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Hifly Airbus A340-300 FSX HD texture for the TFS A340-400 base model. These are FSX textures only. The TFS A340-300 base model is required. It can be found at www.flightsim.com 30 flat bed seats Lufthansa A340-300 (D-AIGL) side view illustration by norebbo.com. There was no stress at all creating an illustration of this bird - airline Seat map of this Lufthansa A340-300 (courtesy of seatguru.com) showing my seat (34D) for this flight to FRA. Our route to Frankfurt this evening: SINGA SAVRY.. The seats of the 46th row are considered bad seats as this is the last row in the airplane and that is why these seats may be less reclining or not reclining at all. Proximity of the galleys may be bothersome as well. A340, Airbus'ın iki lider devleti Almanya ve Fransa'nın bayrak taşıyıcı şirketleri Lufthansa ve Air France filosunda, Mart 1993'te resmen hizmete girmiştir. Toplamda 377 adet sipariş verilen ve bunların 375 adedi teslim edilen A340'ın en fazla tercih edilen versiyonu, 218 adetle -300 olmuştur

Because of the misalignment with the row in front passengers of the seats 41DEG may have limited legroom. Airbus A340-300 Cathay Pacific. Modelo de avión de pasajeros el Airbus A340-300 de propiedad de la aerolínea insignia de Hong Kong Cathay Pacific. Características: El modelo de calidad y las texturas de la aeronave; - Cabina detallada; - Trabajar con un script de CLEO 4 motor mecánico de alas.. 261 seats of the Economy Class are divided into 2 sections. The seats of the 11th row have extra space for passengers’ legs. However, the width of these seats is reduced a little, there is no floor storage for these seats during take-off and landing. Other passengers tend to gather here in order to visit lavatories and this fact may represent a problem.

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Free. Size: 11 MB. Windows. Airbus A340-300 BundesRepublik Deutschland. PROJECT OPENSKY AIRBUS A340 VERSION 1 for FS2004 ONLY. This plane will not work properly in FS2002. Copyrights. This aircraft is made by Project OpenSky and we reserve ALL rights to this aircraft. Model Designer Since 2017, Air Mauritius has embarked on a bold investment programme leading to the modernisation of its fleet. To offer a similar level of comfort and facilities as its brand new flagship aircraft, the Airbus A350-900XWB and also the Airbus A330-900neo, its two Airbus A340-300 aircraft have been retrofitted. The new cabins offer full flat seats in Business Class, more space in Economy Class and a state of the art entertainment system in both classes. New LED Mood lights have also been added.There are 28 standard seats in Premium Economy class. These seats are located in 4 rows per 7 seats in each. All of them are standard only the seats of the 10th row have some disadvantages such as: lack of floor storage during take-off and landing and close location of the galleys and lavatories.The seats of the 29th row and the seats 30AC and 30HK have extra legroom thanks to the exit row in front. Among disadvantages of these seats: reduced width of the seats as the tray tables are built-in the armrests making them immovable, proximity of the lavatories and lack of floor storage during takeoff and landing.

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  1. = A340-300 = my 2nd mod.. converted by me... if some1 hav prblm wth dis mod...tell me wdout hesitation xD thnx
  2. ..Cochise/Foxstar Baron 55/President 600 (BE55) COMAC C-919 (C919) COMAC Xiangfeng/ARJ-21-700 Xiangfeng (AJ27) CONROY CL-44-O Guppy/Guppy/CL-44-O Guppy/Guppy (CL4G) CONVAIR C-131/C-131 Samaritan/Convairliner/CV-240 Convairliner/CV-340 Convairliner/CV-440
  3. The second version of Boeing 340-300 operated by Lufthansa may transport 251 passengers in three classes.
  4. The main disadvantage of the seats of the 27th row is proximity of the lavatories as other passengers tend to gather in this area.
  5. The A340-300 flies 295 passengers in a typical three-class cabin layout over 6,700 nautical miles (12,400 km). This is the initial version, having flown on Typical range with 295 passengers is between 7,200 to 7,400 nautical miles (13,300 to 13,700 km). The largest operator of this type is Lufthansa..
  6. Students aged between 15 and 29 years may book online and email supporting documents to mailto:mreservations_mru@airmauritius.com or fax them on +230 466 9014.Tickets will be issued within 72 hours through our Call Centre + 230 2077575. Check all eligibility criteria.

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El programa para desarrollar A340-300 comenzó junto con el desarrollo de una versión abreviada A340-200, 1987 años en junio. El objetivo principal en el diseño de la aeronave se encontraba en la creación de un avión capaz de hacer largos vuelos intercontinentales Airbus A300-600ST Beluga Freighter what is the cost of a seat request? (row23 j or k).flight LX289 to zurich on tuesday 25 june 2019. thanks Programma A340-300 sviluppo è iniziato con lo sviluppo di una versione abbreviata A340-200, anni 1987 nel mese di giugno. L'obiettivo principale nella progettazione del velivolo era nella creazione di un aeromobile in grado di fare, lunghi voli intercontinentali ..ATR 42-500 Aerospatiale ATR 72 Aerospatiale ATR 72-300 Aerospatiale ATR 72-500 Aerospatiale ATR 72-600 Aerospatiale Concorde Airbus A300 MD-83 McDonnell Douglas MD-87 McDonnell Douglas MD-88 McDonnell Douglas MD-90 Pilatus PC-12 Saab SF340A Shorts SD.330 Tupolev..

Airbus A340-300. Data (01 aug 2019). Number of aircraft 7 Hello, I managed to get the POSKY A340-300 into fsx, and it is a beautiful model on the outside, but the inside is a different story. The 2d cockpit doesn't work at all, and in the VC all of the panels are blank. The main flight displays just don't work The carrier's A340-300s were not updated with the new cabin products, nor were painted with the new livery. The last two jetliners in service had a particular The retirement of the A340-300 sets a milestone for Iberia. From now and on, the Spanish carrier will have its long-haul products harmonized.. Business class may transport 30 passengers on its 30angle-flat seats. The seats have 2-2-2 configuration. The seats of the first row are located close to the galleys and have no floor storage during take-off and landing. The only disadvantage of the seats of the 5th row is proximity of the galleys and lavatories.Air Mauritius currently has two Airbus A340-300C in its predominantly Airbus fleet. Our aircraft are called Parakeet and Paille-en-Queue.

221 standard seats Airbus A300-600ST Beluga. Saab 340B. Star. Стар Alibaba.com offers 448 airbus a340 model products. A wide variety of airbus a340 model options are available to you, such as use, product type, and material

Lufthansa Airbus A340-300, registration D-AIGI Worms. Textures only for the Thomas Ruth model (TOMA343B.ZIP). By Mark McCorquodale. Installation Instructions. 1. Place the 'Texture.1' folder into your Flight Sim X directory, underSimObjectsAirplanesTOM_A340-300 2. Open the aircraft.cfg file.. Use for AI Traffic Texture only for TFS A340-300 model AIRBUS A340-300 Finnair fleet MOD passenger airliner Airbus A340-300 in the livery of the flagship air carrier Cathay Pacific-Hong Kong. Included is a CLEO script Al_Planes.cs, you want to work with the mechanization of wings, engines and landing gear to function properly. Author: SkylineGTRFreak, Albreht, Thomas Ruth..

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Economy class may accommodate 181 passengers. It is divided into two sections. All the seats of the first section are standard only close location of the seats of 27th row to the lavatories may represent a problem. Upload your photos. Photo use. Airbus A340-300 Business class has 42 angle-flat seats located in 7 rows that are divided into 2 sections. First section includes 5 rows of the seats that have 2-2-2configuration. The main disadvantage of some seats of Business class is proximity of the galleys or/and lavatories. This disadvantage have seats of the 1st, 5th and 10th rows. Plus the seats of the 1st and 10th rows have no floor storage during take-off and landing. Mahan Air Airbus A340-300 takeoff from Dusseldorf Airport. محافظ آسمان ایران. IKA Mahan Air Airbus A300 landing. حراجی افزودنیهای شبیه ساز پرواز

Air Belgium Airbus A340-300. By Juergen in Air Belgium, Europe. Repaint of the The Fruit Stand Airbus A340-300 in Air Belgium Color scheme. Paint made on a new HD Paintkit optimized for FSX including a FSX specific lightmap The first cabin version of Airbus A340-300 is most common version in Lufthansa. There are 279 seats divided into three classes on this airplane. The second version of Boeing 340-300 operated by Lufthansa may transport 251 passengers in three classes The seats 41DEG have limited legroom because of the misalignment with the row in front. The seats of the 46th row may be not reclining at all or less reclining. Also their close location to the galleys may be bothersome.

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You are not allowed to add other types of passengers to student bookings. Please create separate bookings for Students. The map created by people like you! Airbus A340-300. Boeing 777-300ER 0.3 km. SAAB Group 0.4 km. Catalog model aircraft and helicopters 0.4 km The seats of the 27th row are the seats that are located in the last row of the section that is why they may be less reclining. Close location to the lavatories may be bothersome.

First Class flight of Mahan Air A340-300 from Dubai to Tehran by Sam Chui. Mahan Air is currently number 2 just behind Emirates between Iran and UAE. He told me the newly acquired A340-300 will be operating today's flight and I was very pleased to hear that since I flew Mahan's A300 already Boeing 727-300B Cutaway Drawing 10x8 (25x20cm) Print (4566840) Framed, Poster, Canvas Prints, Puzzles, Photo Gifts and Wall Art. Photograph-Boeing 727-300B Cutaway Drawing-10x8 Photo Print expertly made in the USA The second section of the Economy Class is located behind the exit row, that is why the first row of this section, i.e. the seats of the 29th row and the seats 30AC and 30HK have extra legroom. Among disadvantaged of these seats lack of floor storage during takeoff and landing, close location to the lavatories. As the tray tables are built-in the armrests they are immovable and this fact reduces the width of these seats.

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  2. A340-300 EC-MFA Virgen de la Guía EC-MFB Virgen de la Macarena EC-MQM Santa María EC-NBU Virgen del Valle. Historia del A340 A inicios de la década de los 80, AIRBUS comienza a dar forma a los proyectos de aviones de fuselaje ancho (wide body) y largo radio de dos y cuatro motores
  3. All Airbus A340-300 plane mods for GTA San Andreas with the installer on our website. For the convenience of navigating the mods, we have allocated all Airbus A340-300 aircraft into a separate category. You can choose any mod you like on the plane and download it with automatic installation

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The echo parakeet, or Mauritius parakeet (Psittacula eques), is a vibrant, endemic parrot to Mauritius and is the last remaining species of Mascarene island parrots. These birds are sadly endangered. It is generally green (the female is darker overall) and has two collars on the neck; the male has one black and one pink collar, and the female has one green and one indistinct black collar. As the species is limited to forests with native vegetation, it is largely restricted to the Black River Gorges National Park in the southwest of Mauritius. These gorgeous parrots can grow up to 36cm in length and live on flowers, leaves and the fruits of both native and exotic plants. Programme A340-300 développement a commencé en même temps que le développement d'une version abrégée A340-200, 1987 ans en Juin. L'objectif principal dans la conception de l'avion était dans la création d'un aéronef capable de faire de longs vols intercontinentaux Business class consists of 3 rows of angle-flat seats that have 2-2-2 configuration. The main disadvantages of the seats 1CDGH is proximity of the galleys and lack of floor storage during takeoff and landing.

The seats 30A and 30K have less legroom due to the protrusion of the exit door into this area. As the tray tables are built-in the armrests, the width of these seats is reduced. Other passengers tend to congregate in this area to visit lavatories. The A340-200 and 300 are the initial variants of the successful quad engined A340 family of long haul widebodies. The A340 and closely related A330 were launched in June 1987, with the A340's first flight occurring on October 25 The first A340-300Es were delivered to Singapore Airlines in April 1996 The A340-300 has the endurance of a marathon runner, and holds several long-distance records. The winglets on the tips of the wings reduce wing vibration, which saves a Airbus A340-300 interior fittings. All five aircraft are equipped with the latest seats, as well as large monitors with touch screens

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  1. The Parakeet and Paille-en-Queue endemic birds you may have the chance of sighting on a magical trip to Mauritius.
  2. 1987년에 시작된 A340 개발 프로젝트는 완전히 새로운 항공기를 설계한 것이 아니라, 기존에 개발했던 항공기들의 기술을 베이스로 하여 A340에 맞게 수정하는 형태로 진행되었다. 1970년대부터 A300, A310 등을 개발하여 여객기 시장에 자리를 잡은 에어버스는 A300의 파생형으로 쌍발형의 B9, B10 및..
  3. Airbus A340-300 Cathay Pacific. Modelo de avião Airbus A340-300-propriedade emblemática companhia aérea de Hong Kong, a Cathay Pacific. Características: O modelo de qualidade e texturas da aeronave; Detalhes do cockpit; - Trabalhar com um script CLEO 4 motor mecânico asas..
  4. This aircraft is equipped with Audio/Video on Demand (IMS/Zodiac RAVE) which offers up to 100 movies, 200 TV Programs, 15 games and several live TV Channels. The entertainment content is available in up to 25 languages. The system is available via personal screens located in the seat backs.

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  1. The Airbus A340-300 is the little sister of the super-long A340-600 and offers comfortable, spacious seating for up to 279 passengers in various configurations throughout First, Business, Premium Economy and Economy Class
  2. 28 recliner seats
  3. A340-300 is ideal for quick start-up of long-haul operations. Airbus Family. As a result of its four engines, the A340-300 is ideal for quick start-up of long-haul operations. It also has good 'hot and high' capability at airports that would be off-limits to other aircraft
  4. The Airbus A340-300 does not require any ETOPS (Extended-range Twin-engine Operational Performance Standards) regulating the flight route formation so that the aircraft is always at the distance of definite flight time to the first airport, should one of engines fail. The 4 engines make it possible to..

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You are not allowed to add other types of passengers to senior bookings. Please create separate bookings for Seniors. Philippine Airlines configured this Airbus A340-300 plane with three classes of service. For more legroom in Coach, make sure you ask for the forward Coach cabin, these seats have about one to two crucial inches more legroom than the seats in the rear cabin Standard Economy (Rows 11-46)

Information on Airbus A340-300 flights by experienced travelers. Flights on Airbus A340-300 : Photos, ratings, and reviews Airbus A340-300Airbus A340-300. El Airbus A-340 inauguró la ruta más larga de Iberia: Madrid-Santiago de Chile, el 4 de enero de 1998. Este modelo de avión batió cuatro récords mundiales: primer vuelo sin escalas entre Le Bourget (Francia) y Auckland (Nueva Zelanda) en 21 horas y 31 minutos.. As there are no seats behind, other passengers and crew members passing by tend to bump into the seats 40D and 40G. Airbus A340-300 from 15 airlines liveries. VC and 2D panel. Equipped with Ground proximity warning system (GPWS) List of airlines

Amidst the Syrian Civil War, Syrian Arab Airlines began Airbus A340-300 operations on April 12th, with a flight to Dubai as RB515. According to Flightglobal, the aircraft was welcomed in Damascus with a ceremony including the Syrian Transport Minister Ali Hammoud The seats of the 46th row may have limited recline or may be not reclining at all. Also close location to the galleys may be bothersome. A340-300 private jet is available to charter through PrivateFly. To hire A340-300 for private flights call +44 (0)20 7100 6960 A340-300. The Airbus A340 family enabled airlines to open long-range non-stop routes between cities that previously needed intermediate stops Two Airbus A340-300's have worn this current scheme at Air Canada - C-FYLD and C-FDRO. This set will letter either aircraft, and is designed for the Braz Lufthansa was one of the founding members of the Star Alliance in 1997. This decal provides the markings for the three Airbus A340-300s D-AIGC.. Airbus A 340-300: Transportflugzeug - Das Langstreckenflugzeug A 340 wird bei Lufthansa in zwei Ausführungen eingesetzt: Die A340-200 nimmt maximal 212 Fluggäste auf, die etwas längere A340-300 befördert bis zu Airbus A 340-300: Langstreckenflugzeug befördert bis zu 247 Passagiere

Here's what it's like to fly in South African Airways' business class aboard an Airbus A340 from Dakar, Senegal, to Washington, D.C. The business-class cabin on South African Airways' A340-300 consists of two separate cabins full of 38 lie-flat business-class seats arranged in a 2-2-2 configuration On the A340-300, four CFM International CFM56-5C4 powerplants were installed with a 145 kN thrust. The same motors were installed in the Aircraft Airbus A340-300 295 can carry up passengers trёhklassovoy equipment or passengers in 440 economical cabin layout over a distance of 12700.. A full flight on an airbus a340 300 with TAP from Lisbon to Maputo recorded from push back and start up to shutting down engines. The airplane was somewhat full in the front during this trip while on the back it was empty but the a340 300 is a weak plane which resulted in the long takeoff

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Complete package including all Airbus A340-XXX (from Thomas Ruth) with virtual cockpit and 42 repaints of high quality. Also contains two types of sound: CFM56-5C and Rolls-Royce Trent 500 (by André Silva and Devyn Silverstein) this pack was originally assembled and edited by Luis Quintero.. 8-300 Embraer - Embraer E170 - Embraer E175 - Embraer E190 - Embraer E195 Fokker F-100 Lockheed C-130 Hercules Lockheed L-1011 Tristar - Lockheed L-1011-100 Tristar - Lockheed L-1011-500 Tristar Lockheed L-188 Electra McDonnell Douglas DC-10 McDonnell Douglas..

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..FSPainter (FSP) | aiairbus.zip | Download AI Base Model - A300-600ST Beluga | Mehlin Rainer (MRAI) Stand (TFS) | tfs77w.zip | Download AI aircraft model - 777-300ER | FSPainter Advanced Product Fruit Stand (TFS) | tfssf1.zip | Download AI aircraft model - 340A/340B | The Fruit Stand.. Airbus A340-300 VIP. One of the largest private jets on the market with seats for up to 100 passengers. A one stop global reach with a cargo payload of up to 45-tonne and supremely comfortable lie-flat seats with bedding, IFE and full amenity kits for each passenger The A340 500 and A340 600 were developed to be long range high capacity airliners. Particularly the A340 500IGW (Increased Gross Weight) and the A340 600HGW(High Gross Weight) models. Check our table of A340 specs below. An Airbus A340 300 of Swiss International Air Lines taking off

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The first cabin version of Airbus A340-300 is most common version in Lufthansa. There are 279 seats divided into three classes on this airplane. 24 февраля 2012. Где то над Китаем. Полет на Аэробусе А340-300 рейс CX 312 Гонг Конг - Пекин авиакомпании Катай Пасифик. Место в салоне 40А There are 225 seats in the Economy Class. Economy class is also divided into 2 section. All A, D, G, and K seats in the Economy Class have less underseat leg and storage space as compared to other standard seats because of the presence of entertainment equipment . Dash 8 Q300 Bristol 175 Britannia Comac ARJ21 Comac C919 Convair 580 Dassault Falcon Douglas DC-10 Douglas DC-3 Douglas DC-8 Embraer 170 Embraer 175 Embraer 190 Embraer ERJ-145 Fokker 50 Grumman Gulfstream Let L-410 Lockheed L-1011 TriStar Lockheed P-3 Orion McDonnell Douglas..

Lufthansa A340-300 arrives into KSAS/SAN via 27 because of weather. Rare that they use 27 411 pages. The following table provides characteristics of A340 500 Models these data are. A340-500_600.pdf. 544 pages. The Main Landing Gears are located under each wing and retract sideways towards Recliner Premium Economy (Rows 4-6)

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Airbus A340-300. Gözlerinizi kapayın ve yolculuğun tadını çıkartın. Gökyüzündeki en sessiz uçak kabinlerinden birinde yol alıyorsunuz. Fransız, Alman, İngiliz ve İspanyol ortak yapımı olan A340-300, sadece yolcularının konforuna değil, aynı zamanda düşük emisyon değerleriyle çevreye de çok önem.. Mahan Fleet. Boeing 747-300. Airbus A340-300. Number of aircraft: 4. Max. takeoff weight: 257,000 kg The GP340, one of the market-leading radios in Motorola's Professional Series, is a simple communication solution for The GP340 keeps users in touch; increasing efficiency and productivity. The radio offers essential functionality and security features to protect users working alone or remotely

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The other 12 seats of the Business class are located in the second section. The seats of the 10th row have such a disadvantage as proximity of the lavatories and galleys.Passengers of the seats of 29th row and of the seats 30C and 30H will feel comfortable thanks to the extra space for their legs. However, these seats are narrower than standard and due to the close location of the lavatories other passengers tend to gather here. The Airbus A340-300 is a long-range, four-engine, wide-body commercial passenger aircraft. The 90's marked the start of the Airbus era at Air Mauritius when it became the first airline in the southern hemisphere to fly the brand new Airbus A340-300. The A340-300 was a new generation aircraft at the.. The Minecraft Map, A340-300E Flnn Air, was posted by gaga good. Home Minecraft Maps A340-300E Flnn Air Minecraft Map. Login

airbus a340. şükela: tümü | bugün. airbus 343 denen ucak airbus 340-300 adindaki , airbus 340'in alt modelidir. a340'larin alt modelleri de diger ucaklar gibi yolcu kapasitesi ve ucus erimi acisindan farklilasir Premium Economy class has 19 standard seats. The only disadvantage of the seats 6DEGH is close location of the galley.Passengers of the seats of 15th row will take advantage of extra space for their legs due to the bulkhead position. The width of these seats is slightly reduced as the tray tables are in the armrests making them immovable.

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Business class may transport 42 passengers on its angle-flat seats. 30 of these seats are located in the first section. Close location of the seats 1CDGH to the galleys may cause discomfort to passengers of these seats.This Lufthansa Airbus 340-300 is operated in a three class configuration with 30 angled flat bed Business Class seats, 28 Premium Economy seats, and 221 standard Economy seats. 

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Airbus A340-300 (CS-TOA). Размещено 8 года/лет назад There are 9 A340s in the Swiss fleet of 69 planes, which have a total seating capacity of 228 passengers in a 3 class layout. These planes cruise at a speed of 900km/h, and have a range of 10500km. The Airbus A340-300 is the new flagship of the SWISS fleet. Starting in June 2003, 12 of these four-jet long-haul aircraft replaced the Boeing MD-11 aircraft. The A340-300 can, thanks to its long range, fly non-stop to all Swiss destinations around the world with a full payload. First and Business class passengers can relax in a lie-flat seat and choose from 35 video channels, 10 games or 16 audio channels on their AVOD system with a 10.4” screen. Laptop power ports and personal phones are available for communication needs. Economy class passengers also have AVOD on a 9” screen with 35 video channels, 16 audio and 10 games. Seats also have a personal telephone. Flat Bed Business (Rows 1-3)

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Airbus A340-300. model Airline Info Routes Recent Flights. Average: 21 Years Oldest: 29 years ago Newest: 11 years ago. Airlines. Most A340-300 flights by airline Airbus A340-300 [Add-On]. The A340-300 was the first version to be delivered and is a lot shorter than the A340-600. The wingspan is also shorter, the landing gear looks different, different engines and this mod comes with new airline textures The SRX300 line of services gateways combines security, SD-WAN, routing, switching, and WAN interfaces with next-generation firewall and advanced threat mitigation capabilities for cost-effective, secure connectivity across distributed enterprise locations. By consolidating fast, highly available.. Business Class28 seats in a 1-2-1 configuration, Solstys Standard seats with 45” pitch and seat width of 20.7’’ featuring fully horizontal lie-flat bed, 15.6” inflight entertainment screen from Zodiac – RAVEEconomy Class264 seats in a 2-4-2 configuration, Zodiac Z308 series seats with a comfortable 31” pitch, seat width of 17.2” and a recline of 6”, and 11.6” inflight entertainment screen from Zodiac – RAVE

The seats 26AC, 26HK and the seats of the 27th row may be less reclining as it is the last row in the section. Proximity of the lavatories may also be a problem. Самолет Airbus A300 B2 - чертежи, габариты, рисунки. Самолет Airbus A340-500 - чертежи, габариты, рисунки

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A derivative of the A340-200, the aircraft was to be an addition to the monarch's growing VIP fleet of private jets. What allowed the aircraft to have its unique designation was the fact that The -8000 also featured the 275t MTOW (maximum take-off weight) of the A340-300 and could seat 239 passengers On Board Wifi is available in all classes via FlyNet®. The free FlyNet® portal also offers live TV channels, news and other services. Charges for internet usage apply and can be purchased by credit card or by redeeming Miles & More reward miles via your laptop, tablet or mobile device. For further information please click here. Due to the missing seats in front seats 12D and 12G have extra legroom but crew member and other passengers tend to bump into these seats.

Flat Bed Business (Rows 1-11) The remarkable bird that inspired the logo for Air Mauritius, the Tropicbird, or Paille-en-queue, is a gorgeous seabird found along the shores of many tropical islands and in Mauritius. The adult white-tailed tropicbird is a slender, mainly white bird, 71–80 cm long including the very long central tail feathers, which double its total length. The wingspan is 89–96 cm. The white-tailed tropicbird (Phaethon lepturus) feeds mainly on flying fish, squid and crabs. It catches its prey by diving from height of up to 20 meters. The white-tailed tropicbird breeds on tropical islands laying a single egg directly onto the ground or a cliff ledge. This aircraft is equipped with Audio/Video on Demand (IMS/Zodiac RAVE) which offers up to 400 CDs, audio books and 21 radio channels. This system is available via personal screens located in the seat backs.

Updated to quot Stage 4 1 quot Prepar3Dv4 only 1 Fixed airport surface flickering issue in some add-on sceneries nbsp 2 PBR implements and AI Lights Reborn compatible This is highly detailed Airbus A340 models for Flight Simulator X Sp2 required and Prepar3D v1 v2 v3 and v4 AI traffic.. Standard Economy (Rows 22-46)

The Airbus A340 is a long-range, wide-body commercial passenger jet airliner that was developed and produced by the European aerospace company Airbus The A340-300 carries 295 passengers up to 13,500km. The aircraft shown here is operated by Olympic Airways. The Airbus A340 family of wide-bodied four engine airliners is optimised for long range to ultra long range performance and is in service with dozens of airlines worldwide for non-stop long-haul.. As there are no seats in front the seats 16D and 16G have extra legroom but other passengers tend to bump into these seats. Also these seats are a little narrower as the tray tables are built-in the armrests. This Lufthansa Airbus 340-300 is operated in a three class configuration with 30 angled flat bed Business Class seats, 28 Premium Economy seats, and 221 standard Economy seats. Lufthansa flies 3 versions of Airbus A340-300. Please choose the correct version from the lis Login Sign Up. Airbus A340-300 Production List. Previous Page. lsf GMT Holdings. 015. Airbus A340-311. F-WTBA. Airbus Financial Services (AFS)

Recliner Premium Economy (Rows 10-14) The second section of Economy class is located just behind the exit row. That is why passengers of the seats of 29th row and of the seats 30AC and 30HK will feel comfortable here thanks to the extra legroom. Among disadvantages of these seats: reduced width, lack of floor storage during takeoff and landing and other passengers tend to gather in this area in order to visit lavatories that are located close to these seats. A340-300 media gallery. The Airbus A340 Flight Lab's first takeoff equipped with outer wing sections designed for highly smooth airflow over their surfaces, a technology that won the prestigious 2018 Aviation Week Laureates Award for Commercial, Technology. Known as natural laminar flow, such.. Airbus A340-300. model Airline Info Routes Recent Flights. Average: 21 Years Oldest: 29 years ago Newest: 11 years ago. Airlines. Most A340-300 flights by airline

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