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I playtested this lot with the roommate system. I had moved 4 sims into the right share house and filled the rest with roommates. It all should work fine and there were no routing issues when locking the doors. 30x30 lot, Residential, San Myshuno. Cc free, available on the Gallery Houses and Lots - San Myshuno Makeover - Community Lot Dump by Simsational Designs for The Sims 4 Download link Hi Harrie :) First of all i am so in love with all your CC, especially the Kichen stuffpack made my sims lifes a lot better! I was wondering if the tropic wallpaper used in the tiny twavellers preview also comes with the pack or if it is from another pack of you or felixandresims The Sims 4 City Living Expansion Pack is available now! Experience everything the city has to offer from apartment living to urban experiences. The Sims 4 City Living: Official Neighborhoods Trailer. Welcome to San Myshuno! Explore the city's unique neighborhoods, each with their own charm and.. The Sims 4 UI Cheats Extension The Sims 4 WickedWhims Mod Lots - Community - Museums (10) Lots - Community - No CC (93) Lots - Community - Parks..

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Shared by SerraNolwen. San Myshuno Mall - Sims 4 build. Sadly, it can't be used as a store on the original lot, as you can't change the lot type of Myshuno Meadows, but it has been uploaded as a store for use on other lots, and with use of clubs from Get Together, a good part is still usable in San.. The worlds in The Sims 4 are very detailed and beautifully designed, but unfortunately not the maps. Important details are missing and the arrangement of some things does not make sense. Magnolia Promenade. Windenburg. San Myshuno. Forgotten Hollow

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The Sims 4: City Living brought the new world of San Myshuno. With it, four neighborhoods have been added: Spice Market, Arts Quarter, Fashion District and Uptown. Furnished price is at $37,914 and it has the lot traits Quake Zone and Party Place. 702 ZenView: This, too, has two beds and two baths.. The Sims 4 - Max Skill Cheats. Use the Cheat Console by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+C. Input the cheat code testingcheats true first before entering the Makes Acquaintances with all Sims (takes a few seconds). relationships.create_friends_for_sim. Spawns a new Sim friend on your lot (80% friendship.. Installing Lots. Download: Click the download link to save the .rar or .zip file(s) to your computer. Extract: Use WinRAR (Windows) to extract the .package file(s) from the .rar or .zip file(s). Place in Downloads Folder: Cut and paste the .trayitem, .bluprint, and .bpi file(s) into your Tray folder

☆✩ The lot features: 1 Bedroom + 1 Studyroom + 1 Chill out Lounge - 2-3 Sims. 2 Bathrooms. Build on a 40 x 30 Lot. Build in San Myshuno. 166.001§. Bulldoze Lot and use bb.moveobjects on when placed. Download only on my YouTube Channel #lots #community #clubs SIMS4PACK.RU Дополнения / Авторы / IsJao ↵

1310 21 Chic Street Makeover San Myshuno at

Takže San Myshuno je vlastně Svaté Bingo—— #sims #maxis #sim2 #sanmyshuno #thesims #simsfacts #meme #sims4 #myshuno #bingo #cityliving #ea #nocc #maxismatch #fact #facts The Sims 4 City Living expansion isn't quite released everywhere yet (that'll be 3 November), but it's out today in North America. It adds the City of San Myshuno to the game, bringing with it new neighbourhoods, apartment living, metropolitan careers, and various cultural festivals

The Sims 4 is a life simulation game, similar to its predecessors. Players create a Sim character and control their The Sims 4 includes social features, such as importing Sims, lots, and rooms other The third expansion pack features a new city called San Myshuno with four unique neighborhoods Sims 4 Skin Tones. Need to get that amazing summer tan? SimsWorkshop Tips & Guides 4. The Sims 4 Custom Content 4,291. Sims 4 Clothing 1,615. Sims 4 Hair 506. Sims 4 Makeup 360. Sims 4 Accessories 177. Sims 4 Lots 71

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In this Sims 4 packs guide, we will go over all of the DLC packs available for the game, the types of DLC pack available, and the Critic, Politician, and Social Media careers New neighbourhood: San Myshuno New housing types: Apartments and Penthouses New lot assignments: Arts Center and.. Its huge Lot with: Basketball Court Marketplace Shops Art Gallery Concerts Stage Playground for kids Telescope Gym Play Room And more. The EA Game Changer program has given me the opportunity to try out the new The Sims 4 Moschino stuff pack before release and I spent all weekend building.. Tall windows allow enough light to enter the interior. It is equipped with a modern kitchen and 2 average bathrooms, it also has a large living room, three bedrooms and a snug dining area. Download this apartment for your sims to live in the new city of The Sims 4 : City Living San Myshuno LittleMsSam's Sims 4 Mods. Here you'll find all kinds of Mods. Fixes, tuning Mods or Mods that add new Gameplay. No Occult Sims will spawn (does not count for the special Occult Lot Traits). I also recommend to use the Maximum Sims per Zone Setting by MCCC or a Mod that increases the.. You can effectively erase the lot by using the “Shake and Shimmy Dance Floor Grande” from Get Together.  Align the dance floor near the corner of the lot. Leave at least one tile between it edge. Before placing it, hold down the “]” button to increase it’s size. (Grid Picture 1) Keep holding “]” to continue growing the floor. (Grid Picture 2) Eventually you’ll no longer see the floor itself.  You will still see the residual haze from the floor on the nearby buildings and the horizon. CONTINUE HOLDING THE “]” BUTTON! It takes a bit but you’ll see the haze dropping down the sides of nearby buildings first. (Grid Picture 3) The near buildings will clear, followed by the more distant buildings and then the horizon. You can click the dance floor into place once the horizon has cleared. The lot will then effectively disappear. (Grid Picture 4)

The Sims 4 Speed Build Fashion Lovers Bedroom. The Sims 4 Speed Build Opposites Twin Rooms Girly Vs Sporty Powered by Deichschaf Sims 4. Suche. Suchen nac Ivka's Sims 4 Creations. Description. TOU: You can share the links to my tumblr, if you want to share, but don't claim it as your own. Thank you so much for making the life is strange cc, it makes my game a whole lot more fun, i love it! by Anonymous

Sims 3 and Sims 4 not loading save games. Syncing Sims 4 saves using the cloud and playing on multiple computers. I decided to redo one of the cheaper San Myshuno apartments. It has great views but a really tiny area - my perfect lot I'm a "LifeSimmer" playing since the start in 2000. I live in the American Middle West. I'm married with an 8 year old boy. I love all the Sims iterations. Here with the Sims Community I'll be focusing on build related articles primarily, illustrating tricks and tips to help your build reflect the player you are and the sims your sims are. Thanks for visiting! Follow me on Twitch Channel: https://www.twitch.tv/jasonanthonysterling Twitter @JasonSterling70 Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChTcEUgP2u4sMiEonW88uuw Be the first to review San Myshuno Makeover Community Lot Dump Cancel reply. Frequently Viewed Together. Sims 4 Categories The Sims 4 City Living - Taking a look at the new apartments, the districts/neighborhoods, lot traits, new families, and their Welcome to San Myshuno University of Arts. It caters to everything, art, music and dance Sims 4 Lot Tour - Myshuno City Gardens. Blackdaisies. San Myshuno Fashion District - 1312 21 Chic Street !!! Before placing the lot I recommend to input following code: bb.moveobjects Origin ID (Gallery) : MarmeladArt Download (Tray file) : bit.ly/379VMhe Instagram

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The way I play, I only go for one Sim at a time, so the plan is to get an apartment in San Myshuno - but I want to know if this would They work fine together. Get To Work does offer a new neighbourhood, but it's really only for retail (there's only four lots there with one of them free, the other three lots have.. San Myshuno is the only world in The Sims 4 to feature apartments and penthouses. There are a total of 30 lots in San Myshuno. Including 8 apartment buildings with 21 apartment units, 3 penthouses, 1 residential lot, and 5 community lots The thing to know here is, if you are planning to erase the lot as detailed in step four, don’t build directly on the lot surface. Start your build on level two. Build a blank room on level one and build your structure on top of that. You can delete the blank room at the end of your build. (Grid Picture 1) When you erase the lot the floor of the structure on level one will disappear as well. (Grid Picture 2) I learned this the hard way while doing this build. It does not affect the flooring on the other levels.

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  1. Похожие видео. The Sims 4 Na Podbój San Myshuno #8 - Pierwsza randka Kii... SYRENY challenge [#1] ZASADY WYZWANIA! The Sims 4 - Wyzwanie: 100 dzieciaków #58 The Sims 4 Wymarzone Wakacje Stelli #1
  2. ngebahas worlds di sims 4. SAN MYSHUNO. fun facts: - pada game sims 2 terdapat permainan Bingo yang dinamakan It's Myshuno - pada bahasa Spanyol, san berarti saint (santo kalau berharga $108.464, dan memiliki lot trait bracing breezes 5. Spire Apartments (1 unit apartemen @ 3 lantai)
  3. Dinha. Custom Content and Lots for Sims. Donations - Thank you!!! CLICK HERE and Get My Mods Folder. Sims 4 - Modern Lotus. Saturday, November 7, 2015
  4. i centro comercial, NatCavalcante, shopping, sims4, sims4cc, thesims4, ts4cc
  5. Die Sims 4 Großstadtleben San Myshuno. Den Schluss bildet Myshuno Meadows - ein Spezialgrundstück im Osten der Welt. Hier können sich deine Sims vom Großstadttrubel im Grünen entspannen, etwas joggen gehen oder, wenn sie ihr Herzblatt gefunden haben, auch heiraten
  6. Sims Community is one of the largest Community websites for The Sims Series. We offer up-to-date news, unique articles, helpful tutorials and more!

How about doing exercises looking for the best view of San Myshuno? Olá pessoal! Que tal fazer exercícios olhando para a melhor vista de San Myshuno While you are in “live mode”, hover your cursor over the shell, press shift and click. A small menu will appear. Chose “Delete This Object”. Click it and the building will disappear.This is amazing! Just downloaded and put them all in my game. Made a few tweaks here and there because I don't have a lot of stuff packs but it all works perfectly and looks amazing. I'm very impressed, thank you so much!

The Sims 4 has a lot of add-on packs that enhance your Simming experience. Each stuff pack has a different theme with objects, new gameplay options, clothes, hairstyles, and much more. The grotesque, the realm of the unknown, and lots of screaming make exorcism films a go.. San Myshuno é dividida em quatro vizinhanças inspiradas por culturas diferentes e oferece diversas atividades, apartamentos e festivais para os seus Sims. Nós nunca criamos um mundo como San Myshuno. Ele está cheio de pessoas diferentes e empolgantes, novas atividades como os festivais e.. Sims 4 Lots. Posts. Likes. Sorry Maxis, but I couldn't stand the sight of the original Skye Fitness building (child's bedroom flooring, really?), so I rebuilt it with lots of Fitness Stuff and Spa Day items for a more contemporary, sleeker, more wooden, look In this case I wanted to turn the high rise lots in San Myshuno into transparent, floating lots high above the city. It's relatively easy to install this mod on a Windows PC. Your mods folder is located within your Sims 4 folder, within the Electronic Arts folder, within your documents folder (Grid Picture 1)..

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Filed Under: Community Lots, Houses and Lots Tagged With: lot, Peacemaker IC, Sims 4, Simsational Designs This mod alters which venues are available in The Sims 4. It is required to build venues for mods like Go to School and Turbo Careers. Allows you to change the type of special lots like Chalet Gardens and Myshuno Meadows I make recolours for the Sims 4 in my own custom palette & patterns; plus detailed lot builds and interiors. Occasionally I share game-play from my legacy. I spend quite a lot of time, a ridiculous amount, on all of my builds and custom content because attention to detail is very important to me The sims 4 сharacters. Hi guys! My name is Katy and I'm from Ukraine :) Here you'll find my creations. It's various characters for sims 4. Download and enjoy TOP SIMS 4 Characters by Downloads

Visit 25 different Lots in The Sims 4. 50. Legacy Leader. View all of Myshuno Meadows' sculpture descriptions. 25 I post your Sims 4 CC's on the following pages Freitag, 5. Mai 2017. San Myshuno - Apartment by zlent24

Simsational designs: San Myshuno Makeover - Community Lot Dum

Takové město jste v The Sims ještě nikdy neviděli. San Myshuno je plné nových aktivit a zajímavých Simíků. Ať už hrajete basketbal ve Čtvrti trhovců s kořením nebo jdete s kolegy po práci do karaoke baru, na každém rohu tu na vás čekají báječné nové zážitky. Další informace GalaxySuede San Myshuno Save Filealright lads strap in bc this post is gonna be a big one. This save file contains all of my CC FREE San Myshuno lots. All San Myshuno households have been evicted but remain in the game, the rest of the lots and worlds are left completely untouched Winterliche Grüße aus San Myshuno Die Sim Gurus versorgen uns auch weiterhin mit traumhaften Einblicken in die schneebedeckten Nachbarschaften unserer.. The Sims 4, The Sims 3, The Sims 2 ve diğer Sim oyunlarından son haberler, incelemeler, rehberler ve dahası! San Myshuno, farklılıklardan ilham alındı. Afrika, Japon, Hint , Arap ve diğer etnik kökenlere ait olan insanları görebildiğimiz canlı ve farklı bir şehir istediğimizi hepimiz biliyoruz LOT NOCC on the Sims 4 gallery. You can search it EAID aith41. I renovated the Myshuno Meadows Park. The Sims 4. Fanart Maps by NoirSims & DerShayan. The worlds in The Sims 4 are very detailed and beautifully designed, but unfortunately not the maps

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1yr · abandonedmines · r/Sims4. I thought San Myshuno could need a penthouse restaurant and it turned out like this. Sea level rise has not been kind to San Myshuno. 8mo · haako40 · r/Sims4. Re-vamped one of the San Myshuno apartments and gave it a modern industrial feel with no CC, I'm.. Sims 4 cheats can get free real estate, satisfaction points, more money, or any number of other benefits. FreeRealEstate On - make all neighbourhood lots free. FreeRealEstate Off - return original prices. household.autopay_bills true - turn your household bills off Lastly, downloading and installing mods can seen daunting and even a little scary to the novice. If you have any questions about installing the above mod please don’t hesitate to ask below. I’m not an expert myself, lol but this mod is by a well known and trusted creator. It’s comprehensive in it’s options but very easy to use. I think most people will enjoy having it in game.

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  1. us the apartments and penthouses, plus an empty warehouse that is perfect to be turned into a number of different lots
  2. e Suites unit in San Myshuno. I hope you enjoy this video and Leave me some feedback :) Unfortunately, game doesn't allow apartment uploads on The Sims 4 Gallery and thus, I It means a lot, let me reach 1.000 Subs. I really appreciate your support..
  3. shitpost tfw you dont get paid enough to make an animation of a sim going in an out of an elevator and instead use the budget money on a fully animated fully functional talking toilet yes i am salty :( ea pls sims 4 city living
  4. The Sims 4 City Living - Taking a look at the new apartments, the districts/neighborhoods, lot traits, new families, and their backstories! Sul Sul! Welcome to my little tour, showing you around San Myshuno's Map in The Sims 4 City Living! #TheSims4 #TS4CityLiving Make sure to check out my..
  5. TS4 Lot Downloads. Use category tags to help filter for what you need. Home. Magnolia Promenade. Windenburg. San Myshuno. Forgotten Hollow. Selvadorada

You can find the lots on the gallery under my origin ID: peacemaker_ic. Be sure to turn on "custom content" filtering in advanced options.

Carl's Sims 4 Strategy and Community Site jao finding cc — San Myshuno Space Port no CC Lot. What others are saying. Dansims NightClub at via Sims 4 Updates. Houses and Lots: Dansims NightClub from CategoryAll CategoriesAccessoriesAccessoriesAnimationsAppliancesBathroomBedroomBlushBodyBrows / Facial HairBuild / Walls / FloorsCarsClothingClothingCommunity LotsDecorDining roomDiverseElectronicsEyelinerEyesEyeshadowFacepaint / MaskFemaleFemalesFoodFurnitureGuidesHairstylesHallHeadwearHouses and LotsJewelryKidsroomKitchenLightingLipsLiving roomMagazinesMake UpMaleMalesMeshes 3DMiscellaneousMiscellaneousMiscellaneousMiscellaneousMiscellaneousMods / TraitsNew Hair MeshObjectsObjects / FurnitureOutdoorPatternsPetsPlantsPlumbingPosesResidential LotsRoomsShoesShoes for femalesShoes for malesSim ModelsSingle itemsSitesSkills / HobbiesSkins / Skin detailsSlidersStore / ShopStudy / OfficeSunglasses / GlassesTattoosTeethTerrain PaintsTights / StockingsToolsToysTutorialsUncategorizedWorlds

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  1. ©2018-2020 Honey's Sims 4 Theme Carter by Zen Themes. San Myshuno architecture <3. 15 Anmerkungen z
  2. a Download: www.ea.com/de-de/games/the-sims/the-sims-4/pc/gallery.
  3. Sims 4 Studio. Creator Help. Trying to find San Myshuno world texture? It goes all the way around these planters in the comunity lot there. I want to change this texture but I can't find it anywhere. I've gone through the debug files for City Living, I've overrided the rugs that look like them thinking it could..
  4. oㅤ? Join the community. Get App. More from MTsims. Aeroporto de San Myshuno

Simsational Designs - Houses and Lots, Community Lots : San Myshuno Makeover Community Lot Dump. CC4Sims CCTS4 Chaleara´s Sims 4 Poses Charmelleon Cherryberry Cherryblossom Sims CherryKissKill Sims Chicklet's Nest ChiisSims - Chocolatte Sims Chillcoldfire ChiLLis Sims.. Hi! on my page you will find the best max is match cc for the sims 4! I have tested all of these pieces in my game. See, that's what the app is perfect for. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't wanna. Sims 4 MM CC Finds

San Myshuno Makeover - Community Lot Dump / Sims 4 CustomPenthouse 40x30 at Tanitas8 Sims » Sims 4 Updates

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  1. The Sims 4. close. Games. videogame_asset The Sims 4
  2. 0. Sims 4 Sims 3 Sims 2 Sims 1 Artists Members. Nov 24, 2016 by redpandacub. loading Myshuno Cinema
  3. A Sim living downstairs in Culpepper came up to hang out because he was lonely. When you take San Myshuno and put it up against Bridgeport from TS3, it's Three lots in particular have won me over: Culpepper, Torendi Penthouse and The Old Salthouse. Even though my Sims started advancing in..
  4. Sims 4I made a park in Newcrest, inspired by the Central Park in Sunset Valley (imgur.com). submitted 8 hours ago by ktlene. Sims 4Apparently, if toddlers pet a kitten (and I assume a puppy too) they grab em like this. Now excuse me while I go die of cuteness. (i.redd.it)
  5. Functional toaster. Sims 4. Hello! I have finished this so much needed toaster. With this your sims can craft ten types of toasts: nutella, fried beans, strawberry jam, blackberry jam, peanut butter and banana, cream cheese , hummus, cream and berries, butter and avocado
  6. The Sims Sims Love Sims 1 Sims 4 Mods Sims 3 Apartment Sims 4 Kitchen Kitchen Floor San Myshuno Sims 4 CC's - The Best: Loundry Day Stuff Dress - Recolors by. Simsational designs: Mid Century What others are saying. By Pralinesims Found in TSR Category 'Sims 4 Residential Lots'

It’s relatively easy to install this mod on a Windows PC. Your mods folder is located within your Sims 4 folder, within the Electronic Arts folder, within your documents folder (Grid Picture 1). Create a new folder named “MC Command Center” in the Mods folder. Then place the MC Command Zip file into this folder (Grid Picture 2). You’ll need an extraction program for the next step. I use 7-Zip. You can find it for free here: http://www.7-zip.org/  Right click on the Zip file, select open with 7-Zip, and then select “Extract Here” to extract the files into the folder. (Grid Picture 3)Copyright © 2019 · Sims 4 Updates - Daily finds from custom content sites and blogs since 2009! sims 4 the sims 4 ts4 ts4 apartment sims 4 apartments download mine nocc sims 4 no cc sims 4 build sims 4 lots sims 4 rooms builds apartment san myshuno 1310 21 chic street 716 notes Loading.. Update: Sims 4 Teen Woohoo/Pregnancy and Marriage Inteen Teen Menu updated Last update for a while. Teen Menu updated Last update for a while. Lots of players were complaining about teens not having woohoo as an option. Well it's not my fault San myshuno high school (TS4 community lot - no CC). (EN) It's time to back to school! But maybe your Sims will be when they enter in the San Myshuno High School. With a refurbished main building where they can spend their time in many ways, and classic style classrooms..

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  1. This is a Simblr blog dedicated to the lives of my personal sims 2 OTPs/3s/4s in a custom hood named San Myshuno, as a reference to the new City Life Expansion. This blog mostly consists of small episode-like stories, and I hope you'll like them! [WCIF & ask friendly :3]
  2. Myshuno Beret. ◾ by @nucrests. I know, I know another beret right? There's two versions of the beret - solid colors and various patterns. The sims 4. Clothing male. DSF BLAZER NOCTEM EFFUGIUM (Updated). Modern and elegant design in silk and cotton material
  3. San Myshunoの街は冒険であふれています。 ストリートで待ち受ける多彩なシム達との出会いから、フェスティバルで遭遇する驚くようなイベントまで、新しい発見の毎日をお楽しみください
  4. e Suites unit in San Myshuno. I hope you enjoy this video and let me know what do you think about this renovation? Leave me some feedback :) Unfortunately, game doesn't allow apartment uploads on The Sims 4 Gallery and thus, I couldn't..
  5. The Sims 4 - 100 Baba Kihívás - San Myshuno! Hey guys, thanks for watching! I placed all new community lots and penthouses from the gallery in San Myshuno for my LP :) the.
  6. Which lots? I get this in San Myshuno apartments with historic objects or other things that can't be removed. I have a strange issue where any new sims I create becomes a strange faded bold person. I removed everything including hair and saw that the sim then had hair and what seemed to be CC skin
  7. I made an apartment speed build in The Sims 4. It is located in the Fountainview Penthouse in San Myshuno, from the City Living expansion pack. The sim in the thumbnail is Miss Estonia from the Sims 4 Miss World Competetion..

Spring4Sims Simsational Designs - San Myshuno Makeover

The Sims 4 is a simulation and management game in which we can create and customize an avatar, build the The latest expansion of the fourth installation of The Sims was released at the end of 2016 under the name of City Living, based on the fictional city of San Myshuno and in which we'll discover.. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't wanna. Sims4 cc finds. In this case I wanted to turn the high rise lots in San Myshuno into transparent, floating lots high above the city

We are not affiliated with Electronic Arts or its licensors. Trademarks mentioned on this website are the property of their respective owners. Houses and Lots: San Myshuno Makeover - Community Lot Dump from Simsational designs. Harley Quinn Nuthouse (65) Helen Sims (30) Hinarcia Sims 4 (4) History Lover's Sims Blog (171) Hoanglap Sims (17) Homeless Sims (17) Hoppel785 (25) House of roth (16) Hvikis (18)..

Polana Myshuno. Opis w grze: Ta zielona oaza, wciśnięta między drapacze chmur w samym sercu miasta, to doskonałe miejsce na ślub w niewymuszonej atmosferze, bądź przyjęcie urodzinowe na świeżym powietrzu. Jej punkt centralny stanowi stare Obserwatorium Barnaby Oriona.. The Sims 4 Lots. Sims 4 Worlds: San Myshuno. You are here San Myshuno is a world introduced in The Sims 4: City Living. It is a coastal city surrounded by mountains, with a river running through the middle. It is packed with many diverse Sims of different cultures and sprawling with activities and festivals Simsational Designs – Houses and Lots, Community Lots : San Myshuno Makeover Community Lot Dump I want to see pictures of everyone's restaurants in San myshuno <3 I also want to see gallery names! May 6 - Play to change in The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pack! I can't find an empty lot in San Myshuno to place a restaurant without bull dozing something else, are there ANY empty..

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Sims 4 Custom Content. The Largest Sims 4 Downloads Directory. View more Sims 4 Custom Content downloads in all categories, only at Sims Globe. Please comment below if there are any problems with this sims 4 custom content download Loverat Sims4, Minc, Mango Sims, Mio-Sims, Maximss, plasticbox, Sanoysims, msteaqueen Hello Nicola, thanks again for the compliment. I place it in San Myshuno. Your support means a lot! I am planning to make a Christmas cottage soon! Thanks again sims 4 finds blog ~ vanilla only. 'Moon Dunes' is a small home with a lot of personality! This house features a double bedroom with an en-suite, a generously-sized kitchen/dining/living space, separate half bathroom and gorgeous decking areas where your Sims can rustle something up on the BBQ and.. So we both know that The Sims 4 is lacking when it comes to traits. That's why the modding community always comes in the clutch. There are over 100 traits linked below for you to download and put in your game. I think having more traits makes your sims have better personalities. That's just my opinion

sim house design workshop: Sims 4 Traditional ModernElaborate Sims 4 Mod Turns San Francisco Into (More Of) A
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