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Philip Smallhorne Served in WW2.Captured in North Africa? & sent to German tank factory- bad idea: sabotaged everything he could! Can't have had a good time like Madeiran Portuguese brother in law Sergeant Major Domingo Nunes(captured by Italians), as wouldn't talk about his experiences according to niece,Sally Knox (Richards).Alistair The World War II Database is founded and managed by C. Peter Chen of Lava Development, LLC. The goal of this site is two fold. First, it is aiming to offer interesting and useful information about WW2. Second, it is to showcase Lava's technical capabilities Italy stood astride the central basin, with Italy itself, Sardinia and Sicily to the north and Libya with its provinces of Tripolitania and Cyrenaica to the south. Albania on the Adriatic Sea and the Dodecanese Islands in the southern Aegean off Turkey were Italian.

Despite this, Hitler belatedly ordered a massive re-enforcement, which enabled the Axis to fight a defensive campaign in Tunisia into 1943. Although they fought a tenacious rearguard, the Axis forces were in an impossible position and in May were forced to surrender, with the loss of around 240,000 prisoners.  Africa/Kinshasa Africa/Lagos Africa/Libreville Africa/Lome Africa/Luanda Africa/Lubumbashi Africa/Lusaka Africa/Malabo America/North_Dakota/New_Salem America/Ojinaga America/Panama America/Pangnirtung America/Paramaribo Call of Duty: WW2: Playstation 4. Fortnite: PC (EPIC) Discover more about the tactics used in the fight for North Africa. General Rommel proved a formidable foe for Montgomery during the Battle of El Alamein. Supplies were a crucial element of the war in North Africa. While the British received material from depots in nearby Alexandria, German supplies.. The British became increasingly obsessed with eliminating Rommel. On the night of November 17, 1941, a small commando force, led by 24-year-old Lt. Col. Geoffrey Keyes, tried to penetrate Rommel's headquarters and assassinate the Desert Fox. The raid failed–Rommel was not even there–and Keyes died in the attempt. The Germans gave Keyes a funeral with full military honors, and the gallant Rommel sent his personal chaplain to conduct the services. The British later awarded Keyes, the son of Admiral of the Fleet Sir Roger Keyes, a posthumous Victoria Cross.

Listen to radio online. More than 150 South African radio stations. Live FM Radio stations in South Africa North Africa - As the British advance into Libya continued, Bardia was taken on the 5th. Australian troops captured Tobruk on the 22nd and Derna, further west by the end of the month. The Royal Navy's Inshore Squadron played an important part in the campaign - bombarding shore targets, carrying fuel, water and supplies, and evacuating wounded and prisoners of war. From North Africa, the plan was to invade Sicily and then on to mainland Italy and move up the so-called soft underbelly of Europe. Victory in the region would also do a great deal to clear the Mediterranean Sea of Axis shipping and leave it more free for the Allies to use

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  2. David Knox Served in WW2 Allied invasion of Italy. Shot and badly wounded in upper arm. The Canadian field hospital was overworked, so had no time to try to save the arm:amputation being the only recourse ; fortunately, noting that he was South African, they sent him to the South African field hospital, where he was the first 'customer' so they had plenty of time to save it.The horrible scar was evident in an old family photo. At centre of British spy scandal when arrested as spy in Haiti in 1967-may have worked for postwar British intelligence, quite an adventurer. (Dunno whether he served in N Africa, but must have as the right age & Italy was the next stop after Rommel was beaten. Will ask my older brother or surviving aunt for any more details. Alistair)
  3. Robert Murphy, Diplomat In autumn of 1942, at President Roosevelt's request, Murphy investigated conditions in French North Africa in preparation for the Allied landings - Operation Torch, the first major Allied ground offensive during World War II. He was appointed the President’s personal representative with the rank of Minister to French North Africa. Murphy made contact with various French army officers in Algiers and recruited them to support the Allies when the invasion of French North Africa came. Prior to the November 8 invasion, Murphy, along with US General Mark Wayne Clark, had worked to gain the important blessing of the anti-British French General Henri Giraud for the attack. This blessing could be deployed if necessary against Governor François Darlan in order to gain his cooperation for the invasion. Darlan's cooperation was formalised on November 22; the Governor of French North Africa was assassinated little more than a month later.
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3 5 7 38 16 36 The Second Battle of el-Alamein. Robert Murphy, the chief U.S. diplomatic representative in North Africa, prepared the way for the landings by discreetly eliciting support from French officers whom he felt were likely to sympathize with the project

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Montgomery restructured the 8th Army, bringing in new divisions and generals and lifting the army's morale with his bold fighting talk - declaring among other things that he would 'hit Rommel for six out of Africa'. He also improved relations between the army and the Desert Air Force, ensuring a more unified attack plan.Operation Crusader opened on November 18, with the British XIII Corps advancing on Halfaya Pass and the XXX Corps attempting to sweep around Rommel's southern flank to reach the besieged garrison at Tobruk. The XXX Corps reached Sidi Rezegh, 20 miles southeast of Tobruk. After a series of fierce tank battles on November 22 and 23, Rommel drove deep into the British rear with two panzer divisions. He attempted to relieve the Axis forces at Halfaya and at the same time cut off the Eighth Army. Carentan 1944 (ww2) updated. My last map. Carentan 1944 (ww2) updated for Call of Duty 4 North Africa - Another unsuccessful British offensive to relieve Tobruk started from Sollum on the 15th (Operation 'Battleaxe'). Within two days the operation was called off. A heavy price had to be paid for the supply of besieged Tobruk by the Royal Navy and Royal Australian Navy ships involved. All trips took place under continual threat of German and Italian aircraft attack. 24th - Sloop "AUCKLAND" was lost off Tobruk. 30th - Australian destroyer "WATERHEN" was bombed and sunk off Bardia.

The South African 2nd Infantry Division also took part in a number of actions in North Africa during 1942, but on 21 June 1942 two complete infantry brigades of the division as well as most of the supporting units were captured at the fall of Tobruk.In the wake of the battle, Montgomery was criticized for not pressing harder to cut off and destroy the Afrika Korps when it was isolated on his southern flank. He responded by stating that Eighth Army was still in the process of reforming and lacked the logistical network to support the exploitation of such a victory. Also, he was adamant that he wished to preserve British strength for a planned offensive rather than risk it in counterattacks against Rommel's defenses. Having shown restraint at Alam Halfa, Montgomery moved to the attack in October when he opened the Second Battle of El Alamein.Constrained by the terrain, Rommel planned to push the 15th and 21st Panzer Divisions, along with the 90th Light Infantry through the southern sector, while the bulk of his other forces demonstrated against the British front to the north. Once through the minefields, his men would push east before turning north to sever Montgomery's supply lines. Moving forward on the night of August 30, Rommel's attack quickly encountered difficulty. Spotted by the Royal Air Force, British aircraft began attacking the advancing Germans as well as directing artillery fire on their line of advance.Mediterranean ALLIED TOTAL

The Second Battle of El Alamein in Egypt. Stalingrad was the turning point on the Eastern Front. Alamein marked the most easterly movement of the Axis in North Africa in the same way as Stalingrad in Russia. North Africa was, in many ways, a sideshow in WW2, but it was vital to the British aided by.. El Alamein is the obvious one, so I'll skip that. Siege of Tobruk would be a good attack/defend map. As far as ground targets go, you could have pillboxes, tanks, and even naval vessels Interests:Military History of the Australian commonwealth, in particular WW2 and the South West Pacific Theatre

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Malta - Late in the month a small Malta convoy sailed from the east covered by the Mediterranean Fleet. These were the first supplies to arrive since the January 'Excess' operation. In the intervening two months Malta had been heavily attacked by the Axis air forces hoping to neutralise the island as a base for air and sea attacks against the supply routes to Libya. Afrika Corps North African Campaign Erwin Rommel German Soldiers Ww2 Man Of War Ww2 Photos British Army BRITISH ARMY NORTH AFRICA 1942 (E 14621) A line of German and Italian prisoners captured during Rifle Brigade fight off the tank attack on Kidney Ridge. El Alamein Highland Division El Alamein is the location known for being where the Allied forces (during WW II) won a decisive victory over the Axis forces. In addition to a few hotels The museum is one of the best places to visit in order to achieve an understanding of the story of World War II in Egypt. El-Alamein العلمين-in Arabic.. 22nd - Italian torpedo boat "CANTORE" was lost on mines laid by submarine "Porpoise" northeast of Tobruk.

WW2: North Africa. By British & Commonwealth Forces · Updated on Sunday. Matilda Mk II in North Africa campaign displaying a captured Italian flag A see-saw series of battles for control of Libya and parts of Egypt followed, reaching a climax in the Second Battle of El Alamein when British.. El Alamein offered one key advantage for the British that they had not had when trying to form previous lines. Whereas those previous positions had been exposed to a After El Alamein, Churchill ordered them rung in celebration. The Allies were finally winning in North Africa. They had suffered 13,500..

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31st - Cruiser "BONAVENTURE" with a Mediterranean Fleet cruiser force escorting a convoy from Greece to Egypt, was torpedoed and sunk to the southeast of Crete by Italian submarine AmbraItaly Declared War - Italy declared war on Britain and France on the 10th. Two weeks later France was out of the war. Still on the 10th, Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand and South Africa declared war on Italy. Timeline of events covering the Battle of El Alamein of the North African Campaign during World War II.. The Allied defensive perimeter near El Alamein held and that was that. During the lull that followed, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill made strategic leadership changes in the region.. Could you people please give me some information about the battle of El Alamein? I have a question, the Qattara Depression to the south of the El Alamein battleground... what was the terrain like there The Battle of El Alamein (second battle), was one of the most decisive victories in WWII. It was fought between two of the best commanders in World War II, Montgomery for the Allies and Rommel for the Axis between 23 October – 4 November 1942 . The victory of the Allies at El Alamein lead to the surrender of the German forces in North Africa in 1943.

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Malta - By now Malta had almost ceased to be of any value as a base for attacking Rommel's supply lines, and most of his transports were getting through. The German and Italian bombing led to the loss, directly and indirectly, of numerous ships including four destroyers and four submarines. They concentrated on cruiser "Penelope" in dry dock and destroyers "Havock" and "Kingston" both damaged in the Battle of Sirte.From 1943 to 1945, the Allies fought an attritional campaign in Italy against a resolute and skilful enemy. Far from being the ‘soft underbelly of Europe’, Italy became one of the Second World War’s most exhausting campaigns. Of the 334,000 men volunteered for full time service in the South African Army during the war (including some 211,000 whites, 77,000 blacks and 46,000 coloureds and Indians), nearly 9,000 were killed in action. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission has records of 11,023 known South African war dead during World War II.William Stewart Parker Served in the South African Army North African Campaign. Suffered a severe bout of malaria and regained consciousness on his 21st birthday on 25th December 1941.

Late April/early May - Two submarines operating out of Malta against Axis shipping were lost, possibly due to mines - "USK" in the Strait of Sicily area and "UNDAUNTED" off Tripoli. "Usk" may have been sunk by Italian destroyers west of Sicily while attacking a convoy.South Africa and its military forces contributed in many theatres of war. South Africa's contribution consisted mainly of supplying troops, airmen and material for the North African campaign (the Desert War) and the Italian Campaign as well as to Allied ships that docked at its crucial ports adjoining the Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean that converge at the tip of Southern Africa. Numerous volunteers also flew for the Royal Air Force. Home » Galleries » Portraits » Giuseppe Torcasio WW II North Africa. Giuseppe was in the 52nd Heavy Artillery Battalion: 2 x 152mm Heavy Howitzer, who saw action in Tobruk and El Alamein North Africa Tobruk fell on June 21, and the Axis forces captured 2.5 million gallons of much-needed fuel, as well as 2,000 wheeled vehicles. The fall of Tobruk, however, had unforeseen consequences for the Axis. Churchill heard the news during a meeting with President Franklin D. Roosevelt in the United States. The American president immediately offered help. The resulting 300 Sherman tanks and 100 self-propelled guns would later play a pivotal role at El Alamein. Osprey classic battle el alamein 1942 montgomery rommel WW2 north africa dak. WW2 German British Battle North Africa La Bataille D'El Alamein Reference Book

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7th February - Successive victories for Allies with 130, 000 Italians captured in two month offensive. World War 2 WW2 North African Campaign El Alamein British Army 1 South African Division History WW2 in Colour WW2 in Color Dan Pienaar. These units seized the Fuka and Daba landing grounds during the enemy's withdrawal following the Battle of El Alamein, capturing 300 some prisoners and.. The Battle of El Alamein (second battle), was one of the most decisive victories in WWII. It was fought between two of the best commanders in World War II, Montgomery for the Allies and Rommel for The victory of the Allies at El Alamein lead to the surrender of the German forces in North Africa in 1943 Tunisia - On news of the 'Torch' landings, the first German troops were flown across from Sicily to Tunisia on the 9th and within two days started a large build-up.

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El Alamein is located 150 miles west of the city of Cairo. In 1942 the Allies had many troubles in Europe. Germany had launched it’s attack on Russia codenamed – Operation Barbarossa and succeeded in pushing the Russian troops back, the German U-boats were one of the biggest advantages the Axis had over the Allies in the Battle of the Atlantic and it seemed like western Europe was fully in Nazi Germany’s grip.In August 1942, Winston in desperate need of a victory replaced Auchinleck with Bernard Montgomery, who was well respected by Allied commanders. Rommel’s plan was a surgical attack in the south, which Montgomery guessed because that’s what Rommel did in the past but that wasn’t the only intelligence he had. He also got some help from some people that worked at Bletchley Park, they managed to get some of Rommel’s battle plans and they delivered them to Montgomery. Because of this info ‘Monty’ as nicknamed by his troops not only knew what Rommel’s battle strategy will be but also what the routes of his supply lines were. Imperial War Museums explores conflict from WW1 to the present day. Visit one of our five sites or explore our archives to discover real stories of Entertainment during the Second World War provided civilians with a form of escape from the hardships of wartime life. It was equally important to those.. Under the bold leadership of General Rommel, the Axis enjoyed startling successes, recapturing Libya and threatening Egypt. Yet, by late 1941, when Rommel’s forces had overstretched their supply lines, they were forced to fall back in the face of a determined British offensive. In 1942 a revived Axis effort saw Rommel defeat the British at Gazala and capture Tobruk.

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  1. By April 7, the Allied First and Eighth armies linked up, squeezing the Axis into a small pocket. On the east coast, the Eighth Army took Gabés on April 6, Sfax on April 10, Sousse on April 12, and Enfidaville on April 21. In the north, the U.S. II Corps, now under Lt. Gen. Omar N. Bradley, took Mateur on May 3 and Bizerte on May 7. Montgomery's 7th Armoured Division captured Tunis on May 7. The remaining Axis forces in Tunisia were caught in two pockets, one between Bizerte and Tunis, and the other on isolated Cape Bon.
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  3. While the Allies established themselves ashore and attempted to negotiate terms with the Vichy French, the Germans reacted swiftly, sending troops from Sicily to Tunisia on November 9. Hitler also gave the order for the German military in occupied France to take control of the remainder of Vichy France. The French fleet at Toulon, however, was scuttled before the Germans could seize it.
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General Sir Sidney Chevalier Kirkman, GCB, KBE, MC, during World War II, was Commander Royal Artillery, serving under General Montgomery during the Battle of el-Alamein, and was described by General Montgomery in his memoirs as "the best artilleryman in the British Army". 39,000 US troops Algeria - The first of the further Allied troop landings were made at Bougie and Bone on the 11th and 12th, well on the way to the Tunisian border. Field Marshal Jan Smuts, was the only important non-British general whose advice was constantly sought by Britain's war-time Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Smuts was invited to the Imperial War Cabinet in 1939 as the most senior South African in favour of war. On 28 May 1941, Smuts was appointed a Field Marshal of the British Army, becoming the first South African to hold that rank. Ultimately, Smuts would pay a steep political price for his closeness to the British establishment, to the King, and to Churchill which had made Smuts very unpopular amongst the Afrikaners, leading to his eventual downfall.

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Naval History Homepage and Site SearchRommel planned to sweep south around Ruweisat Ridge, then cut off El Alamein and take it from the rear. In preparation, the British laid extensive minefields and heavily fortified Alam el Halfa Ridge, which was located behind El Alamein to the southeast. By September 3, the Axis attack had run short of fuel and petered out. Montgomery counterattacked immediately, but broke off the operation as soon as the Axis forces were pushed back to the vicinity of their starting positions. Both sides again hunkered down to build up their strength. Taken together, the battles of Ruweisat Ridge and Alam el Halfa were the real strategic turning point of the war in North Africa.

Following the British successes in North Africa, Prime Minister Winston Churchill decided on February 22 to commit British troops to defend Greece against the Axis. Most of those forces came out of Cyrenaica, which left Wavell only five brigades in Libya. Just a few weeks earlier, however, Adolf Hitler had decided to shore up the Italians in North Africa by committing German forces. On January 8, the Luftwaffe's Fliegerkorps X arrived in Sicily from Norway and immediately began attacking Allied shipping destined for the Libyan port of Benghazi. That threat forced the British forward units in Libya to resupply through Tobruk, more than 450 miles away.His instinct for handling armoured formations, combined with the qualitative superiority of German units, enabled the ‘Afrikakorps’ to consistently outmatch the Allies, often against heavy odds. At Alamein he commanded 116,000 German and Italian soldiers, 540 tanks, 500 artillery pieces and 490 anti-tank guns.

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  1. Africa/Ceuta Europe/Madrid Africa/Gaborone Africa/Harare Africa/Johannesburg Africa/Kigali Africa/Lusaka Africa/Maputo Africa/Maseru Africa/Mbabane Africa/Tripoli Arctic/Longyearbyen Europe/Amsterdam Europe/Andorra Europe/Belgrade Europe/Berlin Europe/Busingen..
  2. BRITISH ARMY [includes Commonwealth and Allied Forces] XXX Corps and XIII Corps listed in line from north to south X Corps was in reserve until XXX Corps had achieved the breakthrough 8th 44th Infantry Division was partially broken up and two of its brigades were allocated to other formations
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  5. Vernon Meise Volunteered and became a morse code Wireless Operator, beginning his training in 4 Squadron, South African Air Force, Pretoria. After completing his training in Kenya he flew up to Egypt in September 1941 and joined the North Africa Campaign, flying in the Tomahawk Fighters. In August 1942 he joined 24 Squadron and flew in the Boston Bombers.
  6. efields and heavily fortified Alam el Halfa Ridge, which was located behind El Alamein to the southeast
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Each Summary is complete in its own right. The same information may therefore be found in a number of related summaries El Alamein was the first clear-cut and irreversible victory inflicted by the British Army upon the Axis. Coming after years of frustrating setbacks, this was a boost to British morale. Victory proved that the problems that had plagued the Army for years had at last been overcome and that its equipment.. Action off Cape Bon, Tunisia - Destroyers “Legion”, “Maori”, “Sikh” and Dutch “lsaac Sweers” under the command of Cdr G. H. Stokes sailed from Gibraltar to join the Mediterranean Fleet at Alexandria. Off Cape Bon, Tunisia they sighted two Italian 6in cruisers, “DA BARBIANO” and “DI GIUSSANO” returning from an aborted mission to carry a deck cargo of petrol to Tripoli. In a short night action on the 13th, and without being seen, the destroyers quickly sank both cruisers with gunfire and torpedoes. Italian loss of life was heavy.27th - Submarine "Triumph" on patrol off the Egyptian coast sank the Italian submarine "SALPA".

When the Eighth Army reached Tunisia, the Allies modified their command structure to conform with decisions made at the Casablanca Conference in January. General Dwight D. Eisenhower became supreme commander of all Allied forces in the Mediterranean west of Tripoli. Alexander became Eisenhower's deputy and, at the same time, commander of the Eighteenth Army Group, which controlled the First and Eighth armies and the now separate U.S. II Corps. Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur Tedder assumed command of the Allied air forces, and Admiral Cunningham retained command of the naval forces. 33,000 US & British troops On the strategic level, the North African campaign was a watershed for the Western Allies. For the first time in the war they had decisively defeated the Axis, and especially the Germans, on the ground. The psychological value of the victory cannot be minimized. The U.S. Army, too, had finally gotten into the war and acquitted itself well after a shaky start at Kasserine Pass. The British and Americans perfected the combined command structure that would serve the Grand Alliance for the remainder of the war. The various Free French factions were finally united and organized under the Allied command. And perhaps most important, the British proved the value of Ultra intelligence and refined the system for getting the necessary information to the field commanders.On May 26, Rommel launched Operation Venezia–his attack against the Gazala Line. Both forces were roughly equal in strength, but General Ritchie had his armored units widely dispersed, while Rommel kept his concentrated. Using his armor, Rommel swept around the Free French Brigade at Bir Hacheim and turned north, cutting across the Allied rear. An Axis secondary attack in the north pinned down the Allied forces there.The British and Italian armies faced each other across the Libyan-Egyptian border in an area known as the Western Desert. It was an inhospitable region with no vegetation and virtually no water. From Mersa Matruh in western Egypt to El Agheila on the east side of Libya's Gulf of Sidra, only one major road connected the region's few towns and villages. A sandy coastal strip of varying width ran along the southern shore of the Mediterranean. Inland, a sharp escarpment rose to the 500-foot-high Libyan Plateau. There were only a few passes where wheeled or even tracked vehicles could ascend the escarpment. Once on the plateau, however, military vehicles had good cross-country mobility across limestone ground covered by a thin layer of sand. The commander of Germany's 21st Panzer Division, Lt. Gen. Johann von Ravenstein, described the area as a tactician's paradise and a logistician's hell.

On the eve of World War II, the Union of South Africa found itself in a unique political and military quandary. While it was closely allied with Great Britain, being a co-equal Dominion under the 1931 Statute of Westminster with its head of state being the British king, the South African Prime Minister on September 1, 1939 was J.B.M. Hertzog – the leader of the pro-Afrikaner and anti-British National Party. The National Party had joined in a unity government with the pro-British South African Party of Jan Smuts in 1934 as the United Party.The Battle of El Alamein began on October 23 with a massive artillery barrage fired by 900 British guns. Rommel immediately returned from Germany to resume command. The Allies tried for five days to break through the Axis positions, sustaining 10,000 casualties in the process. On October 30-31, Montgomery renewed the attack with strong support from the RAF. Critically short on fuel and ammunition, Rommel started to disengage on November 3. At first, Hitler insisted on his usual no-retreat orders. On the 4th, he grudgingly gave Rommel permission to withdraw, and the 1,400-mile pursuit to Tunisia began.Malta Convoy "Excess" - All merchantmen reached their destinations safely, but at a cost of a cruiser and destroyer sunk, and the loss of carrier "Illustrious'" vital air power. Rommel attempted an attack between 30 August and 7 September (the battle of Alam Halfa), but the 8th Army held its ground, largely due to the excellent cooperation between the army and the air force. Montgomery did not make a counter-attack - he knew that reinforcements were on their way and he was biding his time. Battle of El-Alamein (Updated!) by Lego Major 8. British Battalion HQ (Right side... Well it seems Lego Major has'nt responed to my two FM's, so I can't send h... Simone T.110 months ago2 replies. Lego WW2 North Africa/Italian campaign poster contest

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El Alamein and the Drive Westward. Mediterranean and Middle East, Volume 4: The Destruction of the Axis Forces in Africa, Playfair, I. S. O. C.J.C. Molony et al. Operations in North Africa Waters: October 1942--June 1945 [HISTORY OF U.S. NAVAL OPERATIONS IN WORLD WAR II, Vol 1 Welcome to Camopedia. 2 countries. 2.1 africa. 2.2 asia. 2.3 europe. 2.4 north america. Splinter - German WW2 Wehrmacht, Bulgaria, Sweden etc. Tiger stripe - Vietnam War era pattern. Woodland - US M1981 derivatives French Navy in North Africa 3

Lt.-Gen. George Edwin Brink, CB CBE DSO GOC 1st SA Div (East Africa - North Africa), Director General of Demobilisation.Montgomery planned his attack in two phases. The first, Operation Lightfoot, would consist of a powerful artillery bombardment followed by an attack by the infantry divisions of 30th Corps in the north, and 13th Corps in the south. They would open paths in the minefield through which the armoured divisions of 10th Corps would pass.

Find the perfect north africa 1942 stock photo. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. WW2 North Africa Campaign 1954 map 2nd Battle of El Alamein 23 October 1942 Tobruk and El Alamein - Barton Maughan El Alamein - Michael Carver Tobruk - Frank Harrison. The dud is The Desert Generals - Corelli Barnett But if the first book you ever read about the war in North Africa was The Desert Generals, you would probably have a slightly unusual interpretation of events The war in Africa was too close to call before the battle of El Alamein. Now it's up to you to relive the confrontation between Montogomery and Rommel. Choose your army and fight the crucial battle in the desert. Categories: 1942 Battles. Maps. North African Campaign

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The South African 1st Infantry Division took part in several actions in North Africa in 1941 and 1942, including the Battle of El Alamein, before being withdrawn to South Africa to be re-constituted as an armoured division.Although Churchill desperately wanted to win a clear victory for political purposes and to raise morale, neither Alexander nor Montgomery was inclined to take the offensive without first amassing an overwhelming advantage. On August 31, 1942, Rommel launched what he believed would be the final attack in the Axis drive to the Nile. The British, however, had made extensive preparations around El Alamein, based on a plan developed by Auchinleck and adopted by Montgomery. The British commander also had the advantage of knowing Rommel's intentions through Ultra intercepts. Back to top. Watch the Italian Autocannone in North Africa Credit: Italian Newsreel Luce

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  1. El Alamein offered one key advantage for the British that they had not had when trying to form previous lines. Whereas those previous positions had been exposed to a After El Alamein, Churchill ordered them rung in celebration. The Allies were finally winning in North Africa. They had suffered 13,500..
  2. Second Battle of El Alamein. After being pushed back by Germans, Britsih Commander Bernard Montgomery made it his duty to break German lines, near El Alamein. Battle of Oran. US continued with their invasion of North Africa, moving into Algeria. US moved into Oran, in hopes they could..
  3. go Nunes, also demobilised. Alistair
  4. The struggle for control of North Africa began as early as October 1935, when Italy invaded Ethiopia from its colony Italian Somaliland. That move made Egypt very wary of Italy's imperialistic aspirations. In reaction, the Egyptians granted Britain permission to station relatively large forces in their territory. Britain and France also agreed to divide the responsibility for maintaining naval control of the Mediterranean, with the main British base located at Alexandria, Egypt.
  5. 24th - Later in the month Italian forces invaded southern France but with little success. A Franco-Italian Armistice was signed on the 24th, and included provision for the demilitarisation of French naval bases in the Mediterranean.

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  1. Conflict in North Africa had been ignited in 1940 by Italy’s invasion of Egypt from its colony of Libya. This threatened Britain’s vital strategic assets, the Suez Canal and Persian oil fields. However, when the Italians were defeated, Germany intervened on behalf of its ally in the spring of 1941. 
  2. On paper, at least, Italy enjoyed a considerable advantage over Britain in the Mediterranean theater of operations. In June 1939, Admiral Sir Andrew Cunningham's Mediterranean Fleet had only 45 combat ships against the Italian navy's 183. The Italians held an especially large edge in submarines, with 108 against Cunningham's 12. The French surrender on June 25, 1940, placed the entire burden of controlling of the Mediterranean sea lanes on the Royal Navy.
  3. North Africa - From Gazala, Gen Rommel started the second phase of his advance towards Egypt on the 26th with a main attack around Bir Hakeim. Shortly afterwards, heavy fighting broke out between there and Gazala around the areas known as the 'Cauldron' and 'Knightsbridge'.
  4. 30th - The second Royal Navy submarine loss to Italian anti-submarine forces during convoy attacks was "CACHALOT" while on passage from Malta to Alexandria, rammed by torpedo boat "Papa".
  5. The British fell back to defensive positions at Mersa Matruh, about 100 miles inside Egypt. Rommel, who had been promoted to field marshal for his success at Gazala, pursued. Auchinleck relieved Ritchie and personally assumed command of the Eighth Army. With only 60 operational tanks, Rommel attacked at Mersa Matruh on June 26 and routed four British divisions in three days of fighting. The British fell back again, this time to the vicinity of El Alamein, another 120 miles to the east.
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  1. g increasingly impatient with progress in the Western Desert. In early August that year, he arrived in Cairo and handed over command to General Bernard Montgomery. Auchinleck left for India.
  2. The Neutral countries in the western Mediterranean were Spain, and in the east, Greece and Crete, Yugoslavia and Turkey.
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  4. In 1941 the Axis powers invaded Yugoslavia and Greece. British and Commonwealth intervention and evacuation followed before a vicious partisan conflict began.
  5. National Army Museum, Royal Hospital Road, London, SW3 4HTRegistered Charity Number: 237902

2nd - Mediterranean Fleet destroyers "Havock" and "Hasty" sank Italian submarine "BERILLO" off Sollum the border town between Libya and Egypt.Arnim surrendered his forces on May 13, 1943. The Royal Navy, waiting in strength offshore, made sure that few Germans or Italians escaped to Sicily. Axis losses in Tunisia alone totaled 40,000 dead or wounded, 240,000 prisoners, 250 tanks, 2,330 aircraft and 232 ships. British and American casualties were 33,000 and 18,558 respectively. For the entire North African campaign, the British suffered 220,000 casualties. Total Axis losses came to 620,000, which included the loss of three field armies.in the eyes of the Allies, actually the German commander had more respect in the ranks of the Allies than their own commander at the time, Claude Auchinleck. Govt Reinforces Ban On Second-Hand Clothing Imports in Zimbabwe. From Plastic Waste to Jobs, Cleaner Air, Cleaner Water. Ethiopia: African Development Bank Welcomes $10 Million Clean Technology Fund Investment to Diversify Ethiopia's Energy Mix(African Development Bank)

Providing lake views, Marseilles Land El Alamein North Coast in El Alamein provides accommodation, a restaurant, a seasonal outdoor swimming pool, a garden, barbecue facilities and a terrace. Each unit is equipped with a patio, a fully equipped kitchen with a microwave, a seating area with a sofa, a.. North Africa - A British offensive started from the Sollum area on the 15th in an attempt to relieve Tobruk (Operation 'Brevity'). Two weeks later both sides were back to their original positions. The first of many supply trips to besieged Tobruk were made by Australian destroyers "Voyager" and "Waterhen" and other ships of the Inshore Squadron. 25th - Sloop "GRIMSBY" and the supply ship she was escorting on the Tobruk run were sunk by bombers northeast of the port. 4 North African Campaign: 1940-1942 information and photos from Olive-Drab.com. The British campaign in North Africa in 1940-1942 against the Italians and ultimately the German Afrika Korps, became Today in WW II: 3 May 1942 Japanese invasion of Tulagi, near Guadalcanal [3-4 May]

WW2: North Africa Faceboo

Storming of Berlin: Rare HD WW2 photos from May 1945 colorized for the first time. No options: The choice between Trump & Biden is meaningless & proves US democracy is a 'sham,' Roger Waters tells RT Learn Something New Every Day Email Address Sign up There was an error. Please try again.Hertzog's problem was that South Africa was constitutionally obligated to support Great Britain against Nazi Germany. The Polish-British Common Defence Pact obligated Britain, and in turn its dominions, to help Poland if it attacked by the Nazis. When Adolf Hitler's forces attacked Poland on September 1, 1939, Britain declared war on Germany two days later. A short but furious debate unfolded in South Africa, especially in the halls of power in the Parliament of South Africa. It pitted those who sought to enter the war on Britain's side, led by Smuts, against those who wanted to keep South Africa neutral, if not pro-Axis, led by Hertzog.

The Battles of El Alamein - The Beginning Of The End Of

On September 13, 1940, Graziani reluctantly moved into Egypt, almost a month after he had been ordered to do so by Mussolini. Some six Italian divisions drove east, bypassing a small British covering force along the border, and halted at Sidi Barrani, just short of the main British positions at Mersa Matruh. Graziani apparently had no intention of going any deeper into Egypt. Italian control of the airfield at Sidi Barrani, however, seriously reduced the operational reach of British air power and posed a threat to the Royal Navy in Alexandria. With the Battle of Britain reaching its climax and Great Britain facing a possible German invasion, the British were in no immediate position to counter the Italian thrust.Lance Corporal Lambertus Senekal † Died of wounds in the special service battalion in Italy in WWII. He left behind his wife and three toddlers. Judi

El Alamein was the first clear-cut and irreversible victory inflicted by the British Army upon the Axis. Coming after years of frustrating setbacks, this was a boost to British morale. Victory proved that the problems that had plagued the Army for years had at last been overcome and that its equipment, tactics, generalship and fighting spirit were a match for the Axis. Western Med FRENCH NAVY

- 14th - Also operating in support of the land campaign, destroyers "Hereward" and "Hyperion" sank Italian submarine "NAIADE" off Bardia, Libya just over the Egyptian border.

No action was taken against the new battleship “Jean Bart” laying at Casablanca, Morocco or the warships at Algiers. 36 When attacked, these two brigades were to inflict maximum casualties before falling back. Montgomery established his main defensive line along the ridges running east from Alam Nayil, most notably Alam Halfa Ridge. It was here that he positioned the bulk of his medium and heavy armor along with anti-tank guns and artillery. It was Montgomery's intention to entice Field Marshal Erwin Rommel to attack through this southern corridor and then defeat him in a defensive battle. As British forces assumed their positions, they were augmented by the arrival of reinforcements and new equipment as convoys reached Egypt.

This was one of the main reasons why North Africa was so important for the Allies, if they had lost Africa they would lose one of the last ways to get supplies, the only alternative would have been South Africa and that was not only a much longer route but also much more dangerous because of the harsh weather conditions. Not to mention the psychological effect it would have had if they were to lose the Suez, control of the Suez would have also given the Germans almost unlimited access to the oil reserves of the Middle East.The British then established a forward line from where the Axis forces would be engaged and worn down. This battle of attrition, euphemistically termed ‘crumbling’ by Montgomery, involved brutal close-quarter fighting in which the soldiers were tested in a maelstrom of heat, noise and horror.14th - 10th Flotilla lost its most famous boat when "UPHOLDER" (Lt-Cdr Wanklyn VC) was lost. She attacked an Axis convoy northeast of Tripoli and was presumed sunk in the counter-attack by destroyer escort "Pegaso". The Second Battle of El Alamein was a turning point in the North African campaign. It ended the long fight for the Western Desert, and was the only great land battle won by the British and Commonwealth forces without direct American participation. The victory also persuaded the French to start cooperating in the North African campaign. The sands of North Africa yielded the first great Allied victory of the Second World War. But not before almost three years of bitter struggle 6. First Battle of El Alamein. With his sights set on Cairo, Rommel once again pushed his supplies to the limit by attacking the new Allied line at El Alamein in..

Rommel's Game: Victory at El Alamein & Towards the Caucasus: An when Joseph the German war correspondent meets with Cliff his American counterpart and old friend to describe his own, first-hand account of how the road to Germanys victory began with Rommel and his success in North Africa On the downside, the Allies were now out of position with a huge force of almost 1 million men and their equipment. With very limited means of transportation and no way for that force to strike directly at Germany, a follow-up campaign in Sicily was almost the only feasible next course of action for the Allies.

Сезон 5, эпизод 2. Битва при Эль-Аламейне / El Alamein (+ субтитры) 22 Second World War battles took place across the globe; some lasting days, others months or even years. But which are the most significant? Here, Professor Evan Mawdsley from the University of Glasgow lists the battles that had the most impact upon later military and political events.. Gain insight into the many sides of North Africa's military history at El Alamein World War II Military Museum. Divided into several parts, the museum showcases a number of exhibits that tell the stories of war from the perspectives of different nations involved. You'll see how it was for the Egyptians.. 8th - French North African Landings: Operation 'Torch' The area extending north beyond the Brandenburg Gate was later controlled by Soviets for almost 40 year. The actual level of destruction in Berlin that is attributable to the bombing versus the two or so weeks of house-to-house fighting between the Germans and Soviets at the end is unknown to this day

9 By August of 1942, Rommel was only getting one third the supplies he needed, Rommel also knew that even though he needed supplies the Allies were getting everything they needed through the Suez, as the situation was only going to get worse it was decided that they should attack as soon as possible, even if that meant that they wouldn’t be as well-equipped. El Alamein opening barrage.jpg 800 × 794; 43 KB. Eric Dorman-Smith and Alan Brooke.jpg 774 × 800; 59 KB. Field Marshal the Viscount Montgomery of Alamein Kg Gcb Giuseppe Torcasio on the right, WW2 North Africa.jpg 684 × 973; 293 KB. Halfaya Pass Art.IWMARTLD3403.jpg 800 × 481; 60 KB

South African Airways Flight Suspension Policy | Across Network Read more. Foreign travellers stranded in South Africa: Please explore South African travellers stranded abroad: Please explore alternatives to SAA flights. If you're unable to return to South Africa, we encourage you to contact.. Second World War Africa Middle East 1900s Great Battles Alamein also established the reputation of Montgomery. Using his talent for self-publicity, he claimed all the credit for the victory. This made him a household name and secured him prestigious commands in Italy and North-West Europe. While he was able to cement his image as a national hero, Montgomery’s conduct during the battle remains the subject of debate. 

The file WW2 Chronicles v.1.2.10 Open Beta is a modification for Men of War: Assault Squad 2, a(n) strategy game. This mod will bring a new reality to the game to reflect the true taste of WW2 during the years 1943-1945, in the pure and raw grim Eastern front and vast, destroyed scenery of the last.. Leslie Muir, Lance Corporal Field Force Battalion #61815. Killed in action - El Alamein, Egypt 24/10/194230th - Destroyers "Pakenham", "Petard" and "Hero", escort destroyers "Dulverton" and "Hurworth" and RAF aircraft of No 47 Squadron sank "U-559" north of Port Said. Egypt. Once Rommel's Panzerarmee Afrika crossed into southern Tunisia, it occupied positions in the old French fortifications of the Mareth Line. Rommel's 10 divisions were well below half strength, with only 78,000 troops and 129 tanks. Before he had to face the rapidly closing Montgomery, Rommel intended to eliminate the threat of the British First Army to his north.Lieutenant-General Bernard Cyril Freyberg Received Victoria Cross in WW I. In WWII commanded the New Zealand Expeditionary Force in North Africa, including the Battle of El Alamein.Hitler ordered Rommel to 'stand and die', but the Panzerarmee had already begun to retreat by the time the order was received. At midday on 4 November, Rommel's last defences caved in and that evening he received orders from Hitler to withdraw.

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