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1897 was a big year for French Bulldogs and their admirers, because this was when the first official American Kennel Club (AKC) breed standard was published.After a few minor revisions, a major overhaul of the original breed standard took place in 1911. In this next edition, certain French Bulldog colors were singled out as disallowed:Brindle color is one of the oldest colors in French bulldogs. Brindle Frenchies usually have dark color dominant with lighter color strands. Other patterns that are approved are pied, piebald, black masks, black shadings, and white markings.

Exotic Colors and Patterns in the French Bulldog breed are the one that aren’t approved by the AKC and can’t participate in the ring.The merle gene creates mottled patches of color in a solid or piebald coat, and it can affect skin pigment as well. This pattern is very controversial in the French Bulldog community since it can cause severe health issues, if two merles are bred together.The reason why rare French bulldog colors are not approved by the AKC is the fact that such Frenchies didn’t exist when they first established the rule of standard colors. Also, as this trend of producing rare-colored pooched started to grow, irresponsible breeders found it as the right opportunity to overproduce unhealthy puppies. The French Bulldog suffers from Cushing's disease and has a missing eye. Potential owners of a one-eyed dog called Ugly Betty 'may be put off by her unusual looks,' staff at an animal rescue centre.. The French Bulldog (French: Bouledogue Français) is a breed of dog introduced in Nintendogs + Cats. It is also the mascot of one of the 3DS games. 3DS: This French breed is known for its big, round eyes and rabbit-like ears that stick straight up.

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It might be difficult to decide what dog breed is the right for you. However, if you think that the Frenchie should become your new family member then you are probably wondering how to choose the right one. When we talk about French bulldog colors, the good news is they come both in rare and regular colors. So, it’s only up to you which one to choose.We at Frenchie World care about these dogs! We gave a lot of efforts in the last 20 years to make sure that our puppies are completely healthy and that they come from the right parents.  Satılık Fransız Bulldog yavruları. French Bulldog ozellikleri. Hangi Fransız Bulldog fiyat aralığını seçmelisiniz? Fransız Bulldog'u için yıllık maliyetler French Bull's set of 9 11.5 Assorted... The gorgeous coral and turquoise color blends are so lush in our Fantasia pattern you'll be living in a sunny oasis even on the rainiest.. The French Bulldog is a small breed of domestic dog, and its common nickname is Frenchie. Frenchies were the result in the 1800s of a cross between bulldog ancestors imported from England..

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  1. Deciphering and interpreting French Bulldog colors can become a bit confusing, especially since certain colors and patterns tend to look a lot like certain other colors and patterns until your eyes learn to see the differences.
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  3. I can assure every client that he/she will get a healthy blue, lilac or Isabelle French bulldog puppy. My dogs go through dozens of health checks and they are all vaccinated and cleared out of inherited disease. Of course, it would be crazy to tell you that the dog you’ll get will never get ill. It also much depends on the care, love, and diet you provide. 
  4. Fawn - Fawn French Bulldogs have a tan colored coat that ranges between a very light tan to a dark reddish tan. They often have darker face masks and ears and may have some brindle streaks throughout their coat.
  5. Brindle is technically not a single color but actually a color pattern made up of fawn and black hairs.
  6. A lilac French Bulldog dog will have the genotype bbdd (homozygous for liver, homozygous for dilution). Lilac dogs are usually very light blue, almost silver looking, with light eyes and pinkish tint on their muzzle.

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  2. Because they are true snow dogs, they sometimes struggle in the heat, so watch for heat exhaustion. While these dogs have been popular in Russia for centuries, the first American Samoyed arrived in..
  3. However, the most common French Bulldog “fad”/rare color that causes health conditions is the Blue.
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  1. The French Bulldog Club of America has issued guidelines warning puppy shoppers against “fad” or “rare” colors for this very reason.
  2. Evcil Hayvanlar Köpek French Bulldog kategorisinde 39 ilan bulundu. İstanbulEyüp. Blue Tan French Bulldog YAVRULARI SATILIK
  3. That’s why I claim that my dogs have a perfect health history and there’s no way to suffer from any hereditary disease. So, if you want to keep your Frenchie with you for a long time, it much depends on you. 
  4. It is true that rare colors are desirable, but it is also important to note that coat colorations in any dog can lead to different health conditions. So should we always get what we want?
  5. The piebald is not a French Bulldog color, it’s a pattern. Pied animal is one that has a pattern of pigmented spots on an unpigmented (white) background of hair.

The French Bulldog can come in a variety of different colors. It is all dependent on the genes in the family that is being bred on what colors the offspring will come out to be. The french bulldog colors.. The French Bulldog is a powerful dog for its size, compact in all its proportions. In the US brindle, fawn and white with brindle (not black) markings are all accepted coat colors The French Bulldog isn't a very vocal dog. They bark infrequently, so they're good apartment dogs There are 9 standard coat colors for the French Bulldog, but the predominant coat colors are Brindle

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Thanks to their carried recessive genes, blue French bulldog puppies has the bluish shine of coats. People also call them mouse Frenchies and their color may vary from dark to light silver/blue. This reason why this color is considered for disqualification is because it’s actually one of the most wanted colors in the world. Due to this reason, Blue Frenchies came to the stage of overproduction by irresponsible breeders. The eye color of these mouse dogs can vary from light blue to turquoise blue and silver.Therefore, today it’s not surprising to see a merle, blue, lilac, black, cream, and other rare-colored Frenchies. Another fact that I need to mention is that the quondam French bulldog had a longer muzzle and tail. However, as the cruel trend of bull-baiting was popular in that period, irresponsible breeders wanted to get shorter muzzle and stronger body. French bulldog ears could also be seen in 2 shapes- rose and bat-shaped ears.  French Bulldog Gifts. Top Selected Products and Reviews. French Bulldog 3D Illusion Night Light Beside Table Lamp, Jawell 7 Colors Auto Changing Touch Switch Desk Decoration Lamps Birthday.. Topics. More. French Bulldog Colors - Arlees French Bulldogs Find out why French Bulldogs cost so much, what celebrities have one, as well as some of their What makes breeding French Bulldogs (and hence Frenchie puppies) so expensive is that they..

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  1. For this reason, reputable breeders caution against purchasing any French Bulldog advertised as displaying “rare French Bulldog colors.”
  2. See More by MissMorinth. More like this. French Bulldog - Color
  3. yatür bir modeli gibi görünse de onda farklı köpeklerden izler görebilirsiniz. Kesin olan tek bir şey var ki, Fransız Bulldog bulunduğu her..
  4. French Bulldog UK dog accessories for all needs of your dog: French bulldog collars, best bulldog muzzles and dog harnesses especially for French Bulldog dog breed.
  5. French Bulldog colors are just one fascinating aspect of this smart, affectionate purebred dog’s appeal.
  6. But paying close attention to French Bulldog color DNA is also important to ensure breeding of healthy puppies with excellent quality of life.
  7. The merle gene has a well-known link to eye issues, including missing eyes or eye abnormalities, like nonfunctional or smaller than usual eyes.

American English Coonhound. American Eskimo Dog. Bulldog. Bullmastiff. Bull Terrier White French Bulldogs with significant white markings and patterns where there is no brindle present can also be at risk for canine deafness and eye problems. The bulldog we know is the product of different crossings done by enthusiastic breeders in the popular quarters During that period, the Bulldog was a dog belonging to Parisian market porters, butchers.. Merle dogs will usually have bright blue eyes, or odd looking eyes (heterochromia iridum). Heterochromia Iridum is a difference in coloration of the iris. Merle French Bulldog colors are rare and of course in the higher price range.When we talk about rare French bulldog colors in French bulldogs, a thrilling fact is that they come in so many beautiful colors. So far, you’ve probably heard for the blue French bulldogs whose popularity rapidly grown in the last few years. 

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As with many popular purebred dog breeds, the official breed standard is considered the premier resource to determine appropriate French Bulldog colors. French bulldog pet dog plays with tennis ball. French bulldog resting on passenger's seat. French bulldog playing outside. Pug dog black lying on the mat in the room and sleeping It’s impossible for a Merle French Bulldogs to be purebred. Inventive breeders are crossing into other strains that do carry Merle, typically Chihuahuas, to create Merle French Bulldogs. The cross bred pups which can be created are subsequently weeded out to pick the Merle examples, which are bred back to every other. Merle dogs can confront health problems that range from a bunch of structural defects and eye anomalies, deafness, blindness along with increased fetal mortality rates. Until it’s officially recognized, deliberate introduction of merle, a gene that may blind, kill or impair is dangerous to the breed.

meraklıdır. the dog whisperer programında cesar millan sürüsündeki french bulldog için şuna benzer bir şey demişti: bir french bulldog herkesin alanına girip neler olup bittiğini öğrenmek ister.. Sahibinden ücretsiz veya satılık french bulldog ilanları ve french bulldog fiyatları hakkında bilgi alın, sahiplenme yapın. Ücretsiz yavru french bulldog sahiplendirme ilanı açın, yuva bulmamız için.. The blue French Bulldog color is in the rare or exotic color price range. It will cost you between 4000-6000 $ to get a blue canine companion.When we talk about French bulldog colors through history, we could notice that pied, and brindle Frenchies were one of the oldest colors present in this breed. Since these dogs were crossed with other mini and toy dogs, they later became even more colorful. The French Bulldog can come in a variety of different colors. It is all dependent on the genes in the family that is being bred on what colors the offspring will come out to be

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General Appearance The French Bulldog should have the appearance of an active, intelligent Coat and Colour Acceptable colours are: all brindle, fawn, white, brindle and white, and any colour except.. A Blue French Bulldog is commonly associated with long-term skin baldness and inflammation. This condition can cause skin ruptures and cracks that may cause Staph infections. Unfortunately, Blue French bulldogs can also suffer from a poor immune system that causes newborn pups to die within the first few weeks of being born.

French Bulldog Colors! Frenchies are getting rather colorful these days. Some variations If you'd like a French Bulldog in an unusual/rare color such as blue or chocolate, keep in mind that you may.. BlueHaven French Bulldogs. Your reputable breeder for high quality Frenchies including brindles We will add here that the colors and color patterns of the French Bulldog are based on several.. French Bulldogs for Sale. We sell happy and healthy Puppies and Older Dogs, all with full health checks. Come and find your new family member here

Search for jobs related to French bulldog colors or hire on the world's largest freelancing marketplace with 17m+ jobs. 216,124 french bulldog colors jobs found, pricing in USD Unfortunately, the most expensive French Bulldog color often should not have been bred in the first place. It may also place your new puppy at risk for lifelong, life-limiting health issues.


In this first breed standard, the AKC stated that dark brindle and dark brindle and white were preferred. All other brindles and all other colors were permissible. A pied French bulldog is a dog whose coat colour is predominantly white, with clearly marked patches in another, darker colour covering parts of the body, head, or both In some breeds dogs that are (SS) are completely white while dogs that are (Sn) have what is referred to as mantle. Bulldog - French. Piebald. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel French Bulldogs come in a variety of different colors. The color of a French Bulldog's coat is Fawn - Fawn French Bulldogs have a tan colored coat that ranges between a very light tan to a dark.. To further complicate matters, it is possible to have a Frenchie who sports more than one color pattern, such as a piebald brindle.

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French Bulldog Colors. No Merle French Bulldogs. As low volume French Bulldog breeders, we have occasional French Bulldog puppies for sale to show or pet homes Please see below a list of French Bulldog breeders which matched your search criteria. Often these colours are not correct, not recognised in the breed and should be considered highly undesirable

I will try to keep it as simple as possible as well as cover some basic questions regarding pricing. Keep in mind that the prices vary based on color, bloodlines and breeding rights. It will cost you more to get a specific dog with a full AKC registration, than getting it just as a family pet. French Bulldog information, how long do they live, height and weight, do they shed, personality Types of French Bulldogs. According to color: Fawn: Their solid coat texture that may be golden tan.. The brindle coat pattern can be quite varied and can also occur in patches with another solid coat color such as French Bulldog colors black brindle or French Bulldog colors brindle and white.

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French Bulldog Colors. The Standard and The Rare. I get so many questions about French Bulldog colors on a daily basis. I've scrolled online trying to find an article that covers all the French.. Another very beautiful and unique coloration. The price range is wide. You can expect to pay 3000$ for a Black and Tan French Bulldog, to up to 6000-7000$ for a Lilac and Tan or Merle and Tan one.The gene that produces an all-white solid coat has a well-documented association with canine deafness.

You have probably heard for the statement that there’s everything in the genes. Our genes are the main ‘culprits’ for our health issues. Well, the thing is the same with our dogs too.This is especially helpful when a breeder decides to specialize in certain French Bulldog colors or patterns. This page allows you to easily type French accents and other French characters without a French keyboard. You can edit your text in the box and then copy it to your document, e-mail message, etc I just purchased a Frenchie I thought was black with white neck, she is 10 weeks- I’m noticing brindle on her sides and near neck, will more brindle be coming in as she grows ?

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French Bulldog (Fransız Bulldog) Bakımı. Egzersiz yapma yeteneğinin çok iyi olması sebebiyle eğer bir Fransız bulldog sahibiyseniz ona mutlaka günlük 2 saat civarı yürüyüşler yaptırmalısınız However, not all of you are conscious that a rare-colored French bulldog puppy can be completely healthy if it was bred correctly. And voila! Soon, the so-called Frenchies became tremendously popular among the Parisian elite. As tourists traveled to France, they decided to take these batpigs with them. That’s how French bulldogs became spread all over the world.


  1. The original French Bulldog was an unofficial mascot of sorts for a very unusual industry – lace making!
  2. The fawn French Bulldog colors come in different shades, from very light, almost cream looking ones, to a deep red fawn. They can have a mask, like the one pictured above, or be maskless.
  3. Pied French Bulldog French Bulldogs Dabbing Mens Tops T Shirt Accessories French Bulldog French Bulldog Clothes Trendy Colors Hoodies Sweatshirts In A Heartbeat Different Styles Nike..
  4. Kittens. Dogs. French bulldog. Labrador
  5. Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Share on Google+ Share on LinkedIn Pin on Pinterest Previous article How To Name Your Boston Terrier Next article Do Boston Terriers Shed? Comments Stephanie Rodman - May 5, 2019 I love French bull dogs. I think they are one of the most sweetest and adorable dogs ever. I saw one when I went to the dog park today.
  6. d, especially if you are seeking a puppy!

In this article, we take a closer look at French Bulldog colors, patterns, and genetics to learn more about this popular companion breed.I get so many questions about French Bulldog colors on a daily basis. I’ve scrolled online trying to find an article that covers all the French Bulldog Colors and show it to my customers as an example, but nothing extensive popped up, so I decided it’s time to write my own.

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Brindle is sometimes mistakenly called a coat color, although in actuality is a pattern formed of two or more different coat colors. A fad color is a coat color disqualified by the FBDCA/AKC French Bulldog Breed Standard. These colors are also often referred to as rare colors

What the FBDCA describes as “fad”/rare french bulldog colors are black, chocolate, tan, blue, black and fawn, black and white, cream and white, fawn and black, fawn brindle and white, and gray and white. These “fad”/rare colors can be produced by traditionally colored French Bulldogs, but typically they are bred with a different gene pool to generate these “fad”/rare colors. The breeders of these “fad”/rare french bulldog colors tend to push and sell these puppies at an inflated price for the abnormality of the coat. These “fad”/rare colors, such as the black and white, can often be a dominant gene, which if that is the case, can push out all the other coat colors eventually. Yet, it is very important to note that these can lead to health issues with the French Bulldog as well.Any dog can have health problems, and some colors do have some associated risks, but that doesn’t man that they will all have defects. Early last year the French bulldog overtook the Labrador retriever as Britain's most popular pedigree dog; pugs were not far behind. In America, the French bulldog has risen from the 58th most popular.. Home > Dog Breed Reviews > French Bulldog. French Bulldogs: What's Good About 'Em Has a sleek easy-care coat that comes in many colors. Is usually polite with everyone, including other pets Сухой корм Royal Canin French Bulldog 30 для щенков. Сухой корм для взрослых собак Royal Canin Bulldog 24 Adult

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  1. Due to their unique appearance they run in the higher price range of 5000-7000$. { include igcta.html}
  2. These are the most common and also the only accepted French Bulldog colors. Here, we look at just single colors and in the next section here we look at common French Bulldog colors and markings.
  3. French Bulldog colors are just one fascinating aspect of this smart, affectionate purebred dog's appeal. The original French Bulldog was an unofficial mascot of sorts for a very unusual industry..
  4. Fransız (French) Bulldog Egzersiz İhtiyacı. Basit egzersizler yeterli olur bu yüzden günlük egzersize ihtiyaç duyarlar. Güçlü kemikleri, kasları ve eklemlerinin olması için iyi dinlenmesi gerekir
  5. These rare lilacs are a result of their parents blue and chocolate DNA. The same dilution gene that causes a black dog to become blue (like mentioned above), causes a chocolate/liver dog to become a lilac.
  6. Printed in vibrant full color. Made from 100% polyester; silky finish. Double-sided printing available at small upcharge. This design features a colorful French bulldog
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They can still be AKC registered and are 100% French Bulldogs, but unfortunately can’t compete due to their coat color being an instant disqualification.Liver can be very hard to distinguish from certain shades of fawn or cream unless your eye is trained to tell them apart. Often, the telltale sign is in the dog’s nose color.

Fransız bulldog olarak da bilinen French bulldog çok sevimli bir görünüşe ve çok neşeli bir karaktere sahiptir When a dog has two copies of the d allele (dd), a black dog will become blue. The coat range is wide – from very light gray to almost black, but even in that case it can be visible that the dog is dd, by looking at the color shade of his nose.The most recurring condition is known as Color Dilution Alopecia (it is common for every Blue coat in every breed, not just the French Bulldog). This genetic defect affects how the pigment is distributed in the hair follicles. The abnormal pigment clumps in the hair shaft and changes how light refracts off the pigment causing the coloration of the breed. The “pigment clumping” causes breakages of the hair shafts which causes stunted hair growth, and ultimately leads to hair loss. There is no cure for this, treatments are aimed so that the breeds do not get secondary skin infections that can be caused by this condition, and it is important to note not to use harsh grooming productsAs of 1991, there was one further revision to the color portion of the official breed standard. This revision noted that white with black was also disallowed.

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This was an admirable first effort. But many aspiring French Bulldog breeders felt this early breed standard lacked detail. Alibaba.com offers 821 french bulldog products. About 37% of these are Pet Apparel & Accessories, 0% are Pet A wide variety of french bulldog options are available to you, such as color, feature The short answer is ‘Yes, but just as traditional frenchies’. French bulldogs health issues are notorious. What are the best French Bulldog colors in your opinion? Do you have any favorite French Bulldog colors? Bu kategoride 1523 adet French Bulldog yavrumuz sahiplendirilmek üzere sizleri beklemektedir

The history of French bulldog colors. As you already know, Frenchies roots go back to England. When we talk about French bulldog colors through history, we could notice that pied, and brindle.. As the lace-makers of Nottingham in England migrated to France in search of clients, they brought their petite Bulldogs with them.Brindle French Bulldog has a base coat of fawn hairs through which black hairs extend in bands to produce a coat that can range from a tiger brindle in which fawn hairs predominate to the more common dark brindles in which the black hairs predominate. The light version with fawn hairs that predominate is also known as a “reverse brindle”, and it’s generally more rare.Some fad colors happen to be associated with health states, especially, blues with a state called color dilution alopecia this state is really common in blue dogs of each breed it is usually known as “Blue Dog Alopecia”. This state can lead to long-term skin inflammation and baldness. This inflammation may lead to harms, cracks and skin ruptures, making the dogs afflicted by it, prone to even, or Staph infections MRSA. In certain strains, blue dogs can suffer from an immune connected illness that may cause pups to expire inside the primary couple of weeks after arrival.But in the French Bulldog color chart that many breeders and competition show judges use, these colors mean something other than a species of wildlife or major body organs!

Fawn can also be combined with an exotic color in which the dilution affects the “black mask”, eyes, nose and paw pads (Blue fawn, lilac fawn, chocolate fawn,..) French Bulldog — Infobox Dogbreed akcgroup = Non-sporting akcstd = http://www.akc.org/breeds/french_bulldog/index.cfm altname = Bouledogue Français ankcgroup = Group 7 (Non-Sporting)..

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Explore the French Bulldogs Coat Colors The gene associated with the mouse color is linked to cataracts, blindness, persistent hair loss and other skin issues.Blue Sable - Blue Sable French Bulldogs have a fawn coat as well mixed with strings of "blue" tipped hairs throughout their coat.

Along the way, with strategic cross-breeding, this dog became the French Bulldog, or simply the “Frenchie.” {{metaController.metaData.metaDescription}.. In colors of Pied, Fawn or Brindle, French Bulldogs have short coats that are close, smooth and These good-natured dogs are affectionate and playful. The French Bulldog, or Frenchie as they..

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Share All sharing options for: This French Bulldog sounds EXACTLY like a human when he sings. Walter the French Bulldog is a very good dog. He also likes to sound waaaay too much like a human.. Теми. Ще. French Bulldog Colors - Arlees French Bulldogs Like Blue French Bulldogs, Merle French Bulldogs can confront frightening health problems such as birth and structural defects, deafness, blindness, eye anomalies and have higher birth mortality rates than standard colors than French bulldog.

But if you do not have a French Bulldog yet, we urge you to take a look at the following article about reputable French Bulldog breeders from AKC breeders.In the chocolate color case, the dilution of the black color happen on the B locus. It is recessive, so b is liver and B is non-liver, and in order for a dog to be liver it must have the genotype bb.

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The beautiful blue (gray) French Bulldog color is a results of a dilution gene. The dilution gene affects eumelanin (liver and black coats), in some instances, the red coat as well.The eyes are often blue, which is also associated with canine deafness, as well as with additional eye problems. French Bulldog Colors: Pied with white predominant, brindle, or fawn. French bulldogs are Brachycephalic dogs. They have wide flat skulls. This gives the appearance of having little or no nose Coat Color & Pigment Related French Bulldog Health Issues. WOW, I've just run across the SINGULARLY MOST IMPORTANT research article on color in French Bulldogs I've ever seen

hand-made black Italian leather shoes. a beautiful big tan and white bulldog The winner of the dog exhibition was a beautiful big tan and white bulldog.. In order to buy a completely healthy French bulldog puppy, I suggest you read our article where you’ll find plenty of useful tips when making a decision to buy this dog.Sable - Sable French Bulldogs have a predominantly fawn coat with strings of black hair tipped in black. Usually, the black hair appears on the front end of a French bulldog.

French bulldog breed comes in different coat color variations. You can find them in acceptable AKC color standards such as fawn, brindle, cream, and white, as well as in rare lilac, Isabella, blue.. ALAZA Home Decor Watercolor French Bulldog Pug Dog Blanket Soft Warm Blankets for Bed. French Bulldog Puppies Get to Know Their Old Pug Brother French Bulldog for. Daz Dog 8. Snuggles the Toon. Bear. French Bulldog for. Daz Dog 8. Millenium Horse bundle Colors! 3D 3DS Game Perfect. nintendogs + cats: French Bulldog 3DS Game Okay

French Bulldog Colors - Arlees French Bulldogs. Arleesfrenchbulldogs.com. In reality I do believe french bulldogs are also loved as companions for their loyal, loving and intelligent disposition Please take a look at the AKC's FAQ on French Bulldog Acceptable Color Standards to find out about what are acceptable French Bulldog colors.All of the coat colors can come in a variation with a pattern (piebald, brindle, merle) + a different color. The puppy picture above is a Blue Pied.

The French bulldog breed was first time recognized by the AKC in 1898 and 1911 was the year when the color requirements were established. The AKC also approved only the bat-shaped ears and that rule is still legal.A non-standard color in the standard color price range. These beauties deviate from the acceptable coat colors, but are definitely still in the lower price range.I have a black and white female frenchie, I have never seen this color in all google image search nor here. Is something wrong?The same genes that influence French Bulldog colors and markings often also influence other developmental processes in dogs, such as the development of healthy vision or hearing. Blue pied French bulldog male, available,price $5000. Blue pied boy have blue eyes and very beautiful blue color. Blue pied boy have the best personality, he loves kids and other animals

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While a regular cream French Bulldog would have a black nose, dark eyes and black paw pads, the Platinum French Bulldog will have a diluted version of that. French Bulldog with rose French bulldog French bulldog puppies French bulldog smiles lying on grass in low poly style vector graphic Vector illustrations set of cute little white French bulldog

Out of all the colors, Blue French Bulldogs tend to have the most health problems due to the genetic disorder.A true cream Frenchie will look slightly off white throughout – solid color. Its a recessive dilute from the fawn coat.French Bulldog breed clubs around the world issue guidance about French Bulldog colors and patterns to help puppy buyers identify reputable, responsible French Bulldog breeders who put puppy health first.The piebald, or pied, French Bulldog colors are considered somewhat of a stretch goal to serious breeders. It is a challenge to breed pied puppies reliably!Pure Back - Pure Black French Bulldogs have an entirely black coat without and brindling. These French Bulldogs have been disqualified from competiting in competitions.

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