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3. Раствор для инъекций Сюэ Би Цзин 血必净注射液 Xuebijing Zhusheye. Состав: экстракты софлора красильного 红花 hong hua, корня пиона дикорастущего 赤芍 chi shao, гирчовника.. Utopias of Reconstruction: Chinese Utopianism From Hong Xiuquan To Mao Zedong. Utopias of reconstruction: Chinese utopianism from. Hong xiuquan to mao zedong Hng Xiqun (洪秀全, Wade-Giles: Hung Hsiu-ch'an, born Hong Renkun 洪仁坤, Courtesy name Huoxiu 火秀; January 10, 1812-June 1, 1864) was a Hakka Chinese Christian who led the Taiping Rebellion and established the Heavenly Kingdom of Taiping, in which he was known as the King of Heaven (天王/Tīan wng). Who is known as the father of modern China? Mao Zedong Sun Yat-sen Chiang Kai-shek Hong Xiuquan

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Hong Kong. Hạnh phúc gia đình. Hàn Quốc HONG KONG Noble Group Holdings Limited 18th Floor China Evergrande Centre 38 Gloucester Road Wan Chai Hong Kong "The heavenly father then sent the angels to chase after Confucius, tie him up and bring him back to the heavenly father who was exceedingly angry and instructed the angels to whip him. There was plenty of whipping and Confucius asked for mercy repeatedly.""By the mid-19th Century these Banner troops have become dissolute, opium-smoking, corrupt, very inefficient for the most part. And the Chinese mercenaries who fought for the Qing were even worse. So I won't say the Taiping had it easy but their opponents were in a pretty terrible state." It is the first full-scale cooperation in higher education between the Mainland and Hong Kong. Its charter has been approved by the Ministry of Education with full support from local authorities

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Hong and his disciples took to the road, selling writing brushes and ink and spreading the good news about the heavenly kingdom as they went. The movement grew fast in south-west China.But behind the mask of order and unity, China still has plenty of conflict - over land rights, corruption or injustice. There are nearly 100,000 major riots every year. No wonder Party leaders see threats everywhere and scan the horizon ready to crack down on any sign of a peasant uprising like the one which brought them to power. "If you look at the history of China from say the Taiping through to the death of Mao in 1976, no country had as bad a prolonged period of disasters, regime change, civil war, invasion, decline," says Fenby.

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They had conquered China in the 17th Century, but their glory days were over and by the mid-19th Century they were losing to the British in the Opium Wars.Their advance against one of the greatest empires in history was surprisingly easy, says Fenby. The Qing dynasty's famous troops, the Banner troops, which had conquered China in the mid 17th Century had gone downhill.


EN English dictionary: Hong Xiuquan. Hong Xiuquan has 6 translations in 6 languages "He decided on reading that, that the man he had seen up in the sky was the Christian God, that he, Hong, was the brother of Jesus, and that the devils he had to exterminate on Earth were the Qing dynasty, which was then ruling China and of course was not Chinese." The u/Hong_Xiuquan community on Reddit. Hong_Xiuquan. 46 post karma 3 comment karma. send a private messageredditor for 5 months 1 The transliteration of Yahweh was Yehuohua (爺火華). It is now Yehehua (耶和華).   "There's a lot of famines and unemployment, most peasants have no land. So they're very vulnerable to the utopian thinkers prescribing a perfect society as a way to escape from the existing society."

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Hong Xiuquan. Character » Hong Xiuquan appears in 1 issues Hóng Xiùquán (洪秀全, Wade-Giles: Hung Hsiu-ch'üan, born Hong Renkun 洪仁坤, Courtesy name Huoxiu 火秀; January 1, 1814-June 1, 1864) was a Hakka Chinese who led the Taiping Rebellion.. In many ways, he says, it was a message that was mirrored by another creed to arrive in China from outside a century later - Marxism. Mao took Marxism and bolted it on to this ancient yearning of China's farmers for land and justice.

The truth is that for every Chinese rebellion which succeeds, there are scores which fail - like the Taiping rebellion, led by a man influenced by Christian missionaries, who declared a heavenly kingdom on the Yangtze. Category:Hong Xiuquan. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Jump to navigation Jump to search Hong Xiuquan: The Taiping Rebellion. This topic has been deleted. Only users with topic management privileges can see it

(“手握乾坤殺伐權,斬邪留正解民懸。眼通西北江山外,聲振東南日月邊。璽劍光榮存帝賜,詩章憑據誦爺1前,太平一統光世界,威風快樂萬千年。”)   He committed suicide by poison on June 1, 1864 at the age of 52 after all hope of maintaining his kingdom was lost. His body was discovered later in a sewer. Although in other sources, he was said to have died of illness. Hong Xiuquan's career was a strange and fascinating one; victory was within his grasp for a very long time, and a Taiping China is one of the most interesting what-ifs of history "He imagined he'd gone up to the skies and there he had met a very tall man with a long beard and thick belt who had told him to come back to Earth and eradicate the demons on Earth."

Perhaps all of that is over. As the Communist Party prepares to hold its 18th congress, it would certainly like to think so. It has come a long way since the first congress in the Shanghai girls' school. Your current browser isn't compatible with SoundCloud. Please download one of our supported browsers. Need help? Sorry! Something went wrong. Is your network connection unstable or browser..

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"Hong himself retreated to his palace with his 60 or so concubines listening to music played on an organ taken from the local Christian church and the generals all fought among one another," says Fenby. Hong Xiuquan was a poor boy who went into a trance and became convinced he was Jesus's younger brother, with a mission to conquer China. Zeng Guofan was a loyal Confucian bureaucrat who rose up.. en When Hong Xiuquan called for his cousin Hong Rengan to come to Nanjing to help him rule, the Taiping administration was entrenched in a bitter power dispute

Next (Hongwu Emperor of China). This is a Chinese name; the family name is Hong. Hóng Xiùquán (洪秀全, Hóng Xiùquán, Hung Hsiu-ch'üan, January 1, 1814 - June 1, 1864) was a Chinese religious prophet and leader of the Taiping Rebellion (1850-1864).. Schedule BBC Radio 4 Chinese Characters HomeEpisodesPodcast Main content Listen now Hong Xiuquan v Zeng Guofan: The Duellists Chinese Characters The rebel leader of the Taiping and his nemesis. One defended the Qing dynasty against the other - a man who declared that he was the younger brother of Jesus Christ. Hong Xiuquan meurt le 1er juin 1864, en s'alimentant d'herbes sauvages pour résister à la famine qui sévissait dans la ville assiégée. Il fut alors victime d'une intoxication alimentaire qui mit 20 jours à le.. But these rebels ended up running China, they do not need to dwell on the miraculous good luck which brought them to power in 1949. Phim bộ Hồng Kông. Bên Tóc Mai Không Phải Hải Đường Hồng. Winter Begonia (2020). Tập 96 VietSub

Человек из Гонконга | The Man from Hong Kong (Австралия) Hong‐Fang Ji, Lei Chen & Hong‐Yu Zhang - 2008 - Bioessays 30 (8):766-771. Søen Kierkegaard's Journals and Papers. Edited and Translated by Howard V. Hong and Edna H. Hong He later got the position as an instructor (塾師) at Book Chamber Building and several schools in Lianhuatang (蓮花塘) and other villages.

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Hong Xiuquan raised a rebellion in 19C southern China. Here he is turning up what i consider the definitive story of the Taiping Emperor, Hong Xiuquan Hakka from Southern China who, having failed.. Mėgaukitės daugybe naujausių Android programų, žaidimų, muzikos kūrinių, filmų, TV laidų, knygų, žurnalų ir daugiau. Bet kuriuo metu, bet kur ir visuose jūsų įrenginiuose

Therefore, Hong Xiuquan just appeared in the wilderness, and there are more than a dozen generals around him. Hong Xiuquan, for the first time in the wilderness, showed his invincible charm Hong Xiuquan: The Taiping Rebellion. Biographics 316.224 views6 months ago. 5:33. Jesus' Chinese Brother: Hong Xiuquan | Wookong. WooKong 10.420 views3 year ago Jonathan Fenby describes the creed as "a strange mixture of Christianity and a primitive kind of communism". Land was to be shared, but the sexes had to be kept apart.

Hong Xiuquan wurde als Hong Huoxiu geboren. Hong Xiuquan stammte aus einer Hakka-Bauernfamilie aus der Provinz Guangdong. Die Hakka unterschieden sich durch einen eigenen.. Hong Xiuquan, 1814 - 1864 Hong Xiuquan was born on January 1 1814, in Huadu District. Hong had one son: Hong Tianguifu. Create a free family tree for yourself or for Hong Xiuquan and we'll search for valuable new..

By Christopher Lord When Hong Kong's protest movement talks about 'democracy', we all know what they mean. Universal suffrage, free elections, representatives of the people making the laws Hong Xiuquan. Hong Xiuquan , born Hong Huoxiu and with the courtesy name Renkun, was a Hakka Chinese revolutionary, the leader of the Taiping Rebellion against the Qing Dynasty Hong Kong exists as a Special Administrative Region controlled by The People's Republic of China and enjoys its own limited autonomy as defined by the Basic Law Thái Lan. Mỹ - Châu âu. Hồng Kông. Nhật Bản. Đài Loan • 1851-1864: The Taiping Rebellion - Self-proclaimed prophet Hong Xiuquan revolted against the Qing Dynasty with his Christian cult the God Worshipping Society

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hong xiuquan arama sonuçları. Countess From Hong Kong. Hong Kong - İletişim Bilgileri. Kullanılan telefon hatları: 3.839 milyon (1999)Telefon kodu: 852Radyo yayın istasyonları: AM 7, FM.. They swept out of the south of China up to the Yangtze, and established their heavenly kingdom there in Nanjing, with Hong as the Heavenly King and the other commanders as the King of the West, the King of the East, and so on.

Hong Xiuquan - Hong Xiuquan (Hakka: Fùng Siu-chhiòn) (1 January 1814 - 1 June 1864), born Hong Huoxiu and with the courtesy name Renkun, was a Hakka Chinese revolutionary who was the leader.. Cảnh sát trưởng Hồng Kông thừa nhận hành vi 'không mong muốn' với truyền thông Get Hong Kong's weather and area codes, time zone and DST. Explore Hong Kong's sunrise and sunset, moonrise and moonset 1. Hong Xiuquan (1814-1864)'s life: The early life of Hong followed the path of a regular Chinese boy: born from a prosperous country household, Hong, like his male peers..

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As a symbolic gesture to purge China of Confucianism, in 1843, he asked for two giant three-chi (尺) long and nine-jin (斤) heavy swords, called the "Swords that Execute the Vicious" (斬妖劍), to be forged. In the same year, he also officially changed the name of the Buddhist Nine Immortals Temple (九仙廟) of Wuxuan District (武宣縣) to Nine Demons Temple (九妖廟). Hong Xiuquan. From Academic Kids. Hóng Xiùquán (洪秀全, Wade-Giles: Hung Hsiu-ch'üan, born Hong Renkun 洪仁坤, Courtesy name Huoxiu 火秀; January 10, 1812-June 1, 1864) was a Hakka..

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  1. Question 7: Hong Xiuquan and Feng Yunshan fled the district in 1844, walking some 300 miles to the west to _, where the large Hakka population was much more willing to receive his teachings
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  3. Hong Xiuquan (Hakka: Fùng Siu-chhiòn) (1 January 1814 - 1 June 1864), born Hong Huoxiu and with the courtesy name Renkun, was a Hakka Chinese revolutionary who was the leader of the Taiping..
  4. By 1860, Hong's heavenly kingdom extended across huge swathes of China and his troops were preparing to march on Shanghai. But his luck was about to run out. The Europeans had decided he was a threat to business.
  5. Before Hong, similar rebellions brought an end to the Qin dynasty in the Third Century BC, the Mongol Yuan dynasty in the 14th Century, and nearly brought down the mighty Han dynasty, points out Beijing commentator Kaiser Kuo.
  6. Hong Xiuquan (1 January 1814-1 June 1864) was Emperor of the Heavenly Kingdom from 11 January 1851 to 1 June 1864, preceding Hong Tianguifu. He was the leader of the Christian God Worshippers cult in Guangxi, and, in 1851, he led his cult in the deadly Taiping Rebellion against the Qing dynasty
  7. Города Китая. Гонконг (Hong Kong)

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Hong Xiuquan (洪秀全) (1 January 1814[1] - 1 June 1864), born Hong Huoxiu and with the courtesy name Renkun, was a Hakka Chinese leader of the Taiping Rebellion against the Qing Dynasty Copyright © Hong Kong Vision All rights reserved Enjoy breakfast at the hotels near Former Residence of Hong Xiuquan. Hotels with great access to Former Residence of Hong Xiuquan

Download 5 Hong Xiuquan Stock Photos for FREE or amazingly low rates! 5 hong xiuquan stock photos are available royalty-free. Most relevant Best selling Latest uploads Phim Hồng Kông. 25/25LT. Muối măn thăm thù

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The royal Throne of the king Hong Xiuquan of The Taiping Heavenly Kingdom (Taiping Tianguo) in Qing Dynasty of China Hong Xiuquan 洪秀全. Hong Xiuquan and Feng Yunshan fled the district in 1844, walking some 300 miles to the west to Guangxi, where the large Hakka population was much more willing to receive his.. Hong Xiuquan: Astrological Article and Chart. You will find below the horoscope of Hong Xiuquan with his interactive chart, an excerpt of his astrological portrait and his planetary dominants

The founding congress of the Chinese Communist Party, at a Shanghai girls' boarding school in 1921, is commemorated in wax - waxwork figures around a dining table, some seated, some standing. Hng Xiqun started studying in Book Chamber Building (書房閣), a private primary school (私塾), at seven. He was able to recite the Classics after five or six years. Then he tried to take the first-degree (秀才) civil service examinations in Guangzhou at the age of 16, but he failed. He tried three times or twice more, and never succeeded. Số 3, Đinh Tiên Hoàng,Q.Hồng Bàng, TP.Hải Phòng. Cục Thống Kê Quảng Ninh. P.Hồng Hà, TP.Quảng Ninh, tỉnh Quảng Ninh Peasants are "passive actors" throughout most of history, he says, but occasionally they rise up to keep the dynasty in line."When people of this earth keep nothing for their private use, but give all things to God for all to use in common, then every place shall have equal shares, and everyone be clothed and fed," Hong declared.

Hong Kong 繁體中文 In his birthplace, in 1959, the PRC established a small museum called Hong Xiuquan's Former Residence Memorial Museum (洪秀全故居紀念館), where there is a longan tree planted by him. The museum's plate is written by the famous literary figure, Guo Moruo (郭沫若) (1892-1978). The residence and Book Chamber Building were renovated in 1961.   Categories: 1812 births | 1864 deaths | Military leaders of the Taiping Rebellion | Chinese dissidents

www.britannica.com/biography/Hong-Xiuquan (excellent resource on the rebellion's formation and early years): www.facinghistory.org/nanjing-atrocities/nation-building/seeds-unrest-taiping-movement.. Hong Xiuquan yan yi by Huang, Shizhong.; 4 editions; First published in 1981; Subjects: Fiction; People: Xiuquan Hong (1814-1864) Find out information about Hong Xiuquan. Hung Hsiu-Ch'uan 1814--64, Chinese religious leader and revolutionary. Claiming to be Christ's brother, he led the Taiping rebellion; committed suicide when..

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  1. Chapter 317- Hong Xiuquan. Translator: TeamTWO. Editor: Nora. Xunzhou, Taiping Country Base. Hong Xiuquan had shown his unbeatable charm out in the wilderness. He made use of his guile and..
  2. He was born in Fuyuanshui Village (福源水村), Hua County (Fa Yuen in Cantonese) (花縣) (now Huadu (花都市)), Guangdong to Hong Jingyang (洪競揚) and Wang-shi (王氏). His grandfather was Hong Guoyou (洪國游), who was, like his ancestors, a farmer. He later moved to Guānlb Village (官祿[土布]¹村).
  3. Hong Xiuquan raised a rebellion in 19C southern China. It was based on his own version of Here he is turning up what i consider the definitive story of the Taiping Emperor, Hong Xiuquan Hakka from..
  4. Room 2508, Harcourt House 39 Gloucester Road Wan Chai Hong Kong. Honghua (China) Investment Co., Ltd
  5. Hong Xiuquan - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. Hong Xiuquan founder of the taiping movement
  6. Hong Xiuquan's name at birth was Hong Huoxiu, the third son of a poor Hakka family.[1] He was born in Fuyuanshui Village, Hua County (now part of Huadu District Guangzhou), Guangdong to..
  7. The Europeans brought Christianity which, for Hong, was a convenient alternative to the Confucian creed which had rejected him.

Movies: Unexpected Love (闭嘴! 爱吧) | 2019 - Chang Lin (Han Bin's friend]) Live For Real (热舞吧! 青春) | 2018 Lin Jin A Chinese Odyssey Part Three (大话西游3) | 2016 - Hong Hai Er MBA Partners.. However, it is possible that these divine signs are his post hoc rationalization to gain legitimacy for the Heavenly Kingdom of Taiping. Home > University > History > Hong Xiuquan. Hong Xiuquan. 3.0 / 5 based on 1 rating. ? Created by: louisemeller

No-one knows exactly how Hong Xiuquan himself died. His decomposed body was discovered in his palace by a Qing general - an ignominious end for a challenger to empire and the opening of a terrible chapter in China's cycle of fragmentation. Hong Xiuquan — [ çiutʃan], Hung Hsiu ch üan, chinesischer Rebell, * Hua Xian (Provinz Guangdong) 1813 (nach anderen Angaben 1. 1. 1814), ✝ Nanking 1. 6. 1864; Führer des Taipingaufstandes.. Find professional Hong Xiuquan videos and B-roll stock footage available for license in film, television, advertising and corporate uses. Getty Images offers exclusive rights-ready and premium.. Originally, all Hong Xiuquan wanted was to be part of the establishment. A village schoolteacher, he immersed himself in Confucian scholarship for the civil service exam, but he just kept failing. Hong Xiuquan. Had to quit his education because his parents could not afford to pay for his continued schooling He began to teach in order to continue his schooling Slideshow 1998913 by kiora

Hong Xiuquan, first time has demonstrated his invincible charm in Wilderness. He only depends on has a silver tongue, has disintegrated the resistance will of 1000 regular army.. Hong Xiuquan Comic. The Epic Story of Hong Xiuquan. CollectivistComics Series of essays exploring Chinese history through the life stories of key personalities.

As military victory turned into defeat, Hong became increasingly paranoid, his followers starved and his court spiralled into intrigue and violence. Chapter 526- Hong Xiuquan Perishes. Translator: ryangohsf. When Hong Xiuquan appeared in the wilderness, apart from Yang Xiuqing, he had no other decent administrative personnel Löydä täältä parhaat Hong Kong tarjoukset kaupungissa Vantaa sekä uusimmat luettelot ja alennuskoodit tuoteryhmässä Lähimmät myymälät Hong Kong kohteessa Vantaa ja lähialueilla (6) Hong Kong, China / 繁體中文 Hong Xiuquan was a failed scholar who came to the conclusion that he was the younger brother of Jesus Christ. Essay about Hong Xiuquan. Submitted By murdoc12. Words: 754

add. Hong Kong Movie, 2016, Hong Hai Er (Support Role) Since 1971, Hong Factory has served thousands of jewelers with wholesale silver jewelry from thailand & marcasite jewelry collection and the advanced OEM & ODM jewelry customization to create.. So they joined forces with the Qing armies they themselves had just been fighting. In the Heavenly Capital, the Heavenly Kingdom was anything but. It's one of the bloodiest conflicts in human history. In 1851, the Taiping Rebellion exploded in Qing dynasty China, causing death on an unprecedented scale

Hong Xiuquan was the leader of the Taiping Rebellion. He also claimed to be the second son of God and younger brother of Jesus For the most part, China's emperors had not bothered much with religions. Buddhism had become very popular at a time of upheaval in the 6th Century, but it appealed mostly to people at the bottom of society. These will be internal closed pilot tests and shows that China is serious about deploying DCEP and also winning the digital currency race. Offshore RMB hubs such as Hong Kong will very likely be included.. Hong Xiuquan , born Hong Huoxiu and with the courtesy name Renkun, was a Hakka Chinese revolutionary who was the leader of the Taiping Rebellion against the Qing Dynasty

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  1. The Europeans saw Hong's claim to be the brother of Christ as heresy, but he was not preaching for their benefit. He accompanied his spiritual message with a political one - a vision of equality and shared land ownership. This appealed to poor farmers, who were suffering from a sense of hopelessness, according to Guo Baogang of Dalton State college.
  2. Hong showed peasant rebellion could work in the modern age. This was one of the lessons the Communists took from the Taipings. The two rebellions in fact had much in common, but - one key difference - while Hong started lucky and got unlucky, Mao had it the other way round.
  3. Webnovel - novel - The World Online - Sheng Xiao Jian Ke - 526 - Hong Xiuquan Perishes. 38.79% The World Online / Chapter 526: Hong Xiuquan Perishes
  4. Chinese history can be read as a series of peasant rebellions. One in the 19th Century, led by a man who thought he was Christ's brother, lasted 15 years and caused at least 10 million deaths. It taught the Communists lessons a century later, and is one reason why China's leaders keep a close eye on rural unrest today.
  5. "He fell into what I suppose was some kind of depressive fit and he had a vision," says Jonathan Fenby, who has written a history of modern China.
  6. ation four times, he was too stressed and became emotionally collapsed. -Quitted studying and started to read about Christianity books he received
  7. Mao himself is speaking, his eyes gazing off into the distance in a kind of visionary way. Some are drinking tea, some are smoking, some have fans in their hands.

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  1. Hong Man Choi official Sherdog mixed martial arts stats, photos, videos, breaking news, and more for the Super Heavyweight fighter from South Korea. Hong Man Choi Techno Goliath
  2. At the time, they can hardly have imagined that they were men of destiny. They had to present themselves as a student group on vacation - and run away when the police came.
  3. The Heavenly Kingdom (also known as the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom or simply Taiping) led by Hong Xiuquan is a custom civilization by PorkBean, with contributions from DuskJockey, DarthKyofu, TPangolin, and others. The Heavenly Kingdom is part of the Rebellions and Failed States series
  4. In the Heavenly Kingdom of Taiping he established in 1851, he dictated several reforms that would have improved the lives of his subjects, but they were implemented harshly and ineffectively. (See Taiping Rebellion) Beginning in 1853, Hong began to retreat from the political life as a king and became obsessed with his faith and engaged in sensual activities. In 1856, his health deteriorated.
  5. Перевод слова hong, американское и британское произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования
  6. Phim Hồng Kông. Phim Nhật Bản. Phim Thái Lan

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  1. Hong Xiuquan (Q334732). From Wikidata. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Also known as. English. Hong Xiuquan. leader of the Taiping Rebellion. Honghuoxiu
  2. Последние твиты от Hong XiuQuan (@xiuquan_hong). The glorious sword of authority was given by the Lord poems and books are evidences that praise YahWeh Perfect peace unifies the world of light
  3. He came under the influence of Christian missionaries. One night, in a trance-vision, he dreamed of a man in black cloak telling him to purify the land of evil. In Guangzhou, after his second attempt in the exam, he received a copy of the booklet The Benevolent Words to Advise the World (《勸世良言》), written by Liang Fa. After reading it in 1843, believed that the man in black in his vision was God, and that he was the younger son of God, the brother of Jesus, on earth with a mission to found a new kingdom.
  4. As in these earlier rebellions, many of those who joined Hong's Heavenly Army had nothing to lose. Population growth had deprived them of a stake in society. The Qing empire was a victim of its own success.
  5. He then preached a large number of Hakka coal-burning workers on Zijing Mountain (紫金山) in Guiping District (桂平縣), many of who became members of the sect (Hong himself was a Hakka). He preached a mix of Christianity and communal utopianism. In 1847, he formally studied the Old Testament for four months under Issachar Jacox Roberts (羅孝全) (1802-1871), an American Protestant missionary. But he was never baptized.
  6. Hong Xiuquan, Leader of the Tai Ping Rebellion, viewed himself as this. John Hay. Proposed the Open Door policy for China
  7. Hong Kong International Airport. Where amazing journeys begin. Cultural ExhibitionsExperience Hong Kong's unique art and culture
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Hong Xiuquan, kinesisk politiker, nasjonalist. Grunnla 1843 Taipingbevegelsen og gjorde opprør mot mandsjudynastiet. Kopier denne teksten og lim den inn i litteraturlisten din: Hong Xiuquan Hong Xiuquan (Hung Hsiu-chuan; 1 January 1814 - 1 June 1864), born Hong Renkun, courtesy name Huoxiu (火秀), was a Hakka Chinese leader of Taiping Rebellion against the Qing Dynasty, establishing the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom over varying portions of southern China..

By the end of the Taiping era at least 10 million had died, some say 20 million. Eyewitnesses described the Yangtze valley as littered with rotting corpses. Hong Xiuquan, Chinese religious prophet and leader of the Taiping Rebellion (1850-64), during which he declared his own new dynasty, which centred on the captured (1853) city of Nanjing First, in his house, he burned all Confucian and Buddhist statues and books. This act was considered sacrilegious and insane, and he was attacked by Confucians. So in 1844, he fled to Guangxi, where with Feng Yunshan (馮雲山), he began a new iconoclastic sect called the God Worshippers (拜上帝會), which initially included only a few of his relatives. Tan Sri Datuk Sir Tiong has worked on a global scale to erect a diversified business spanning six continents, whose countries and regions include Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Japan..

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