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Windows 95/98/ME/XP theme: Star Trek VI (movie). Star Trek VI (movie). Item Preview. trekvi.1.png In this film, a mysterious ship begins orbiting Earth and destroys the planet's power grid. It emits strange noises, too, and the newly resurrected Spock realizes the sound is similar to the now-extinct humpback whale. Believing the strange ship is expecting to hear back the song of humpback whales, the crew goes around the Sun and travels back in time to 1986 to get a humpback whale.The table shows that the TNG films were the least successful ones of the franchise in critical and financial terms, First Contact being the sole positive exception – even becoming the highest worldwide grossing Star Trek-prime film – the apparent profitability of Generations (see that film's footnote above) notwithstanding. In terms of gross profitability, the six Original Series films remain to date the most successful ones by far.

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  1. At this point in the history of the franchise, labeling The Final Frontier the worst Star Trek movie ever made almost feels like cheating, as if fans are meant to search for some angle of re-appraisal that will allow it to rise above its reputation if only for a moment. Alas, it feels like that will never happen. The film starts with a particularly ambitious premise: a rogue Vulcan full of mystical ideals wants to lure the Enterprise to his planet so he can essentially head to the center of the galaxy and find God. But the story keeps crumbling in one way or another along the journey before finally delivering an anticlimactic conclusion. 
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  3. See more ideas about Star trek movies, Star trek and Trek. Star Trek: Original Motion Picture Collection (Star Trek I, II, III, IV, V, VI + The Captain's Summit Bonus Disc) [Blu-ray]
  4. gly dying decades earlier, come in. 

CBS/Paramount, Trek Franchise, Upcoming TV projects | May 7, 2020 | By: Anthony Pascale 175 comments so far Star Trek. Trailer. Here is the Story of This Movie at 123movies: The brash James T. Kirk tries to live up to his father's legacy with Mr. Spock keeping him in check as a vengeful Romulan from the..

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The traditional Hollywood rule of thumb of determining the point when a motion picture production becomes net profitable for a studio, has been the application of a multiplier to the direct production budget, or as Gerrold has further explained, "(…)a film has to earn two to three times as much as it costs to make, before it breaks even. Otherwise, you have lost your shirt." (Starlog, issue 30, p. 37) Applying an average multiplier of 2.5 to the above listed figures, or achieving 250% of the production budget in box-office takes, reveal that two of the Star Trek films have barely broke even (unsurprisingly including The Final Frontier, but surprisingly the 2009 blockbuster outing as well), whereas the last two Next Generation films, as well as Star Trek Into Darkness and Star Trek Beyond have actually lost the studio money, substantial losses at that in the cases of Insurrection, Nemesis and Beyond. Also at the bottom, we've included another spoiler-free list. It's structured by order of release - or when each film and TV show premiered.This is the original Star Trek TV show. It began airing in 1966 and primarily follows the crew of the USS Enterprise, starting with them embarking on a five-year mission “to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before”. The series introduces William Shatner’s Captain James T Kirk and Leonard Nimoy’s Spock, too.Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982), Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (1984), and Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986) together form a loose trilogy beginning with the reintroduction of an old enemy from a popular TOS episode ("Space Seed") who resumes his conflict with Kirk in epic fashion, leading to the creation of the planet Genesis, the death of Spock and his subsequent "burial" on Genesis, the destruction of the Enterprise during Kirk's efforts to reunite Spock's regenerated body with his katra, and ultimately a time-travel adventure to 1986 aboard a captured Klingon vessel (HMS Bounty) in order to save Earth from destruction.

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AllPosters.com offers the best selection of Star Trek (Movies) Posters for sale online, with fast shipping, custom framing, and the best deals for every budget & decorating style At that point, Spock and the rest of the crew must find the true culprits behind the attack of the Klingon ship and rescue Kirk and Bones. Star Trek (2009). After the flop of the last movie, this movie reboots the franchise and takes the movies back to the beginning, to before Kirk assumes command of the Enterprise 11. Star Trek V: The Final Frontier Written by Shatner. A movie so bland it forced Paramount to reboot the franchise, Nemesis wants to be Wrath of Khan so badly it's pathetic

The pair also talk about ‘Star Trek: Picard’ and why there was no ‘Voyager’ movie. The greatest adventure of all time begins with Star Trek, the incredible story of a young crew's maiden voyage onboard the most advanced starship ever created: the U.S.S. Enterprise Star Trek (2009) creates a new timeline in the Star Trek franchise, which is tied directly to the prime universe, effecting a return to the TOS era, albeit one populated by an all-new cast of actors. It also features a completely new look, and remains in-universe by explaining all changes as being inadvertently caused by time-traveling Romulan villain Nero. This film focuses on younger versions of James T. Kirk, Spock, and the crew and showcases their very first mission aboard the USS Enterprise as they work together to stop the renegade Nero in his vengeful rampage to destroy Federation planets. Matt Goldberg ranks the Star Trek movies from 1979's The Motion Picture through The Next Generation films and through 2016's Star Trek Beyond Star Trek: Discovery follows the voyages of Starfleet on their missions to discover new worlds and new life forms, and one Starfleet officer who must learn that to truly understand all things alien, you must..

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  1. Star Trek Generations (1994) brings the cast of TNG to the big screen, set less than a year after the end of the series ("All Good Things...") and filmed straight after the completion of its last episodes. Picard and the crew of the USS Enterprise-D must try to stop a brilliant scientist (Tolian Soran) from committing an act of genocide in order to enter the Nexus, a mysterious hedonistic realm in which time has no meaning. Appearances by three of the TOS cast (Kirk, Scotty, and Chekov) and the heroic death of Kirk who joins Picard by means of the Nexus, served to "pass the torch" from the old generation to the next; the appearance of recurring enemies Lursa and B'Etor and the revelation of their fate provides a key link with the TNG series. The film also includes the destruction of the Enterprise-D.
  2. As Star Trek Discovery prepares to introduce a new Spock, Empire revisits the original series' cast
  3. Unfortunately, if you look at the film as a whole, everything actually comes together pretty rarely overall, and the central problem is the Khan reveal. The "twist" that Cumberbatch is not playing "John Harrison" but instead this timeline's version of Khan Noonien Singh (something fans suspected for months before the film's release only to be told over and over that they were wrong) is a twist that only exists for the audience, not the characters, and it drags the film down. From there, everything devolves into a weird mirror universe Wrath of Khan remake that's not nearly as satisfying as the film that inspired it, and far too many things happen just to move the right pieces into place to achieve this. It becomes a film engineered to deliver a few key moments, and everything around those moments suffers.
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  5. They uncover a conspiracy between a species, which is hostile to the Ba’ku, and Admiral Mathew Doherty, a Starfleet officer played by Anthony Zerbe. The crew of the Enterprise must stop them both in order to save the Ba’ku from being forcibly removed from their home planet. 

Set 71 years after the USS Enterprise’s last mission with Captain James T Kirk at the helm, The Next Generation introduces us to a new USS Enterprise staffed with the next generation of Starfleet officers, led by Captain Jean Luc Picard (played by Patrick Stewart). This TV series also shows us new species of aliens, the Cardassians and the Borgs, which replace the now-friendlier Klingons as the Federation’s primary adversaries.Studios countered with transferring as much production unrelated expenditures to the (in)direct production costs as they possibly could get away with legally. Notorious in this respect is the transfer of the substantial executive bonuses, which, rightfully, should be paid from the net profits, to production overhead, from which regular salaries are paid. The even more savvy stakeholders will try to negotiate a gross revenue sharing, aka "box-office take", agreement, but this is, of course, vehemently opposed by Hollywood studios and is only reserved for the few very biggest and most powerful of the Hollywood stars [22], such as Tom Cruise – who successfully reinitialized the Mission: Impossible franchise not only as star, but as co-producing company as well under which he receives his box-office takes [23] – and which Roddenberry was most certainly not.

inspieos. #Star Trek #star trek voyager #star trek movies #I really want one of those movies #Garrett Wang. #star trek #star trek movies #star trek aos #nyota Uhura #jim kirk #leonard mccoy #bones.. So, the element of fun that's inherent in the franchise's time travel plots is there almost from the beginning, but then the film gets into deeper territory. It retains all the fun and charm of the Next Generation series at its best moments (including a very clever Holodeck sequence) while also becoming a meditation on the nature of history, how we define our heroes, and what it means to be human. Plus, it's a chance for the franchise to finally showcase the Borg in all their terrifying glory on the big screen, a spectacle that still holds up today.It must be understood that when box-office earnings surpass the direct production budget (thereby achieving gross profitability), it does not automatically mean that a Hollywood studio has gone "into (net) profit", i.e. meaning that the studio has now funding available for investments, dividend disbursements to shareholders and third party investors, executive bonuses, royalties and the like. Aside from the direct production costs, aka the production budget, the studio also needs to cover costs which, for legal as well as practical reasons, can not be directly assigned to a particular motion picture production and which are commonly referred to as "indirect" or "production overhead" costs, in parlance usually abbreviated to "overhead". The most obvious overhead elements consist of, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (1984). Star Trek IV: The As for why Star Trek (2009) and the following movies appears twice: the 2009 movie is both a sequel and a..

Can you name the Star Trek films? Test your knowledge on this movies quiz to see how you do and compare your score to others Sci-fi. Director: Quentin Tarantino. Sources said that Tarantino has come up with a great idea for a Star Trek movie at Paramount. After sharing his idea with JJ Abrams (who himself is busy prepping Star Wars Episode IX).. As already stated above, the 2016 film Star Trek Beyond, even though it even surpassed its predecessor critically, performed catastrophically at the box-office (see also below) which became a major consideration for the cancellation in January 2019 of the planned fourth alternate reality film, slated to start production in that year. Films which feature the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Unlike the preceding TOS films, these did not carry sequel numbers ("Star Trek VII", "Star Trek VIII", "Star Trek IX" or "Star Trek X") except in pre-production. However, the numbers do appear on newer disc covers. Star Trek: Discovery follows Michael Burnham, played by Sonequa Martin-Green, the first officer aboard the USS Shenzhou, before she is found guilty of mutineering. However, with the Federation at war with the Klingons, the captain of the new Discovery ship, Gabriel Lorca, played by Jason Isaacs, enlists Burnham to help get the ship’s experimental warp drive properly working.

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  1. g from other spin-off franchise elements in all forms and formats, such as television rights and merchandise, in order to show shareholders/investors a more healthy rate of return.
  2. The first great success of 2009's Star Trek is in its casting, which is stellar across the board but particularly in the forms of Chris Pine as Kirk, Karl Urban as McCoy, and Zachary Quinto as Spock. Then there's the story, which found a way to render everything in a new way without sacrificing the old timeline. The film, in fact, even incorporates some of it thanks to Leonard Nimoy's return as an older, alternate Spock. It's not a perfect film, particularly when it leans too much on action and not enough on character, but it's about as good as we could have dared hope for in a reboot of this kind.
  3. The most common criticism you're likely to encounter with regard to Star Trek: Insurrection, the third outing for the Next Generation cast, is that it plays mostly like an extended episode of the TV series. That's still a fair observation 20 years after its release. The film follows the Enterprise crew as they visit a planet emitting a radiation that rejuvenates the inhabitants, rendering them basically immortal. Of course, another race hopes to take the planet and harvest that radiation for themselves, with the help of forces within the Federation. Picard and his crew rebel against direct orders to stop it, even as they experience certain effects of the planet themselves. 
  4. This film begins with the Romulan Nero, played by Eric Bana, attacking the USS Kelvin. The first officer aboard that starship is Captain Kirk’s father, George, played by Chris Hemsworth. When George dies, the events of the original Star Trek Universe are altered dramatically. However, Bones (Karl Urban), Spock (Zachary Quinto), Kirk (Chris Pine), and the original crew still find their way to the USS Enterprise.

Star Trek is one of the most famous science fiction series ever made. It has gained a cult following and some fans can even fluently speak Klingon which is a fictional language created in the series Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982). The second Star Trek movie involves a battle over the Genesis Device, which is used to make uninhabitable worlds habitable for new colonies If nothing is done, McCoy will die from carrying Spock’s Katra. So, the crew of the USS Enterprise go back to the site of their battle with Khan - in the hopes of retrieving Spock’s body. To top it all off, they must battle with the Klingon Kruge, played by Christopher Lloyd, over control of the Genesis Device. The Search for Spock is also directed by Spock himself, Leonard Nimoy.It is composed of 13 films and seven - soon to be eight - TV shows. Now, it'd be easy enough to watch them all in the order they premiered, but if you prefer to watch them chronologically (when the events take place), we've compiled an ultimate viewing guide for you. Below, you'll find the entire franchise origanised by stardates. It starts with the oldest event in the original Star Trek timeline. TREK 4 Back on Track, Noah Hawley to Write/Direct Nov 19, 2019 STAR TREK 4 looks to be back TrekCore Movies is your one stop-shopping center for everything you ever wanted to know about the..

actually star trek (2009) is not a prequel to all if these its so that in Nemesis or Another Movie in the so one with all the Movies from 1969 to 2007 or something and now the second timeline that is the.. Star Trek VIII. 9. Звездный путь: Восстание (1998). Star Trek XIII. create a new list. List your movie, TV & celebrity picks It has everything you want from an original series cast movie: big ideas, high stakes, a cool space battle centerpiece, Kirk and Spock being best friends, Kirk kissing a pretty alien woman, a Klingon quoting Shakespeare, and Spock taking command of the ship for a little while. Plus, everyone seems to know it's their last hurrah, so the film is packed with unforgettable sendoff moments.It also gives us the basis for the universe that makes Star Trek so successful, from introducing the numerous alien species like the Vulcans and Klingons, to showing us the inner workings of the Federation of Planets. The origins of the Star Trek Universe wouldn’t exist without it.

Conventions/Events/Attractions, Interview | May 14, 2020 | By: Anthony Pascale 95 comments so far Выпущено: США / 1966 Оригинальное название : Star Trek В ролях: Уильям Шетнер, Леонард Нимой, ДеФорест Келли, Нишелль Николс, Джордж Такей, Джеймс Дуэн, Уолтер Кениг, Эдди.. The Borg are Star Trek's most feared and most loved adversaries they appear in a total twenty-one They also appeared in the Star Trek movie 'First Contact.' Below is a complete list of the Borg's.. Star Trek Nemesis (2002) sees Picard and the Enterprise ordered to investigate the sudden fall of the Romulan government, replaced by a leader from their neighboring race, the Remans. The dark secret of this new leader, Shinzon, brings Picard into conflict in a way he never thought possible, and culminates in a fight to save Earth from a terrible weapon – at great cost. With the death of Data and the departure of Riker, Troi, and Beverly Crusher from the Enterprise, this film marked the end of the TNG cast's adventures (until Star Trek: Picard, nearly two decades later). Much as with the (chronological) final big screen appearance of the original cast, which laid the foundations of peace between the Federation and the Klingons, this film implies the establishment of an alliance between the Federation and the Romulans, enemies throughout the TNG era just as the Klingons had been in TOS. Фильмы, боевики, приключения. Режиссер: Джей Джей Абрамс. В ролях: Антон Ельчин, Саймон Пегг, Эрик Бана и др. Язык: RU

There have been thirteen Star Trek movies over the last 40 years, but which big-screen adventure goes where no man 2019 marks 40 years of Star Trek movies but which one is the best of them all Stakeholders who still do enter into a profit sharing agreement, have however, learned the lessons of their unfortunate predecessors, and do so on the basis of gross profit (as indeed tax authorities have always done), instead of net profits, as gross profit is determined by only charging directly assignable production costs to the revenues under accounting laws. And indeed, creator Roddenberry himself did not repeat the mistakes he made back in 1965 and 1978, when he signed a profit sharing deal with Paramount in 1986 for Star Trek: The Next Generation, where it was stipulated that he was to receive 35% of the adjusted gross profits derived from the series. [21](X) Domestically, combined and not taking inflation into account, the Star Trek features have grossed a little over US$1,4 billion. Prior to the release of Star Trek, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home had grossed more than the other films, coming in at US$109,713,132, while Star Trek: First Contact had the largest-grossing opening weekend of all the films. The alternate reality Star Trek film surpassed both of these records, but was itself surpassed by its Star Trek Into Darkness sequel. [10] This is the greatest movie quiz for Trekkies minor Star Trek fans. It’s not extremely hard, but you have to have seen all the movies to a 100%

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The Top Ten Best Star Trek Movies. 1 Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982). Nothing beats that movie. Realistic science, an amazing villain, bromance between the main characters and a very.. The 2006 separation of the Star Trek television and film productions under two newly formed independent holding companies, resulting in that Paramount Pictures, now a holding of (new) Viacom, had to pay licensing fees to newly formed CBS Corporation in order to produce subsequent Star Trek (and Mission: Impossible [24]) films, has aggravated the situation. A closely guarded trade secret, the amount of the fees were now a newly added part to the production budget/overhead, which was not there previously, and might partly explain the apparent lack of net profitability of the three alternate universe films. Some critics have surmised that this had been part of the split considerations all along, somewhat supported by the fact that both new entities have remained under the ultimate ownership and control of holding conglomerate National Amusements – and to an extent implicitly conceded as such in actuality by its CEO and owner Sumner Redstone, who had expressed his desire to "unlock value" by boosting stock value and earning potential of the at the time faster growing soon-to-be "new" Viacom. [25] [26] Conventions/Events/Attractions, DS9, Interview | May 7, 2020 | By: Anthony Pascale 13 comments so far

In the end, what holds it together is the chemistry of the original cast, whose roles fit them so well at this point that they could probably play their parts in their sleep, but that's not enough to save the movie. An uneven tone (Uhura does a sultry fan dance at one point on this quest for God), rocky plot, and subpar special effects weigh The Final Frontier down despite its lofty ideas.You see, in 2293, Soran is rescued from the Energy Ribbon by a retired Captain James T Kirk, who is attending a maiden voyage of a new USS Enterprise. Then, in 2371, while answering a distress call, Captain Jean Luc Picard finds Soran - and he has a weapon capable of destroying stars.

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The thing to remember about this order is that it is chronological - based entirely on the stardate time system in the Star Trek franchise. Think of stardates as years. In that case, the order below starts with the oldest events in the Star Trek Universe - but it excludes the Kelvin timeline films.These films kick off JJ Abrams' alternate Star Trek timeline. Officially called the Kelvin timeline, it's named after the USS Kelvin. If you want to watch them, you can do so either before or after Star Trek: The Original Series. We prefer you watch it after - in fact, watch it after you've finished the original Star Trek timeline, because it literally takes place in a different timeline.Within that franchise a further distinction is often made between the two prime universe film franchises, to wit, Also doing virtual events are Robert Picardo, Marina Sirtis, Brent Spiner, Connor Trinner, and Dominic Keating

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The unofficial Star Trek viewing order, with all the Star Trek episodes and movies in chronological Star Trek began with the Original Series, but that show is hard for some to get through since we're.. Speaking of timelines, there are two in Star Trek: The original, which includes nearly all the films and TV shows; and Kelvin, an alternative timeline that kicked off with the latest three reboot films. To better understand what we're talking about, please read the guide below. Those of you who want to proceed spoiler-free, however, can scroll all the way to the bottom for the list version of this guide.

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Star Trek: Discovery. Rating: 6.80. Year of issue: 2017 Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989) moves Kirk, demoted back to captain as a result of defying Starfleet orders in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, and crew onto the new USS Enterprise-A, which is hijacked by a renegade Vulcan (Sybok) who pilots it to the center of the galaxy in an attempt to find the source of creation. Films which feature a different version of the TOS characters portrayed by a new cast, and set in an alternate reality from earlier films and series. It's far from the most intellectual of Star Trek films, but the whole cast shines in their respective roles, and Hardy chews every piece of scenery in sight as the newcomer Shinzon. He's gloriously campy, and it sets just the right tone for this dark, strange film that's as close to B-movie sci-fi glory as any Trek film gets. It's a fun, if very flawed, installment, and a solid send-off for the second generation of the franchise's stars. It might be goofy, but it's definitely not boring.

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In the final film of this series, we see the Klingon homeworld nearly destroyed, leading the hostile empire to engage in peace talks with the Federation. Captain James T Kirk is assigned to escort the Klingon ambassador, but is instead blamed when assassins beam aboard the Ambassador’s ship and kill him. The Klingons then sentence Kirk and McCoy to life imprisonment on a frozen asteroid.In a new video interview, Stewart also suggested a season one regular may not be back for season two.

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Quentin Tarantino wants to direct a Star Trek movie. The catch? It has to be rated R. J.J. Abrams is reportedly helping Tarantino find a writer and will be a producer This Star Trek film from 2016 completes a trilogy of movies starring the Kelvin timeline cast and succeeds, in part, by both running away from Into Darkness and by doing some of the things that film..

Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979) reunites the Star Trek: The Original Series cast aboard the original USS Enterprise, refurbished after its five-year mission as documented in the television series. The story was originally conceived as the pilot episode of the aborted Star Trek: Phase II series, in which the now-Admiral Kirk and crew must engage with a powerful, threatening force that is heading directly towards Earth. <Back to the movies list. Star Trek ® and related marks are trademarks of CBS Studios Inc. Copyright © 1966, Present. The Star Trek web pages on this site are for educational and entertainment..

Star Trek Star Trek is an American space franchise based on the science fiction television series created by Star Trek Discovery, the TV series, is shortly out on Netflix, while the movies have proven to be box.. Sybok realizes he’ll need Kirk’s expertise to navigate through the barrier at the center of the Milky Way that leads to this mythical planet. Along the way, the Klingon Kraa decides to hunt Kirk. The Final Frontier is also the only Star Trek film directed by William Shatner. This is the very same original Star Trek timeline order as above, but in a bulleted list so that you can quickly skim and avoid all spoilers.

In regard to the Star Trek films, it is known that Paramount has charged incurred costs for undeveloped film projects against either the production budget, the overhead, or both of subsequent films that were realized, most notably The Motion Picture and The Undiscovered Country. While the act is in itself not illegal, it is a practice not commonly followed in most other industries (the pharmaceutical industry standing out as a notorious exception) and actually debatable from a business economics point of view; research and development costs of projects that do not come to fruition are usually written off and are commonly charged against the balance sheets of corporations. This is a sound generally accepted accounting principle for businesses (as stated in any business economics text book and where the principles are known under their acronym GAAP) as it prevents unwarranted cost price inflation with undue elements – thereby avoiding pollution of pre-production viability assessments – for products that do come to fruition. Paramount's divergent actions therefore can be construed as an instance of Hollywood accounting. The very rare positive – as in inflating the profitability instead of the costs – applications of Hollywood accounting in the cases of The Wrath of Khan and Generations were motivated by internal studio politics. (see also in this regard: The Motion Picture: Costs and revenues) Yönetmenliğini J.J. Abrams '' Star Trek 1 '' filmini sitemiz üzerinden HD kalitede izleyebilirsiniz. Oscar ödüllü J.J. Abrams'ın kalemiyle Star Trek kahramanlarının gençlik yıllarından dem vuran yepyeni bir.. After The Original Series ended, it quickly became a cult classic. Creator Gene Roddenberry then began work on an animated series that saw most of the original cast provide voice work for the animated versions of their characters. The show essentially functions as the fourth season of the original series, with the original characters navigating unexplored sections of space. Look For Upcoming Star Trek Sequel Star Trek Sequel (2014 Based on the Classic 1960s tv series Linkedin Website: FOCUSING THE NEXT STAR TREK MOVIE & OTHER UPCOMING FILMS. Star Trek: First Contact (1996) brings back the TNG cast in their first truly independent big screen adventure aboard the new USS Enterprise-E. Picard and his crew are pitted against their deadliest foe from the series, the Borg, who travel back in time to prevent the first warp flight by Zefram Cochrane.

Using the figures in the above specified tables, a "Top 5" worldwide performance record for the films as of 2016 is summarized in the table below, which hold a few surprises. The costs are, as expected, in accordance with the sequence the films were produced in, with The Motion Picture, being the sole exception due to various reasons. Rather surprising is that the best received films are not always also the highest grossing, The Voyage Home being the most consistent one. However, the biggest surprise in this regard, the bad press the film received in the 1980s and 1990s notwithstanding – among others by the studio itself, who considered the film a failure at the time – is that The Motion Picture as one of the worst received films, is not only the highest grossing Original Crew film world-wide, but concurrently also one of the most profitable films in the franchise. Without doubt, many players are drawn to Star Trek Online because they cherish the Star Trek universe, its characters, setting and the multitude of stories told over the span of more than 700 TV episodes and thirteen movies

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"Hollywood accounting" or "Hollywood bookkeeping" as it is also referred to, is a particularly nefarious phenomenon in the motion picture industry, which entails that, simply put, production stakeholders, such as shareholders, actors, producers, writers, production companies, local governments and the like, who have entered in a net profit sharing agreement with the studio, are essentially "defrauded" as much as possible out of their legally entitled shares by means of untoward bookkeeping methods. These typically entail inflating expenses such as production, distribution and marketing (a very popular one with studios, as these, whether or not justified, have gone truly through the roof from the early 2000s onward), overhead and, most notoriously, the production budget "sundry costs" with as much elements as possible, not rarely utterly undue. Here are all the Star Trek movies and series, by order of when they premiered in theatres or on TV. 

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One of the most popular starship captains in the Star Trek Universe has retired to a life of wine-making, but a new mission set 20 years after the events of Nemesis sees Captain Jean Luc Picard return to space along with many of his old friends. The most recent trailers have shown all our Star Trek: The Next Generation favourites like Data, Riker, and Seven of Nine. On April 25, 2018, it was confirmed that two Star Trek films were in development. [2] However, on 10 January 2019, pursuant the dismal profitability performance of Beyond and a little over ten months later, Forbes magazine reported that the fourth, yet untitled, Kelvin-timeline film had been cancelled, which in itself followed in the wake of earlier reports that main performers Chris Pine (James T. Kirk) and Chris Hemsworth (George Kirk) had all already withdrawn their commitments to the project. While not overtly evident at the time, this decision had for all intents and purposes all the hallmarks of the definitive termination of the Kelvin timeline in the Star Trek (film) franchise. [3] It conceivably entails for the time being the end of the Star Trek film franchise proper as well (even though the Quentin Tarantino Star Trek XIV pitch was at that time apparently still on the table, though it had not evolved beyond the consideration stage by 2019), especially in light of the film franchise being virtually rendered insignificant by those from the Star Wars and Marvel Comics ones in particular, [4] and in light of the December 2019 "reunification" of he television, and film franchises under the consolidated end auspices of Secret Hideout, [5] after which Tarentino has indicated his disinclination to further pursue the project. [6] [7] Follow the intergalactic adventures of Capt. Jean-Luc Picard and his loyal crew aboard the all-new USS Enterprise NCC-1701D, as they explore new worlds Actress talks about this weekend’s virtual event, skimpy outfits on DS9, honoring Majel Roddenberry, and more.

The action now centers around a planet with a type of unique radiation that rejuvenates its people, known as the Ba’ku. The effects of the radiation makes the Ba’ku nearly immortal. In this film, Brent Spinner’s Data is sent undercover to monitor the Ba’ku people and soon begins to malfunction, which causes Captain Jean Luc Picard and the crew of the USS Enterprise to investigate. Star Trek: The Original Series. Страна: США The sequel Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) picks up a year after the first film of the new timeline, where the crew is tested as they are sent to apprehend John Harrison, a traitor and mass murderer, and uncover corruption and a conspiracy to militarize Starfleet from within. You are streaming your movie Star Trek Beyond released in 2016 , directed by Justin Lin ,it's runtime duration is 122 minutes , it's quality is HD and you are watching this movies on WW2.123MOVIE.CC..

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The space combat sequences are wonderfully tense, the mental chess match between Kirk and Khan is unforgettable, and of course the climactic moments that built to the loss of Spock make the film an inarguable classic. You can show Wrath of Khan to almost anyone, even someone who's never cared about Star Trek at all, and odds are they'll find something to like in it. It's not just the best Star Trek film. It's one of the best science fiction films ever made. Star Trek: The Animated Series. Movies Even people who have a hard time calling it the objectively "best" Star Trek film will rather quickly admit that The Voyage Home might at least be their favorite film in the franchise. The Voyage Home — or "the one with the whales," as it's known to casual fans — is perhaps the best example ever of Star Trek's ability to adapt itself to fit different genres, and sometimes even fit more than one genre into a single story. In this film, the USS Enterprise tries to help defeat a Borg Cube attacking Earth, with Captain Jean Luc Picard assuming command of a fleet of starships. However, just before the Cube is destroyed, it releases a smaller ship that enters a temporal vortex. The USS Enterprise gives chase through the vortex, but in the process, realizes the Borg traveled back in time and assimilated the entire planet. Star Trek Beyond : Three years into its five-year voyage, the USS Enterprise arrives at Starbase Yorktown to replenish dwindling supplies while the crew takes shore leave

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  1. The New Star Trek Movie in Order list all films are the complete cinematic package of Star Trek Media Franchise. Its starting was begun with Star Trek Television series in early 1966 on NBC
  2. In a November 2015 Wired article discussing the recent popularity of shared universes on film, Paramount Motion Pictures Group president Marc Evans acknowledged the possibility of spin-off films. He said, "I often think about the areas of the Star Trek universe that haven’t been taken advantage of. Like, I’ll be ridiculous with you, but what would Star Trek: Zero Dark Thirty look like? Where is the SEAL Team Six of the Star Trek universe? That fascinates me." [1]
  3. As a franchise the Star Trek films were almost conceived as an afterthought in the wake of the stupefying success of the very first, 1977 Star Wars installment. The result of that, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, did nowhere come close to living up to the (too) high expectations of studio executives, who subsequently decided to kill off the fledgling Star Trek film franchise there and then. The highest conglomerate executive though, Gulf+Western owner and CEO Charlie Bluhdorn, saw it differently and personally ordered his Paramount subordinates to pursue the franchise further. Having actually already ordained the original film production in the first place, it was therefore Bluhdorn in person who in effect not only conceived the Star Trek film franchise, but also saved it as a franchise as well (for further particulars, see: main article).
  4. Star Trek: Discovery Dizinin Fragmanı izle. Özet. Orjinal Adı Star Trek: Discovery İlk Yayın Tarihi 24 Eylül 201
  5. The industry phenomenon is to date deeply ingrained, widespread and pervasive and by no means limited to Paramount Pictures or film productions alone, as Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry did find out to his detriment after he discovered he too was at receiving end of this phenomenon when he signed both his 18 May 1965 Star Trek: The Original Series and 1978 The Motion Picture net profit sharing deals. "The greatest science fiction in show biz is in the accounting", a chagrined Roddenberry declared when he ordered his attorney Leonard Maizlish to start legal proceedings against the studio in 1981, when faced with the studio's emphatic assertions that he still was not entitled to his share of the profits as the Original Series was still deeply "in the red", despite its wildly successful decade-long run in syndication. (Starlog, issue 43, p. 14) A particularly notorious instance was for example Lucasfilm, who in 2009 still maintained that their 1983 third Star Wars installment, Return of the Jedi, "has never gone into profit", despite having earned a recorded US$475 million against a production budget of US$32.5 million (constituting a whopping 1,462% gross profitability, but while impressive, involving far less money than the above-mentioned Titanic) by that point, shortchanging several actors who had unwisely entered into a net profit sharing agreement. [16]
  6. The USS Enterprise crash lands on Altamid, and most of the surviving crew is captured by Krall. Only Captain James T Kirk, Chekov (Anton Yelchin), and Kalara escape from him, leaving them on their own to find out his larger intentions and to free the rest of the crew.

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  1. The last ride of the original series cast is a timely Cold War metaphor that still holds weight nearly three decades after its release. The film begins with a big Chernobyl metaphor when an energy-producing Klingon moon explodes, then transitions into a story about the Klingon Empire essentially wanting to bring down the wall that separates them from the Federation, which could, in effect, render Starfleet obsolete. Led by Kirk — who has no love for Klingons, the Enterprise crew is sent to escort the Klingon negotiators, only to have it all fall apart as a conspiracy unfolds around them. 
  2. The film that began the most recent big-screen timeline of Star Trek films had a very tough assignment from the start. Not only was it an attempt to jump-start a franchise that hadn't been at the multiplex for seven years and hadn't released a new episode of television in four years — it was also an attempt to jump-start the franchise with familiar characters played by entirely new faces. How do you recast Kirk, or Spock, or Uhura? How do you possibly replace faces that have loomed in the public imagination for decades, and through six fairly recent films of their own? Somehow, J.J. Abrams and company pulled it off. 
  3. Here's another bulleted list, but for the Kelvin timeline, so you can quickly skim and avoid all spoilers. Watch this after the original timeline.

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  1. The same energy that drove the first two films is there, the cast still looks like they're having fun, and the setpieces this time around are far more inventive than the more formulaic approach of Into Darkness. Plus, this film's climax heavily depends upon playing a Beastie Boys song as loud as possible. That's always fun, but it's especially fun in space.
  2. g in all its Hollywood glory...so many of them that you sometimes start looking at your watch waiting for a plot point to come along. There are also the familiar faces from the original series cast, who somehow feel like they never lost a step between the cancellation of the TV series and the beginning of the film. The film also has the advantage of some big sci-fi ideas to help carry it to an at least semi-compelling ending. But then there's the rest of it...the dragging plot, the drab uniforms, and the overall focus on the spectacle of finally getting a Star Trek movie instead of actually delivering a Star Trek movie that was truly worth waiting for. It's a milestone, to be sure, but better things lay ahead.
  3. g an industry trend that has started in the early 2000s. [11]
  4. Following their battle with Khan, the crew of the USS Enterprise returns home to Earth in this third feature film. Once there, Leonard H “Bones” McCoy, played by DeForest Kelley, begins to act strangely, leading to him being detained. Captain James T Kirk, with the help of Spock’s father, Sarek, played by Mark Lenard, then learns that Spock transferred his Katra into McCoy before dying.
  5. Take a look at how CBS is promoting ‘Picard,’ ‘Short Treks’ and Anson Mount for Emmy voters.

This Star Trek film from 2016 completes a trilogy of movies starring the Kelvin timeline cast and succeeds, in part, by both running away from Into Darkness and by doing some of the things that film did — but better. Like the second film in this franchise iteration, the focus is again on a villain intent on vengeance against Starfleet, someone who seems to be thinking several moves ahead of the Enterprise crew. Unlike that film, however, Beyond more-or-less kicks off with throwing away many of the franchise hallmarks, crashing the Enterprise and leaving the crew with whatever hope they can find on an alien planet.  CBS/Paramount, Short Treks, Star Trek: Picard | May 12, 2020 | By: TrekMovie.com Staff 104 comments so far It is exceedingly rare to find a sequel that surpasses the first film in a series. There are a few of them — The Godfather Part II, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, The Dark Knight — that arguably fit the bill. But perhaps none loom larger in the history of a franchise than Wrath of Khan.  Звездный путь. Star Trek. 88 The Voyage Home begins with a sci-fi high concept: the crew must go back in time to rescue some extinct whales because they're the only beings capable of communicating with a dangerous object out in space in the present of the timeline. Soon it evolves into an endlessly charming character comedy once the gang arrives in 1980s San Francisco. Even Kirk, the self-proclaimed expert on past human culture, is a fish out of water, but any sense that you're about to watch something far too silly for Star Trek is quickly washed away by the film's overall arc. It's Star Trek at its most pure fun, but it never sacrifices the core of the franchise.

This is the first feature film in the Star Trek Universe. It sees Captain James T Kirk retake the helm of a renovated USS Enterprise to investigate a mysterious cloud of energy that is moving toward Earth. The energy cloud destroys a Federation monitoring station, as well as three Klingon ships, but before Kirk is able to engage it, he must learn to operate an unfamiliar USS Enterprise. ► Воспроизвести все. Star Trek movies. Frank Rizzo. 64 видео. 2:59:26. Star Trek Legacy Full Game Movie All Cutscenes The first big screen outing for the Star Trek franchise ever is famously — or infamously — slow, even by the standards of 1970s science fiction. In the years following the blockbuster success of Star Wars, the environment was finally right for the original crew of the Enterprise to see their return to live action. And while it's certainly a sentimental favorite for many fans, the thrill just isn't there, or at least not as much as it should be. 

The second Star Trek movie is perhaps the most successful entry in the franchise. It sees Captain James T Kirk taking command of a USS Enterprise staffed with untested trainees in order to track down the adversary Khan Noonien Singh and his genetically engineered super soldiers. The second Star Trek movie is perhaps the most successful entry in the franchise. It sees Captain James T Kirk taking command of a USS Enterprise staffed with untested trainees in order to track.. The Star Trek movies have supplied their share of action and sci-fi over the years. How does the new Star Trek Beyond movie rank within the 12 prior films? Let us count (down) the ways

Of all the Star Trek movies, this is the worst, wrote Roger Ebert - and for a time, it seemed likely that it would also be the last The second Star Trek movie is perhaps the most successful entry in the franchise. It sees Captain James T Kirk taking command of a USS Enterprise staffed with untested trainees in order to track.. All of the TREK movies, in order of worst to best, as chosen by the hardest core STAR TREK fans in the universe. You won't believe what came in at #7 Star Trek is an American media franchise based on the science fiction television series created by Gene Roddenberry. The first television series..

Still, while the rationale behind the net profitability determining methodology is valid, the methodology itself has proven to be susceptible to figures manipulation, leading up to the infamous "Hollywood accounting" phenomenon, possibly explaining not only the apparent high profitability of The Wrath of Khan and Generations – an absolute rarity where "Hollywood Accounting" is concerned as explained below – but also the recent and apparent lack of profitability of the alternate reality films. It should concurrently be noted that additional revenues, derived from later merchandise, television rights and home media sales, are traditionally discounted by Hollywood studios in their public performance assessments for a film, meaning that even loss generating productions have the potential to turn net profitable in the long run. However, the circumstance that Bad Robot had, through its many subsidiaries, negotiated a substantial say – and thus a part of the revenue stream – in the resultant merchandise, including the home media formats, meant that that potential had for Paramount been considerably diminished as well where the alternate reality films were concerned. Action, adventure, science fiction. Director: Justin Lin. Starring: Adam DiMarco, Anita Brown, Anton Yelchin and others. The USS Enterprise crew explores the furthest reaches of uncharted space, where they encounter a mysterious new enemy who puts them and everything the Federation stands for to.. It is in this regard that another Paramount production deserves a mention, the 1997 eleven Academy Award winning Titanic, served by such Star Trek alumni as Robert Legato, Don Pennington, James Horner and Tony Meininger. With a worldwide gross of US$2.2 billion – being the very first film in motion picture history to breach the two billion barrier – against a production budget of US$200 million, it did achieve a for the times mind-boggling 1,100% gross profitability. This was especially mind-boggling when the amount of money involved was considered, as that film alone, grossing the same amount as all thirteen Star Trek films combined, netted the studio US$1.7 billion in (net) profit, that is, in theory at least when discounting the below-mentioned "Hollywood accounting" phenomenon. [15] The film stands to this very day out as Paramount's biggest success in its entire history by far, as well as being universally considered as one of the motion picture industry's greatest triumphs for that matter. Like it had with The Motion Picture, the studio had staked its very continued existence on Titanic. (see: The Motion Picture: Costs and revenues)

An impressive and expansive history like that is bound to spawn debate, and the flames of those debates are always fanned by the intense passion that comes with Trek fandom. With that in mind, figuring out which Star Trek film is the best and which is the worst can be a tricky process. You have to weigh a lot of things — casting, sci-fi storytelling, faithfulness to the "spirit of the franchise," which itself carries a different meaning for everyone — and no matter how carefully you weight them you'll always find a few people ready to tell you how wrong you are. Still, the upside is that through ranking each Star Trek film, you get to boldly go where no one has gone before more than a dozen times. With that in mind, here's our ranking of every Star Trek film so far, from the worst to the best.One obvious rationale for the lack of profitability of the alternate reality films lies in the circumstance that Paramount had, together with Warner Bros. in a US$60 million deal, partnered up with the aforementioned Bad Robot Productions in 2006 for the development of its motion picture projects, those of Star Trek included. [13] Therefore, in addition to the undisclosed, but undoubtedly hefty license fees Paramount had to pay franchise owner CBS Corporation, all income derived from the box offices takes needed now to be shared with a major co-producer as well, where there had been none before, cutting deeply in the gross profits. The fact that Bad Robot withdrew from the partnership in November 2018, was in effect one of the other major considerations for Paramount to cancel the fourth alternate reality film in January 2019. [14] For the 1979 Star Trek film, see Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Star Trek is a 2009 American science fiction adventure film directed by J. J. Abrams and written by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman In the process of escaping a planet that Kirk trapped him on, Khan learns of a secret device known as Genesis, capable of re-organizing matter to terraform (make them habitable) planets. Khan tries to steal the device, but, of course, Kirk will do all he can to stop him.

Star Trek's streaming home has news on their other genre franchise. CBS All Access Getting Summer Upgrade Ahead Of Rebranding, Paramount Movies And More Being Added He led a rebellion, however, and created his own starship, the Scimitar. Soon, the Enterprise learns Shinzon’s true plan is to use a form of radiation poisonous to all life in order to attack the Federation and destroy Earth. With 'Star Trek Into Darkness' in theaters, it's time to revisit all of the films and compare them side-by-side. Who had the best movies? The original, William Shatner-led crew? The 'Star Trek: The Next.. 'Star Trek': 50 Years of Films and TV, Ranked From Worst to Best. From 1966-2016, from the original series to Beyond, we evaluate all the Star Trek there has been

The cancellation of the fourth alternate reality film could have serious consequences for Paramount, but for production partner Bad Robot Productions in particular, at least where alternate reality Star Trek is concerned, as a production license of the kind extended to the studio and its partner usually includes a timetable clause in which a franchise-licensed production company is obligated to produce sequential franchise film outings within a preordained time-frame. When defaulting on the clause, the film production rights then automatically reverts to the licensor, in this case CBS Corporation (franchise owner as of 2006, and as ViacomCBS from December 2019 onward), who is then free to do with it as it wills. With the establishment of ViacomCBS in December 2019, and the resultant reunification of the two Star Trek franchises, this has indeed come to pass, with the fate of the Kelvin timeline as expected hanging in the balance, it as of 2020 being under re-evalution of the new management. [8] Come on a new kind of journey with us this week, as we dive into the philosophical and the inspirational. Последние твиты от Star Trek (@StarTrekMovie). Star Trek Trilogy, now on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and Digital

2013 yazında, öncü yönetmen J.J. Abrams, bizlere Star Trek'i Bilinmeze Doğru götürecek muhteşem bir aksiyon macerayı sunacak. Atılgan'ın mürettebatı eve geri çağrıldığında, kendi organizasyonları.. Star Trek movie reviews & Metacritic score: The greatest adventure of all time begins with Star Trek, the incredible story of a young crew's maiden voyage on.. The significant jump in production budget of 29% (over ten times the official inflation rate for the period 1996-1998) between the films First Contact and Insurrection, validated Adam Lebowitz's assertion that the technique of computer-generated imagery (CGI) for producing visual effects, which was used almost exclusively for the latter film and contrary to popular belief, is not cheaper than the traditional way of producing these. "A lot of people say, 'CGI is a lot cheaper, isn't it,' but the way I like to think of it is that CGI is not cheaper necessarily, but you get a lot more for your money and you can tweak it a lot more.", Lebowitz has stated. (Star Trek: The Magazine Volume 1, Issue 6, p. 47) If anything has exemplified Lebowitz's assessment, then it must have been the number of staffers Industrial Light & Magic had employed on their Star Trek projects; whereas The Search for Spock "only" needed 42 staffers, the staff-count for Star Trek (2009) had burgeoned to no less than 315, virtually all of them working as digital specialists. Real World article(written from a Production point of view). This article concerns itself with the general production and performances of the official Star Trek theatrical feature films as produced and distributed by Paramount Pictures, having been the full rights title holder from 1979..

Besides the above referenced films which had eventually seen a theatrical release, Paramount has over the decades embarked on the development of several other Star Trek film projects as well, they however, ultimately abandoned in various stages of development for a variety of reasons. Costs incurred for these unrealized projects were usually charged against the subsequent film project that was realized. (see also: below) With Star Trek Beyond beaming into theaters this Friday (July 22), it's time to take a look back at the With 13 movies released over 37 years, the series may be second only to James Bond in terms of.. Star Trek Movies. Sort by: Default list order Reverse list order Their top rated Their bottom rated Listal top rated Listal bottom rated IMDB top rated IMDB bottom rated Most listed Least listed Title name.. After Star Trek: The Motion Picture arrived — pretty and ambitious, but lacking the energy the franchise needed to survive on the big screen — the future of Star Trek's films got revamped, and we got a revenge tale about an old enemy from the TV series rediscovering the Enterprise crew and wreaking havoc on them. Ricardo Montalban is deliciously nasty as the title villain, and the film manages to be a showcase for everyone else in the main cast while it barrels forward through threat after threat. 

Eighty-Five Best Star Trek Podcasts For 2020. Latest was HE BLINDED US WITH SCIENCE w/ ANDRE BORMANIS. Listen online, no signup necessary In this film, the USS Enterprise is three years into its five-year mission to explore the unknown when it is sent to rescue an escape pod. The escape pod’s occupant is Kalara, who tells the crew her ship is stranded on a nearby planet, Altamid. Once close to the planet, the USS Enterprise is attacked and destroyed by a swarm of small ships controlled by an alien named Krall, played by Idris Elba. On the day of James Kirk's birth, his father dies on his ship in a last stand against a mysterious alien time-traveling vessel looking for Ambassador Spock.. Боевик, приключения, триллер. Режиссер: Ной Хоули. В ролях: Зои Солдана, Карл Урбан, Крис Пайн и др. Продюсер: Джей Джей Абрамс, Брайан Берк, Дэвид Эллисон и др

In Star Trek: Insurrection (1998), Picard and crew discover a covert effort by Starfleet, in co-operation with the belligerent Son'a, to relocate the inhabitants of a "fountain of youth" planet. Standing by his morals, Picard must take up arms against the Federation to save paradise. The 2009 Star Trek film goes back eagerly to where Star Trek began, using time travel to explain a cast of mostly the same characters, only at a younger point in their lives, sailing the Starship Enterprise

Nemesis, the final film to feature the Next Generation cast, is not a great Star Trek film, but it is a ridiculously entertaining one. The film sees the crew of the Enterprise — fresh off celebrating the wedding of Riker and Troi — visiting the Romulan homeworld of Romulus, where a new praetor (Tom Hardy) has taken over the Empire. The big twist: He's actually a clone of Picard, created by the Romulans years before to serve as a covert replacement for the captain, until the Romulan government changed hands and he was left to die as a slave. Now he's back, he's seized power, and he's ready to wipe out of the Federation with a superweapon.  Check out our star trek movies selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. Popular items for star trek movies. (2,324 Results) The best way to follow a classic like The Wrath of Khan is to do everything you can to avoid copying Wrath of Khan, and in that respect The Search for Spock succeeds very admirably. It does take another risk, though, and that's making the driving force of the whole film a mission to essentially undo the great emotional punch that came to define The Wrath of Khan. Every Trek fan knew going into this film that Spock was dead, and yet the idea that he would live again was right there in the title. How do you possibly pull that off? By making the film about Kirk and McCoy suffering to save their friend — Kirk through the ultimate death of his son, and Bones through the mental anguish that comes from having Spock's life force knocking around in his head. And once through the Vortex, the crew arrives in 2063. More specifically, they arrive one day before Zefram Cochrane (played by James Cromwell) uses the first warp drive system, which draws the attention of the Vulcans, leading to humanity's first contact with an alien race.  -movies. -news. Uplifting Star Trek Episodes and MoviesThis is what we're doing instead of April Fool's (self.startrek)

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