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The turret of T-55-64 - is the same turret of T-55 with 100 mm/ gun, but has additionally installed last generation, Ukrainian made ERA (Explosive Reactive Armor) protection set with significantly increase.. Quite frankly speaking, I cannot see any difference. The Polish one looks a little slimmer, but I can't tell for sure from that perspective. I am somewhat confident that they all use this ventilator:https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-_yI_ZWdoMk8/WG5pSur_5YI/AAAAAAAAH_s/I8rSZ4-XvJAhMXAov7dQ-gzudi_gzXG3ACEw/s1600/t-54%2Bventilator%2Bdome.gifBecause the fact that the weight of the tank T-64 on 7 ton more than T-55-64,  the chassis of

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Every characteristic of the T-55A such as the engine grills and external fuel tanks has been reproduced down to the finest details. Decals and painting reference for 5 tanks. Kit is 7.2 Inch long Very good! I chose to focus my work on getting more information and writing more on the ammunition supplied prior to the 3BM19 and 3BM20, as the battlefield relevance of the T-54 reached its peak in the 50's, fell during the 60's, and was largely supplanted by the the "Triple T" - the autoloading T-tank triad of the T-64, T-72 and T-80 - during the late 70's and 80's. I consider 3BM19 and 3BM20 to be nothing more than economical alternatives to BM8 APDS as these rounds did not bring the T-54 up to the level of the T-62 in sheer firepower. The economy of Soviet "steel APFSDS plus core" design concept is explored extensively in Tankograd's T-62 article.That said, however, I will add penetration data on 3BM11, and add sections for the 3BM19 and 3BM20 in the near future. Thank you for reminding me, and adding incentive for me to do so. The Platinum Turret HD-TVI Camera with 3.0MP - 3.6mm HD vision provides a clarity like none other. With great recording speed, waterproof technology and intelligently designed system..

      Because the fact, that the weight of the tank T-64 on 7 ton more than T-55-64, the chassis of T-64 with light T-55 turret, has bigger life of all details and units. Also decrease the load on the engine and increase the max temperature of its work. T-54A Same as the T-54 but introduced the D-10TG gun with a new fume evacuator, and vertical plane stabilization system. Internal improvements included a new multi-stage air cleaner and radiator controls for improved engine performance. China manufactured this variant under license as the Type 59.T-54B This version introduced the OU-3 Infrared searchlight on the commander's cupola, and a TPN-1 gunner's day/night sight in place of the earlier MK-4 periscope. This version also introduced a two-axis stabilization system and the improved D-10T2S 100-mm rifled gun. This was the first version to be regularly equipped with a snorkel to allow deep fording of rivers.Correction on Type 63 amphibious tank used in the 1979 war: It seems that some were used in the war with minor impact. Still no photo evidence.

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  1. - T-55AD-1: T-55M upgrade with the Drozd anti-tank missile system and a V-46-5M engine. The hull and the turret provide protection for the crew against the firing of small arms and shell splinters
  2. Another great article from you Tiles."As a result of these requirements, the T-54-1 prototype tank had an upper glacis plate measuring 120mm thick, angled at 60 degrees. This was equal to the armour of the IS-2, and thicker than the upper glacis of a King Tiger! The lower glacis plate was no joke, as it was equally thick but less well angled at 45 degrees, and the side armour was 90mm thick. In the end, though, the tank became too heavy for the engine and the transmission to handle."Only the IS-2 mod.44 prototypes had 120mm UFP the rest had 90mm RHA(100mm CHA). ( https://wiki.warthunder.com/images/f/fb/IS-2_scheme_of_armour.jpg )The UFP from the Tiger II is 150mm which means the T-54-1 does not have thicker armor. ( http://www.fprado.com/armorsite/Tiger-2-2002-Picz/Armor_Scheme_Tiger2.png )T-54-1 side armor is 80mm and not 90. ( http://ser-sarajkin.narod2.ru/ALL_OUT/TiVOut10/SuT5455/SuT5455388.jpg )
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   TR-580 a Romanian version of the T-55 with a longer hull. An extra road wheel on each side has been added. It is fitted with a different engine. This tank is fitted with metal side skirts.T-55AMV This is the T-55AM with the same ERA protection as the T-55MV. Most of these tanks also received the same improvements of the T-55AM2PB.The T-55 can ford depths of 1.4 meters without preparation. It has snorkel equipment which enables it to cross depths of up to 5.5 meters at a speed of 2 kilometers per hour. This equipment takes about 30 minutes' preparation, but can be jettisoned immediately on leaving the water. All T-55's have the PAZ radiation detection system; the T-55A also has an anti-radiation liner. Injecting vaporized diesel fuel onto the exhaust system can generate a dense smoke screen. very flat and unsloped but INSIDE the turret front there is composite armor made of various materials sandwiched together including air pockets which is angled and that is the real protection of the tank..

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The turret of T-55-64 – is the same turret of T-55 with 100 mm/ gun, but has additionally installed last generation, Ukrainian made ERA (Explosive Reactive Armor) protection set with significantly increase protection level (Photo 2). The T-55A has the great option to use an APCBC shell, which can one-shot Leopards frontally, and any well-armoured vehicles side-on. Therefore, this tank should be used as a flanker, large open areas present a great opportunity to scout and take out groups of oncoming enemies. However, make sure to stay near cover and use it after every shot to minimize the chances of getting scouted and penetrated.

Fixed now. Sorry. That happens more than it should.What are your impressions on the article? Anything else to improve?This is an apolitical forum for discussions on the Axis nations and related topics hosted by the Axis History Factbook in cooperation with Christian Ankerstjerne’s Panzerworld and Christoph Awender's WW2 day by day. Founded in 1999.Existing some variants of T-55 modernization. Some of them can change completely tactic –technical characteristics of the tank and its look. Links to the articles on the War Thunder Wiki that you think will be useful for the reader, for example:

However, that does not mean that the T-55A cannot engage opponents frontally. Its APFSDS round can penetrate all vehicles at its battle rating, apart from the T-64A/T-72 (if playing mixed battles), the Chieftains (when hull-down) and the Maus (when at distance and angled). The T-55AD Drozd was introduced in small numbers in 1983, providi a 40 degree defensive arc by means of a control and missile system mounted on the turret. The T-55MV upgrade carried out in.. Type 59 This is the Chinese produced copy of the T-54A. Later improvements include the addition of a laser rangefinder over the main gun and the addition of side skirts.


  1. Awesomely detailed account on what I sometimes call 'The People's Tank'. Do you plan to add any info on the 9M117 (or 9K116) Bastion gun launched missile found on the T-55M and T-55AM?
  2. MAP CONTROLS: Use slider or mousewheel to zoom, and hold down left mouse button to drag. KEY: Location markers are coloured from Green meaning exact to Red meaning gone or unknown (details here)
  3. T-55A | 10:1 Scale Tank. View of the front and the right side. Once again, I present to you a 10:1 scale tank. This time, feast your eyes on the T-55A, a Cold War Main Battle Tank
  4.  In comparison with chassis of T-55 – chassis of T-64 is more reliable, proven during many years of use, with more than 2 times increased armor protection, with better hydraulic control system, better suspension, better caterpillar, with higher speed and with more cruising range.

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  1. T-55 became a replacement for Soviet heavy tanks (IS series and the T-10), something that is evident in War Thunder as well. Armour was sacrificed for better mobility and a better gun. Currently, the T-55A is one of the only vehicles at rank VI to have an APHE shell, which easily one-shots most vehicles from the sides and some from the front (notably, leopards). Unfortunately, the T-55A is relatively slow compared to other medium tanks around battle rating 8.3.
  2. The tek turret or the new heavy turret? Or I could build 6 heavy turrets and only fill each 1/3 the way full. Ive spent a ridiculous amount of time gathering resources, and I want the better of the two options
  3. Beginning with the T-55, a new recoil guard was added to the The T-54 has a turret ring diameter of 1,825mm. In all incarnations of the turret design, the structure of the front half of the turret lies close..
  4. Existing some variants of modernization in accordance with this scheme in which are used different types of engines and transmissions, with different cost and characteristics.

what type of ammunition used by Syrian T-54/55 against Israeli Shot Kal (Centurion) tank and what type of ammunition used by Israeli Shot Kal tank against Israeli Shot Kal against Syrian T-54/55 in Yom Kippur war ?many thanks in advance

T-55M6. The latest upgrade, both for the Russian army and export, includes a In the mid-1970s, the DShK 12.7 mm (0.5 in) was back on the turret, on the loader's cupola, for additional firepower and AA..    T-55AMV fitted with add-on explosive reactive armor and new fire control system. It is capable of launching anti-tank guided missiles in the same manner as ordinary projectiles. The missile has a range of 4 000 m at daytime and 1 200 m at night. It penetrates 550 mm of rolled homogenous armor. It entered service in 1985. -        chassis modernized with an aim of increase protection, increase speed ( by installation of more powerful engine)

For example, this Polish T-54A has one type of dome shape and this T-54A from Syria has another one, also Chinese Type 59s and Type 69s copied the dome shape of the last one.https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/6/68/T-54A_Panzermuseum_Thun.jpg/800px-T-54A_Panzermuseum_Thun.jpg ---> Polish T-54Ahttp://www.mediafire.com/view/5j6xe6ddfrtt4sg/ChnWEbzWUAIYXXE.jpg ---> Syrian T-54AThank you for answer so fast! T-55 was a T-54 equiped with nuclear and biologica protection, in case of a war. T-62 was expensive succesor to T-54, better but more expensive, hull almost same as 1949 and 1951, and turret was.. Thanks, I will wait for that. I can already see that the blast effect is very questionable, especially compared to hand granade, which have significantly smaller amount of steel to break. The same way thick armor would consume blast of HESH, thick walls of APHE projectile will consume large portion of the blast of 65 grams of explosives. Ergo - it would be hand grenade that would produce bigger blast. Also, US experiments on live animals locked in small armored vehcile proved that 113 grams of pentolite is not having enough energy to knock out the animals, not mention to kill them. After detonation animals were alive and acting normal. Also, a confined space is a relative term. Tank interior is not small space for 65 grams of explosives, it can be confined space to say 6,5 kg of TNT. but not 65 grams, especially when most of energy of those 65 grams is consumed by destroyed projectile. When it comes to air pressure, 65 grams of explosives are producing about 65 litres of air, so in tank interior - almost nothing.Someone could say that adding more explosives would make the round more lethal, but I think otherwise. It was designed to break the round into few pieces (5-6 as You said), because they will be more deadly than 100 smaller pieces. And of course incendiary effect is important, if not major factor here.Anyway, I would love to see that report, I would probably learn some more from it :)Thanks again!Too much praise is not healthy. Please find more mistakes for me to correct!It seems that you are correct about IS-2 mod. 1944s. I've corrected it. From what I've heard on the comments section here: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwj7uou-3drRAhUBnpQKHZ3UBsoQFghrMA0&url=http%3A%2F%2Ftankarchives.blogspot.com%2F2013%2F11%2Fimproving-is-2.html&usg=AFQjCNHp5M16cbZYVxnd8TgF1A2r2_ZghQ&sig2=ovZd3LDOOoQ_ZBj0nCRB0w production model IS-2 mod. 1944s actually have 100mm of upper glacis armour sloped at 60 degrees.The King Tiger had 150mm of armour, but it had less slope; only 50 degrees. The Line Of Sight (LOS) thickness is 233mm.I've actually got a source for the thickness of the side armour of the T-54-1, but I've got to find it again.


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The turret was cast in one piece with the top welded on, a technique The T-54/T-55 fired a wide range of ammunition, including armor-piercing-tracer; high-explosive; armor-piercing, capped-tracer.. T-55 turret correction set for all kits RESIN Armory 1:72 AC7291b. However, this part is wrongly refered to as the turret roof for the Soviet version. If you are building a Soviet T-55A, please use part.. Interesting new info about the transmission & steering system! However, some correction is needed. Hydraulically assisted steering is only used in polish, czech and chinese (type69) versions. Soviet built tanks use servo springs, which make the tank easier to steer compared to T-34, but not by much. It is still fatiguing to drive these versions in the long term. The clutch is definitely not assisted at all, in any version. That is the feautre of the T-62. Heavy clutch, but not overly. Also, check out mastermilo82's youtube channel. The guy restores a Type-69 tank, he took it apart completely. Lots of interesting videos about the restoration of the gearbox and the steering system. It is in dutch, but there are english subtitles. Worth visiting, very informative channel, and also the guys restoring the tank are very professional!    T-55AM upgraded version of the T-55A. It is fitted with add-on composite armor and rubber side skirts. The gun is fitted with a thermal sleeve. It entered service in 1983.

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   T-55AD, fitted with Drozd active protection system. It also has add-on armor. It entered service in 1983.OT-54 This flame-thrower tank substituted a ATO-1 automatic flame-thrower for the 7.62-mm coaxial machine-gun. The bow ammunition storage was modified to permit carrying 460-liters of flammable liquid using compressed gas for propulsion. Maximum range was 160 meters and the system could fire 15-20 bursts per minute.Type 80 This is an upgraded Type 79 with a new suspension. A further improved version, the Type 80-II incorporates further automotive improvements.Ti-67 These modifications include replacing the 100-mm gun by a 105-mm M68 rifled gun, ammunition racks modified to accept 105-mm ammunition, new communications equipment, commander's seat modified, gunner's seat replaced, installation of azimuth indicator, driver's hatch can now be opened from the outside, commander's traverse control installed, sighting system modified for 105-mm ammunition, replacing the coaxial machine gun by a 7.62-mm (0.30) Browning machine gun and the 12.7-mm DShKM anti-aircraft machine gun by a 12.7-mm (0.50) Browning M2 HB machine gun, new fire control and electrical system, air-conditioning system, new radio mounts on turret rear, American infantry telephone on hull rear, Browning 0.30 machine gun at loader's station, exhaust outlet angled upwards, additional track stowage, fire-extinguishing system installed and new night vision equipment.This T-55-64 hybrid is not a sample of high technology, this is attempt to cut the gap between the tanks of firs generation and modern technique.

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The turret was cast in one piece with the top welded on, a technique Soviet industry worked out for the The distinguishing identification feature of the T-54/T-55 series is the gap between the first and.. Review T-90A welded turret in Maßstab 1/35 von Miniarm B35066 für Zvezda Bausatz. Weitere Modellbau Reviews finden Sie bei Scalenews T-55 Flying Turret. 71. 17. A bad encounter between an A-10 Thunderbolt II and a T-55... Image size Turret 20/1. 20 mm turret has been designed for integration with various types of armoured fighting vehicles, both wheeled and tracked, as effective asset for increasing combat capabilities

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The three photos were just for decoration, because I don't actually know the story behind them, but you're probably right that they're Type 62s. The fume extractor seems to be just short of the muzzle. I have some problems differentiating the Type 62 from the Type 59, because I'm not so familiar with Chinese armour in general. As you seem to be a Chinese tank enthusiast, I would recommend this article to you regarding the armour protection of the Type 62: http://btvt.info/5library/vbtt_1979_04_type_62.htm As you said, it's poorly protected compared to a "real" tank!By the Type 63, I actually meant the APC, not the tank, but both were used. The text is admittedly rather vague on that part, so I'll get to fixing that as soon as I can. Thanks for telling me all of this. Accurate appearance with precise reproduction of complex turret construction and screws . Two options for driver's hatch which can be opened and closed as real vehicle Well I was surprised that this new article escaped my attention. An excellent and informative post on one of my favorite tanks. The T-54/55 has always had a soft spot with me as a post-war soviet armor fanboy. Its a shame that it has a rather dismal combat record and that its success are not well known. And that it is not well understood. Oh and this quote, "However, the T-54 did not have access to premium ammunition like M304 HVAP," I had a wide smile and a chuckling fit from seeing "premium ammunition". I look forward to the next post. :D

The armor of the turrets was 25-30 mm. The driver could get in and out through the hatch over his working The SMK tank was disabled by a Finnish land mine and all attempts to recover the 55-ton..    T-55AM-1 upgraded version of the T-55AM, powered by a V-46-5M diesel engine, developing 690 hp.Iron Drapes,sorry to other you again. Quote: "Besides the usual active infrared imaging capability, the TKN-1 also sports a 1st generation image intensifier module...". According to your comments in the other articles the TKN-1 has only active IR-illumination, and the TKN-3M was the first one with image intensifier, right?Kinds regards

TR-85 (TR-80 or TR-800) This is a drastically modified version of the T-55 with a new turret, a new German diesel engine and a completely redesigned suspension.Look again please, while one has "columns" that link the top of the dome with the armor of the turret the other ones haven't got those "columns". http://s.hswstatic.com/gif/t-54-t-55-main-battle-tank-4.jpg --> without columnshttp://www.mediafire.com/view/0706b474yoi17ho/T-54(2).jpg --> without columnshttp://www.madaxeman.com/images/Russian/T54.JPG --> without columnshttp://www.mediafire.com/view/5j6xe6ddfrtt4sg/ChnWEbzWUAIYXXE.jpg --> with columns https://i.ytimg.com/vi/VUa0nCtuV0M/maxresdefault.jpg --> with columnsAlso those with columns look to have something added at the base of the dome!Thanks sir for your time, hope you see it now!

   T-55M-1 it is a further upgrade of the T-55M, powered by a V-46-5M diesel engine, developing 690 hp. This tank is also fitted with ballistic computer.    This tank is powered by a 39-liter V-55 diesel engine, developing 520 hp. It replaced the less powerful and unreliable V-45 diesel engine of the T-54. Maximum road speed is about 50 km/h. Cross-country speed is about 25 km/h. Maximum range on fuel, including external tanks, is up to 530 km. The T-55 can be fitted with a deep wading kit and ford water obstacles up to 5 m deep. View and Download Tamiya T55A user manual online. RC Conversion Kit for TAMIYA 1/35 T55A. T55A Toy pdf manual download Beside economic and technical reasons existing also psychological aspect of the T-55 story.

Nowadays there is an interest to the simplified variant of T-55 modernization: US $55 / piece Free Shipping. Hunting ohhunt Guardian 4-16X44 SF Rifle Scope 1/2 Half Mil Dot Reticle Side Parallax Turrets Lock Reset Tactical Riflescopes 1963 Interior Kit. Part 2 will complete the assembly of the turret, tracks, fenders, and the remainder of the kit. This kit is the first of MiniArt's T-55 variants and follows their earlier series of T-44/54.. After active development of nuclear weapons, the predecessor of T-55 (T-54) was tested against nuclear charges. It was evaluated that the crew could survive only at distances of over 700m, so it was decided to create a new tank that would have a nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) protection system, or Protivoatomnaya Zashchita (PAZ). The initial designs for this tank were completed in 1956, however, that was without additional NBC protection. In 1961, the development of an NBC system began, and it was introduced in the new T-55A variant. Among other upgrades, the T-55 had an increased ammunition supply with 18 more rounds being stored in the fuel tanks.

One type for wet, swamp soil (see Photo 4) Second type for sandy , rocky soil (Photo 5) These types of caterpillars can survive after explosion of 4 kg . of explosive. T-55 Main Battle Tank. Home The Battlefield. Any questions, comments, or problems, please email Ex- East-German NVA T-55AM2B Kladivo (Hammer)/Bastion Exercise complex for crew training by..

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   This tank is operated by a crew of four, including commander, gunner, loader and driver.The T-55A cannot turn in neutral gear, which makes it difficult to manoeuvre in close-quarter encounters, which often occur in urban environments. The acceleration is good, the T-55A can get to 25 km/h from a standstill on flat, rough terrain in a few seconds, and turning is decent on flat ground.

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Thank you again for another article. No doubt Western AFV Fanboys will be howling about how NATO gear is superior, but I long since stopped listening to them as they don't bother to put things in context. Seriously they forget that for its generation of MBTs, the Abrams has seen the least wars and suffered the most losses in combat and is in reality a poorly designed tank that needs a really good crew and combined arms doctrine to make viable in even a limited context. Youtube is full of videos of Abrams getting ammo racked in Iraq and Yemen.    This tank has a welded steel armor hull and a cast turret. Front of the hull has a 60 inclination in order to increase protection. This tank is also fitted with automatic fire suppression system, that was a novelty at the time. The T-55 can launch its smoke screen by injecting diesel fuel into exhaust.The tank T-55 of Soviet production is the most known and most spread tank in the world. Great Post, very interesting read.Is there a T-90 Article coming? I remember a vote on the bottom of the Page about it.In the title you say Articles will come out on a bimonthly basis and that there will be Western tanks also, is that still planned? How commited are you to this site?I respect your work, especially since its not your full time job, you write better than 90% of professional journalists, but i guess you have to manage your time with real life commitments, thats why these questions came up.And to be somewhat usefull myself if you make a T-90 article: Russia will upgrade nearly all its T-90 tanks to T-90M standards. It wil be different from the T-90MS that was allready shown. T-90MS is "Прорыв-2", T-90M is "Прорыв-3" and is for internal use only. There are pretty big differences, T-90M for example is 2 tons heavier and weighs in at 50t.This is the first and only photo of T-90M that i know of, as far as i know its from todayhttp://uploads.ru/COKFh.jpgThat is why most part of the countries do not in a hurry to take this tank out from the army service and in the contrary, they want modernize this machine and increase its battle potential till the level of modern tanks, prolong its life.

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T-55A Russian Medium Tank Tamiya 1:35 Scale Kit No. 35257 Preview by Terry Ashley. Introduction: It's been a long time since the announcement of a new kit has generated such anticipation amongst.. Origin of turret lathe. First recorded in 1870-75. Not all tasks are simple, so that it is often best to build and use a machine as complicated as a turret-lathe or a Jacquard loom in his post, Storm shows how the T-54 turret armor will change. Every model, that gets transferred to In connection with this, Storm admits that they made a mistake, when they made the 9.0 turret armor.. As for the turret, the T-55A has slightly less protection than the T-62 and combined with a generally larger turret, it is generally easier for your opponents to hit and penetrate your turret. The thinnest spots are right next to the cannon breach, at 200 mm, which rather slowly becomes over 300 mm as you move further away from the breach.

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Yes, the article is a bit messy. There is no systematic breakdown of the ammo stowage locations and the section on armour protection needs a lot more detail about the penetration mechanisms of rigid body projectiles (steel, tungsten carbide). Unfortunately I don't have the time to get to work on this at the moment, so please bear with me.    BTR-T is a heavy armored personnel carrier. It was first publicly revealed in 1997. It was converted from obsolete T-55 medium tank. The turret has been removed in order to create a compartment for dismounts. A number of other modifications were made to the vehicle. This armored vehicle has a crew of 2 and accommodates 5 dismounts. The BTR-T received no production orders.

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Type 69-IIC This is the command version of the Type 69-II. This tank is equipped with an additional command radio and long radio aerial. It can also be identified by the presence of a long tube welded to the turret top for the radio aerial and two stowage boxes on the hull rear, one of which contains cabling and a field phone.    The T-55 is fitted with a fully-stabilized 100 mm gun. It can fire accurately on the move. At a speed of 12 km/h the tank has a first round hit probability of about 60%. A total of 43 rounds are carried. The previous T-54 carries only 34 rounds. T-55 and T-55A were also license built by Czechoslovakia and Poland and some received various ★Tamiya presents the 1/35 scale plastic assembly kit of the Russian Medium Tank T-55A. ★The.. Type 59-II This is the Type 59 armed with a 105-mm main gun, believed to be derived from the standard NATO 105-mm rifled gun. The gun has a bore evacuator and a segmented thermal sleeve.

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   T-55MV, it has improved protection and firepower. It is fitted with add-on explosive reactive armor and improved fire control system. It is capable of launching anti-tank guided missiles in the same manner as ordinary projectiles. The T-55MV entered service in 1985. The T 55A is similar to the T-54 yet has more in common with the T-62A. The noticeably weaker hull armor doesn't allow you to be as aggressive as in a T-54, however your turret armor and side armor.. ..Electric Tool Post,Automatic Turret,8 Station Tool Post,Lathe Turret from Tool Holder Supplier or 8 station position HAK series electric CNC lathe tool post. station number of NC Turret: 6 OR 8 of.. T-55 became a replacement for Soviet heavy tanks (IS series and the T-10), something that is evident in War Thunder as well. Armour was sacrificed for better mobility and a better gun


Soviet turrets had a round firing port for the DT tank machine gun, as opposed to the rectangular The hull and turrets of the T-26 mod. 1931 had a maximum armour thickness of 13-15 mm (until.. T54B Tank Turret. Royalty-Free Stock Photo. Download preview Galaxy Hobby - GH72A01 - M1240 M-ATV w/O-GPK Turret - M1240 M-ATV Mine Resistant Ambush Protected all terrain vehicle with O-GPK Turret. *There are 2 packages for this kit number by Galaxy..

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T-55, 1. nesil Sovyet tasarımı ana muharebe tankıdır. T-55, 1. nesil Sovyet tasarımı ana muharebe tankıdır. İlk prototip modeli II.Dünya Savaşı'nın bitiminden az zaman sonra 1945'te ortaya çıktmıştır ve..                                                            Photo 3

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   T-55A improved version with anti-radiation liner. Its production commenced in 1963 and ceased in 1977. Since 1970 this tank was fitted with a 12.7 mm roof-mounted machine gun.As a rule of thumb, protect your left-hand side when looking from behind the T-55A. You have 3 crew members there that can be taken out with a single well-placed APFSDS shot (upper right corner of the UFP). Also, don't rely on your reverse speed. You can't retreat efficiently, and will likely be destroyed in a close-quarters encounter if you don't engage your opponent first. T-55A Model 1974 This version is equipped with the KTD-2 laser rangefinder, which is mounted immediately above the main gun in an armored box. When the T-34 first appeared, it was very intimidating, and then we realized the Soviets couldn't shoot or drive for shit.. - Anonymous Wermacht solider, Company of Heroes 2. The feared muscle behind the Warsaw Pact during the 50s and 60s, the T-55 is an aged tank in 1985

T-55: T-54 with new turret and numerous other improvements, late production models have a 12.7mm AA MG. Improvements over the T-54 include a larger V-12 water-cooled diesel engine and an.. T-55A Russian Medium Tank. 1/35th Scale. Tamiya. The T-55 Model 1958 combined all of the improvements of the T-54 series into one tank with other improvements

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-        refreshment of the turret, 55 STATION TURRET. SKU: KG-55T. Free! ADDTO QUOTE. There are no reviews yet, would you like to submit yours? Be the first to review 55 STATION TURRET Cancel reply

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The T-55 medium tank has a fully tracked, five-road-wheeled chassis. This chassis has a space between the first and second road wheels and no return rollers. The T-55 has a low-silhouetted hull with a dome shaped turret mounted over the third road wheel. It is armed with a 100-mm rifled gun, which has a bore evacuator at the muzzle. COMBO TAKO2057 (1/35 DDR Medium Tank T-55 AM2B ) + A.MIG-0932 RUSSIAN GREEN BASE. Get T-55 AM2B Model and Russian Green Base Color (4BO) at a special price

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Your weakest side is the right-hand side when looking at the T-55A, frontally, because 3 of your 4 crew are located in a row there. A well placed APFSDS shot to the top-right of the UFP will one-shot the T-55A, see diagram on the right. Pine Pillar. R. 55. Birch Roof Turret - 64 Dharmapala Mawatha, 00300 Colombo, Sri Lanka - rated 4.7 based on 23 reviews The service is worst. Gave the watch for a small repair, which..

T-55 Armed Assault Wiki Fando

T55 Turboshaft Engine. More than 6,000 T55 engines have been produced, logging some 12 million hours of operation on the Boeing CH-47 Chinook and MH-47 helicopters T55/Dご購入で下記特典がもらえる! *1 カラオケのタイトル数を含みます。 換金や返金はできません。 一部成人向けの書籍はご購入いただけません。 T55/Dトップ    TO-55 flamethrower tank. Coaxial machine gun has been replaced with a flame thrower. The most widespread tank in the world, soviet made t-55. Just had to make a model of this iconic vehicle. Modeled in Blender, textured in subtance painter. - T-55 Tank - 3D model by Uros (@Uros).. The MY-TURN T25/T36/T42 CNC Turret Lathe machine features a high precision spindle that accommodates both collet chucks and 3-jaw hydraulic chucks for versatile machining options

T-54 turret change but no change to the T-55A? - Testing Ground

Does the circular kind of armor on a tank turret do any good at - Quor

Fascinating, I didn't know that Polish and Czech T-54/55s has power assist for the steering levers. Cutaway T55AM Turret. Detail of the Turret of the T55AM on display in the army museum in Delft. See picture #680 also The upgraded T-55s were designated T-55M and upgraded T-55As were designated as T-55AM. The turret applique is a similar hollow construction, but the cast shell is thicker, about 60 millimeters on.. Series Tank T-54/55/62. Jule 2019. Turret Berezhok (metall gun barrel) for BMP-2 and IFV Bumerang T-55AM is one of the latest versions of T-55 tanks and because of that, this kit has many details to point out and Sprue has got the turret base, a barrel, which is not used for this version of tank, and some..

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