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  1. Cybergun Licensed Airsoft Guns. Colt is well known for producing authentic replicas that function like, and are almost as durable as, their real steel counterparts. Their version of the 1911 .45 Gas Pistol is no exception and is an exact 1:1 scale to the real M1911 model
  2. Пистолет Кольт. Gletcher, Colt 1911, CLT 1911 с Blowback. Брелок СССР Пистолет Кольт M1911A1 Винтаж Восстановлен Тяжелый Металл Свинец Сувенир Оружие
  3. Replica Colt M1911 full metal dual tone - CyberGun 530,00 lei. Modul de tragere al acestei replici este semiautomat. Capacitatea incarcatorului este de 17 bile, iar pentru replica airsoft Colt M1911 sunt recomandate bilele de 0.20 g. Calibrul tevii este de 6 mm si capacitatea de propulsare a bilei este de..
  4. 125 USD. Cybergun add an affordable Cybergun Colt 1911 Rail CO2 GBB Pistol, released in 2016. You'll find all the correct markings as Cybergun at the license holders of Colt. The 1911 platform is popular and common that its usage is well known and practiced by many players and easy to find..
  5. CYBERGUN COLT M1911-A1 C02 BLOWBACK. KEY FEATURES: - 17 Round Magazine - Pistol Hop Up system - 330Fps - Realistic Construction - Realistic Take-Down. DESCRIPTION: This is a replica of the US Army 1911 pistol, This is perfect for anyone looking to recreate a US Army classic style..
  6. Manufacturer: KWC/Cybergun. Model: Colt M1911 A1. Materials: Almost all metal. version of this all metal realistic CO2 blowback pistol in both 6mm Airsoft and 4.5mm Steel BB and in a variety of different finishes so if you are interested in a more detailed write up for the Cybergun Colt M1911 A1, you can..

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Créée en 1993, Cybergun détient aujourd'hui plus de 20 licences exclusives mondiales : Glock®, Colt®, Desert Eagle™ et bien d'autres. Spartan M&LE est la division du groupe Cybergun, dédiée à l'entraînement des forces armées et de police. Dirigée par le Général (2S) Emmanuel MAURIN et.. Make: KWC Gun/Model:Cybergun Colt M1911 MKIV Series 70 Government Accessories:Box of CO2 capsules, holster and carry bag Condition: Used FPS: 340 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: None. Only ever fired in friends field, has a massive kick to it and comes with all the trades on the side This is video of Cybergun COLT 1911 RAIL GUN (KWC) CO2 Airsoft 6mm GBB unboxing and overview. In deze video reviewen wij de Colt 1911 Railgun CO2 van Cybergun, gaan we dieper in op de achtergrond van het vuurwapen, vergelijken we het vuurwapen.

Die KWC 1911 Pistolen gibt es in etlichen unterschiedlichen Ausführungen und wird auch von verschieden Lizenzgebern mit verschieden Markings bestückt. Hier haben wir das von Cybergun voll lizenzierte Modell einer modernen Colt 1911 in der Ausführung M45A1 wie sie bei den MARSOC.. Back in the 1930s Colt developed a few experimental fully automatic M1911 pistols. It is hard to believe that anyone thought that a .45 ACP machine pistol was a practical idea! The most famous fully automatic 1911 would have been John Dillinger's which was chambered in .38 Super Colt M1911 A1 Airsoft Full Metal Gas Pistol. Operation - Gas Blowback Pistol Fully licensed trademarks Distributed by: Cybergun (Soft Air USA) Manufacturer: KJ Works Length: 221mm (8.82 inches) Magazine: 25rds Gas: Green Gas Shooting Mode: Semi Auto Weight: 930.00g (2.05 lbs) Hop-Up.. Colt M1911 is the type of airsoft gun, but does not tell us the airsoft maker. It's like saying IWI Tavor or Kalashnikova AK-47. While Colt, IWI, and Kalashnikova are firearm KWC makes a CO2 M1911, Elite Force has a gas powered version. Cybergun also has a Colt M1911 on the market, though it's OEM.. Details. Cyber Gun COLT M45A1 Marines CQBP GBB Pistol Co2 Mag Version ( DE ). Technical Features: - Full Metal - Blow Back Co2 - Bax Adjustable - Velocity With 0.20g BBS: 105M/S 344FPS - Power: 1.1J - Power Range Cybergun COLT 1911 Rail Gun Stainless GBB Pistol Co2 Mag Version

Colt 1911 MK IV. Voor dit product hebben wij iets van je nodig! In 1911 werd ze geïntroduceerd als `US Pistol, Caliber .45 Model van 1911 'als Amerikaanse dienstwapen. Later de Royal Navy, de Royal Flying Corps en de Royal Air Force werden uitgerust met het pistool Jousiviritteinen Colt alkuperämerkinnöillä varustettu pistooli. Vankka ja tehokas Hop up-pistooli, jossa metalliluisti. Lipaskoko: 12 kpl Lähtönopeus: 100 m/s (0,12 g) ja 78 m/s (0,20g) Paino: 539 g Metalliluisti Ikäraja 18 vuotta. Cybergun Colt M 1911 jousiviritteinen airsoft pistooli. 41250501 Cybergun Colt M1911 A1 Blowback full metal semi automatisk airsoft pistol. Lækker og hårdtskydende fuld metal pistol fra Cybergun i super kvalitet med kraftig blowback 139 €. Loghi Colt MKIV serie's 70 incisi. Funzionamento CO2. Modello scarrellante. Costruzione in metallo/acciaio completa. COLT loghi incisi sia lato destro sia lato sinistro del carrello. Scanalature armamento di scorrimento anteriore e posteriore. Beavertail telaio funzionamento Featuring as stable output of 330 fps, this 1911 is definitely CQB safe for most regions, and the co2 powered system from KWC enhances the kick of it, while providing steady performance even in cold areas. Licensed marking from Cybergun ensures the gun to have the most authentic marking on the..

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  1. Pistolet ASG Colt M1911 to wierna replika wyprodukowana na zlecenie CyberGun na licencji Colta przez KWC. Replika zasilana kapsułami CO2, wyposażona została w system Blow Back oraz w metalowy szkielet i zamek, które wiernie odwzorowują oryginalny model
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  3. Realism: The Cybergun KWC Colt M1911 A1 CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol is as close as you can get to the real steel 1911 A1 but with an obvious more modern look to it. This gun is nearly all metal with very heavy blowback making it feel real to hold in the hand and shoot.Pros:All metal construction - Good weight and solid feeling gunNice heavy blowback actionVery accurate 1911 A1 styled replica in many waysTrue 1911 single action trigger, excellent pull, very smooth and lightAccurate trigger design and working grip safetyAll metal full size dropout magazine
  4. Cons:Sacrifice FPS and shots per CO2 because of the heavy blowback but worth itFinish on the Cybergun and KWC guns can wear off on the high points a bit but some people like this look
  5. Colt M1911 airsoft pisztoly Tömege: 976g Hossza: 218mm Anyaga: full fém Tárkapacitása: 17db BB, fém tár A pályázatot végül a John M. Browning által tervezett fegyver nyerte meg, amit végül kisebb módosítások után 1911-ben állítottak hadrendbe Gyártó: cybergun. Típus: maroklőfegyver replika
  6. Cybergun Colt M1911 MK IV spring pistol reinforced with original Colt logos. Great article for soft air, shooting CYBERGUN COLT M1911 MK IV. £ 29,88 starting from £ 25,49 VAT included. This offer expires in

KWC Airsoft CO2 Magazine for Cybergun Colt M1911 A1 Tac Master M77. This is a Colt licensed KWC-manufactured 17-round magazine for the CO2 semi-automatic Colt M1911 A1 (Airsoft Megastore product code #CB-18512) 160.90 €. La Cybergun P1911 es una pistola desarrollada por el fabricante americano, y que supone una réplica fidedigna del mítico Colt 1911, con cuerpo full metal acabado en níquel madera y con sistema de carga por bombonas de Co2. Incluye cargador para 18 BBs, cañón de acero liso y miras.. The Cybergun Colt 1911 is one of most classic and yet iconic airsoft pistol in the market today. Designed by John Browning, the 1911 pistol is the best-known of his designs to use the short recoil principle in its basic design. The pistol was widely copied, and this operating system rose to become.. Una splendida replica Airsoftgun marchiata Cybergun, alimentata a CO2, riproducente una Colt 1911 in chiave moderna. La meccanica aggiornata comprende finalmente la sicura manuale funzionante, scritte incise e mire adeguate. La slitta tipo mil-std-1913 Picatinny nel dust cover moltiplica le..

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  2. 149.95 €. De Colt 1911 CO2 geparkariseerde metalen airsoft pistool replica, uitgebracht door Cybergun onder licentie van Colt. Het voelt, knalt en field stript als het vuurwapen. Onder de 1,2 joule
  3. KJW Colt 1911. Cybergun. 3. EMG (Evike Manufacturing Group). Inokatsu COLT M4 CQBR Gas Blowback Rifle w/ FREE MAGAZINE (SUPER VERSION). 93 090 ₽

Comments: The Cybergun KWC Colt M1911 A1 CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol has a great single action trigger with the feel you would expect from a real 1911 pistol. The blowback action is strong, you can actually feel it not just in your hand but further back in your arms and even shoulders a little bit. I'm pretty sure with a quick hop-up adjustment or ammo swap, this Cybergun KWC Colt M1911 A1 CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol will perform like all the other KWC pistols I have tested before it. 28 €. Colt M1911a1 Metal. Made in taiwan in metallo calibro 6 mm capacita caricatore 12 bb pistola a molla sistema bax gittata 30 mt riprodotta fedelmente anche nei marchi originali potenza 0,6 joule lunghezza 216 mm altezza 140 mm velocita con pallino da 0,20 78/ms velocita con pallino da 0,12.. Cybergun Colt 1911 Rail Gun CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol. Umarex Colt Government 1911 A1 CO2 NBB Pellet Pistol Colt M1911 este un pistol de airsoft cu functionare semiautomata pe co2, produs de Cybergun.Acest pistol este licentiat COLT si are inscriptii originale. M1911 este o varianta entry level, construit din ABS si fara recul.Cu toate acestea, nu este potrivit pentru jocul de airsoft fiindca dezvolta o energie cinetica.. Qui a dit qu'une bonne réplique airsoft était forcément dispendieuse ? Retrouvez chez Armurerie Auxerre les répliques airsoft de chez Cybergun, et choisissez la qualité sans vous ruiner. Ne vous sentez plus coupable de pratiquer votre passion avec cette réplique réaliste d'arme à CO2

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Full metal Cybergun Colt M1911 A1 blowback CO2 gun. Really realistic replica of 1924 published Colt M1911 cal. The Cybergun 1911 Full Metal spring pistol, is a great side arm for serious war, and a great main weapon for backyard battles this gun comes with a crappy plastic magazine, and a plastic.. Dimensions: 225mm x 150mm Muzzle Velocity: ~325 FPS (Measured w/ 0.12g BBs) Magazine: 12rds Firing Mode: Single Shot, Safety System: Spring Hopup: Yes, Non-Adjustable Package Includes: Gun, Magazine, and Manual Manufacturer: SoftAir (Licensed by Cybergun) Enter the fray with the Cybergun Licensed Colt M1911 A1 FPS-345 Spring Airsoft Pistol! This iconic Colt Airsoft gun gives you the look and feel of the real thing with a perfect 1:1 scale body with a light weight polymer body and metal slide design! It comes equipped with the BAXS shooting system for..

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Copyright © 1999-2020 Pyramyd Air. All Rights Reserved. All other designated trademarks, copyrights, and brands are the property of their respective owners.Build Quality: KWC did a great job with the Cybergun KWC Colt M1911 CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol. The quality and build characteristics may even be just a bit better than my other KWC/Cybergun blowback air pistols. Everything that should be metal is the same on this as the original, the slide and barrel wiggle are minimal and the finish seems to be wearing fairly well on this KWC airgun. I do expect over time for some of the finish to wear off on the high points but this can also give the gun some character. ;) Sig Sauer 1911. World renowned and the choice for many of the premier global military, law enforcement and commercial users. The legendary ergonomics and accuracy of the 1911, engineered for today's shooter with SIG reliability and modern refinements. Browse Collection 1055 colt 1911 3D Models. Every Day new 3D Models from all over the World. Your Search for colt 1911 - 1,055 printable 3D Models. Just click on the icons, download the file(s) and print Tags Fichier imprimante 3D gratuit Cybergun 1911 Magaz... Text 1911, munitions, xc3 xa2non, colt 1911..

Cybergun Colt M1911A1. Jag blev tipsad om röda stjärnan av en kompis och tänkte att de var värt ett försök och köpa en airsoft. Då bestämde jag mig för Colt m1911 och blev faktiskt nöjd med den 129.99 USD. The Cybergun Colt M1911 MKIV Series 70 Government Co2 GBB pistol is the latest offering from Cybergun that offers both the looks and practicality. This MK IV Series is a full metal co2 powered pistol that is modeled after the real gun, polished sides on the slide and matte grey.. 2020 popular M1911 Gun trends in Toys & Hobbies, Toy Guns, Model Building Kits, Action & Toy Figures with M1911 Gun and M1911 Gun. Discover over 172 of our best selection of M1911 Gun on AliExpress.com with top-selling M1911 Gun brands. Shop the top 25 most popular M1911 Gun at the..

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  1. The Colt 1911 CO2 Non-Blowback Airsoft has a fixed metal slide and its equipped with a lower rail for laser or flashlight attachments. Front and rear sights allow you to properly hone in on your enemies or targets. Firing at 330 feet per second, Cybergun has presented us with a quality Colt CO2 pistol with..
  2. Cybergun: Softair - Kugeln Bioval Bio-BBs - 0,25g 4000 Stk. Weiß - Dichtungssatz Tanfoglio Custom CO2 - Laufverlängerungs Adapter FN SPR auf 14mm Linksgewinde - Softair - Pistole - FNS-9 Tactical Gas GBB - ab 18, über 0,5 Joule - Magazin für Softair - Cybergun Dichtungssatz Colt u. BW 1911
  3. Tootjaks Cybergun. Colti litsentseeritud airsoft relv USMC värvides. Vähe kasutatud, väljas mängimas pole käidud, lastud ainult sisetingimustes 3 ballooni. Kaasa tuleb originaalsalv, pudel kvaliteetseid 0.25g 6mm kuule (~2900 tükki) ja 4 täis CO2 ballooni. Karp ning ka võti ballooni kinnitamiseks salve külge..
  4. Cybergun Colt M1911A1 Full metal Co2 GBB Pistol Cybergun Colt M1911A1 Full metal Co2 GBB Pistol. WE-E006-1911 Matte Chrome Full Metal Checker Black Colour Grip Adjustable Hop-Up SystemFunctional Thumb SafetyAdditional Hand Grip SafetyMajor Colour: SilverGun Length..
  5. Accuracy: For my accuracy target test I set up 30 feet back shooting from a semi-rested position (sand bag up front and standing in the back). This shooting position serves to provide a nice stable shooting platform for overall accuracy. Of course the results are always dependant on how I'm shooting on the day of my testing, after all I am only human! I shot my usual 10 rounds through the Cybergun KWC Colt M1911 A1 CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol but for some reason this 1911 airsoft replica liked to shoot on the high side. My first shot curved well above my target and my second shot just clipped the metal portion. For my remaining 8 shots I lowered my aim to the lowest ring to see if I could get some shots on paper and even with this rather deliberate sight adjustment I was still hitting really high on the target, some shots still even off the paper and hitting metal. Either the adjustable BAXS Hop-up was way off or the airsoft ammo I was using did not agree with this 1911 pistol. It is kind of hard to say what kind of grouping I can actually get using this pistol as it stands, but from shooting similar versions of this pistol I should be able to get at least 2 inch groupings once it is set up right and using ammo that works well with it.
  6. 1499 €. Limited Edition Colt M1911 A1 Vollstahl (nur noch eine kleine Menge vorhanden). Hart-Blow-Back Softair Pistole von Inokatsu mit Original-Markings, fortlaufende Seriennummer, CNC gefräst! Ein absolutes Muss für Sammler! Modell: Colt M1911 A1 U.S. ARMY

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  1. Checkout my written Table Top Review for the Cybergun Colt 1911 MKIV CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol with additional photos over on the ReplicaAirguns.com..
  2. Cybergun Colt M1911 jousipistooli, metalli. Cybergunin metalliluistinen Colt 1911 on jämäkkä ja tehokas jousiviritteinen pistooli. Metalliset osat tuovat realistiikkaa aseeseen ja paino myös tuntuu asetta ladattaessa ja ammuttaessa. Latausliike on hyvin sulava ja liipaisimen veto ja laukaisu tasainen..
  3. The M1911, also known as the Colt Government or Government, is a single-action, semi-automatic, magazine-fed, recoil-operated pistol chambered for the .45 ACP cartridge
  4. Colt 1911 Rail Gun im Kaliber 6mm BB. CO2 Airsoft Pistole von KWC / Cybergun, in Deutschland vertrieben von GSG. Checkout my written Table Top Review for the Cybergun Colt 1911 MKIV CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol with additional photos over.
  5. Replica pistol airsoft CyberGun Colt M1911 este o copie dupa celebrul pistol Colt M1911. Cu un design remarcabil ce il face usor de recunoscut Colt 1911 este una dintre cele mai utilizate arme de catre fortele de ordine si armata. Pistolul a fost folosit de trupele americane pe toate fronturile din..
  6. Yellow. Orange. CYBERGUN COLT M1911 BACK CO2 (CY180512) quantity. Add to cart. Be the first to review CYBERGUN COLT M1911 BACK CO2 (CY180512) Cancel reply
  7. CYBERGUN/WE COLT 1911A1 (BLACK) GBB P. -Color: Black -Material: Metal -Cybergun Fully licensed Colt (1911) markings -Compatible with both WE and AW Custom magazines -Firing Modes: safe / Semi Auto -Loading Capacity: 15 Rounds 6mm BBs -System: Gas Blow Back (Green/Top Gun)..

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Colt M1911 A1 в цвят DE е копие на един от най-разпространените пистолети в света. Затворната рама е изпълнена от метал, а всичко останало по репликата от ABS пластмаса. Преди всеки изстрел затворната рама трянбва да се зареди, това е единственият режим на.. Stabiler Vollmetall-Nachbau der Colt M1911A1 Military Pistole im Maßstab 1/1 mit halbautomatischen CO2 Blowback System. Der Nachbau von Cybergun / KWC besitzt durch die Colt-Lizenz sämtliche original Markings und Beschriftungen wodurch die Pistole nicht nur für Spieler sondern auch für..

Colt Special Combat 1911 CO2 Airsoft Pistol with Hop-Up, 400-450 FPS. Walther P99 Blowback 6mm BB Pistol Airsoft Gun, Walther P99 Airsoft Gun. Finally just a small removable sticker like the Cybergun Taurus. None of that Warning junk that ruins that side of this piece of art CYBERGUN COLT 1911 STAINLESS RAIL GUN - Non BlowBack -. Aksesuar raylı gümüş renkli 1911 model Realism: The Cybergun KWC Colt M1911 A1 CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol is as close as you can get to the real steel 1911 A1 but with an obvious more modern look to it. This gun is nearly all metal with very heavy blowback making it feel real to hold in the hand and shoot. Pros: All metal construction - Good..

Wykonana częściowo z metalu ciężka replika Colta 1911 w wersji A1 z oryginalnymi oznaczeniami jubileuszowej serii 80 - na 100 lecie pistoletu. Pistolet został wyprodukowany przez firmę Kien Well Corp na zlecenie firmy Cyber Gun, dzięki czemu ma wszystkie oznaczenia fabryczne zgodnie z.. Cybergun Colt M1911A1. Cybergun Colt Rail Gun Bicolore Co2. แรง 390 FPS Full Metal [NProductMDiscount]. FAVORİLERE EKLE. CYBERGUN Colt 1911 M45A1 Airsoft Tabanca. Ünlü tabanca Colt 1911'in replikası olan airsoft tabancadır. Tamemen metalden üretilmiştir. Yarı otomatik sistemlidir

99.99 €. 100th Anniversary version of the known and recognized Colt Model 1911A1 in Co2 version - built entirely of Metal Browse all new and used Colt Pistols - 1911 Pre-45 for sale and buy with confidence from Guns International. WWI 1918 Colt M1911 45ACP in excellent original condition, only blue loss minor at muzzle and in hand grip ares. Grips and magazine are also excellent. correct PH barrel proofs.. For help identifying 1911 style guns, see 1911 Gallery. The M1911A1 pistol and variants are used by the following actors in the following movies, television series, anime, and video games: (1911 - Present). Type: Pistol. Caliber: .45 Automatic Colt Pistol (ACP) Magazine for Cybergun 1911 HPA . Work in progress ,some functions dont work properly. UPDATE 4.4.2018 -Adjusted width Chargeur supplémentaire 17 billes pour les répliques airsoft Colt 1911 Rail Gun CO2 de la marque Cybergun. Compatible avec les Colt 1911 Anniversary et R2 Black Water

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Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the Cybergun KWC Colt M1911 A1 CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol is exactly what you would expect from a true single action 1911 styled pistol. It has a short take up and then a nice light and crisp pull to it. Because of the similar mechanics not only to the trigger but other aspects of this gun, it would make an awesome low-cost trainer to be used when your real 1911 can not be. Checkout my Post for this video over at ReplicaAirguns.com for additional Photos: http://www.replicaairguns.com/posts/2015/11/20/cybergun-colt-m1911-a1-co2-blowback-airsoft-pistol-mini-revi.htm

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Achetez la réplique d'airsoft Colt M1911 A1 Anniversary conçu par Cybergun dans sa version full metal Co2, un pistolet à billes La réplique d'airsoft Colt M1911 est équipée de plaquettes de crosse avec grip antidérapant pour une parfaite préhension. La queue de détente est également dotée d'un grip.. Model: Colt M1911 A1. Materials: Almost all metal. I have already reviewed other KWC version of this all metal realistic CO2 blowback pistol in both 6mm Airsoft and 4.5mm Steel BB and in a variety of different finishes so if you are interested in a more detailed write up for the Cybergun Colt M1911 A1.. Marca: Colt by Cybergun Modello: M1911A1 Canna: Scarrellante Colpi: cal 6mm - 0,20g/0,23g/0,25g Modalità di sparo: Colpo singolo Selettore Sicura a carrello azionabile solo a cane armato Dotato di sicura dorsale funzionante Materiale: completamente in metallo Dotata di LOGHI ORIGINALI COLT!! Budite prvi koji će napisati recenziju Replika pištolja Colt 1911 Cybergun 180121 Odustani od odgovora. Airsoft colt 1911 A1 hpa metal slide kojot 180126

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Airgun safety is no accident. You must be 18 years or older to buy any air gun or air rifle in our store. Click here to read about proper airgun and airsoft gun safety measures. Buy the KWC/Cybergun Colt M1911 A1 CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol in Canada: www.replicaairguns.ca/colt-1911-co2-blowback-full-metal-airsoft-pistol-cybergun KWC - Cybergun 1911 Style 4.5mm Steel BB & 6mm Airsoft Comparison.. Full metal Cybergun Colt M1911 A1 blowback CO2 gun. Really realistic replica of 1924 published Colt M1911 cal. Coming up! review of this gun, and shooting review of M4 A1. Видео Cybergun Colt M1911 A1 blowback co2 shooting review канала Airsoft Reviews

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Taksit Seçenekleri. CYBERGUN COLT M1911 Yedek Şarjör. Bu ürüne ilk yorumu siz yapın! Yorum Yaz Cybergun Colt 1911 Target Rail Kit Spring. Cybergun Colt M1911 MKIV Series 70 GBB Co2 6mm. £149

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Type: Airsoft PistolsManufacturer: KWCModel: Colt M1911 A1Materials: Almost all metalWeight: 975g (2.15 pounds)Barrel: Metal non-rifledPower Source: 12g CO2 x 1Action: Semi-automatic with blowback, single action onlyAmmo Type: 6mm airsoft BBsAmmo Capacity: 17-round full size metal magazineFPS: 380 The Cybergun Colt 1911 is one of most classic and yet iconic airsoft pistol in the market today. Designed by John Browning, the 1911 pistol is the best-known of his designs to use the short recoil principle in its basic design. The pistol was widely copied, and this operating system rose to become..

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Cybergun Colt 1911 A1 '100 Year' Anniversary EditionKWC / CYBERGUN COLT 1911 ANNIVERSARY EDITION CO2 - OUTDOORCybergun Colt M1911A1 CO2 Blowback Pistol (Grey) AirsoftColt 1911 A1 100th Anniversary - KWC review, test de
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