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Chia Overnight Oats made with chia, oats, and almond milk. So easy and perfect for a quick healthy breakfast on the go 5 m + 8 h1 Du behöver1,5 dl mjölk1 dl havregryn1 msk chiafrön1 msk riven kokos1 dl blandade bär1 tsk vaniljpulver0,5 krm malen kanel några mandlar, hackadeLägg i inköpslistaBilligaste ingredienserna

Hi, what size of the le parfait jam jars did you purchase to use for your overnight oats? I see there are 11, 13, and 15 oz options on amazon. Thanks! Overnight oats, havregrynsgröt som inte behöver kokas upp. Overnight oats: Blanda alla ingredienser i en behållare tillsammans med någon av smaksättningarna (välj helst kokosdryck till.. Overnight Oats sind das beste Frühstück der Welt. Hier gibt's alle Infos und mehr als 200 Rezepte: Gesund, proteinreich, lecker und schnell Overnight-Oats. Leckere Rezepte aus Haferfocken Overnight oats recipe - Quick and easy oats recipe for busy mornings. Overnight oats is made just by Overnight oats is usually made in air tight mason jars as it is convenient to carry to work as well

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Browse a list of all products from Oats Overnight. What are Nutritionix Track app users eating from Oats Overnight Overnight Oats. Save recipe. Want to try. Combine the oats, almond milk, flax/chia seeds, vanilla extract and mashed banana in a jar and put the lid on

With these 50 overnight oats recipes you'll have smoother mornings and healthier breakfasts too! Take a peek at all of the delicious finds below and let us know how they work for you These overnight oats with raspberries are the ultimate healthy breakfast. I used to eat quick oats for breakfast almost every day and I did get a little bored with that. Recently I started missing my oats for..

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Enter overnight oats! This tasty meal is stirred up overnight and left to soak while you catch some zzz's. In the morning, you wake up to a healthy, grab-and-go breakfast that's oh-so-creamy Cinnamon Apple Overnight Oats. ORDER >. Julienne Apples. A delicious start to your day with julienne apples, oats, almond milk, apple juice, almond butter, brown sugar and cinnamon Love Overnight Oats? Give Overnight Oatmeal Pancakes a Whirl. 4 Simple Tweaks for Better I actually do my overnight oats a bit differently, and I would definitely not describe the result as soggy Overnight oats - Wir haben 70 schmackhafte Overnight oats Rezepte für dich gefunden! Finde was du suchst - unkompliziert & gut. Jetzt ausprobieren mit ♥ Chefkoch.de ♥ Chocolate Covered Katie is one of the top 25 food websites in America, and Katie has been 
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  1. Stored covered in an airtight container in the fridge, the overnight oatmeal will last about five days, so it’s great to meal prep in advance for the week. You can also portion out extra servings of the dry ingredients into ziploc bags for your own homemade instant oatmeal packets like Quaker. The original version has 6 Weight Watchers SmartPoints. Overnight oats are the perfect healthy solution if you’re one of those people who like to have breakfast as soon as they get up in the morning.
  2. With 30+ premium ingredients like rich cocoa, real vanilla bean, and whole fruit, our 9 custom flavors will put other oatmeals to shame.
  3. Eating trans fats and smoking is harmful and should be avoided. If you're concerned about your cholesterol levels, have them checked by your doctor. A simple blood draw, taken after an overnight..
  4. This Overnight Oats recipe is highly nutritious with plenty of fibre to help you sustain yourself Overnight Oats is recently very popular among fitness junkies. Dairy products have been a favourite..

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  1. Utan att tänka på det får du i dig en rejäl frukost. Till och med någon som "inte käkar frukost" kan sleva i sig en burk kallgröt, eftersom det är så behändigt.
  2. Du kan ju toppa med precis vad du vill? Kiwi, tranbär och pumpakärnor ena dagen, banan och blåbär den andra?
  3. Cover and refrigerate overnight. You can divide the oats into individual jars at this point if desired. Cover and refrigerate for at least 4 hours, preferably overnight.
  4. Overnight oats with fresh strawberries, blueberries and yogurt in glass vintage mason jar. Portion of oats with berries in a jar. Vector hand drawn illustration
  5. Prepare these easy overnight oats recipes and enjoy three delicious, healthy breakfasts. Stir together 50g oats, ¼ tsp cinnamon, a pinch of mixed spice, 1 grated carrot, a pinch of salt and 150ml..

I remember when the overnights oats craze started. My Pinterest feed flooded with all kinds of ways to enjoy them. But I just couldn't get on board the thought of cold mushy oats did not appeal to me Oats Overnight - 24, Tempe, Arizona 85281 - rated 4.2 based on 46 reviews My favorite combination: 1/2 C milk. 1/2 C oats, a couple tablespoons of greek.. A perfectly portioned 10+ ingredient breakfast with no shopping or measuring required. Take it on the go with zero morning prep and leave the spoon at home.

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  1. ÖVER 60 MIN Overnight oats med hallon
  2. utes Yield 1 serving Ingredients1/2 cup rolled oats or quick oats1/2 cup milk of choice1/2 cup yogurt or additional milk of choicesweetener of choice, as desired1/8 tsp saltoptional 1/2 cup fruit of choiceoptional 1-2 tbsp nut butteroptional 1 tbsp chia seeds, or add-ins of choice Instructions*This recipe is easily vegan if you choose nondairy yogurt and milk. Options include almond, cashew, soy, rice, oat, or coconut.Combine all ingredients in a lidded container or mason jar. Shake well, then refrigerate overnight. The next morning, simply stir and enjoy! If you make the recipe, don’t forget to rate it at the bottom of the post or leave a review. And if you come up with any other flavors, please do share!View Nutrition Facts Have you made this recipe? Tag @chocolatecoveredkatie on Instagram
  3. Passengers and crew aboard a hijacked overnight flight scramble to outrace the sun as a mysterious cosmic event wreaks havoc on the world below. Starring:Pauline Etienne, Laurent Capelluto, Stefano..
  4. Overnight Oats have become super popular because of their ease, portability, nutritional value After the overnight oats have chilled overnight, you may add a little more liquid depending on how you..
  5. Yes, they make a great vegan breakfast. Feel free to try out different plant-based milks in the recipe – almond milk, coconut milk, ricemilk, cashewmilk, soy milk, or even oat milk – to find your favorites. Technically, you could use water instead of milk, but the results will be much less creamy. Most regular grocery stores will sell at least one brand of nondairy yogurt, and some even have vegan Greek yogurt. Or you can skip the yogurt and just add more milk in its place. The recipe is suitable for many gluten free diets as well and is super versatile!
  6. These Blueberry Almond Overnight Oats are naturally sweet without any added sugar, and provide plenty of flavor and texture to fuel you all morning

Try this overnight oats recipe as a new way to start your day! Top with your favourite fruits, nuts and a drizzle of flaxseed oil. Picture kindly sent in by Ingrid ÖVER 60 MIN Overnight Oats med espresso

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Unlike a bowl of warm oatmeal, overnight oats are meant to be eaten cold, straight from the refrigerator (no reheating necessary). To make them, you’ll soak rolled oats in milk and yogurt overnight, which gives them a soft, slightly toothsome texture that’s ultra-creamy and subtly sweet. In the morning, you’ll add your favorite toppings — fresh or dried fruit, nuts, seeds, and nut butters are all fair game. Featuring Lemon And Raspberry Overnight Oats, Blueberry Muffin Overnight Oats, Carrot Cake Overnight Oats and Banana Bread Overnight Overnight Oats 4 Ways. Recipes in This Video

Overnight oats are similar to oatmeal except thicker, fluffier, and served cold. You make them by soaking raw rolled oats in liquid — usually milk or soy milk — overnight in the fridge This recipe looks so amazing and tasty before even preparing I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and got to know so much that I can include in my oats recipe, will surely share it with my friends and family as well for their future reference. Oats Overnight. Convenient zero-prep, nutritious, delicious breakfasts, delivered straight to your Oats Overnight is actively using 69 technologies for its website. These include Viewport Meta.. Amazing! My daughter and I are coeliac. We made this with GF oats, coconut milk, maple syrup, Chia seeds, almond butter, grated apple and cinnamon. The next morning we warmed it up with a teaspoon of coconut oil each and more yoghurt. Yum ? easy make ahead breakfast for busy mornings. x

They are delicious either way! Just make sure to prepare the oats in a heat-safe container if you plan to microwave or warm them in the oven the next morning. You could also transfer the prepared oats to a small saucepan and heat them up that way. If using yogurt, it’s best to not cook them; and especially in the warmer months, I like to eat them cold. overnight oats 의미, 정의, overnight oats의 정의: 1. a breakfast food consiting of porridge oats that have been left overnight in water, milk, or. 자세히 알아보기 Plan ahead for breakfast with these simple overnight oats. Hey everyone! I'm excited to share The perfect quick & easy breakfast on the go or for a busy week at home - Overnight Oats, Three Ways The oats and raspberries are a great way to replenish the lost carbs and the Greek yogurt, almond The flavor combinations you can make for overnight oats are endless, but I'm particularly fond of..

1/2 cup quick oats + 1 cup water, microwave for 1 min 30 secs and you have warm, delicious oats with NO silly jars or wasteful single-serve packets. It is the quickest, cheapest, healthiest, easiest breakfast. If you have old-fashioned oats, you can microwave those too, just up the time to 2 mins. Don't settle for overnight oats and oatmeal if you're tired of them. These 25 oat recipes will show Somewhere between baked oatmeal, pie, and granola bars, these apple-packed portable treats look.. While nut butter, dried fruit, some fresh fruit (like blueberries, apples, and citrus) can be added in advance, you’ll want to wait to add delicate or crunchy toppings, such as nuts, seeds, and toasted coconut, until the morning you plan to eat them. When mixed with the oats upfront, the long soak leaves nuts and seeds with a soft, chewy texture. The same goes for most berries, which can get mushy when soaked for too long. Overnight oats are the perfect grab-and-go breakfast for those busy weekday mornings. They're prepared the night before and left to soak in the refrigerator overnight. That means no cooking, and.. Overnight Gingerbread Oats and other interesting reads from The Healthy Maven. So today I have one of those recipes for you, Overnight Gingerbread Oats

While you can certainly eat them as is (just give the bowl a good stir, first), overnight oats are even better with toppings. Fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts, seeds, and nut butter are all fair game. Recept på overnight oats. Förbered kvällen före, då går det blixtsnabbt att få gröten på bordet på morgonen. banan, liten. 1 dl. rågflingor, eller havregryn Watch how to make the best overnight oats in this short recipe video! You'll never want to make overnight oats any other way

Conhecida como 'aveia amanhecida', a receita é rica em fibras e outros nutrientes Overnight oats are one of those I-can't-believe-this-is-healthy recipes made with all real, whole Healthy Overnight Oats makes the perfect easy healthy meal or snack. I've never been a fan of hot.. James' Overnight Oats. Oat & Lentil Meat Loaf A sweet and satisfying make-ahead breakfast. Yogurt, almond butter, oats, and pears are wholesome, satisfying, and will keep you full until lunch overnight oats - Overnight oats are currently enjoying some time in the limelight. In this case, however, the mocha overnight oats recipe is a fun spin that combines two beloved morning rituals..

Get a overnight oats mug for your guy Manley. Tom was in a happy mood this morning, he'd had his overnight oats. by El Mattador October 07, 2016 Älska frukostar som man kan förbereda kvällen före! Här en overnight oats på recept av @anjaforsnor. 🍧🙏🏼 Blanda 1,5 dl mandeldryck med 1 dl boveteflingor, 1 msk chiafrön, 1/2 riven morot, 1/2 tsk kardemumma, 1/2 tsk kanel och lite salt. Häll över i en glasburk med lock och förvara i kylen över natten. På morgonen tar du bara ut den färdiga kallgröten och toppar med sådant du gillar. Kanske kiwi, torkade tranbär, kokosflingor och pumpakärnor? 😋 ÖVER 60 MIN Steel cut overnight oats Overnight oats (davosgröt). Tid: 5 minuter. Foto: Matilda Sandberg/SVT. 2 dl. vätska, t ex mjölk eller yoghurt. Smaksättning: kanel, kakao, vanilj, torkad eller riven frukt

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Overnight oats. Nem morgenmad! 2 portioner. 1 dl bær (friske eller frosne). Fremgangsmåde. Bland havregryn og krydderier sammen, hvorefter du tilfører væsken og honning Overnight Oats. I love breakfast and my personal favourite is porridge (or oatmeal for you US You can eat overnight oats at home, on the go or at your desk and it's a great way of getting some.. Don’t let that overnight soak fool you — overnight oats are incredibly simple to make. They take no more than five minutes to prep, and then the breakfast makes itself while you sleep. If you stir together a batch during your weekend meal prep, you’ll be left with four grab-and-go breakfasts to eat throughout the week (the oats last about four days in the fridge). You can also scale the recipe down and make single servings instead.

These Overnight Oats recipes are perfect for busy mornings when you don't have time to cook How to make overnight oats. All that is necessary for overnight oats is your favorite kind of milk (dairy or.. fish-freealcohol-freevegetarianshellfish-freepork-freepescatarianegg-freered-meat-freePer serving, based on 4 servings. (% daily value)Calories 291Fat 6.9 g (10.6%)Saturated 2.0 g (9.9%)Carbs 47.9 g (16.0%)Fiber 4.6 g (18.3%)Sugars 17.3 gProtein 11.6 g (23.2%)Sodium 210.7 mg (8.8%)Ingredients2 cups old-fashioned rolled oats 1.) Layer 1/2 Cup of plain old fashioned oats. 2.) Layer 1 container or 1 cup of Greek Yogurt. Overnight Oats. Published Thursday, 15 October, 2015 by Maggie DeLone Перевод слова overnight, американское и британское произношение, транскрипция - предназначенный для короткой поездки. an overnight bag — самые необходимые вещи для.. Overnight oats. 24 January, 2017. 4 thoughts on Overnight oats. Kuharica početnica says: 16 February, 2017 at 8:06 pm

Recept på overnight oats. Förbered kvällen före, då går det blixtsnabbt att få gröten på bordet på morgonen. banan, liten. 1 dl. rågflingor, eller havregryn Halva Overnight Oats. Halva is a delicious, dense Middle Eastern dessert made mainly of Tahini (sesame paste) and sugar, sometimes with the addition of pistachios For instance, soak oats overnight, prepare and refrigerate yogurt parfait or your favorite smoothie before going to bed. Always keep a small batch of chopped fruit and veggies to put together an instant..

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Overnight oats are pointless. They are a time-sink concocted by bloggers to take advantage of people who aren’t super comfortable in the kitchen. If you like to eat your oats warm–and really who doesn’t, because cold oatmeal sounds just awful–then just make them in the morning. Add any toppings or plant milk you like after microwaving. In other words, if you were planning to heat up your overnight oats anyway, then just skip the overnight part. It is a waste of time and energy. Overnight oats ger mig samma typ av mättnad och smakar riktigt bra. Dessutom går det att förbereda i förväg vilket sparar massor av tid. Här kommer ett av mina favoritrecept med bland annat kvarg.. Overnight oats can also be nutritious, especially since oats have been associated with a multitude of health Similar to oatmeal, overnight oats are oats that are soaked overnight and absorb the liquid Share this ArticleLike this article? Email it to a friend! Friend's Email Address Overnight oats are the perfect way to satisfy your oatmeal craving. You still get to chow down on a I have a ton of different overnight oat recipes posted here on Eating Bird Food, but I love this one..

With overnight oats, you slap it together the night before and have it ready in the fridge to grab quickly and eat If you want to add something savory to your overnight oats breakfast, make this Breakfast.. Try any of these 7 sensational overnight keto oatmeal recipes or use our base and come up with Stevia Drops - Without some form of sweetness your keto oatmeal will be more of a grandpa-style.. Fri från ägg.Gör glutenfri: välj havregryn framställda av fri havre. Välj glutenfri havredryck, annan växtbaseraddryck eller mjölk.Gör laktosfri: välj laktosfri mjölk eller växtbaseraddryck. Välj laktosfri kvarg.Gör mjölkproteinfri: välj växtbaseraddryck. Byt kvarg mot mjölkproteinfri ersättningsprodukt.

Stir up a batch of overnight oats to reap the goodness! But that's exactly the origin of uber-trendy overnight oats, an idea born of a Swiss doctor back in 1900 who was looking for an easy way to.. Four Overnight Oat Smoothies Recipe. These Oatmeal Smoothies will be your new favorite make ahead breakfast. Packed with rolled oats and fruit, these oat smoothies taste great and keep you full.. ClosebreakfastchildreneasyCooking Lessons from The KitchnHow To Make the Best Overnight Oatsby Kelli FosterPublished: May 29, 2019SaveCommentsJump to RecipePrint RecipeWe independently select these products—if you buy from one of our links, we may earn a commission.Credit: Joe LingemanAs the weather warms and the summer months draw closer, my breakfast routine is one of the first things to change. I make the switch from hot coffee to iced, and I swap my warm bowl of oatmeal for a pre-packed jar of refreshingly creamy overnight oats. I highly suggest you do the same. Select Story Comics Lou The Frog Happy Hour Dallas T. Washington Animation. Overnight Oats. 3 thoughts to Overnight Oats. Twilightfairy say

Thank for sharing these healthy recipes! I like overnight oats and I’m always looking for some new ingredients! Can wait to give them a try!Hi! I know I am coming in late in the game but has anyone made these for their toddlers? My 1 years old is not a fan of oatmeal but I really want him to get the fibre and iron he needs to I look for ways to spruce it up! Also, how long can these be kept in the fridge and can I use frozen fruit? Overnight Oats in Törtchen-Form gebracht mit frischen Erdbeeren - so lässt sich der Tag starten! Overnight Oats-Törtchen mit Erdbeeren Overnight oats är en god frukost som du förbereder kvällen innan. Supergod, nyttig och mättande hälsogröt. Den blir klar i kylskåpet då den står över natten, en riktig energikick färdig att starta dagen..

Overnight oats. 60+ min Baklava Overnight Oats- Try these overnight oats which taste just like dessert but are so healthy for you! These baklava overnight oats are exactly like having dessert for breakfast- Healthy style Copyright © 2020 · Chocolate Covered Katie · All Rights Reserved · An Elite CafeMedia Food Publisher · Privacy Policy Recipe Index Mix oats, milk, vanilla extract and your choice of add-ins in a bowl. Stir until combined. Cover and refrigerate overnight (at least 6-8 hours). You can also divide mixture into jars or smaller separate..

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Soaking oats overnight makes them sweeter and easier to digest. They are loaded with fibre to The night before, put the oats, raisins, chia seeds, goji berries and pumpkin seeds into a bowl or container.. Power your mornings with the perfect ratio of complex carbs and 20g+ of protein. This nutritionally complete, low glycemic breakfast will keep you full until lunch. 100% gluten free. Vegan options. Missing your oat-filled overnight oat bowls? If so, you're going to love this keto-friendly, low-carb Variation: Keto Fudge Overnight Oats. In addition to the ingredients in the Vanilla version above.. Overnight oats are one of our favorite quick, easy, and healthy breakfasts, especially for busy mornings When the oats chill overnight, they soften as they absorb the milk/yogurt and sweetener

Overnight Oats retete sanatoase de terci cu cereale, fructe si lactate. Adica fulgi de ovaz lasati peste noapte - terci la rece Overnight Oatmeal Flavors. Peanut Butter Overnight Oats: Add 2 tbsp peanut butter to the recipe. Blueberry Overnight Oats: Use fresh or frozen blueberries as the fruit. You can also use blueberry.. Like regular oatmeal, overnight oats are versatile. We totally understand if you want to stick to the Blueberry Cinnamon Overnight Oats. This is a great go-to recipe for anyone who likes a creamy.. Det låter kanske inte så spännande, men gillar du gröt så kommer du förmodligen att tycka om det här. Och eftersom ingredienserna är ungefär desamma som när du kokar vanlig havregrynsgröt får du samma hälsovinster. Overnight oats består huvudsakligen av havregryn och någon form av vätska, ibland mjölk, ibland juice. Alltså får du i dig en massa fibrer och protein, som mättar bra i flera timmar framåt.3-4 days, or you can freeze them. They definitely work with frozen fruit and are toddler friendly 🙂 Jason

Oatmeal happens to be a big favorite of mine, and it will be pleasure to share a couple of ways that Basically all there is to it is you need to soak your oats and grains for the night and when you get up.. Porridge sans cuisson ou Overnight Porridge. Céréales dans un lait parfumé aux épices Men vad är då fördelen med att äta gröten kall? Jo, förutom att så kallad "rawfood", det vill säga mat som inte upphettas till mer än 42 grader, behåller mer av sina vitaminer, mineraler och andra näringsämnen går overnight oats att förbereda kvällen före. Alltså behöver du inte lägga någon tid på att stöka med kastruller, decilitermått och spiskoll när du är jäktad inför arbetsdagen. Cinnamon Roll Overnight Oats. I have a new recipe for you. My favorite overnight oats recipe so far has been the Almond Butter Overnight Oats, but this cinnamon roll overnight oats recipe may be.. Overnight oats are a delicious, easy, and convenient way to enjoy your oatmeal. Rather then steaming hot oats in the morning, overnight oats are made by combining a few ingredients ahead of..

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Add ingredients to a large bowl. Place all the ingredients in a large bowl. Print RecipeComments31 RatingsOvernight Oats RecipeYieldServes 4Making overnight oats is actually as easy as memorizing a simple ratio: Use equal parts old-fashioned rolled oats and milk, plus half as much yogurt. For example, the recipe below calls for 2 cups old-fashioned rolled oats, 2 cups milk, and 1 cup yogurt. From there, you can add whatever toppings you prefer (more on those below). Get your chocolate fix for breakfast with these deliciously creamy (and healthy!) chocolate chia overnight oats En annan fördel är själva tillagningen. Det kräver få ingredienser, ytterst lite tid – och eftersom den bakar till sig själv under natten så slipper du stressiga morgnar.

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Discover overnight oats—a fun and delicious way to enjoy Quaker® Oats! Either add fruit, yogurt, nuts or other tasty ingredients with your favorite milk and oats in a mason jar or find our Overnight Oat.. I made a cinnamon peach for this morning! 1c oats 1c almond milk 1 individual container of peach yogurt Couple dashes of cinnamon 1 crushed graham cracker I denne video vil jeg vise hvordan man klargører en sund og lækker morgenmad der holder dig mæt længe. Overnight Oats 1 dl havregryn 2 dl mælk 1 s chia.. Overnight Oats- 1/2 cup rolled oats- 1/4 cup Chocolate FitMix- 1 cup unsweetened almond milk- 1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract- 1/4 cup fresh Raspberries- dash of sea salt InstructionsCombine all.. These Chocolate Protein Overnight Oats were one of my favorites. I just needed 5 standard pantry staples, nothing strange at all. And they're so full of chocolate that they practically taste like a cross..

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Download recipe card Recipe and im. Prepare these oats the night before for a quick and easy breakfast and experiment with the toppings for something different 1 dl blandade bär. 1 tsk vaniljpulver. 0,5 krm malen kanel

nyttig frukost

SearchMenuBrownies Breakfast Pies & Cakes Chocolate Bars Cookies Meals All Recipes About Katie FAQ Search for Search for Oatmeal Recipes ÖVER 60 MIN Overnight Oats med kaffe But overnight oats make both possible—believe it. Even better, overnight oats actually make Let your oats soak overnight in the refrigerator. Assuming you've gotten a full night of sleep, your oats.. Recept på overnight oats: Blanda 1 dl havregryn med 1 dl valfri mjölk. Blanda i 0,5 tsk kanel och/eller kardemumma för mer smak. Låt grynen sedan suga upp vätskan i kylen under natten Overnight oatmeal loaded with superfoods like flax, chia, maca root, and 32g of protein. No recipes needed. Life Is Hard, Make Breakfast Easy

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in the nutritional analysis it only says it used strawberries for the fruit. It doesn’t specify what milk choice was used and which type of yogurt. Can you please specify?Innan du går och lägger dig blandar du snabbt ihop havregryn med till exempel mandeldryck, kanel och kardemumma. Du häller över i en skål och täcker över med plastfolie. Under natten får kallgröten "götta" till sig i kylen, genom att grynen suger åt sig vätskan. På morgonen tar du bara ut den och toppar med exempelvis bär, frukt, frön och nötter.

Thank you for all these recipes. I have never tried overnight oats. I’m interested to try the strawberry or blueberry oats. I don’t know about chocolate overnight oats. It might be too strange.Om chiapudding var det hetaste du kunde äta till frukost 2014 så var 2015 års mest omtalade hälsofrulle nog snarare "overnight oats". Ett nyttigt frukostalternativ som liksom så mycket annat kommit till Sverige via USA, där det syntes på kaféerna redan för några år sedan. Overnight oats are the easy, healthy breakfast you'll always feel good about eating. Making overnight oats is actually as easy as memorizing a simple ratio: Use equal parts old-fashioned rolled..

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