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  1. This will require you having a familiarity with how long it takes you to get from one Eclipse to the next so that you’re not re-applying unnecessarily. You can calculate cast times, but your best bet is to go out there and practice with it until you can reasonably predict it 90% of the time.
  2. Note: You can cast single-target and maintain Solar Eclipse by casting Starfire. Because Starfire only moves the bar towards Solar, it will allow you to sit there indefinitely. You don’t want to do this for too long, though; as casting Starfire on a single target during the wrong Eclipse is a dps loss.
  3. Just giving us less haste through talents would be an okay short-term band-aid fix. They could change Celestial Focus to give a PvP survivability buff, and compensate for the damage loss in other ways (much to the grumbling of the resto druids who wanted to pick up this talent to help off-set the GotEM nerf). This is probably the best place to make a change for 3.3, and it would essentially just raise the gearing cap for haste by 3% – so it would be a temporary band-aid fix at best, but a band-aid fix for 3.3 may be all that we really need at this point.

Greetings my fellow MMOwned peeps Today I Will be teaching you all how to play the best spec in wow, boomkin. There are three sections to the guide, Stats, Spec,Rotation If your DoTs are going to fall off during an Eclipse, perfect. Re-apply them. If they are going to fall off between Eclipses, you’ll need to re-apply just before you leave the Eclipse you’re currently in, even if they have time left on them. Chính sách bảo hành, nâng cấp

HASTE: Haste is by far your NUMBER ONE secondary stat as balance druid it effects your *DoTs* and the base cast time Beck to Haste: As a boomkin, you have to look out for certain haste breakpoints You don’t have to (and shouldn’t) wait for an Eclipse to cast Starsurge. However, if you’re just a cast away from entering an Eclipse when Shooting Stars procs or Starsurge comes off cooldown, go ahead and cast Wrath/Starfire, hit the Eclipse, and then cast Starsurge.

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Lean Hub. Cruzin Cap Website. Puka Patch Website. RAT Grips Website Hey i was just wondering if u have any idead about improving my dps i sit at 14k but guild rekons i should be doing 18 k hees my armoury cheers http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/dreadmaul/animallity/advanced Haste Breakpoints for Tankadins. Posted on November 21, 2012 by Theck. Mists of Pandaria has introduced protection paladins everywhere to a brave new world in which haste is a useful stat Do you do a lot of utility-type spells? Interrupts with Solar Beam, Roots, bandaging, healing? If you do and you’re not practiced at minimizing dps down time while you’re handling whatever else you’re doing, it might affect your dps. Double check your rotation, too. Are your DoTs ticking to their full extent? Are you Starsurging every time it’s off cooldown, even if Shooting Stars hasn’t procced yet? Boomkin definition, bumpkin2. See more. Word Origin for boomkin. C17: from Dutch boomken, from boom tree; see beam, -kin

Leverage. sponsored. Market Cap. $162,001,765 USD 18,305 BTC. Market Cap. $162,001,765 USD. 24 Hour Volume So…after witnessing a shadow priest do 7.4k DPS (yes…SINGLE TARGET) in Onyxia 25 I started thinking. Yes…I know…its dangerous and you all smell somthing burning.The best fix for this problem, after reading everyone’s feedback from that thread would be to change Nature’s Grace to just give less haste, so that we have a higher haste cap before Wrath clips the GCD. However, we can’t change Nature’s Grace in patch 3.3 for obvious reasons, as Ghostcrawler points out: Our pugilistic platformer is now available for Nintendo Switch™ ! Pickup and play solo on the go, grab a friend and play co-op with two Joy-Cons™, or dock your Switch and experience all the thrills from the..

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  1. Boomkin and Bumpkin are synonymous, and they have mutual synonyms. Defintions of Boomkin not found. Bumpkin and boomkin are semantically related
  2. They buffed Eclipse so much over the last year that there’s no way to get around using it right now. We’re stuck with it as a good part of our rotation until Cacalysm hits and we find a way to get rid of it.
  3. Download. woman wearing academic cap and dress selective focus photography
  4. Haste. Attribute. Decreases skill/cast speed by ~0.02 seconds per point
  5. g a nightmare, it’ll work for now.
  6. g it ray. my dps is the same in lfr or dummy. sometimes if i get lucky and lust and all cool down at the start i can hit 110k - 130k for a few sec. then it bottoms out at aroud 40 - 55k for the rest of the fight. also i have done all my reforging, gems and enchats off of ask mr robot.

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Add to Favourites. Comment. boomkin “The mathy type people say that Intellect is valued slightly higher than hit right now, but from my perspective, they seem about equal.” 19 Boomkin. show more tags. Boomkin is viable for sure. In this video, I just dueled a 19 warrior and let him bandage up when I was about to blow him up Rate my Boomkin. Discussion in 'Rate-A-Twink' started by Mrcer, Jan 9, 2014. Share This Page. If not, battle healer's cloak would hit cap you and give you 1 more int and stam but 4 less haste Find GIFs with the latest and newest hashtags! Search, discover and share your favorite Boomkins GIFs. The best GIFs are on GIPHY

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  1. Best free world of warcraft server, PVP/PVE/Haste/Custom Server, 3.3.5a. Since 2017
  2. ate Eclipe and wrath altogether. Simply push the cast time of Starfire so low that you only use a MF/SF rotation with Glyphs of Starfire and Moonfire. This also works well with the Idol of Lunar Fury and the higher Tier gear which procs crits on moonfire and increases Starfire (and wrath for that matter) damage with set bonuses.
  3. We found at least 10 Websites Listing below when search with boomkin haste cap legion on Search Engine
  4. Easy. Put in a glpyh that doubles the *base* cast time for wrath, increase the spell damage a little, and the base cast time increase would help it scale with gear because the coefficient would be better. That way the PvE folks get the damage, the PvP folks get the short cast time, and everybody’s happy except the poor guy at Blizzard who has to make the new glyph.
  5. or glyphs are completely a matter of preference, but Unburdened Rebirth is the most useful. After that, choose two of the following: Glyph of Typhoon, Glyph of Dash, Glyph of Mark of the Wild.

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I would think it may have to do with your ilvl. My current talents are 1,1,3,2,3,3. Here’s the breakdown of what I do in SoO: Does anyone have a good macro or two for a boomkin in 5.4? I am currently using two that i found I'm not hit capped atm (duh me) but im stacking alot of haste. If i may ask, are you button mashing or.. Skullcap or skull cap may refer to: Beanie (seamed cap). Biretta, forming part of some clerical, academic or legal dress. Calotte (Belgium), a skullcap worn by students at catholic universities in Belgium. Jeep cap. Kippah or yarmulke, worn by Jewish men

The picture above is a cross over from my Pre-Cataclysm post and does not reflect my current gear or stats. You can check out the armory to see where I’m at now. I understand that boomkin aura was changed to +2 or 3 percent haste at all times, Cool! this way it us Mulitboxing shamman teams can use a boomkin and not waste elemental oat boomkin. synonyms - similar meaning - 10

This is another viable option. We could just “deal” with it for Icecrown Citadel, and wait for a whole new revamp to take care of the problem. We’ll get at least 1 new balance DPS spell for our PvE rotation (because they would have to do that to “fix” a lot of our problems), they could make us less reliant on Wrath for PvE, they could revamp the whole talent tree to give us less haste but still keep us viable. They could easily change Nature’s Grace at that point along with the dozens of other changes, so we won’t even notice the loss. With the other Cataclysm stat & talent system changes, it will be really easy to compensate for any re-balancing that has to be done to make haste a more attractive stat for us. hasteの 品詞ごとの意味や使い方. 名詞 不可算名詞としての意味・使い方 【語源】としての意味 hasteの 学習レベル. レベル:4英検:2級以上の単語学校レベル:高校3年以上の水準TOEIC® L&Rス.. If youre a troll druid with the racial at the end as well. I don’t have the trinkets in mine because they are proc trinkets. Most other stuff i use manually like pots and what not so i can control the use. Hope this helps //www.ixbt.com/live/digs/hidizs-sonata-hd-dac-cable-ii---prokachaem-smartfon-bez-vydelennogo-cap.html «Высокие задраны и искажены сверх всякой меры I’m not sure exactly what is meant by this statement, but I think it’s easy to misunderstand. Of course, you want to have hit cap, which is 17%, and since spirit gives mana regen, it’s better than hit (although hit also gives melee hit, which helps Treant dps).

Ahh kk ty is 10 dps steady good for my boomy armory me my name is, tránsfòrmer, btw just got the feetI can’t stress enough that if you want to be truly competitive, you need to read, read, read and learn to maximize Eclipse. It is the single largest source of our DPS. Love it or hate it, we have to use it. Understanding Eclipse, managing it, and playing to it is priority 1. Recipe for Haste Potion: Water Bottle + Nether Wart > Blaze Powder > Sugar >Redstone >Glowstone Dust You start off with a regular Awkward Potion. Adding a Blaze Powder to the mix, you make a.. As for the Int vs. Spirit thing, I wonder if you’re saying not to bother with hit cap, and just to go with Int, or if you’re saying spirit/hit to cap is a top priority, then if you’re capped, Int is the best choice, or if you’re saying something different. I just found that a little ambiguous. This page will extract the information needed from your (p)cap dump to convert it to a .hccapx file, a.k.a cap2hccapx

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  1. Boomkin, Kota Cimahi. 818 likes. Funny Channel. See more of Boomkin on Facebook
  2. cap-that.com. Home. TV Shows
  3. ray that is not always up to 55k in the macro moon hangs Starfire never ending cast it stays near the end. do not know how to fix it?
  4. GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Sign up. Converts hashcat .hccapx files back to .cap files
  5. Capin Tub Tubs. cap in your ass. Capio. Capistrano Beach. Cap-it. capitaholic. capitain hook
  6. g. by redNbach. 1:05:05

Elitist Jerks > Druids > [Balance] Cataclysm 4.3 WoW Insider: Shifting Perspectives Gray Matter The Moonkin Repository On the web and in a mobile app. Manage your operational workflows. Used in over 100 countries. Send custom surveys. Set up longitudinal forms. REDCapCon Brazil. Stats interface inside; export outside Pen Cap Chew Lyrics. [Chorus] Mmmm, lies again Mmmm, lies Mmmm, lies again Mmmm, lies Pen Cap Chew was one of the original band names for Nirvana. The eponymous song was recorded on..

Currently on 18% so I'm curious if there's a soft haste cap

Best boomkin memes - popular memes on the site ifunny.co. Every day updated. #boomkin memes. 41 results found Skill Capped is the leading World of Warcraft PVP instructional videos, articles. Vita-Charged Titanshard - great alternative to help you reach the necessary haste soft cap of 34% if needed Nature’s Grace is a proc, ie cannot be triggered on demand and spikes haste. This causes problems for both moonkin and trees. Moonkin get a spike which caps the haste they can gear to and adds even more DPS variance. HoTs can’t crit, so trees only benefit on their second or third consecutive direct heal.Sorry it took so long for me to get back with you; this week has been a little harried! Hope this helps! If you have any other questions, feel free to drop me a line at druidambermist (at) gmail (dot) com!

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  1. What about a macro for your buffs and trinkets do you have one of those that you use before you fight?
  2. Okay, so for the last couple days, I've been following Murmur's post in the damage dealing forum about haste & wrath. The problem has a couple layers: Wrath has
  3. Cola Player - любимый напиток геймеров. Cuba cap - дым Кубы
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  6. Doubletop Spear Haste = Doubletop Spear + Red Soul Crystal - Stage 17 + Gemstone S - 1073

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Profil boomkin´<3. Kasası 15. Steam profili. Ice Cap (Minimal Wear). Glock-18. Weasel (Factory New) Boomkin qustion:D. 3 posts. Post Reply. hi iconfusd about my cirit and haste i just want to know should i keep my haste soft cap and raise cirit for nature's grace or of i should also raise my haste.. This druid has over a 6200GS in PVE boomkin gear[4piece sanct 264, as well as the BIS 277 Frozen Bonespike], and almost 6300GS in PVE resto gear. In the bank is an extra Sanctified token, so you..

Adjust your Haste stat weight to around 1.2 and your Mastery weight to about 0.9 (or whatever Wowanalyer gives you). This recommendation could change as we continue to explore the new spec Glyph of Starsurge is useful but  situational. Read up on it before you decide to choose it over Wrath. Hit cap for raids is 8% (263 rating). New hunters should aim for at least 5% (164 rating) to always hit level 80 mobs. 3% can be obtained from Focused Aim, another 1% from Draenei passive Heroic..

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Hi i was just let in to zandalari i have some bad gear but i just respecced from feral. Most of my gear was resto but i did 13k dps in feral but when i went balance i didnt even do 10k. I dont know why my dps dropped i just wanna know what i did wrong1. Open with Insect Swarm and Moonfire 2. Cast Starsurge 3. Cast Starfire until Solar Eclipse 4. Cast Wrath until Lunar Eclipse Kendash's Boomkin UI Version 1.2 Updated. Install instructions: Recommended Resolution is 1920x1080 Point 2: Yes, Starfall with Lunar Eclipse can be a gain, but this is a down-and-dirty guide to moonkin, and the gain is minimal enough that I didn’t think adding that to the basic rotation was necessary for this particular guide. I would hope that anyone wishing to go deeper with their Moonkin dps would follow the links to Elitist Jerks, Shifting Perspectives, and Gray Matter–because that’s where I go. Homescapes. Help Austin the butler bring warmth and comfort back to his wonderful family's mansion. Come on in - adventures await you from the moment you walk in the door

CAP-to-HCCAPX online converter page for WPA/WPA2. This site is using cap2hccapx from hashcat-utils for converting. It is intended for users who dont want to struggle with compiling from sources On a fight like Garrosh, I don’t cast my second potion until we have a reliable burn phase so I can stay still. I will wait however if I know we are going to hero and use my second potion in combination with Heroism + Incarnation and Celestial Alignment.I have around a 532 ilvl on my druid and im pushing around 180k dps with around 150k sustained with the same macro’s. I believe with boomies it’s gear dependent like several other class/specs

Make only 50% of haste affect wrath and convert the rest to SP or crit. The IS glyph is pretty dull so I don’t see a problem replacing that and compensating with the conversion rate.I am setting at ILVL 494 with 20% crit. pushing 45k-55k. with all cool-downs an pocks on the start i can hit 70k-73k, but only for a few seconds.Actually, it’s been repeatedly proven that the movement increase is the biggest boost to dps available for boots. Less time moving from one spot to another means more time dpsing. Remember, we’re dealing in incremental dps, and getting an extra Starfire off rather than spamming one more Moonfire while running into place is always going to be an increase. As a matter of fact, I’m guessing the reason that EJ and Graylo both chose this enchant is because the choices came down to which running speed increase would be better, and Mastery wins over Stamina every day of the week. Gloves of Haste. Cloak. Ring of Tarrasque

A gangster family epic set in 1919 Birmingham, England; centered on a gang who sew razor blades in the peaks of their caps, and their fierce boss Tommy Shelby Nerfing CF would indeed piss off the restos. Without CF I’d have to pick up Living Seed, which doesn’t affect RJ or WG. Mockups. Free Embroidery Cap Mockup (PSD). Caps

Haste is one of the three secondary stats that healers look at, and for resto druids is the most Unlike some other stats, our secondaries don't really have a hard cap. Haste is no different The best GIFs for boomkin. Share a GIF and browse these related GIF searches. wow alterac valley world of warcraft balance maiden

WrathCalcs/Rawr is seriously helpful in getting this exactly where you want it, but here are some guidelines:Okay, so for the last couple days, I’ve been following Murmur’s post in the damage dealing forum about haste & wrath. Drop caps are used in various media, including books, newspaper articles, documents, and webpages. Drop caps are used to add style or grab a reader's attention. For exampl

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Killing these players will give you a lot of Caps which, in turn, also make you a high bounty target. If your PVP skills are top-notch then you can make a lot of Caps using this method Also check your play style. Before I became a proficient strafer (and mouse-turner), my dps suffered more than it needed to during moving fights. Multi-dot where you can (dot everything in sight that you’re allowed to: i.e. Onyxia and Nefarian during P1 Nef, Theralion and Valiona, the Elemental Bosses in BoT, etc.).

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Nature’s Grace – 3/3 Starlight Wrath – 3/3 Nature’s Majesty – 2/2 Genesis – 3/3 Balance of Power – 2/2 Euphoria – 2/2 Moonkin Form – 1/1 Typhoon – 1/1 Shooting Stars – 2/2 Owlkin Frenzy – 2/3 Gale Winds – 2/2 Solar Beam – 1/1 Dreamstate – 2/2 Force of Nature – 1/1 Sunfire – 1/1 Earth and Moon – 1/1 Fungal Growth – 2/2 Starfall – 1/1[quote quote=10851]Ray what talents are you using? with 512 ilvl i can still only manage 80k with 55k sustained.[/quote] well I forgot to edit the above post. I’m able to do the above dps on the lvl 85 and 90 dummies so I apologize for that part. On the raiding test dummies i avg’d around 110k dps and spike at 130k dps. I was trying to take some screenshots, but, some hunters and ranged dps were perched on the roof of the shrine so I had a bit of difficulty lol.

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And, if you’re already raiding, Graylo’s raiding gear analysis is a useful tool for choosing upgrades: http://graymatterwow.blogspot.com/p/moonkin-raiding-gear-list-as-of_06.htmlI’m currently sitting at 536 ilvl with the talents Displacer Beast, Renewal, Typhoon, Force of Nature, Ursol’s Vortex, and Dream of Cenarius. I’m not hit capped atm (duh me) but im stacking alot of haste.There are only two mandatory ones, so you’re going to pick one of the following. Personally, I think you should choose from either Glyph of Focus or Glyph of Solar Beam to start out with. Haste sử dụng cực kì đơn giản, chỉ cần tải về và đăng nhập miễn phí là có thể sử dụng phần mềm này và vào chiến game bình thường. Pig LOL đang 333ms. Ngạc nhiên khi giảm còn 98ms trong chưa..

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Haste, Mastery, and Crit are your secondary stats, and Haste always comes above the other two, with Mastery coming in above Crit after that.Point 1: This isn’t about whether Intellect and Hit are the same thing. This is about how highly the stats are weighted. According to several sites (you can start with the list I provided in the post), Intellect is so powerful (for precisely the reasons you stated), that it might be weighted over Hit–basically that you would choose Intellect over Spirit/Hit (slash meaning “and/or’) in your gemming and enchanting. My personal opinion was that they are WEIGHTED about equally, not that they are identical stats.Cast Starsurge every time it comes off cooldown or when Shooting Stars procs, which removes its cooldown and makes it instant cast.If you’re just learning how to moonkin, focus on re-applying Insect Swarm and Moonfire/Sunfire when they fall off the target.Nature’s Grace Starlight Wrath Nature’s Majesty Genesis Balance of Power Euphoria Moonkin form Typhoon Shooting Stars Dreamstate Force of Nature Sunfire Earth and Moon Starfall

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is there haste cap for boomkins? right now my haste is 465 and i am not sure if i should add more haste or if thats perfect The Hunter Haste Soft Cap. Since haste is not an exact science like hit rating is, there is no hard cap for it. When a Hunter reaches 8% or above with their hit rating, then there is absolutely no value for.. We found at least 10 Websites Listing below when search with boomkin haste cap legion on Search Engine

Very simply, Intellect is our best stat. I see these as three categories: Intellect is in a class by itself. It’s the best. Spirit/Hit is also in a class by itself, because its value is necessary until you hit the cap, and then it’s useless. Sign me up! These problems could be addressed by converting it to an Illustration-like haste buff. There is some gameplay interest in maintaining the stack during slow periods and the total granted haste can be lower to compensate for presumed near-constant uptime.Also, timing Starfall with Lunar Eclipse can be a dps gain. And, I really wonder about your choice for boot enchants. Why lavawalker?

If you do want to work on a PvE-focused set, I recommend Murmurs’ pre-raid list from WoW Insider: http://wow.joystiq.com/2010/12/17/shifting-perspectives-balance-druid-pre-raid-gear-guide/ Important Note: Noobkin to Boomkin is a quickstart resource for moonkin raiding compiled from my Haste, Mastery, and Crit are your secondary stats, and Haste always comes above the other two..

Get the Conflict and Strife essence awarded for completing rated PvP battles. Weekly Conquest Cap. Get a powerful weekly PVP item depending on your rating Enchant Gloves - Minor Haste - Adds +1% haste. Very common and cheap materials (Large Radiant Shard x2, Wildvine x2)

I don’t see anything glaringly wrong in your armory. I would suggest not worry about the socket bonus on your belt (10 spirit/hit is easy to make up elsewhere, usually, and Intellect is valued slightly higher than Hit, anyway) and change the Reckless to a Brilliant, but that’s hardly going to make up 4k dps. noob boomkin. Konuyu açan: Karea, Ağustos 3, 2010 yeri: World Of WarCraft. soft crit cap : 1575,5 - (int/3) int armory deki intelligence.. soft haste cap: eger shaman warsa 401 eger shaman yoksa 585.. I prefer to use WrathCalcs (Rawr is also useful) to determine how to gem, enchant, and reforge before I lay down a bunch of gold or mats, but these can be used as general guidelines.Instead of re-applying DoTs just every time they fall off, you should try to re-apply while you’re in an Eclipse state. You need a timer for this, there’s no getting around it. See Add-Ons at the bottom for suggestions.Blue: If the socket bonus is less than +20 Intellect, Brilliant Inferno. If the socket bonus is +20 or greater, Purified Demonseye.

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Some info about the server. Cataclysm 406(for now) - Brand New server - Looking for Players and Staff - SkyfireEmu - Unique PVP - 2400 Haste Cap - Custom teleporting stone with new features No Problem. When I mentioned casting wrath and starfire I meant using my macros above. I have them named wrath and starfire respectively. I’ve added my burst macro and starfall macro. Cap Requests Game: PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. YouTube: Battlegrounds with HybridPanda - Boomkin.....BOOMKIN!!

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Note: Remember to check your professions and make sure that you don’t have a better gem option (JC’s) or enchanting option (Enchanters, Leatherworkers, etc.) for your items. Haste is a beneficial status effect that increases a character's speed (action speed, not movement). Benefiting characters experience reduced weapon delay and magic recast timers. March is a similar Song effect bestowed by Bards

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Making title capitalization easy. Automatically capitalize your email subjects, essay, headline, and article titles. Convert to Title Case, uppercase to lowercase, AP style, APA style, Chicago style, MLA style.. Yo i noticed that pre raid guide and i saw the hands but shudnt i get Flameboot Gloves or sumthin its a purple hand item from earthen ring quartermaster

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Haste, Haste là phần mềm giảm ping, giảm lag và giảm giật hiệu quả khi chơi game trên máy tính. Haste đặc biệt hữu ích khi chơi game nặng trên máy cấu hình thấp, kết nối mạng yếu, cho bạn trải.. We’d have to waste a major glyph slot for it, which would suck because that would end up lowering insect swarm’s damage…

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Boomkin परिभाषा: a short boom projecting from the deck of a ship, used to secure the main-brace blocks or... | अर्थ, उच्चारण, अनुवाद और उदाहरण I just think Lavawalker is a waste, since it’s only 35 mastery, and you could get 50 mastery (a cheaper enchant), if mastery was better than haste. The movement speed increase isn’t a dps increase at all. I’d go with +50 haste instead of either of the mastery ones (even if EJ says the mastery, cause that same post says Haste > Mastery… I don’t see how 35 mastery is better than 50 haste).That’s exactly the point being made–even if you’re not Hit capped, according to the mathy types, you should prioritize Intellect over Hit. Personally, I’m still stuck on the fact that if I’m missing the boss, I’m losing dps, which is why I see them as equal contenders.that could be the case. I used to just machine gun the key until i either broke the key or my finger couldn’t take the punishment anymore lol. with a any gaming keyboard you can set it up where you just hold it down and it spams the macro for you and you can set the macro and set up the macro key to spam the macro at around 20ms for the highend keyboards. this makes the abilities fire off much faster increasing your dps a bit. I tried the normal finger button mashing against my keyboard macro (I don’t have razer/logitech money so i have a cheap $30 keyboard) last night after taking the kids trick or treating and I noticed a huge difference in dps. If you really don’t want to invest in a keyboard, there is a program that’ll work as good as a gaming keyboard. I believe Michael Jackson wrote a post on it on here. you just may have to fish around for it Important Note: Noobkin to Boomkin is a quickstart resource for moonkin raiding compiled from my favorite sites and theorycrafters. You’ll find links to all of these sites at the bottom of this page. If you really want to be a competitive moonkin raider, you need to read them.

Keeps you at the GDC, but helps us during movement fights, and keeps haste important, so we can spam the spell but move at the same time? Could be a bit OP for PvP but we need some help there anyway. Boomkin i know this might sound stupid but……how about giving players the option of lowering stats like haste on their gear so they can overcome issues like this. this way you can adjust your haste so that wrath doesn’t clip the gcd.

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  • Lämpökamerakuvaus kuopio.
  • Virolaiset suomen vankiloissa.
  • Ilomantsi leirintäalue.
  • Ihmisten pituus keskiajalla.
  • Matti vanhanen merja vanhanen.
  • Oikea ystävä.
  • Keno voittaja.
  • Myydään nostopuomi.
  • Yksin matkustava nainen.