soviet era, slow suburban services. Elektrichkas have only one class with wooden benches and no toilets. Tickets for these are sold at special suburban-train ticket offices (пригородные кассы – PRIgaradnye KAssy), as they have unlimited availability and you don’t need your passport to use them.Expect highly cultivated conversation. The range is immense: God, tea ceremonies, football, geopolitics, ballet – anything except sex.However, this year we are traveling to the Caucasus – and planning to take the overnight train from Tblisi to Yerevan. I have been familiarizing myself as far as possible with the trains and booking system for the 202 train – which is similar to many Russian services in that it has SV, kupe and Platskart vagons. The tricky part is that the South Caucasus Railway booking system doesn’t seem to indicate what type of carriage it has offered as a booking.

Here's a promotional video from the Joint Stock Company, Russian Railways who have been making great strides in terms of high speed rail in recent years Russian Railways RZD هو تطبيق سيساعدك على الحصول على تذاكر القطار بروسيا وذلك اRussian Railways RZD هو أفضل وأسهل طريقة لشراء تذاكر القطار لتذهب في مغامرات شيقة.. We're here to help! Learn everything there is to know about hockey player sticks. Our top ice hockey composite & wood stick topics:Enjoy this relic of Soviet industrial design while you can. And let me know if you find one with 15 grooves.

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High speed Pendolino train between Saint Petersburg and Helsinki. Leaves Saint Petersburg four times a day and whisks you to Helsinki in three-and-a-half hours. Has first and second class carriages. Logo redesign concept for РЖД (Russian Railways). This is one of my favorite logos. Its genius consists in merging all the letters, so that the elements of the side letters Р ® and Д (D) create Ж (G).. A journey on the legendary Trans-Siberian Railroad is one of the greatest travel adventures of our age. Experience Russia, Mongolia and China in the safest, most comfortable and fascinating manner Our team is working hard to assist all customers impacted by lockdowns as governments struggle to contain the coronavirus. Our priorities are to support all customers who are now traveling and to offer customers who are not yet traveling best possible options to modify their travel plans. If you need any assistance, please read our cancellation and modification options. Russian Railways has two weekly services silently plying Europe from East to West and back, stopping in the very best locations.

If you have your own tea with you (or instant coffee or noodles) you are free to help yourself to the hot water from the samovar next to the provodnik’s compartment.You may be asked how much you earn. This is not a rude question in Russia. People like to know how much they would earn if they lived in your country.RussianRail.com is dedicated to bringing you up to date information on Russian train tickets and Russian train schedules. Over the years we have helped thousands of customers with their train travel in Russia. To begin, just enter your route information in to our train ticket search engine and submit. Please be aware that frequently, trains do not leave every day, therefore you may have to enter in a few dates to find exactly the train that you are looking for. Besides providing schedules, RussianRail.com can purchase tickets for you and deliver them to your home or office. Download free RZD Russian Railways vector logo and icons in AI, EPS, CDR, SVG, PNG formats

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The Yiddish writer Sholem Alejchem wrote about his rail journeys as a travelling salesman in Russia in 1905. He said one should always go third class because in second and first class you will die of boredom.Thank you very much Julia! Your blog is amazing, the best traveler’s blog! I do my homework very well, I already bought our e-tickets for Hermitage with your local help. Just one question, it not will be a problem it appears on both ticket my name? Do you have other points to by ticket for Tsarskoje Selo or Peterhof? It works the same point? I’m a Hungarian girl from Transilvania/Romania. You are now on Romania, am I right? If you need any help I am here for You!

Serbian Railway Infrastructure misstourist.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.comWhat I am going to do now is write about how much each class costs if you were to go from Moscow to Ekaterinburg, where our Miss Tourist hails from. The journey takes 27 hours. This should give you some perspective.The Central Asian countries Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan as well as Tajikistan are all easily reached by train.Somewhere near the carriage entrance you will find the train’s timetable. Notice that some of the stops can be quite long – this gives you time to get off the train and stretch your legs.

In the old days (about ten years ago) alcohol was allowed, provided you behaved yourself, as was smoking at the unheated furthest ends of the carriage. Russian Language. Railways - minimalistic arcade simulator for android devices. Take passengers to their destination A colorful and entertaining casual simulator with puzzle elements for mobile.. Free. Android. Category: यात्रा और स्थानीय. This is app in English, Russian and German to purchase Russian Railways tickets, RZD. Only train tickets, nothing more

I interviewed at Russian Railways (Moscow (Russia)) in September 2017. Russian Railways Awards & Accolades. Let us know if we're missing any workplace or industry recognition - Add Awards 600sharesShareTweetPinBy Edward|2020-03-27T20:49:43+04:00March 2nd, 2018|Russia, Europe, Train Travel|46 CommentsAbout the Author: Edward After crisscrossing Europe’s train tracks for 7 years as a conductor, Edward guides intrepid travellers roaming Europe by train. Click here to grab his Free Russian Ticket Template for buying Russian tickets without speaking Russian. 46 Comments Seraina 03.03.2018 at 11:21 - ReplyWow Edward! This is such a detailed and extensive guide. I really enjoyed reading this, even though I‘m currently not planning on visiting Russia anytime soon. It‘s definitely on my list for later, though. Great post. This must have taken you ages to write 🙂 Great job. SerainaIn Russia, the best trains fall into a category called Firmenny, (think of the English word Firm) which translates as trademarked or branded. Often the train has an evocative name like Polarnaya Strela or Yenisey. Russian Railways claims that on Firmenny trains no carriage is older than 12 years. The staff have special training. Meals can be included.

Je tiens à vous dire combien j'ai apprécié vos services, tant pour l'obtention - si compliquée - des invitations nécessaires pour les visas que pour l'achat des 7 billets de train de notre périple de Moscou à Vladivostok. Russian Railways is one of the largest companies in the global transport sector. It manages infrastructure and operates freight and passenger train services

Since ancient Greece, railways have been used to move people and cargo. Learn about the technology of trains—from early beginnings to the Hyperloop Amazing article! Indeed, Russian trains are the greatest and I am in love with them! I did a Trans-Siberian Railway trip and it was a trip of a lifetime. I even have a blog about it. Thank you for sharing this.I'm back from my trip to Russia and would like to say thank you again for your incredible service and support. I'll certainly recommend Express to Russia whenever I have the opportunity to. Add-on Pack for Immersive Railroading

We look forward helping and resolving your concern. Know that we're just one email or phone call away.Tickets for these trains are more expensive, but you get better service and comfort even in platskart. Most coaches have air-conditioning (great in platskart, see above) and most berths have power outlets.As you near the front of the queue, someone may come and stand in front of you and say they were there before you. The person before them will say this is true.

Your website has the best details about russian trains, yet not fully complete. Please work on different train types, actual latest photos of inside of the train etc. I mean, people should never have to visit any other site for any more info. I can see russian trains are more or less same with their Indian counterparts. I have a few questions. Could you please try to answer these ? 1. On booking website – pass.rzd.ru, I can see that “Upper in last comp.” seat having low price. What is the downside of that particular seat ? If I compare the compartment style with Indian train, I think there will be lights ON all the time at the exit which falls directly into the person who is sleeping at that bed. 2. Can a 5ft 10in person fit on the “Side Upper” bed comfortably ?My next project is to go on this one, the weekly service between Moscow and Berlin Ostbahnhof using Spanish-built hotel trains. It has first and second class cars with seats (I don’t recommend these for long distances) and kupe and spalny vagon sleepers.Your article is so detailed, well written, with very nice pics, too. It surely will help me while traveling in russian trains, as I go to the next World Cup.To go into how much it costs to go to different locations would make this post very long and boring. Prices vary according to the time of year and the train you choose.

Russian Railways. Illustrations for Russian Railway's presentation Developed for Praxis Advance Agency Alibaba.com offers 273 russian railways products. A wide variety of russian railways options are available to you, such as secondary or not, standard JSC Russian Railways JSC RD Russian Rossiyskie zheleznye dorogi RZhD is a Russian vertically integrated company both russian railways, russian railways (rzhd) JSC Russian Railways JSC RŽD; Russian: ОАО Since February 2016 Russian Railways is the sponsor of Rodina from Kirov, a team in the Russian Bandy..

What helped me beat the Volgograd oilmen drinking the mosquito vodka was a load of belyashi, bought from a babushka. There is no translation for belyashi. Imagine a doughnut filled with meat, deep fried, dripping with fat. Lovely. Russian Railways, Москва. 127K likes. Russian Railways - the strongest link in Eurasia. Welcome to our official Facebook page After a while the steady rocking and clattering induces a kind of trance in which you lose track of time and space. Thus even though the journey looks long on paper, it passes swiftly.

Portail de présentation de l'offre et des actualités de SNCF, groupe international de mobilité de personnes et de logistique de marchandises Postponment of Railway Railway Week Function, 2020. Notification for Inter Railway painting Competition-2020 at Varanasi,NER Boarding and disembarking from transit trains on the territory of Lithuania (Vilnius, Kyana, and Kibartai stations) has been temporarily suspended. Құрметті сайт пайдаланушылары bilet.railways.kz . қазір билеттерді қайтаруға өте үлкен сұраныс болып жатыр, барлық билеттер сәтті қайтарылуда, кейде аздаған кешігулермен.. Russian Railways (Russian: ОАО «Российские железные дороги» (ОАО «РЖД»), romanized: OAO Rossiyskie zheleznye dorogi (OAO RZhD)) is a Russian fully state-owned vertically integrated..

If you are on one of the three international RZD trains (Paris-Moscow, Nice-Moscow or Berlin-Moscow) you will be fine. I haven’t heard any stories of passengers on these trains having trouble. Liquipedia will soon drop support for Internet Explorer. Overview. Results. Artem RAiLWAY Gradovich (born November 9, 1995) is a Russian professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player I love thisultimate Russian train guide – a train across Russia is high on our list of plans for travel.Russian Railways is like a state within a state, run with the precision of an atomic clock. Until recently it had its own time-zone: the entire Russian Railways was run on Moscow time!The sanzonas are usually stated on the toilet door. Remember them, especially when you are sipping your seventeenth glass of tea.

Text 3. Russian Railways. Railway systems are essential to the economy and infrastructure of any country. Russian railways are one of the largest in the world. The total length of track is 85,500 km SV is a wonderful way to travel. I love being alone with an endless landscape, drinking endless tea and having endless thoughts.Eventually the radio melts into the other sounds of the train and you don’t notice it again until suddenly it is switched off, signalling the official bedtime. Russian Railways nowadays not only handle rail transport, but are involved in logistics, tourism, construction, telecommunications, medicine and many other areas

Brand new fast train between Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod. Also runs between Moscow and Berlin, see international services below. Has first and second class seating as well as spalny wagon.These are all trains with normal seating for journeys no more than six hours. Russian Railways names its newest trains after fast birds to evoke speed.Most Russian train toilets discharge their sewage onto the tracks. A Sanzona (sanitary zone) is when the toilets are locked as a train passes through and stops in a city, so that human waste doesn’t fester in the middle of town.Each coach has two guards (the provodniks) who take turns on duty. You board  through the door at which your provodnik is standing by showing your ticket and passport. Without showing your ticket you cannot get on.A smattering of Russian will do two things for you. First, it will make your life much easier. Second, it will make Russians love you for your effort. Here are the staple words of Russian train travel:

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