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Change OneDrive Folder Location in Windows 8.1. Open OneDrive folder from the left side of the File Explorer window as shown below. You can see current OneDrive folder location.Click on Move to change the folder location.Browse the new location,select it and click on Select Folder How to relocate OneDrive folder on Windows 10. If you want to use a different location to store your OneDrive folder without spending additional time and bandwidth to sync your files again, then use these steps: Click theOneDrive (cloud) icon in the taskbar 5. Next, you have to delete the executable file of the OneDrive. Go to your “Applications” folder.

I want to sync OneDrive for business but the C: drive does not have sufficient capacity. I can find instructions on how to change the folder location to my D drive. Please refer to the following article which described the steps to change the sync location of OneDrive for Busines That’s one way to download and install OneDrive, but you can also download it via your Mac App Store. I then created a new folder in the OneDrive app, which appeared a couple seconds later in the Mac's OneDrive folder. Office 365 applications have OneDrive baked in, too, as the default save location. This is pretty convenient when you want to work on a file at home that you started at work How to Sync a OneDrive Shared Folder to Your Local Computer? OneDrive is a cloud service offered by Microsoft, which allows you to create, store, and protect your files; share them with others, and access them from anywhere on all your devices - laptop, mobile, pc, etc

5. Click on “Anyone with the link can edit” and a “Share” box will appear. This is where you set an expiration date and a password if you so wish. 4. A “Send Link” box will open where you will be asked for the name or email address of the person to receive the file or files. Do that and proceed to the next step.

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Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage service has come a long way since the days of SkyDrive and Live Mesh. Now it comes built into Windows 10 and provides a liberal amount of storage space to save your Office files and other data. Microsoft first started making this OneDrive folder protection feature available to business users back in June, but it's now making its way to all regular You can enable the folder protection feature by going into OneDrive settings on Windows 10 and navigating to the Auto Save tab and hitting the.. OneDrive - ITI is OneDrive - Intelligent Technologies, Inc The properties box is for the OneDrive icon in the left folder browser pane. I did resolve the second issue this morning by checking the OneDrive folder location. I believe when the user was trying to restore backups, somehow 2.. 7. Choose the location for your OneDrive for Business folder (by default it will create it in the documents folder). 8. The next screen will confirm With sandboxing, the OneDrive app will access only the files it needs on your Mac. This means we need to ask you to confirm the location of your.. 4. Scroll down with your cursor and you’ll eventually see “OneDrive” among the list of active processes. There will most likely be two OneDrive items for you to kill: “OneDrive Finder Integration” and “OneDrive.”

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  1. Select Choose OneDrive Folder Location and choose where to store the files hosted in OneDrive. The default is at the top level of your home directory. Choose which folder(s) to sync. We recommend on your own Mac you sync all folders, if you have enough free space
  2. OneDrive only supports new installations on macOS 10.12 or newer. Information in this article applies to macOS Catalina (10.15) through macOS Sierra (10.12).
  3. ExpanDrive hooks into Spotlight Search on Mac and Windows file search. Quickly search your remote storage for whatever you're looking for. Easily access older versions of files on cloud storage backends that support versioning, including Box, Dropbox, S3, Google Drive, OneDrive and Sharepoint
  4. Note: You can upload the screenshots by clicking Use rich formatting in the forum and then clicking the icon of Insert Image.

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Adding files is as simple as copying or dragging them to the OneDrive folder or appropriate subfolder. After you put files in the OneDrive folder, you can access them from any Mac, PC, or mobile device that has OneDrive installed. You can also access the OneDrive folder from any computer or mobile device using the web interface. Accessing the floating files in the cloud is even easier, because you can do so from any computer or device via the OneDrive web interface; some devices even have versions of the OneDrive app, negating the need to access the web interface. Wondershare has done it again. The brains behind it have developed a software that’s capable of effectively recovering data which was lost in different ways, with special emphases on accidental data loss and formatting. Microsoft's OneDrive cloud storage service is a huge convenience because it keeps your files synced across devices and backed up onto the internet. However, depending on how much you store in it, your OneDrive folder could take up many Gigabytes. If you have a second storage drive in your system or even another partition, you may want to move the OneDrive folder to free up space. Here's how.The next hurdle is to choose a folder for synchronizing. No matter which folder is chosen OneDrive says (translated from danish):

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Once you take these 3 steps and launch OneDrive, it will run as if it’s a fresh install. You’ll have to type your details and set OneDrive up again, but you’ve already been taught how to do that, haven’t you? With NetDrive 3 now you can mount your drive on system boot time without . With this option you can use your remote storage with system services. Force refresh folder. You do not need to wait for folders refresh itself

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  1. If you are currently using OneDrive Mac Store App, you must uninstall this app in order to download the new 5) Select a location where you would like to download your data from your OneDrive and then click Choose this location. Click Open your OneDrive folder to see your files sync to your folder
  2. With macOS Catalina arriving on Macs, it's sure to be the case that you installed the updated only to regret it later. If you use Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive or any other form of cloud storage It's easy to forget that the files that live in your Dropbox folder, or example, are local files and that while..
  3. <!–Mar 16,2020 19:01 pm–> / Posted by <!–Sue Wayne–> to <!–Learn Mac Hacks–>
  4. By default, your OneDrive folder has 3 folders, namely Documents, Pictures and Shared with me. There are no restrictions in organizing your OneDrive OneDrive app for Mac can be rather useful iа you want to see version control. In case if you have shared files with your coworkers and made some..

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The safety of your files takes priority over anything else, so you need a storage service that’s secure as well affordable, which is why the focus of today will be on Mac OneDrive. Take a backseat for this one, Google Drive. OneDrive from Microsoft may seem like an odd choice for a Mac user to use to store data in the cloud, but there's no reason not to use it. Free OneDrive plans for users who don't subscribe to Office 365 include 5 GB of space. OneDrive Basic is a Microsoft free product for personal online storage purposes. Find out more in iCloud Review - Best Cloud Storage for Mac here. There's an encrypted folder where I suppose is all your files and folders stored inside will get encrypted but found no information on how that works

The OneDrive app makes copies of folders on OneDrive and places these copies on your machine. After it opens, the OneDrive icon appears on the Mac toolbar. Clicking the OneDrive icon opens a Open OneDrive folder: Opens the OneDrive folder so that you can see which folders are synced below is a screenshot of the text i wrote in english. the app appends "onedrive - kj consult v > karina johannessen" to the folder that is selected. Click Choose OneDrive Folder Location to select the folder that you will sync to OneDrive. Select a location for your OneDrive folder and then click Choose this location. OneDrive will create a OneDrive - Leland Stanford Junior University folder at this location OneDrive can be used along with other cloud-based storage services, including Apple's iCloud, Dropbox, and Google Drive. There's nothing to stop you from using all four and taking advantage of the free storage tiers offered by each service.Luckily, you can change where OneDrive saves your synced files. And that will allow you to save your data to a larger internal or external drive that you plan to keep connected to your PC.

Learn how to install OneDrive and sync your OneDrive files to your Mac OS X computer. To upload files to OneDrive automatically, just copy or move the files to your OneDrive folder using the Finder, or save them in your OneDrive folder from an app Using OneDrive is easy if you follow the appropriate steps. Is there any marked difference in how efficient OneDrive is between the Windows and Mac versions? No, none whatsoever at all. OneDrive for Mac comes with all the benefits of its Windows counterpart.

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If your OneDrive folder is in the default user home location you can get there by issuing cd ~/OneDrive after which you can issue the command above. The following instructions are only for the Standalone version of OneDrive (i.e. if you didn't get OneDrive for Mac via the Mac Store; if this is.. Click Choose OneDrive Folder Location on the welcome page. This will allow you to select a main folder on your computer to store and sync other folders and files to OneDrive

Solution 1: How to Download and Install OneDrive on Mac

4. Click on “Choose this location.” The app will create a new folder in the default folder you selected and name it “OneDrive.” Select which folders within Google Drive will sync automatically. Choose whether to have Google Drive launch every time your Mac starts up. Now, a Google Drive folder will be available in your Finder sidebar, so you can effortlessly share documents and files between your Mac and your cloud-enabled.. OneDrive can use geo-location data for photos uploaded to the service, and will automatically display a map of the tagged location. Microsoft Office, starting with Microsoft Office 2010 and Microsoft Office for Mac 2011, allows users to directly open or save documents to OneDrive, or simultaneously..

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See how to change the location of saved OneDrive files folder in Windows 10 to free up storage space. OneDrive is free online storage service offered by Microsoft and comes with your Microsoft account. Its deeply integrated into the latest version of Windows 10, where it allows you to save your.. We've tried creating a folder in the root (/) of the drive and setting user rights and full write permission without luck. You want to change the location of this Google Drive folder, right? In this article, I will show you how to do so, on both Windows and Mac. Here's how to move it to a different volume on Mac, or any location you want. Method 1: 1- Click the Backup & Sync icon on the menu bar Click Choose OneDrive Folder Location. Navigate to the where you want your OneDrive folder to be installed and click Choose a location. The This Is Your OneDrive Folder screen will reappear

4. Despite the type of web browser you are using, the next window to open up you will show you the default configuration for the OneDrive folder. At the bottom-left of the sidebar, you will see “Get the OneDrive apps”. Click on it. Why to sync local folders to OneDrive? As free online storage offered by Microsoft, OneDrive enjoys great popularity among Windows users. 2. On the This is your OneDrive folder screen, select Next to accept the default folder location for your OneDrive files. Tips: If you want to change the folder.. You have free 5GB of storage space, which can be upgraded if the need arises. The tool is also compatible with your Mac’s native cloud storage service, iCloud. Likewise, you can use it with other storage platforms, so it’s as versatile as it is simple to use.

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  1. OneDrive offers you 5GB for free, the same ridiculously small storage space..
  2. 3. Move your mouse cursor over to the particular folder or file you wish to download. A checkbox will appear at the top-right corner of the file or folder.
  3. Access SharePoint and OneDrive within the applications you already use. Easily edit Adobe, text, and all versions of Office. Box, S3, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and more can be accessed right from your Windows Explorer or Mac Finder
  4. If you enable this setting, the local OneDrive - {tenant name} folder location will default to the path that you specify in the OneDrive.admx file
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Microsoft's OneDrive cloud storage service is a huge convenience because it keeps your files synced across devices and backed up onto the internet. 7. Select the new location and click Move. If you're moving the folder to another drive, select the drive letter. Depending on the size of the folder, it may.. 3. Alternatively, you can launch the OneDrive app itself and see if there is an “Update” button you can click.

Mac OneDrive is just one of many internet-based storage platforms, but there are several reasons you should choose it instead of others. Choose the one you want and it will be the new location for your OneDrive, effectively changing your OneDrive main folder. Solution 5: How to Sync Folder on Mac.. The default folders in OneDrive are Pictures, Documents and Public, but you can add and name as many as you want. Copying files into OneDrive couldn’t have been easier too: Just copy or drag and dump everything into the folder and it will seamlessly be uploaded to the cloud. 5. Untick “Use Office 2016 to sync Office files that I open.” There, that should do it. The Office Upload cache system will no longer give your OneDrive sync any more trouble; it was the initial cause of the error, anyway. Select Choose location and then select the parent folder where you want the OneDrive folder to be located. In our example, we want to move it to an encrypted Enter your OneDrive email, password, but before you press Next to set up OneDrive at the default location, click the Change location lin

You can also access your OneDrive folder using a web browser. Browser-based access allows you to make use of the cloud-based storage on any computing platform you find yourself using without having to install the OneDrive app. You can also access OneDrive from your iPhone and iPad by downloading the OneDrive app for iOS devices. The initial setup for OneDrive involves getting a token from Microsoft which you need to do in your browser. rclone config walks you through it. Here is an example of how to make a remote called remote This folder will be synced in both directions, meaning if you add any files to this location on your PC, they will be added to your OneDrive cloud account As I mentioned earlier, this folder has a two-way sync feature, which makes it incredibly easy to upload files to your OneDrive cloud storage account Setting OneDrive up can be done two ways, and they are dependent on whether you have an account signed into OneDrive or not.

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6. A “Sync files from your OneDrive” dialogue box will open up. Untick all the folders you don’t want to be added to your Mac. The folders you don’t untick have automatically been added to OneDrive. You don’t have to worry much about your OneDrive breaking down in mid-use, but there’s a possibility that could still happen for any number of reasons. There are steps you can take to get it back in top shape again, though, and they’ve been listed out for you below. Happy reading.

Folder redirection to OneDrive with KFM. Ask Question. Most of these places have Folder Redirection/Offline Files in place already with (for example) the NOTE: if you simply assign your users new GPO and redirect network files to local disk, then OS itself would move files to new location It can't seem to find the OneDrive folder location. And I'm using the Office 365 version. Does not work on my MacBook Air 2018 even after trying that fix. I am using Office 365 version of OneDrive. I also tried Mac App Store version of OneDrive, and the May 29th version right off Microsoft's site and.. 4. Navigate to and select the OneDrive folder. Unless you moved it previously, it is probably directly under your C:\Users\[your username]\ (ex: C:\Users\Avram) folder. You can get there either by clicking through your C drive or entering the folder name in your address bar. Get OneDrive on all of your devices and access your photos, videos, documents and more Latest check. 2 days ago. Server location. Store photos and docs online. Access them from any PC, Mac or phone. Create and work together on Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents

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Then unlink OneDrive from your PC. The screen to sign back into OneDrive will come up, but ignore that for now. OneDrive gives you access to your most important files from all your devices. In fact, you can even access your OneDrive files from your Mac if you need to. Hit the Location tab and notice the folder path in the text box points to your local machine 3. Log into the website above with your newly-created Microsoft Live ID by clicking on “Sign In.” It’s located at the top-right part of the window. The OneDrive folder is available by default in Windows 10, and if you are using OneDrive it must be taking some space on your hard drive. Before you move the OneDrive folder, you must unlink your Microsoft account so it can sync files from the new location when you re-link Though you can access your Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive documents from the Files app in iOS 11, you can also just migrate everything directly into iCloud Drive Dropbox automatically creates a Favorites shortcut in the sidebar of your Finder window, so you can drag and drop files on your Mac

1. This error message entails problems when you try to sync Office files. Click on the “OneDrive” cloud icon you see on your Mac’s menu bar. After you have the folder moved to its new spot, sign back into OneDrive. While going through the setup wizard, you can change the location of your save folder. With the influx of cloud-based storage services like MEGA, Google Drive, iCloud and pCloud over the years, it can be quite daunting to decide on which of them to use. To be frank, it can be pretty frustrating, because all of them claim to be the best at what they do. Well, it’s time to find out. 7. You will see a prompt asking you to “Quit” or “Force Quit” the highlighted items. Click on “Quit”, but if it fails to close the items, try “Force Quit.”

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Laptop Mag is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Visit our corporate site.Next, open File Explorer and select your OneDrive folder. Use the Move to button under the Home tab on the Ribbon to place it in a new location.For instance, you can upload your music collection to OneDrive and play it back via Groove Music. However, you don’t need to sync those files to your local drive.Whether you're first starting with investing or are a seasoned trader, Personal Capital has something for everyone. Here's a look at the...

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OneDrive now syncs your Windows 10 folders to the cloud, and here's how to set up the feature 2. On the welcome window of the app, you will see “Choose OneDrive Folder Location” to the bottom right. Click on it. 2. Click on “Update” in the toolbar. If there’s an update for your OneDrive, you’ll see it here.

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Download & Install OneDrive for Mac. Start OneDrive by pressing cmd+Space to launch a Spotlight query and type OneDrive. On the This is your OneDrive folder page, click Choose OneDrive Folder Location. Select a location where you would like to save your OneDrive files and click Choose this.. It’s arguable if anyone can truly explore the full potential of Recoverit because it has so much going for it. Give it a go and see what all the hype is about. You’ll be glad you did. Alternatively, press Command+Spacebar, search for the App Store, then click it when it appears in the search results. If you have downloaded the OneDrive Mac app but don't use it, you should uninstall it so that it does not take up useless disk space on your Mac. Then you need to delete the OneDrive executable file. Go to the Applications folder in the Finder, call the context menu and select Move to Trash

OneDrive is Microsoft's cloud service for storing and sharing files. You can store business documents, presentations, pictures, videos, your You can share anything from OneDrive using the OneDrive app for Windows, iOS, Android and so on. However, you can also share stuff from the OneDrive website.. 6. You might be asked to save the download in zip format. Select a location to save it to and the files will then be downloaded. The time it takes for them to be downloaded depends on size and internet speed, of course.    Volume UUID:              CE9B9DD5-DF60-3C93-A17E-FD76C08E721A Select the desired location for your OneDrive folder by browsing with the File Browse dialog. Review and confirm that the selected OneDrive folder location that was selected in the previous step and click Next to proceed with the setup

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7. Select the new location and click Move. If you're moving the folder to another drive, select the drive letter.2. Click the Unlink OneDrive button under the Account tab. A screen appears, but you should ignore it for now.

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Download and install on Windows, MAC, LINUX, or NAS platforms. Access advanced GoodSync features free for the first 30 days. Locate the files you like to backup or synchronize and select their destination. GoodSync supports all major protocols and cloud services Select 'Choose OneDrive Folder Location'. Your OneDrive folder will display in your home folder Don't change this location. You will be shown options for syncing your OneDrive folders to your To sync your OneDrive folders with your Mac: Select the OneDrive cloud icon in the menu bar at the.. Part 2. Remove OneDrive on Mac Using a Mac Uninstaller. Most of the related files are hidden in the sub-folders of the system library and it takes Open Applications folder from Finder. Locate the OneDrive app and right-click on it and choose Show Package Contents. Go to Contents and then..

we already tried the "untitled folder" creation in / from finder, and choosing it in the onedrive app without luck. How to Add or Remove PCs with OneDrive Desktop App from OneDrive SkyDrive is now called OneDrive instead. This tutorial will show you how to add or remove PCs from OneDrive to be able to access the files and folders of that Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8 PC online at OneDrive.com from.. Problem solved. Actually, you need to have OneDrive turn up on the right pane so you can select it and then Move To lights up. Otherwise it won’t (I was looking at the quick access on left). Copy the OneDrive Folder to New Location. Make sure you don't move it, Moving might cause OneDrive app to crash. Now go to OneDrive Preferences and Unlink Account. One Drive will ask you to re- to your account. Enter you One Drive User Name and Password and Click Next Tech support scams are an industry-wide issue where scammers trick you into paying for unnecessary technical support services. You can help protect yourself from scammers by verifying that the contact is a Microsoft Agent or Microsoft Employee and that the phone number is an official Microsoft global customer service number. 

OneDrive needs an internet connection to sync files and work properly, obviously, so any drop in internet connection could lead to an error of sorts. If you don’t want to move the OneDrive folder location, another thing to consider is changing the folders you’re syncing to your PC. MacOS-OneDrive-KFM (Known Folder Move). Microsoft OneDrive has a super great feature (for Windows) called Known Folder Move. This redirects the Desktop, Documents, and Pictures folders to your OneDrive folder If you already have a personal OneDrive account set up on your Mac, you can link your Stanford account to it. See Change your preferences. My Desktop OneDrive shows two folders: One that syncs my files and folders from my own OneDrive for Business account and one that syncs all If you are a Mac user - I feel sorry for you. OneDrive for Business for Macs does not support sync to SharePoint Document Library (as of writing..

Recoverit won’t break a sweat in recovering your deleted OneDrive files. The cavalry is here, so chill. Look below and do as instructed. Everything should turn out fine in the end. Online Storage with OneDrive. In this section, we've made a step-by-step introduction to OneDrive and explain OneDrive file sharing and privacy. If so, a window will open asking for your Microsoft account information. Next you can choose the location of your OneDrive folder on your PC Place the OneDrive Folder into the Dropbox folder. Important is that all files and folders you would want on all 3 cloud platforms have to be located in the OneDrive Folder. Go into the settings for your onedrive folder and change the location where onedrive is being put on your pc

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Open up “Activity Monitor” and select the “CPU” tab. Check the “Process Column” to see if OneDrive is there. For all you know, it might not even be running, hence leading to errors. 4. Click “Choose this location.” A new folder titled “OneDrive” will then be created in the main folder you chose. 2. Moving OneDrive Folder to Another Location. This part is also not for the users who haven't used OneDrive on their PC yet. As you already have synced all or many files from the cloud to local storage, you should move the existing OneDrive folder to your desired location For OneDrive, you need a Microsoft account and OneDrive for Mac. Both are free. If you don't already have a Microsoft ID, go to the Microsoft ID signup screen and click Create a Microsoft account. Click Choose OneDrive Folder Location. You can place it anywhere on your Mac, including the Desktop

Microsoft OneDrive. Select files and folders to always keep offline on your computer. Other files are downloaded and cached on demand only and otherwise do not take space on your local disk 4. Once that’s done, you only need to go to your Mac’s “Applications” folder and click on the OneDrive icon (two blue clouds) to open it up. There are other ways you can launch the ap but this method is quite convenient.

Glad to hear that the issue is resolved now. And yes, we've received some customers' reports regarding this issue, if we have a / in the company name, it will cause such issue since OneDrive will treat this / as the part of the file path. 3. Tick the checkbox of any file or folder you want to share and click on “Share” at the top-left section of the screen. We understand that you've tried "creating a folder in the root of the drive", but could you try again following the below steps which a customer offered in his post: Background : I am using Windows 8.1 pro X64 and OneDrive. I move some of my Windows Special folders like Desktop folder to my OneDrive folder to After a process of elimination, I found out that this misbehaving folder seems to be in fact following the location of the Desktop folder and is being..

3. You can now choose a particular folder on your Mac to be the default directory for storing and syncing folders and files to OneDrive. OneDrive is a storage service developed by Microsoft for storing or hosting files in the cloud (online). This means as long as you have a computer with an internet connection, be it Windows or Mac, you can easily access your files from wherever you are. Terribly convenient, isn’t it?    Volume Free Space:        801.0 GB (800964268032 Bytes) (exactly 1564383336 512-Byte-Units)OneDrive offers the ability to store files in the cloud, access them from multiple devices, and share them with others.

Universal sync client to unify, sync, share, and encrypt all your files in Amazon Cloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, S3, WebDAV, FTP, and more. Securely share weblinks to files and folder, or make sharing a group experience and invite whoever you want to sync any odrive folder With that out of the way, is using Mac OneDrive easy and convenient? Yes. Using it is really little different from using any folder on your Mac. The only real difference is the data you store in your local OneDrive folder is also stored on OneDrive servers. Try a different location. Make sure that the location isn't on a removable drive, or on a disk that has a case-sensitive format." Before you close this webpage, you’ll know all there is to know about Microsoft’s proprietary storage service. It now works effortlessly on your Mac, so this should be a very pleasant read for you. Selection of folder location to save the content of document library synced to local hard disk drive when synchronization is established. Right click on the OneDrive icon on the notification area (system tray) on the Taskbar, and select Stop syncing a folder on the context menu

When you install the OneDrive app for Mac, a copy of your OneDrive is downloaded to your Mac and put in the OneDrive folder. This folder is kept in sync with OneDrive. If you add, change, or delete a file or folder on the OneDrive website, the file or folder is added, changed, or deleted in your OneDrive folder and vice versa. Your OneDrive folder can't be created in the location you selected. Try a different location. Make sure that the location isn't on a removable drive, or File System Personality: Journaled HFS+. Type (Bundle): hfs. Name (User Visible): Mac OS Extended (Journaled). Journal: Journal size 81920 KB at.. The default location is a folder called OneDrive in your user profile. That location is usually OK, but you can and should choose a different location if you have a Next, choose which folders you want to make available locally. Open OneDrive Settings, click the Account tab, and then click Choose Folders Essentially, both the OneDrive directory on your local hard drive and the OneDrive directory in the cloud will be exactly the same after a successful Remove the checkmarks from the folder or folders you do not wish to sync anymore. You will see an important reminder that OneDrive will delete files.. Microsoft is making OneDrive file sharing much easier with the ability to share files from Windows File Explorer and MacOS Finder. Of Microsoft's many cloud solutions, its OneDrive cloud storage service is probably the most familiar to the average PC user

Before you move the OneDrive folder, you must unlink your Microsoft account so it can sync files from the new location when you re-link. 1. To do so, right click on the OneDrive icon in the taskbar and select Settings from the context menu. 2. In Settings go to the Account tab, and you will see an.. 8. A set of instructions will guide you towards the OneDrive installation. Follow them appropriately. It’s always such a pleasant surprise when applications developed by Microsoft end up with Apple. The rivalry between the two companies makes it seem unlikely they would shake hands and develop apps which complement both their individual operating systems. But OneDrive is proof that the needs of both their customers outweighs anything else.

Don't change the default location of sync location. Download Office ADMX: https The second step is to apply Folder Redirection GPO: I guess that you already know where folder redirection GPO setting is Microsoft says that the traffic to OneDrive is encrypted, Microsoft uses in multiple encryptions.. In this example, I needed to select Choose location from the drop-down menu to find the external drive I want to move it. To stop a OneDrive sync: Open the settings options of your OneDrive for Business client. Right click (Windows) or double finger tap (Mac) the OneDrive icon near the clock. Click Settings option. Navigate to the Account tab. Find the folder sync you want to disable, and click Stop sync i read someone elses post about a / being in the company name of the profile, and after deleting that the folder selection worked. is this a confirmed error?

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