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Image size: 1200 x 444 px Image ratio: 1.9:1 Desktop news feed display: 470 x 174 px Mobile news feed display: 560 x 208 px Right column display: 254 x 94 pxYou can “see” my present Facebook coverphoto (which is not shown correctly anymore since obviously not fitting frame) here:

The Ideal Facebook Cover Photo: See the Best Sizes & Style

1. Do abide by Facebook's cover photo guidelines.

I appreciate all the input which people are providing here – we may as well stick together, while Facebook leaves us all out in the cold to figure things out by ourselves.When creating group photos should we follow the same guideline for desktop/mobile viewers? It’s so frustrating for me when I create a graphic that looks great on PC only to find my information cropped off when I view it in my fb app. For Facebook event cover photos, the recommended image ratio is 16:9, and uploading a larger photo will give you better results. That larger size would be 1920x1080px. You just have to keep in mind that the photo height will be cropped to 1005px on desktop (or the linkpost image ratio - 1.91:1) I’d be willing to bet your brand has a specific set of colors, fonts, images, and general features that are unique to its style guidelines. Most brands do! These guidelines ensure that the content produced is consistent across the board, no matter which department or professional it may come from.

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The cover image is the image on the top side of your business page and should characterize the A profile photo is an image that appears next to the subject image and is like your private profile Facebook Image Sizes. Facebook is the largest social media network, many people use this social.. Filed Under: Facebook Tips, How-to Graphics Tagged With: Facebook Business Pages, Facebook Groups, social media images, visual social mediaDreamgrow.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.Doesn't the right-aligned cover photo look better? The biggest design elements (the profile picture, the text, and the Statue of Liberty) are evenly spaced. In Samsung's old cover photo, your attention goes immediately to the left side of the page, completely missing the name of the product on the upper-right side.

For Facebook cover photos that looks good on any screen, Facebook recommends an image that's 820 How to upload Facebook cover photos. Once you're finished making your Facebook cover photo Your Facebook cover photo is the ideal place to announce what's new at your company If you’re a smaller business without any of the above, you may consider using a free stock photo that relates to your business model. If you do go this direction, consider finding a stock image that doesn’t come with restrictions on whether or not you can apply any edits. Then, add your company name, logo, or slogan. The thing about free stock photos is that they’re, well, free, and that means anybody can use them. Increase the chances that your page viewers don't see a repeat by customizing the image to fit your business.Click here to get the free Pinterest Planner. That’s my affiliate link, which means if you join the Simple Pin Collective, I’ll earn a referral fee.© 2020 Louise Myers Visual Social Media. Blog Comment Policy | Disclosure, Copyright, and Affiliate DisclaimerAs our first example, we’ll take a look at LinkedIn, a social networking platform for professionals. There are a few stand out aspects of its cover photo. The first of which is that the image subtly uses its logo in a way that flows with the rest of the picture. Additionally, the text, “in it to do what I love,” appeals to the viewers' emotions.

Now that you have an understanding of the basics, we can dive into what really matters – how to make sure your cover photo helps set your brand apart from your competitors. Social Media Images - sizes, what and how to pick, tips and tricks, dos and donts for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn social media images. LinkedIn Custom Modules size: 502 x 282 px. LinkedIn Company Photos size: 900 x 600 px. Pinterest Board cover picture size: 200 x 200 px Fortunately, Sprout is making it easier to update a photo that’s perfect for your Facebook cover. Just use our free tool Landscape to get the perfect Facebook cover photo size. Learn how to Design Facebook Cover Photo and Ideal Facebook Cover Photo Size. I hope you learn a lot of new size and tips. I hope you enjoy this Tutorial At the same time, the profile picture blends almost seamlessly with the cover photo because it uses the same design elements and the same colors. The overall experience is a highly cohesive page that pulls focus to the right elements on the page.

Facebook profile pics and cover images are a unique means of expression on the popular social Open FB Cover Template.psd in Photoshop. Then go to File > Place > Linked to deposit the cover It's rather unlikely that the photo will have the card held at the ideal size and angle for optimal framing It seems like a no-brainer, but obeying Facebook guidelines is crucial to your Facebook Page existing in the first place. I'd highly suggest reading through the full Page Guidelines, but here are a few important things to keep in mind for your Facebook banner:

The cover photo will be shown in the IGTV app, Instagram on web and Instagram app (explore section and profile feed). Each of these places shows the cover in a different size. To show the cover picture properly, you need to optimize the picture for these circumstances Hi Louise, I’m still not getting a full image using these sizes and so far I’m down to 1500 x 570. Any new info that can help me set the size right for the full image to display on a fb group cover?

Be aware that only 859 pixels of the height will show on mobile, and 662 on desktop. So you’ll lose a smidge off the top and bottom.Priit is the founder and CEO of DreamGrow Digital, an internet marketing and social media company. With his 20+ years internet marketing experience he is Helping companies to understand and use the digital marketing to reach their target audiences. He's also writing on a personal growth website FixWillPower.com. He has spoken at hundreds of seminars and conferences on different aspects of internet marketing. Priit is also the organizer of Digital Elite Camp, a leading traffic and conversion event. Today, the ideal size recommended by Facebook is 1,640 by 859px. That's NOT the size I recommend, and here's why: 1,640 by 859px will Except that Facebook adds a text overlay to cover photos. If you leave your height at 859px, any text and images in your cover photo will likely be.. I can suggest trying a LARGE PNG file size. It might work, but we unfortunately can’t control how FB decides to compress things. Would love to know if this helps though.

Profile photo: 180 x 180 pixels. Displays at 160 x 160, best results when uploading a square image (360×360, 720×720 or 960×960). The Facebook profile picture frame size is 183×183 pixels. Facebook cover photo size: 828 x 315 px (851 x 315px for personal profiles) News Feed link image size: 1200 x 900 px News Feed link image ratio: 4:3 Desktop news feed display: Up to 470 x 470 px Mobile news feed display: Up to 626 x 840 px Right column image size: 254 x 133 px1500 x 783 … 80 pixels letterbox, with 688 pixels in height, so basically showing a letterbox with a slightly deeper band at the bottom.

2. Do make sure your Facebook cover photo size is right.

Rob, Facebook have moved away from “fixed position images” … so that’s really what’s created all this mess. It’s still very vague, but most people are now opting for 1920×1080 (standard video HD) and it’s all about scalable ratio 16:9. So, yes, it does seem insane, but it’s about achieving a failsafe canvas which can downscale for all desktop/laptop/notebooks/tablets and smartphones … that’s the backbone to all this mess!!!Oh boy. Always something new. I just wrote this 2 weeks ago! And the face in the sample was not centered. Thanks for this update!! Facebook cover photos should be consistent with your overall branding. Use the same style of imagery, colors and marks that you would in all other communications. The nice thing about a Facebook cover photo builder or template is that the correct size and shapes are all preset for you Claire is the content marketing team lead, coming to G2 after graduating from the University of Dayton. Born and raised in the Chicago area, her brief stint in Ohio gave her a new appreciation for deep-dish pizza, but left her well-versed in Cincinnati-style chili and "cities" with a population fewer than 400,000. While not writing, Claire can be found practicing calligraphy, seeking out the best dive bars in Chicago, and planning her next trip. (she/her/hers)With that in mind, it’s important to ensure that your cover photo represents what your brand does. This not only helps your customer to know that they’re on the right page, but it also ensures that you present a more consistent image for your company online.

11 Best Practices for Facebook Cover Photos & Videos [Templates

Hey Louise, thanks for the info above. I will agree with Beney – the height is somewhat off. I made my over all frame the size listed above (1640 x 921) and my “content” of image only 662 px tall, and FB was still cutting off the top. For my design, I was able just to bump it down into the whitespace, probably about 100px or so (just eyeballed but can go look) and that got it close enough to use. Seems like they’ve messed with things again. Analytics The group cover photo dimensions have been verified to work as of January 22, 2020. Facebook is even providing a similar template on their Help page.

Facebook Group Cover Photo Size 2020: Free Templat

THANK YOU for being the ONLY one on the entire interwebs to have been able to call out the need for a compensation template to address the FB Group Photo zooming debacle. They really should be ashamed of themselves, but after all, THEY control the spin, so not addressing it is a self-preservation tactic in itself. Thank YOU for your integrity and for your service to your fellow (wo)man pulling our hair out in clumps for HOURS. *sigh* That’s billable time, as far as I’m concerned. I should send an invoice to Zuckerberg.While you may be inclined to use up that entire time, remember this: the longer a viewer is watching your video, the less time they’re scrolling through the other posts and content that fills your page. Remember that our attention spans are fleeting. If your cover video is more than 60 seconds long, somebody may not finish viewing it before they move on to another task.  facebook cover background facebook nature love hd background facebook cover love free background blur. Mobile wallpaper. Pexels — Beautiful free photos contributed by our talented community No go? You can find a 16:9 cropping template in any photo editing app, even free ones, like Photos on iOS. Facebook Cover Photo Size. Apr 1, 2019 Aaron Agius 6 Comments. Facebook is in the top 3 most visited sites in the world, after YouTube and Google. My ultimate guide to Facebook cover photo sizing will show you why size matters, and how to get it right to give your audience the best..

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For that reason, you should be sure that the photo you choose embodies your brand. Think of it this way – if somebody lands on your Facebook page and doesn’t immediately know what organization it represents, you’re doing it wrong. Size-wise, the Facebook profile image should be 180 x 180px (the same goes for both the regular profile pic and the one on business profile pages). Your cover photo will be displayed at 820 x 312px on desktop, and at 640 x 360px on mobile phones, hence the ideal dimensions of the cover photo.. By distorted – you mean Facebook is resizing your images non-proportionally? I haven’t seen this occur. Email me a screen shot?Make your life easy with a template! You can still upload your own image as a background – or choose from Snappa’s library of FREE images.

The Picture-Perfect Facebook Cover Photo Size Sprout Socia

  1. As stated at the beginning of this article, the best Facebook banner size is 820 pixels wide by 312 pixels tall for computers, and 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall on mobile devices.
  2. gly promotional, which ties in perfectly with Slack’s informal brand voice.
  3. Sorry, I can’t see that anything has changed with the group cover photo, and FB still recommends this size.
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Ad: Access your important Windows Applications from anywhere on any device with a cloud desktop by CloudDesktopOnline.com . For hosted Microsoft applications such as Exchange, SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, Project Server and more, try Apps4Rent.Facebook doesn’t stretch and distort your image to fit different devices – it crops it automatically instead. The ideal size for the perfect Facebook group cover photo size is 1,640 pixels wide by 856 pixels tall (or an aspect ratio of 1.91:1). We recommend this For example, in 2017, Facebook updated its group cover photo size, but it proved to not work on different devices. Your group photo would look great.. Ideal Image Sizes for Twitter. Unfortunately, Twitter and Facebook's recommended photo sizes are not the same, which means you'll need to size images differently to use them on both platforms. While Twitter does accept the uploading of images with tweets, the primarily text-based nature of Twitter..

The Perfect Facebook Cover Photo Size (+ Good Cover Photo

  1. Why are you copying another comment? I removed your link and if this happens again you’ll be spammed.
  2. If you want a no-hassle way to make sure your cover photos are the right size, download our pre-sized template for Facebook cover photos here.
  3. Additionally, by right-aligning your cover photo, you can draw extra attention to the call-to-action (CTA) button that sits lower-right to the cover photo. When the viewer’s eye is naturally drawn in that direction, they may be more likely to interact with the CTA and complete a certain action.
  4. FB always crops cover photos differently on desktop vs mobile (whether group, page, event, or profile). There’s no size that will show in full on all devices. This is why I wrote the posts and made the templates.
  5. Facebook Profile photo size: 180px x 180px (shows up as 160×160 on desktop, 128×128 pixels on smartphones and 36×36 pixels on most feature phones). Facebook Shared Image: 1200 X 630. Facebook Group Cover photo size: cover photo must be at least 400 pixels wide and 150 pixels tall
  6. To keep the rest of your Facebook presence looking just as professional as your up to date cover photo, check out the Facebook ad sizes guide and the social media image sizes guide for more help!
  7. If you’re having problems, leave specifics in your comment. I can’t help if you simply say, My Facebook group cover photo is too large.

Alternatively, if you upload a 16:9 ratio image for desktop (= 820 x 461 pixels), then only the vertically centered 820 x 312 pixels will be visible on desktop.Have you ever "pinned" a post to your Facebook Page's Timeline? Basically, pinning a post allows you to highlight a typical Facebook post on the top of your Timeline for seven days. It's signified by a small blue push pin on the top right of the post, like on Fashion Nova's Page below:FACEBOOK IS F’ed up. Totally. I downloaded your templates, downloaded Facebook’s template and NONE OF THEM WORK. I’m a graphic artist, not a newbie. What is going on? I HATE Facebook. I hope Zuckerburg gets early onset dementia. How hard is it to actually provide a template that works?

Video: Facebook Group Cover Photo Size for 2019 [FREE TEMPLATE

Thank you Louise for your article here, I now know that I am not alone. Nevertheless, I am at my limit here with FB’s ‘Group Banner’. I have tried 296×90, 300×150, 400×150, 450×150, 493×150, 600×200, 784×239, 800×150, 821×250, 821×334, 851×315, 1200×400,1250×400, 1640×720, 1640×856, 1640×921; and all are being over-stretched or over-sized by FB, I can only re-position it left & right, yet it is still too tall. What did FB do to my older, pristine, heavily edited, beautiful ‘Group Banner’ – HeLp !? 11/29/17Don’t be afraid to update your cover photo with upcoming sales, events, and other current developments in your business. You can even use the space to highlight certain features, points of pride, or other information you’d like to call out.Thank you for the template! I just wanted to chime in that if you have a long FB Group title that shows up as more than one line on mobile, you’ll need to leave even more space on the bottom to account for that. Facebook cover photo crop on mobile. Different sizes for Facebook Groups, Pages and Profiles If all these different sizes aren't driving you crazy yet. We thought we'd share how they render for each device Built to help today’s smartest social businesses put their consumers at the center of their strategic approach.

The Perfect Facebook Group Cover Photo Size for 201

  1. Show off your favorite photos and videos to the world, securely and privately show content to your friends and family, or blog the photos and videos you take with a cameraphone. Please can someone direct me to where the size guidelines are for the new photostream homepage
  2. When selecting an image, be sure that it appears properly on both mobile and desktop versions of your profile. Your mobile users will thank you.
  3. Too big, and important parts of your content will get cropped out. Too small, and your image will look stretched and pixelated. You need an image with Goldilocks potential, something that’s just right. Here’s some more notes on having the best Facebook cover photo:
  4. Does this explain it better? I’m not sure if you’re trying to upload different sized images. You can only have one cover photo per group.
  5. For example, you could use a person in your cover photo to point to your call-to-action button below. If you go this route, though, remember that desktop displays differently than mobile; your person can vaguely point toward your CTA but if it’s too precise, it won’t work on both desktop and mobile.
Beautiful Mandala Facebook Cover

I have since created a new template which is based on a 1920×1080 Canvas, where I am simply placing a letterbox boundary for important text/banner elements … so essentially, it’s simply the backdrop which is sized at 1920×1080, with the focus being on allowing plenty of space from edged, particularly top/bottom text margins within your banner.You could try uploading a GIF with the photo uploader. Videos aren’t yet supported, at least in my group.By right aligning the focal point of your cover photo, whether it’s a person, text, your product, or more, you’re making your Facebook profile more balanced. Because the profile picture is on the left, a right-aligned cover photo is easier to consume for viewers.

Well, all I want it to re-use my present/current image and have it shown with all photos and all text …. I’m absolutely no buff at this … so how would I go about this, dear Louise!? According to Facebook, your cover photo size displays at 820 pixels wide by 312 pixels tall on desktops and 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall on smartphones. Because cover photo displayed on desktop is different from mobile devices, you should be pay attention when designing a Facebook.. Once upon a time, Facebook allowed a maximum 20% text on cover photos. That restriction has long since gone, but that doesn’t mean you should slap tons of text onto your cover image. The new goal: keep your cover photo copy concise.Text: The desktop news feed displays 500 characters, mobile 110 characters, and the right column ad 90 characters.Louise! Facebook is using face recognition software to autocrop the circle where the face is! I specifically created my cover to have the center text be the circle thumbnail. How disappointing! Want to update your article to include this now? Thanks for all your great cropping info, you are always my go-to.

What's the Ideal Size of a Facebook Cover Photo and Video

Snappa has integrated Facebook Group cover photo dimensions and safe zones into their graphic design tool, so it’ll look perfect on both mobile and desktop.That’s why having the right Facebook cover size lets you demonstrate your personality, brand story and even purpose as a company.That’s right! We can no longer disregard mobile users. If you do, you’re missing out on a critical opportunity. Remember that on mobile, a much larger portion of your cover photo is blocked out. This is because both your profile picture and your page name are on top of the cover photo, as opposed to appearing next to it like on a desktop.Just remember to change the template from indexed color to RGB. Don’t know why the template is in indexed. ** sigh **

The Facebook Note Cover image ideal size is 1200 x 445 pixels. If your image is smaller then it will appear fuzzy. If it is larger, you can drag and drop the Select More just under your cover photo and if you already have the Notes app installed it will be in the dropdown menu and you can select it “Follow the template” means to keep anything you don’t want cropped to the smallest area shown (desktop cropping).

I don’t know if FB has changed it again or what. I’ve tried NINE different sizes and they’re all too large. I’ve tried 1025 x 300, 851 x 315, 1640 x 662, 1025 x 415, 820 x 428, 700 x 223, 550 x 175, 784 x 250 and 801 x 250. They all cut the sides, top and/or bottom off.Ideally, you’ll want something that’s only up to a minute long. After all, if your customers focus on your cover photo for too long, they might not have time to check out the rest of your page. Create a facebook cover photo using photo joiner online editor. We provide many templates with right sized so your cool photos look even cooler together. You are about to change tabs which changes your canvas size. Are you sure you want to do this Choosing the right pictures, style, and size for your Facebook cover photo isn’t always easy. After all, this is your first chance to make the right impression on billions of potential customers. Fortunately, if you follow the guidelines above, and stick to the rules provided by this gigantic social media channel, you should have everything you need to engage and delight your customers.

While understanding the correct size for your Facebook cover photo is important, it’s not the end-all-be-all. What really matters is the content. Does it draw the audience in? Does it encourage a specific action? Remember that old phrase don't judge a book by its cover?. Well, that doesn't apply in the social media world. Even though you always help customers better understand your brand through content and storytelling, the first impression they get of your company will always be visual Now that you have a good understanding of what to do and what not to do let’s take a look at some organizations that excel when it comes to selecting an eye-catching Facebook cover photo. How to Resize a Photo for Facebook Cover The Facebook cover photo is a banner that introduces visitors to your Facebook page, so it must make an impression and be optimized to look terrific. The ratio is unique to Facebook, meaning you must intentionally size your photos to avoid cropping.. What is the correct size for a Facebook Group photo at the top of the page. it’s been fine for years up until recently.

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Cover photo is now an option under the crop tool menu, and it automatically creates a movable and resizable frame that crops your photo at the correct size And most of the time, Facebook's option to drag a cover photo within its frame before publishing it works just fine. But if you have a photo that.. If you follow the template, it will work. It’s not about resizing your current image. You need to keep the type out of the areas cropped top and bottom on desktop.Image size: 1200 x 628 px Image ratio: 1.9:1 Desktop news feed display: 470 x 246 px Mobile news feed display: 560 x 292 px Right column display: 254 x 133 px However, without the right knowledge of ideal posts sizes - standard to what Facebook requires, you are most likely than not struggle to draw attention From the ideal length of text posts, to ideal Event Image sizes, the guide also lays down ideal Cover Page Image Sizes and Cover Group photo sizes

Facebook Photos Size Guide May 2020 Cover Video

How To Make Facebook Cover Photo Design - Ideal Facebook

The cover photos for all Facebook pages aren't created equal - if you're creating a fan page, group, or event, the dimensions for your cover photo will be different from the cover photo on your personal page. A properly sized cover image can help boost your Facebook page likes I don’t think so. The online tools and apps tend to follow what FB recommends, which works on desktop only.

I’m perplexed by what you mean by “too large.” Part of it is getting cropped off on desktop that’s not as I’ve indicated on the template? It still works for me but I’d love to know where the problem is. FB is even providing a similar template now!Except that Facebook adds a text overlay to cover photos. If you leave your height at 859px, any text and images in your cover photo will likely be covered by Facebook’s text.

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I only noticed this last week that my group cover image was appearing enlarged. After several attempts to find a current size I came across your page. Because my cover consists of a photo plus a logo and text I tried at least 6 times to make a cover image that worked based on the dimensions in this article. It was either too large, couldn’t be re-positioned, or cut off part of the image on the top. The following is what finally worked: Total size: 1640 x 856. Keep a margin of at least 100 pixels at the top (no text) because that gets cut off by Facebook’s blue navigation bar. Leave bottom margin of 186 pixels blank of text and image (I left mine with a simple background color). That should work for smart phones although the FB app on my phone puts text all over the darkened cover image. Find & Download Free Graphic Resources for Facebook Cover. 3,000+ Vectors, Stock Photos & PSD files. ✓ Free for commercial use ✓ High Quality Images You don't want to spend all this time designing a cover photo only to have it look weird when you upload it to Facebook. Group Cover Photo Size. Facebook is all about community, so it's no wonder why so many The minimum recommended a size for ideal display is 1200 x 630 pixels. To display link page posts with Facebook recognizes these photos and processes them through the camera-specific metadata that's.. When viewed from a desktop computer, your Facebook cover photo displays at 820 pixels wide by 312 pixels tall. When viewed from a mobile device, it will display at 630 pixels wide by 312 pixels tall.

The Facebook cover photo is not a common image size, and the rectangular composition includes a cut-out for your profile icon in the lower left corner. This means the best-looking cover photos tend to be images that are designed to take advantage of the cover photo's exact size and shape I think I’ve explained everything pretty thoroughly! I don’t know which site you refer to or what they say, so I can’t say if it’s right or wrong, only that mine has been tested to be correct.

For Facebook cover photos (or Facebook banners as some call them) use an image that attracts appropriate attention. Among others cover photo best practices, consider the demographics of your customers and subscribers. Let's say your company sells products for babies up to two years old Additionally, it's interesting to note that Facebook now allows its cover photos to take on a whole immersive experience - Facebook 360 photos, which are a sort of panoramic photo option. However, only personal accounts - not business pages - can take advantage of this.

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With our photo resizer, you can convert the image size in a required width and height in pixels. We also have pre-defined image sizes for social media profile pictures and cover photos that you choose from the drop-down. Resize image for Facebook cover, profile picture and event photo size online Nowadays, it is almost impossible to believe that photos were done before Instagram appeared. And people even shared photos somehow. Almost 90% World Top companies has their account Instagram. According to statistics, about 70% of brands all around the world also have their Instagram accounts

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Your time is valuable. Cut through the noise and dive deep on a specific topic with one of our curated content hubs.Note: If the cover photo has never been set, group members may also be able to add a cover photo. If a group member sets the cover photo for a group, and later decides they would like to remove it, they will need to delete the photo in order to remove it as the group cover photo. sourceDid you know? You can now display a cover video (20-90 seconds in length), as opposed to a static cover image.

There are a few different schools of thought in the social media world–particularly when it comes to Facebook cover photo size. Some people think that it’s best to combine their profile picture and cover photo into a single cohesive image. Other experts prefer to spread their imagery out so that it pulls focus to the right spaces on the page.Next, choose a premade Facebook Group Cover template – it’s fully customizable. Or, you can choose to create a cover photo from scratch.

Help Center FAQs System Status Support Facebook timeline covers, cover photos (fbcovers.me). submitted 2 years ago by NothingIsTrue8. what is the largest size for facebook cover photos? (self.FBcovers). submitted 3 years ago by tuntex

Hey there. I’m Sandra. I help entrepreneurs build profitable online businesses that ignite your creativity and set your spirit free.Now that you have an understanding of your Facebook cover photo size and best practices, it’s time to take what you’ve learned and put it into action! Remember that your Facebook cover photo is an extension of your brand. It should be eye-catching, colorful, and represent your organization.

Facebook Cover Photos is the latest trend that dominates your Facebook presence. Their Facebook cover photo is a live example of how a simple call to action can become so helpful for your business. As you look at it for the first time it seems to answer your most obvious question, What's in.. Thank you! No matter what I tried I could not get our group photo to show up right. Your template saved my sanity!!What is the Facebook profile picture size or Facebook banner size? How wide is the page of your brand? What’s the maximum video upload size? Here are all the numbers you need!Thank you for this! You wrote, “Facebook is even providing a similar template now!” Just out of curiosity, where do you find those?

Now, regardless of which dimensions are labelled optimal or what people are coming up with themselves, I am seeing more reference to the whole 16:9 approach, where people are going with 1920 x 1080 as the standard HD scalable ratio. So …. is it absolute madness to design a template for a Facebook Group with such a large canvas, or am I going mad completely bonkers over this end?Organize pre-approved media in one central hub and make sure your team gets the most out of your carefully curated and crafted images, videos and text.You might've noticed in a few of the cover photo examples above that their primary call-to-action (CTA) buttons were different. Makr's says "Shop Now," while Sprout Social's says "Sign Up." If you use Facebook, you've probably uploaded a picture at some point. While Facebook is great for sharing, it also uses some pretty ruthless compression (compared to other sites, anyway) that makes your pictures look like crap Social Media Image Sizes: always updated!How Often Should You Post on Social Media?Best Design Tools for Non-Designers Upload your Facebook cover photo as a PNG file via desktop to avoid unsightly image compression. SNEAK PEEK: Get a First Look at Facebook's New Pages Taking our own advice (thanks to Louise Myers) from above on the perfect Facebook cover photo size for both desktop and mobile, this is..

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