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The single most important thing that Backbone can help you with is keeping your business logic separate from your user interface. When the two are entangled, change is hard; when logic doesn't depend on UI, your interface becomes easier to work with. preinitializenew View([options]) For use with views as ES classes. If you define a preinitialize method, it will be invoked when the view is first created, before any instantiation logic is run. Backbone.noConflictvar backbone = Backbone.noConflict(); Returns the Backbone object back to its original value. You can use the return value of Backbone.noConflict() to keep a local reference to Backbone. Useful for embedding Backbone on third-party websites, where you don't want to clobber the existing Backbone.

But to be honest I never have seen all the areas connected to the backbone. 4294967295 (not including the area 0 otherwise it should be 4294967296 areas) var Mailbox = Backbone.Model.extend({ initialize: function() { this.messages = new Messages; this.messages.url = '/mailbox/' + this.id + '/messages'; this.messages.on("reset", this.updateCounts); }, ... }); var inbox = new Mailbox; // And then, when the Inbox is opened: inbox.messages.fetch({reset: true}); If you're looking for something more opinionated, there are a number of Backbone plugins that add sophisticated associations among models, available on the wiki. todos. Mark all as complete book.destroy({success: function(model, response) { ... }}); Underscore Methods (9) Backbone proxies to Underscore.js to provide 9 object functions on Backbone.Model. They aren't all documented here, but you can take a look at the Underscore documentation for the full details…

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See more of BackBone MC on Facebook. BackBone MC added 258 new photos to the album BACKBONE EAST RAND 12th ANNUAL DAY JOL 13 AUG 2016 Buy Manley Backbone, online at KMR Audio. Largest selection of professional recording studio Manley Backbone. Add Your Review. £p.o.a. Contact us for Details. This Product is Discontinued index: function(fbid) { this.body.unbind(); this.body.empty(); this.header.unbind(); var This = this; this.ac.id = fbid; var test = fbUser('/' + fbid, function(model){ This.ac.menuView(model, This); }); }, The first few things we do is unbind all the events in the body and header. We then clear the body as the view we will call will create the content for us. If we do not do this events will start to stack up and our content will just be added to the page in addition to what was already there. If you read Derick Bailey’s post you see that he does the same thing inside of his AppView object. The next thing I do is add a closure for this. If I don’t set it to a variable outside of my anonymous function later in the code I lose the reference to the workspace object which I want to pass to the view. After doing this I make a call to the Facebook API through my fbUser object. The fbUser object was going to do more, but it ended up just being a wrapper for the Facebook API call. You can easily exchange all calls to fbUser to FB.api(apiURL, function(response){});. It eventually calls the AppController method menuView with the data returned from Facebook’s API and a reference to the workspace object. Here is the menuView code: removecollection.remove(models, [options]) Remove a model (or an array of models) from the collection, and return them. Each model can be a Model instance, an id string or a JS object, any value acceptable as the id argument of collection.get. Fires a "remove" event for each model, and a single "update" event afterwards, unless {silent: true} is passed. The model's index before removal is available to listeners as options.index. Learn how to use Backbone.js, from beginner basics to advanced techniques, with online video tutorials taught by industry experts

idAttributemodel.idAttribute A model's unique identifier is stored under the id attribute. If you're directly communicating with a backend (CouchDB, MongoDB) that uses a different unique key, you may set a Model's idAttribute to transparently map from that key to id. var Meal = Backbone.Model.extend({ idAttribute: "_id" }); var cake = new Meal({ _id: 1, name: "Cake" }); alert("Cake id: " + cake.id); know just what to say to make my entire day. totally didn't mean for that to rhyme. i love you, doms. you're my backbone Ia menepis kabar keretakan hubungan personel Andra and The Backbone. KOMPAS.com/ANDI MUTTYA KETENGAndra and The Backbone diabadikan usai konferensi pers film Remember the.. Backbone.emulateHTTP = true; model.save(); // POST to "/collection/id", with "_method=PUT" + header. emulateJSONBackbone.emulateJSON = true If you're working with a legacy web server that can't handle requests encoded as application/json, setting Backbone.emulateJSON = true; will cause the JSON to be serialized under a model parameter, and the request to be made with a application/x-www-form-urlencoded MIME type, as if from an HTML form. There's More Than One Way To Do It It's common for folks just getting started to treat the examples listed on this page as some sort of gospel truth. In fact, Backbone.js is intended to be fairly agnostic about many common patterns in client-side code. For example...

Follow Gadgets Now on Facebook and Twitter. For the latest news, tech news, breaking news headlines and live updates checkout Gadgetsnow.com Special Disbelief Papyrus Backbone MC Noteblock Remix Made By VulkanRafar. 06:31 8.58 MB 306 Facebook.set({ appId: 345644234546, uri: "namespace" }); Common Backbone.js conventions apply using the Facebook namespace.

// Removes just the `onChange` callback. object.off("change", onChange); // Removes all "change" callbacks. object.off("change"); // Removes the `onChange` callback for all events. object.off(null, onChange); // Removes all callbacks for `context` for all events. object.off(null, null, context); // Removes all callbacks on `object`. object.off(); Note that calling model.off(), for example, will indeed remove all events on the model — including events that Backbone uses for internal bookkeeping. Facebook has confirmed with me that its new location APIs let any third-party app import and This turns Facebook into a location backbone that can power serendipitous meetups and other.. openPage: function(pageNumber) { this.document.pages.at(pageNumber).open(); this.navigate("page/" + pageNumber); } # Or ... app.navigate("help/troubleshooting", {trigger: true}); # Or ... app.navigate("help/troubleshooting", {trigger: true, replace: true}); executerouter.execute(callback, args, name) This method is called internally within the router, whenever a route matches and its corresponding callback is about to be executed. Return false from execute to cancel the current transition. Override it to perform custom parsing or wrapping of your routes, for example, to parse query strings before handing them to your route callback, like so:

If instead, you'd only like the changed attributes to be sent to the server, call model.save(attrs, {patch: true}). You'll get an HTTP PATCH request to the server with just the passed-in attributes. In doing so, their computer receives a copy of the blockchain that is updated automatically whenever a new block is added, sort of like a Facebook News Feed that gives a live update whenever a new..

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var friends = new Facebook.Collections.Friends(); var me = new Facebook.Models.Me(); Facebook's UI is treated as the template method for the Views In this article, we will look at some more concepts related to backbone models. In some of the previous articles, we have discussed the basics of backbone and backbone models

extendBackbone.Router.extend(properties, [classProperties]) Get started by creating a custom router class. Define action functions that are triggered when certain URL fragments are matched, and provide a routes hash that pairs routes to actions. Note that you'll want to avoid using a leading slash in your route definitions: pushcollection.push(model, [options]) Add a model at the end of a collection. Takes the same options as add.

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  1. fetchcollection.fetch([options]) Fetch the default set of models for this collection from the server, setting them on the collection when they arrive. The options hash takes success and error callbacks which will both be passed (collection, response, options) as arguments. When the model data returns from the server, it uses set to (intelligently) merge the fetched models, unless you pass {reset: true}, in which case the collection will be (efficiently) reset. Delegates to Backbone.sync under the covers for custom persistence strategies and returns a jqXHR. The server handler for fetch requests should return a JSON array of models.
  2. You can report bugs and discuss features on the GitHub issues page, or add pages to the wiki.
  3. if (note.has("title")) { ... } unsetmodel.unset(attribute, [options]) Remove an attribute by deleting it from the internal attributes hash. Fires a "change" event unless silent is passed as an option.
  4. removeview.remove() Removes a view and its el from the DOM, and calls stopListening to remove any bound events that the view has listenTo'd.
  5. 0.5.2 — July 26, 2011 — Diff — Docs The bind function, can now take an optional third argument, to specify the this of the callback function. Multiple models with the same id are now allowed in a collection. Fixed a bug where calling .fetch(jQueryOptions) could cause an incorrect URL to be serialized. Fixed a brief extra route fire before redirect, when degrading from pushState.
  6. book.on("change:title change:author", ...); Callbacks bound to the special "all" event will be triggered when any event occurs, and are passed the name of the event as the first argument. For example, to proxy all events from one object to another:

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  1. A Model manages an internal table of data attributes, and triggers "change" events when any of its data is modified. Models handle syncing data with a persistence layer — usually a REST API with a backing database. Design your models as the atomic reusable objects containing all of the helpful functions for manipulating their particular bit of data. Models should be able to be passed around throughout your app, and used anywhere that bit of data is needed.
  2. var vanHalen = new Backbone.Collection([eddie, alex, stone, roth]); vanHalen.set([eddie, alex, stone, hagar]); // Fires a "remove" event for roth, and an "add" event for "hagar". // Updates any of stone, alex, and eddie's attributes that may have // changed over the years. getcollection.get(id) Get a model from a collection, specified by an id, a cid, or by passing in a model.
  3. cidmodel.cid A special property of models, the cid or client id is a unique identifier automatically assigned to all models when they're first created. Client ids are handy when the model has not yet been saved to the server, and does not yet have its eventual true id, but already needs to be visible in the UI.
  4. Alibaba.com offers 420 no backbone products. A wide variety of no backbone options are available to you, such as regional feature
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Using delegateEvents provides a number of advantages over manually using jQuery to bind events to child elements during render. All attached callbacks are bound to the view before being handed off to jQuery, so when the callbacks are invoked, this continues to refer to the view object. When delegateEvents is run again, perhaps with a different events hash, all callbacks are removed and delegated afresh — useful for views which need to behave differently when in different modes. Facebook. Beef sirloin is another large section of the carcass that runs from the 13th rib all the way back to the hip bone and from the backbone clear down to the flank (or belly) clearmodel.clear([options]) Removes all attributes from the model, including the id attribute. Fires a "change" event unless silent is passed as an option.

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  1. If your application is not being served from the root url / of your domain, be sure to tell History where the root really is, as an option: Backbone.history.start({pushState: true, root: "/public/search/"})
  2. jQuery.ajax options can also be passed directly as fetch options, so to fetch a specific page of a paginated collection: Documents.fetch({data: {page: 3}})

IRCCloud is an always-connected IRC client that you use in your browser — often leaving it open all day in a tab. The sleek web interface communicates with an Erlang backend via websockets and the IRCCloud API. It makes heavy use of Backbone.js events, models, views and routing to keep your IRC conversations flowing in real time. Backbone.js is a JavaScript library with a RESTful JSON interface and is based on the Model-view-presenter (MVP) application design paradigm. Backbone is known for being lightweight, as its only hard dependency is on one JavaScript library, Underscore.js, plus jQuery for use of the full library Pitchfork uses Backbone.js to power its site-wide audio player, Pitchfork.tv, location routing, a write-thru page fragment cache, and more. Backbone.js (and Underscore.js) helps the team create clean and modular components, move very quickly, and focus on the site, not the spaghetti.


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Последние твиты от Backbone (@backbonegame). Noir roleplaying adventure about a raccoon detective in dystopian Vancouver, BC. Published by @rawfury. Experience free Prologue on Steam.. Backbone Studio Euforquestra - Soup, released 07 October 2009 1. Euforquestra - Melody Truck 2 Download high quality files for FREE from Backbone Studio recordings. Backbone Studio is a.. GET /books/ .... collection.fetch(); POST /books/ .... collection.create(); GET /books/1 ... model.fetch(); PUT /books/1 ... model.save(); DEL /books/1 ... model.destroy(); When fetching raw JSON data from an API, a Collection will automatically populate itself with data formatted as an array, while a Model will automatically populate itself with data formatted as an object: var ships = new Backbone.Collection; ships.on("add", function(ship) { alert("Ahoy " + ship.get("name") + "!"); }); ships.add([ {name: "Flying Dutchman"}, {name: "Black Pearl"} ]); Note that adding the same model (a model with the same id) to a collection more than once is a no-op. Our support team is the backbone of BombBomb. Chat live, swap emails, or talk on the phone to ensure your success

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0.5.1 — July 5, 2011 — Diff — Docs Cleanups from the 0.5.0 release, to wit: improved transparent upgrades from hash-based URLs to pushState, and vice-versa. Fixed inconsistency with non-modified attributes being passed to Model#initialize. Reverted a 0.5.0 change that would strip leading hashbangs from routes. Added contains as an alias for includes. How does Backbone relate to "traditional" MVC? Different implementations of the Model-View-Controller pattern tend to disagree about the definition of a controller. If it helps any, in Backbone, the View class can also be thought of as a kind of controller, dispatching events that originate from the UI, with the HTML template serving as the true view. We call it a View because it represents a logical chunk of UI, responsible for the contents of a single DOM element. Подбор аккордов для песни Kaleo Backbone With over 15 million members and 120 million publications, ResearchGate is the best way to connect with your peers and discover research

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Перевод слова backbone, американское и британское произношение, транскрипция, словосочетания, однокоренные слова, примеры использования attributesview.attributes A hash of attributes that will be set as HTML DOM element attributes on the view's el (id, class, data-properties, etc.), or a function that returns such a hash. When called, if a route succeeds with a match for the current URL, Backbone.history.start() returns true. If no defined route matches the current URL, it returns false. unshiftcollection.unshift(model, [options]) Add a model at the beginning of a collection. Takes the same options as add.

Install bower install backbone.api.facebook Dependencies Facebook JS: all Usage The plugin will try to create a global namespace Facebook that will host all the Models/Views/Collections mirrored from Backbone.API.Facebookvar DocumentView = Backbone.View.extend({ events: { "dblclick" : "open", "click .icon.doc" : "select", "contextmenu .icon.doc" : "showMenu", "click .show_notes" : "toggleNotes", "click .title .lock" : "editAccessLevel", "mouseover .title .date" : "showTooltip" }, render: function() { this.$el.html(this.template(this.model.attributes)); return this; }, open: function() { window.open(this.model.get("viewer_url")); }, select: function() { this.model.set({selected: true}); }, ... }); undelegateEventsundelegateEvents() Removes all of the view's delegated events. Useful if you want to disable or remove a view from the DOM temporarily. slicecollection.slice(begin, end) Return a shallow copy of this collection's models, using the same options as native Array#slice. 0.1.2 — Oct 19, 2010 — Diff — Docs Added a Model#fetch method for refreshing the attributes of single model from the server. An error callback may now be passed to set and save as an option, which will be invoked if validation fails, overriding the "error" event. You can now tell backbone to use the _method hack instead of HTTP methods by setting Backbone.emulateHTTP = true. Existing Model and Collection data is no longer sent up unnecessarily with GET and DELETE requests. Added a rake lint task. Backbone is now published as an NPM module.

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new Book({ title: "One Thousand and One Nights", author: "Scheherazade" }); In rare cases, if you're looking to get fancy, you may want to override constructor, which allows you to replace the actual constructor function for your model. ws.navigate('fbid/me', true); We can see that this would match the first route and call the index function and pass the string ‘me’. Here is the index function in our router: eventsview.events or view.events() The events hash (or method) can be used to specify a set of DOM events that will be bound to methods on your View through delegateEvents. Underscore Methods (46) Backbone proxies to Underscore.js to provide 46 iteration functions on Backbone.Collection. They aren't all documented here, but you can take a look at the Underscore documentation for the full details… view.listenTo(model, 'change', view.render); stopListeningobject.stopListening([other], [event], [callback]) Tell an object to stop listening to events. Either call stopListening with no arguments to have the object remove all of its registered callbacks ... or be more precise by telling it to remove just the events it's listening to on a specific object, or a specific event, or just a specific callback.

getmodel.get(attribute) Get the current value of an attribute from the model. For example: note.get("title") If the server has already rendered the entire page, and you don't want the initial route to trigger when starting History, pass silent: true. By default returns the value of the attributes' idAttribute from the collection's model class or failing that, id. If your collection uses a model factory and those models have an idAttribute other than id you must override this method. A Collection helps you deal with a group of related models, handling the loading and saving of new models to the server and providing helper functions for performing aggregations or computations against a list of models. Aside from their own events, collections also proxy through all of the events that occur to models within them, allowing you to listen in one place for any change that might happen to any model in the collection. var bill = new Backbone.Model({ name: "Bill Smith" }); bill.on("change:name", function(model, name) { alert("Changed name from " + bill.previous("name") + " to " + name); }); bill.set({name : "Bill Jones"}); previousAttributesmodel.previousAttributes() Return a copy of the model's previous attributes. Useful for getting a diff between versions of a model, or getting back to a valid state after an error occurs.

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Calling save with new attributes will cause a "change" event immediately, a "request" event as the Ajax request begins to go to the server, and a "sync" event after the server has acknowledged the successful change. Pass {wait: true} if you'd like to wait for the server before setting the new attributes on the model. 37Signals chose Backbone.js to create the calendar feature of its popular project management software Basecamp. The Basecamp Calendar uses Backbone.js models and views in conjunction with the Eco templating system to present a polished, highly interactive group scheduling interface. The MC is Aputure's first light to include full Hue, Saturation, & Intensity (HSI) color control. Unlike traditional RGB, the Aputure MC isn't just a light that relies on Red, Green, and Blue LEDs var Library = Backbone.Collection.extend({ model: Book }); var nypl = new Library; var othello = nypl.create({ title: "Othello", author: "William Shakespeare" }); mixinBackbone.Collection.mixin(properties) mixin provides a way to enhance the base Backbone.Collection and any collections which extend it. This can be used to add generic methods (e.g. additional Underscore Methods). Backbone Name Meaning. Historically, surnames evolved as a way to sort people into groups - by occupation Many of the modern surnames in the dictionary can be traced back to Britain and Ireland

We have released Backbone: Prologue back in April as a standalone 1-hour introduction to the world of Backbone. It allowed us to gather an immense amount of valuable feedback and became one of.. var Note = Backbone.Model.extend({ set: function(attributes, options) { Backbone.Model.prototype.set.apply(this, arguments); ... } }); preinitializenew Model([attributes], [options]) For use with models as ES classes. If you define a preinitialize method, it will be invoked when the Model is first created, before any instantiation logic is run for the Model. Catalog of Events Here's the complete list of built-in Backbone events, with arguments. You're also free to trigger your own events on Models, Collections and Views as you see fit. The Backbone object itself mixes in Events, and can be used to emit any global events that your application needs. Render the UI as you see fit. Backbone is agnostic as to whether you use Underscore templates, Mustache.js, direct DOM manipulation, server-side rendered snippets of HTML, or jQuery UI in your render function. Sometimes you'll create a view for each model ... sometimes you'll have a view that renders thousands of models at once, in a tight loop. Both can be appropriate in the same app, depending on the quantity of data involved, and the complexity of the UI. Backbone PouchDB Sync Adapter. Getting Started. You can use backbone-pouch on the server with node or in the browse

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What does collapsed backbone actually mean? Find out inside PCMag's comprehensive tech and A network configuration that provides a backbone in a centralized location, to which all subnetworks are.. Generally speaking, when calling a function that emits an event (model.set, collection.add, and so on...), if you'd like to prevent the event from being triggered, you may pass {silent: true} as an option. Note that this is rarely, perhaps even never, a good idea. Passing through a specific flag in the options for your event callback to look at, and choose to ignore, will usually work out better. In rich web applications, we still want to provide linkable, bookmarkable, and shareable URLs to meaningful locations within an app. Use the Router to update the browser URL whenever the user reaches a new "place" in your app that they might want to bookmark or share. Conversely, the Router detects changes to the URL — say, pressing the "Back" button — and can tell your application exactly where you are now. A View is an atomic chunk of user interface. It often renders the data from a specific model, or number of models — but views can also be data-less chunks of UI that stand alone. Models should be generally unaware of views. Instead, views listen to the model "change" events, and react or re-render themselves appropriately. A route of "file/*path" will match #file/folder/file.txt, passing "folder/file.txt" to the action.

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Backbone doesn't include direct support for nested models and collections or "has many" associations because there are a number of good patterns for modeling structured data on the client side, and Backbone should provide the foundation for implementing any of them. You may want to… "sortBy" comparator functions take a model and return a numeric or string value by which the model should be ordered relative to others. "sort" comparator functions take two models, and return -1 if the first model should come before the second, 0 if they are of the same rank and 1 if the first model should come after. Note that Backbone depends on the arity of your comparator function to determine between the two styles, so be careful if your comparator function is bound. Definition of Collapsed Backbone in the Financial Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and Meaning of Collapsed Backbone as a finance term. What does Collapsed Backbone mean in finance

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$(function(){ new WorkspaceRouter(); new HelpPaneRouter(); Backbone.history.start({pushState: true}); }); Backbone.sync Backbone.sync is the function that Backbone calls every time it attempts to read or save a model to the server. By default, it uses jQuery.ajax to make a RESTful JSON request and returns a jqXHR. You can override it in order to use a different persistence strategy, such as WebSockets, XML transport, or Local Storage. Illustration about Human backbone illustration. X-ray style. Human backbone. Royalty-Free Illustration. Download preview Backbone That is it for this view. When we call a new lofNotLoggedInView it will automatically show up in the lofHeader div. Äireet haastattelee Backbone MCtä Tampereella. Pojat tykkäävät meistä, libressestä ja Peppi pitkätossusta. Poikien harrastuksena on mopoilu työn ohessa..

var Book = Backbone.Model.extend({urlRoot : '/books'}); var solaris = new Book({id: "1083-lem-solaris"}); alert(solaris.url()); parsemodel.parse(response, options) parse is called whenever a model's data is returned by the server, in fetch, and save. The function is passed the raw response object, and should return the attributes hash to be set on the model. The default implementation is a no-op, simply passing through the JSON response. Override this if you need to work with a preexisting API, or better namespace your responses. Note that fetch should not be used to populate collections on page load — all models needed at load time should already be bootstrapped in to place. fetch is intended for lazily-loading models for interfaces that are not needed immediately: for example, documents with collections of notes that may be toggled open and closed. modelcollection.model([attrs], [options]) Override this property to specify the model class that the collection contains. If defined, you can pass raw attributes objects (and arrays) and options to add, create, and reset, and the attributes will be converted into a model of the proper type using the provided options, if any. urlcollection.url or collection.url() Set the url property (or function) on a collection to reference its location on the server. Models within the collection will use url to construct URLs of their own.


Batch operations on Models are common, but often best handled differently depending on your server-side setup. Some folks don't mind making individual Ajax requests. Others create explicit resources for RESTful batch operations: /notes/batch/destroy?ids=1,2,3,4. Others tunnel REST over JSON, with the creation of "changeset" requests: I am back to finally finish this off. We are going to dive into Backbone and how we use it to create this application. I want to note up front that this is not a great tutorial for Backbone. The reason being is that I don’t use any of the model aspects of Backbone. I use it for event binding and creating views. In this context it makes sense as our model is Facebook. Another thing to note is that this uses Backbone version 0.5.3 when as of right now it is at version 0.9. It looks like it should work after being upgraded, but I haven’t tested it yet. Well let’s get started. Facebook provides animated emoji reactions to posts. Reactions do not correspond to specific emojis in the Unicode standard, but approximate these characters: Like — Thumbs Up

WordPress.com is the software-as-a-service version of WordPress. It uses Backbone.js Models, Collections, and Views in its Notifications system. Backbone.js was selected because it was easy to fit into the structure of the application, not the other way around. Automattic (the company behind WordPress.com) is integrating Backbone.js into the Stats tab and other features throughout the homepage. var Sidebar = Backbone.Model.extend({ promptColor: function() { var cssColor = prompt("Please enter a CSS color:"); this.set({color: cssColor}); } }); window.sidebar = new Sidebar; sidebar.on('change:color', function(model, color) { $('#sidebar').css({background: color}); }); sidebar.set({color: 'white'}); sidebar.promptColor(); extendBackbone.Model.extend(properties, [classProperties]) To create a Model class of your own, you extend Backbone.Model and provide instance properties, as well as optional classProperties to be attached directly to the constructor function. Facebook.set({ appId: 345644234546, uri: namespace }); Common Backbone.js conventions apply using the Facebook namespace. var friends = new Facebook.Collections.Friends(

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1.waiting for a woman 2.cut me some slack 3.liberty lane 4.I see you're in some trouble 5.backing off 6.I wanna run away with you 7.backbone 8.better take.. var Notes = Backbone.Collection.extend({ url: '/notes' }); // Or, something more sophisticated: var Notes = Backbone.Collection.extend({ url: function() { return this.document.url() + '/notes'; } }); parsecollection.parse(response, options) parse is called by Backbone whenever a collection's models are returned by the server, in fetch. The function is passed the raw response object, and should return the array of model attributes to be added to the collection. The default implementation is a no-op, simply passing through the JSON response. Override this if you need to work with a preexisting API, or better namespace your responses. 0 fashion stock video clips in 4K and HD for creative projects. Plus, explore over 11 million high-quality video and footage clips in every category. Sign up for free today Facebook Download Backbone stock videos at the best footage agency with millions of premium high quality, royalty-free stock videos, footages and clips at reasonable prices

RT @NewYorker: Before any plants were taller than three feet, and before any animal with a backbone had made it out of the water, https://t.co/vPmkwRPEAs shiftcollection.shift([options]) Remove and return the first model from a collection. Takes the same options as remove.

Comparing the overall structure of Backbone to a server-side MVC framework like Rails, the pieces line up like so: 0.2.0 — Oct 25, 2010 — Diff — Docs Instead of requiring server responses to be namespaced under a model key, now you can define your own parse method to convert responses into attributes for Models and Collections. The old handleEvents function is now named delegateEvents, and is automatically called as part of the View's constructor. Added a toJSON function to Collections. Added Underscore's chain to Collections. Backbone Lyrics. [Verse 1] Hold the line, yeah Do you fight for pride or glory? Do you hold your scars close to [Bridge] Oh, oh You've got your back against the wall Say, where's your backbone, brother Listen to BACKBONE feat. NAIKA MC, MC CARDZ, 呂布カルマ & RITTO in full in the Spotify app A single-event version of delegateEvents is available as delegate. In fact, delegateEvents is simply a multi-event wrapper around delegate. A counterpart to undelegateEvents is available as undelegate.

Spin pulls in the latest news stories from their internal API onto their site using Backbone models and collections, and a custom sync method. Because the music should never stop playing, even as you click through to different "pages", Spin uses a Backbone router for navigation within the site. this.el can be resolved from a DOM selector string or an Element; otherwise it will be created from the view's tagName, className, id and attributes properties. If none are set, this.el is an empty div, which is often just fine. An el reference may also be passed in to the view's constructor.

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Feel comfortable with Node.js and want to build web applications? Then you will find my other video series useful. It is named Building Complex Express Sites with Redis and Socket.io MetaLab used Backbone.js to create Flow, a task management app for teams. The workspace relies on Backbone.js to construct task views, activities, accounts, folders, projects, and tags. You can see the internals under window.Flow. var Library = Backbone.Collection.extend({ model: Book }); A collection can also contain polymorphic models by overriding this property with a constructor that returns a model.

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