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BF1からサーバーもEAの管轄となりBF4のように数社比較して検討というのができなくなりました。 しかし、1日や1週間など短いスパンで借りることができるようになったのでその分の利便性も向上し.. RSC Anderlecht. 45. RSC Anderlecht. More info File:BF1 AmiensHP116 new 1.jpg. From Game Detectives Wiki. Unchecked Desbloquear la RSC 1917 con óptica no llevará demasiado tiempo. DICE ha escogido meter misiones para conseguir cada arma; una costumbre que no entusiasma, pero al contrario que en Battelfront..

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  1. This platform provides access to journals, books and databases from RSC Publishing, linking over 1 million chemical science articles and chapters. You can access the latest research of interest using..
  2. Take the Cei-Rigotti, make everything about it better, and you have the Mondragón. It slows down its RPM to the mid-200s but ups nearly everything else—bullet velocity, damage, and the tightest recoil pattern of all Medic guns to boot. Stay patient and take careful shots; it recovers to center quite quickly and will smoke an enemy trooper in three fast hits if you’re steady on the trigger. It’s fed by strip clips and has the same 10-round capacity as the Rigotti, so keep an eye on your ammo count if you need to reload. The Mondragón is an all-around workhorse for the Medic and an ideal first or second upgrade for your warbonds.
  3. We have lifted all BF3 and BF4 bans for violation #79623 after Even Balance confirmed that the violation could have been raised by non-cheat 1 BF4 ban has been removed from the UMBI
  4. Variants: The Mondragón can perform surprisingly well on the move, an impressive perk given the class preference of hanging back in support position. The Storm variant is an excellent choice for keeping pace with death-happy Assaults, as the included vertical grip further greatly aids accuracy recovery while mobile. The Optical adds a lens sight with the grip, but the increased magnification is best suited for picking off targets at mid-range instead of getting close. Ditto for the Sniper—you’ll want to post up on something solid to take advantage of its bipod and telescopic sight for plinking at 40+ meter targets. Use it on open maps such as Monte Grappa or Suez.
  5. ating with the new RSC SMG
  6. Battlefield 2142 Reclamation. Reviving BF2142 after GameSpy shutdown. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year all BF2142 players on Reclamation! We have some great news for all of you

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  1. ■潜入兵 TUTI■メインウェポン ┗ Martini-Henry Grenade Launcher■サブウェポン ┗ ソードオフショットガン■ガジェット ┣ フレアガン(信号弾) ┗ ヘリオグラフ■グレネード ┗ スモークグレネード 2個
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  3. ■固定武器 ┣ FK96野砲 ┣ 重機関銃 ┣ QF 1対空砲 ┣ 要塞砲 ┣ 機関砲(榴弾) ┣ BL 9.2攻城砲 TSNP APOC ┣ 305/52 O沿岸砲 TSAR TUTI ┣ SK45沿岸砲台 TUTI ┗ リーベンス投射器 APOC■巨大兵器 ┣ エアシップL30 ┣ 装甲列車 ┣ ドレッドノート ┗ シャール2C TSNP
  4. Blindness Simulator. In a RGB color space, hex #bf1e2e is composed of 74.9% red, 11.8% green and 18% blue. Whereas in a CMYK color space, it is composed of 0% cyan, 84.3% magenta, 75.9..

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<br /> <br /> <li> Репак основан на ISO-образе Battlefield.1-CPY: cpy-bf1.iso (53,669,455,872 байта)<br /> <li> Включены 3 DLC: Red Baron Pack, Lawrence of Arabia Pack и 3 Vehicle Skins.. A lot of BF1 players are complaining about the tilde opening up the console on PC and from what I can tell there is no way to disable the console in BF1 so it may just be in your best interest to find another.. The BF1 Vindicator was designed by Graetz as a way to make a fun recreational plinking machine gun using the tooling The BF1 handles like a Mini-14, but is fed via a miniature Browning belt-fed system

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  1. ■格闘 ┣ コンバットナイフ ┣ コンパクト・トレンチナイフ ┣ ベドウィンダガー ┣ トレンチナイフ ┣ USトレンチナイフ ┣ HF連隊ボロナイフ(特典) ┣ ジャンビーヤナイフ(特典) ┣ 棍棒 ┣ スパイク付き棍棒 ┣ トレンチメイス ┣ 有刺鉄線バット ┣ バルテック棍棒(バトルパック) ┣ 手斧 ┣ つるはし ┣ スコップ ┣ ソウトゥースナイフ(バトルパック) ┣ 鉤付き鉈(バトルパック) ┣ ネイルナイフ TSNP ┣ ククリ刀(バトルパック) ┣ サーベル(バトルパック) ┣ ギアクラブ TSNP ┣ トレンチフルール TSNP ┣ 不発弾クラブ TSAR(バトルパック) ┣ コサックダガー TSAR ┣ ロシアン勲功ナイフ(バトルパック) ┣ フレンチ・ブッチャーナイフ(バトルパック) ┣ ネイビーカトラス TUTI ┣ オスマン・フランジメイス TUTI ┣ オスマン・クルチ TUTI ┣ グラップリングフック(バトルパック) ┣ あられ棒(バトルパック) ┣ ロシアン・アックス(バトルパック) ┣ アルディーティダガー ┣ トトキア ┣ クップクップ ┣ ヤタガン刀 ┣ 肉切り包丁 APOC ┣ バール(バトルパック) ┣ ワインボトル APOC ┣ ブロークンボトル APOC ┣ ウェルシュナイフ ┣ 草刈り鎌 ┗ 銃剣 (小銃バレル)
  2. BATTLEFIELD 1 CHAUCHAT, RIBEY ROLLES + RSC GAMEPLAY | BF1 They Shall Not Pass DLC. Battlefield 1 - RSC 1917 Kill Streak! (the new god gun)
  3. Added same message over on BF1 Forums: BF1 Application Launch Issue (Black Screen) repeatable — Battlefield Forums
  4. Variants: Although the Factory variant brings the most balanced performance, you’ll want to lean on the Trench alternative to utilize the Cei-Rigotti’s close-quarters strengths and passable hipfire. If you’re feeling bold, opt for the Optical; the lens sight boosts the gun’s accuracy, but it’ll be tough going controlling its upward kick while zoomed in.
  5. Battlefield 1 DLC New Weapons (BF1): Here's my RSC 1917 Weapon Guide/Review, including info, tips for using it best, gun stats + RSC 1917 Gameplay
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フジオートマティックモデル1917(Fusil Automatique Modele 1917)、通称RSC M1917。 第一次世界大戦後期の1918年頃にフランス軍で用いられていたガス圧作動方式の半自動小銃。第二次世界大戦でも少数が用いられている。 「RSC」は本銃を開発したポール・リベイロールス(Paul Ribeyrolles)、シャルル・シュター(Charles Sutter)、ルイ・ショーシャ(Louis Chauchat)の三人の苗字の頭文字が由来。 ちなみにこいつらはChauchatの開発者でもある。発想「は」素晴らしい開発者陣 BF1、BFV、SWBF、FPS関連の話題や情報などをまとめています. 今のbf1の強武器ってなに

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  1. DAMNCheaters.com. Undetected BF1 Hack. AIMBOT FOR BF1. Our Aimbot for BF1 is not only completely undetected, it also has a track-record of 0 detections since its release
  2. ■突撃兵■メインウェポン ┣ Model 10-A ┣ M97 Trench Gun ┣ MP 18 ┣ Automatico M1918 ┣ 12g Automatic ┣ Hellriegel 1915 ┣ HF連隊トレンチショットガン(特典) ┣ Ribeyrolles 1918 TSNP ┣ Sjögren Inertial TSNP ┣ SMG 08/18 TSAR ┣ Model 1900 TSAR ┣ M1917 Trench Carbine TUTI ┣ Maschinenpistole M1912/P.16 TUTI ┣ RSC SMG APOC ┣ Frommer Stop Auto ┣ ソードオフショットガン ┣ Annihilator ┗ M1919 SMG
  3. The RSC is unquestionably the most interesting weapon introduced in They Shall Not Pass. It subverts the Medic’s standby three-hit formula for a two-hit lethality up to roughly 44 meters—well within the busy medium range where most of BF1’s infantry combat occurs. This is the heavy slugger of the Medic’s rifles, and the numbers show why: the furthest damage range (dropping to 38 damage at 60 meters and beyond), over 1 degree of recoil across all directions—the steepest of all the rifles—and the slowest fire rate at a choppy 164 RPM. Its cool-looking en-bloc clip feeds a not-so-cool five rounds with one in the chamber for six total. 
  4. RSC SMG Optical: Perform 50 kills with the RSC SMG factory. In a round, perform 300 vehicle I'm sure most players won't have a problem completing 100 percent of the BF1 Apocalypse weapons..
  5. Kategorie: Battlefield 1 Entwickler: hellfire123456. Beschreibung: Version 4.1. Changelog: - NuclearBot Fix: Retarget time patched (i.e. aimbot will not aim in the middle of nowhere when multiple players are..
  6. Don’t let the M1907 bounce out of your control as you fire; its newly deep vertical recoil will frustratingly toss the barrel above your target’s noggin if you don’t stay steady. Its horizontal recoil has thankfully been somewhat tamed, but it’s still one of the worst of the bunch when it comes to bullet predictability.
  7. Check your BF1 stats and leaderboards with our new Battlefield 1 tracker. BF1 Tracker: Check Your Stats. Use our Battlefield 1 stats checker to see top leaderboards, wins, kills, and other stats

They Shall Not Pass, the first paid expansion available for DICE’s popular World War I shooter invaded Battlefield 1 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on Tuesday for players who own the Premium Pass. The new expansion focuses on introducing the French army into the current multiplayer rotation and features four new maps, two new Operations, four new melee weapons, a new behemoth called the Char 2C, a new elite class built for melee combat, and six new weapons (two for each respective class).■塹壕強襲兵 TSNP■メインウェポン ┗ レイダークラブ■サブウェポン ┗ No. 3 Revolver■ガジェット ┣ 医薬品箱 ┗ スモークグレネード■グレネード ┗ フラググレネード 3個

■販売情報■拡張パック ┣ Giant’s Shadow ┣ They Shall Not Pass TSNP ┣ In the Name of the Tsar TSAR ┣ Turning Tides TUTI ┗ Apocalypse APOC BF-1B maximum compatibility: battery with a length of 71mm 35mm diameter (supports 1 large battery). Note: 30A fixture shall not be used for the following flat head battery. The outer edge of the electrode..

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■火炎放射器兵■メインウェポン ┗ Wex■グレネード ┗ 焼夷グレネード 4個■格闘 ┗ 棍棒Upon finishing an assignment, you’ll find weapons added to your weapon selection menu. Ensure you’re using the correct class, then scroll through to find your new Battlefield 1 weapons. BF2 Custommap: Frostbite. 03.05.2009. Market Garden 2006 (BF2)

主に個別の適応について記載されています。軽微な情報は省いてます。また全体の変更により仕様が変わっている場合がありますのでパッチ情報で確認して下さい。 BF1 best bf logged over 200 hrs already and this only makes me want too play it more.. Medic:: RSC 1917 Semi-Automatic (Factory & Optical) Support: Chauchat LMG (Factory & Optical)..  The starting Cei-Rigotti impresses at first with a speedy fire rate that’ll almost match how fast you can click your mouse. But with a 10-round capacity, it’ll quickly bleed dry if you hammer its trigger. The rest of its stats aren’t so stellar: the lowest max damage (38 per shot) of any Medic rifle, a tendency to jump upwards quite a bit while aiming, and a steep damage dropoff to a shallow 28 at ranges beyond 40 meters—just a touch beyond the Medic’s mid-range speciality. To top it off, the Cei-Rigotti uses 5-round strip clips, so it’s wise to expend or save bullets until hitting 5 in the chamber or emptying it entirely—you’ll have to endure feeding in individual rounds otherwise. In essence, the Cei-Rigotti is an okay-ish starter for beginning Medics to familiarize themselves with how auto rifles work in BF1, but we recommend moving on to far better weapons in the arsenal once you have enough war bonds. Скачать bf1_trainer_v1.1.rar

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BF 1 Revolution'u hızlı ve sorunsuz alın, keyifle oynayın. Oyunda Türkçe dil desteği mevcuttur. BF1 Revolution CD Key hemen teslim edilecektir. Origin platformuna girip CD Key'i kullanarak oyunu.. Battlefield 1 Weapons (BF1 PS4): Here's my RSC SMG Weapon Guide/Review, including info, tips for using it Is the RSC SMG really the skill cannon for the Assault Class in Battlefield 1? I don't think so Discuss BF1 and share content with other fans. We hope to see you on the Battlefield! DiscussionGuide to Finding BF1 Populated Servers (self.battlefield_one). submitted 6 months ago by.. To add the Ribeyrolles 1918 Factory to your collection, you’ll have to perform 50 kills with the Automatico M1918 Factory and kill 20 enemies with headshots while using the MP 18 Optical. I still keep playing bf1, i enjoy it. Also i do not feel urge to buy bfv, from my experience with I mean it plays like every other shooter - but there is something about BF1 specifically it that's just not as good..

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Take part in every battle, control every massive vehicle, and execute every maneuver that turns an entire fight around. The whole world is at war - see what's beyond the trenches The total conversion modification Battlefield 1918 (or BF1918 for short) takes Battlefield 1942 into a whole new scenario, the first world war. Next to historically correct equipments and vehicles, we.. ■戦車兵・パイロット■メインウェポン ┣ C96 Carbine ┣ P08 Artillerie ┣ Pieper M1893 ┣ Frommer Stop Auto ┣ ソードオフショットガン ┣ M1911(拡張) ┣ Mle 1903(拡張) TSNP ┗ C93(カービン) TSAR■サブウェポン ┣ M1911 ┗ P08 Pistol■ガジェット ┣ 対戦車グレネード(戦車兵) ┣ フレアガン(スポット)(パイロット) ┗ リペアツール■グレネード ┗ フラググレネード■格闘 ┗ サバイバルナイフUnlock requirements (Factory variant): Obtain 50 kills with the M1907 SL Sweeper variant & perform 50 revives

■サブウェポン(援護兵専用) ┣ Repetierpistole M1912 ┣ Bull Dog Revolver ┗ Modello 1915■ガジェット ┣ 弾薬ポーチ ┣ 弾薬箱 ┣ 迫撃砲(空中炸裂) ┣ 迫撃砲(榴弾) ┣ リペアツール ┣ リムペット爆弾 ┣ クロスボウランチャー(フラグ) ┗ クロスボウランチャー(HE)While the new maps, Operations, elite class, and behemoth are available right off the bat, the six new weapons are a little more challenging to unlock for their respective classes. Like in previous Battlefield games, you’ll have to complete a set of assignments added with They Shall Not Pass which feature specific challenges with the weapons and equipment already available in-game.Variants: The ironsight Factory variant is a good start to familiarize yourself with the M1916’s recoil control, as it provides the best bonus to that stat. When you’re comfortable enough, move on to either the Optical or Marksman versions—their attached scopes up your accuracy and optimal range, but keep your mouse steady, as your view will definitely dance on the screen with each shot.

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  1. g 10 kills with the Mortar.
  2. Variants: The Factory’s impressive gobs of control and  is a welcome respite against the RSC’s huge recoil. Once you’re comfortable with this beast, take the Optical for a spin. The scope will jump as if electrocuted if you aren’t ready for it, but it’s a definite boon for cleanly double-tapping someone at the RSC’s furthest lethal reach.
  3. If you have yet to dive into They Shall Not Pass for yourself or are waiting until the expansion unlocks for those who don’t own the Premium Pass, here’s every weapon available in the DLC along with how to unlock them in-game.
  4. BF1 TV, Ouagadougou. 148K likes. Bienvenue sur la page officielle de la télévision BF1,première chaine de télévision privée au Burkina Faso
  5. ■グレネード ┣ フラググレネード ┣ ガスグレネード ┣ スモークグレネード ┣ ミニグレネード ┣ 焼夷グレネード ┣ 衝撃信管グレネード ┣ 軽量対戦車グレネード ┗ ハンドメイド・グレネード

BF1: STORMING PRISE DE TAHURE - RSC does it again! 55-5 - Medic gameplay Long time ago BF1: 94-11 Argonne forest as Medic with RSC - Medic gameplay This round was played on the official.. Put pre-render setting on nvidia panel to 3d application default and also delete the value in user.cfg for BF1 and never enter any renderahead value. Using DX11 and memory restriction off Variants: Pick up the Trench variant to capitalize on the M1907’s spammy hipfire—remember, you can down a foe in three shots at the proper range, so it won’t take much to emerge victorious. The Factory is a balanced take on the weapon as usual, but it doesn’t offer anything outstanding. The Sweeper variant is where the M1907 truly shines; it slaps a somewhat shaky full-auto mode on it that’ll still falter against superior Assault SMGs but can yet successfully assist in a push or quickly shove danger out of your face.The M1916 is the big celebrity the M1907 always wanted to be. A popular choice for Conquest and Operations docs, it packs the highest mag capacity at an ample 26 rounds and the best aimed accuracy of the Medic arsenal—as long as you stand still. Its heavy recoil and subsequently slow recovery can quickly turn ugly with impatient fire or too much moving around. The M1916’s key is rhythm; once you find the proper interval in between shots—a mental one to two second count should be good—you’ll bullseye your target and easily acquire the next soldier in your crosshairs. Its miniscule downtime lends impressive kill streaks—at a three-shot tally, it can rack up eight total kills before needing a reload. If you stay respectful of its jumpy barrel, the M1916 can rival the Mondragón as one of the best Medic guns. Battlefield 1 Premium [Гарантия 5 лет] + Подарок BF4 3482 продажи

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  1. The M1907 immediately scores points for its magazine-fed 21 rounds, a godsend for staying active compared to the more reload-punishing Rigotti and Mondragón. This isn’t a weapon for the marksman-inclined—at an abysmal 23 damage past 40 meters, it’ll deal the same damage as Assault SMGs at nowhere near the same fire rate. In fact, the M1907 suffers the worst damage dropoff and lowest bullet velocity of any Medic gun. Its strengths? A comparatively fast reload time and a tame hipfire spread. Get in close, don’t bother shouldering it while firing, and haul it out for CQB and house clearing; shelve it for something else if you need to stay at a distance.
  2. Welcome to our second annual State of BF4DB address. This also happens to be our third anniversary. This is a long post, so it's been broken dow..
  3. The Winter Update and DLC release have blessed the 1906 with a second wind of improved aimed accuracy, reduced recoil, and decreased horizontal spread. That results in some fantastic high-accuracy performance (it’s exceptional at leading moving targets from a prone position), but the overriding priority of staying on top of its threadbare five rounds remains critical. 
  4. The damage drop-off from the RSC SMG is actually pretty decent, but the recoil and spread makes it hard to use it's decent damage at range using bursting or tap-firing. A better skill-cannon for the..
  5. Apocalypse brought new weapons and gadgets to Battlefield 1 as well. The weapons released include the RSC SMG, Howell Automatic, MG 08/18, Ross MkIII, M1917 Enfield, and Webley Revolver Mk VI
  6. While it's much simplified and easier to access than previous games like BF4, there is an incredible depth to online play that rewards smart use of weapons and gadgets as much as a quick trigger finger
  7. Kütüphaneye ekledim oyunun launcherini. AMa bf1i satın alın tuşu aktif. Napıcam multiplayer oynayamıyorum

Люди не покидавшие BF1. Asfermong. Легендарные скины BF1 от худших к лучшим. Manch. 0 4 The Battlefield 1 Apocalypse expansion is now available for Premium Pass holders to play. Among the new content being added are weapons, which can be unlocked through completing different assignments. SIMPLE BF1. 10th February 2019, 12:51 PM. cerraosso. Master Contributor. Last Post. [Release] [BF1][BF1 Trial] Minimal-Tactics v3. GDPR_Anonymous. Battlefield 1 ■対戦車兵■メインウェポン ┗ Tankgewehr M1918■サブウェポン ┗ ソードオフショットガン■ガジェット ┣ 塹壕潜望鏡 ┗ 対戦車グレネード■グレネード ┗ フラググレネード 4個■格闘 ┗ 棍棒

RSC 1917. This is one of the highest damaging medic weapons, and one of two that can two-shot at all ranges. It has high damage, great accuracy, decent hip-fire, and a 5+1 round magazine Si possible postez un screen in-game pour qu'on voit ce que ça donne J'en ai fait quelque - Topic Vos emblèmes BF1 du 21-10-2016 04:33:08 sur les forums de jeuxvideo.com

Battlefield 1 RSC SMG new gun Apocalypse DLC, Multiplayer Gameplay. Ballroom Blitz TDM. Enjoy the video Battlefield 4 Leaderboards BF: Hardline Leaderboards. MP 18 Trench Ribeyrolles 1918 Factory Ribeyrolles 1918 Optical RSC SMG Factory RSC SMG Optical SMG 08/18 Factory SMG 08/18..

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PS4, XboxOne, PC 本銃はLebel Model 1886の部品の大半を流用し、使用弾薬も同じ8×50mmR Lebelライフル弾を用いることで徹底的なコストダウン・設計期間縮小を図ったのである。 形式的には1916年に採用され、1917年に生産開始、結局1918年11月の終戦までの間に86000挺が生産・供給されることとなった。 ちなみにガス圧作動方式の本銃、ガスポートの部分の設計は後のM1ガーランドに踏襲されている。■サブウェポン(偵察兵専用) ┣ Mars Automatic ┣ Bodeo 1889 ┗ Frommer Stop■ガジェット ┣ フレアガン(スポット) ┣ フレアガン(フラッシュ) ┣ K弾 ┣ 塹壕潜望鏡 ┣ 狙撃手用シールド ┣ 狙撃手デコイ ┣ ワイヤートラップ爆弾(HE) ┣ ワイヤートラップ爆弾(ガス) ┗ ワイヤートラップ爆弾(焼夷)

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Battlefield 1 Weapons (BF1 PS4): Here's my RSC SMG Weapon Guide/Review, including info, tips for The RSC 1917 rifle is crazy after the TTK patch for Battlefield 1 Rate the video, thoughts in the.. In 2005 the first website started and in 2011 the P-Stats Network was formed to provide the most detailed player statistics for various multiplayer games.

Best players in Battlefield 1 PC with a RSC SMG Factory ranked by kills. Battlefield 1 Stats BF Hardline Stats Battlefield 4 Stats Battlefield 3 Stats MOH Warfighter Stats BF Bad Company 2 Stats.. Resolve Battlefield 2 The server has refused the connection. Play BF2 as usual RANKED with stats! You want your own Battlefield 2 server to participate in the Official BF2Hub Ranking? Apply here BF1の特徴. 初心者講座. 用語集. RSCでキルレ下がるって突っ込みすぎかそもそもAIMが合ってないんじゃないかな。 コイツは他の看.. The Gameplay of BF 1 also includes mounts for the first time with the flame throw, gas cloud and more. Watch Interesting Video of Battlefield 1 Gameplay and Download the Game now for free

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HÌNH ẢNH BỘ MÁY PCAP GAMING BF1 ( nay đã đổi sang vỏ case SEGOTEP Mini STAR hoặc Polar Light ). Hỏi đáp về Bộ case máy tính chơi game - PCAP GAMING BF1 Ultra The Mondragón, already a stat-star on vertical and horizontal recoil, feels even more predictable with the reduced bullet variance. It’s proven itself as a deadly three-hit reaper for practiced users, and the only significant change to take note of is its slightly heavier upwards kick, a manageable hurdle as long as you don’t oversample the trigger. BF1 Archiv. Battlefield 4. BF4 Archiv BF1 Emblems. BF1 Emblems. poundbuttz The Autoloading 8 could very well butt heads with the 1906 for the most confusing Medic rifle were it not for the saving grace of one of its variants. Its default configuration hands you just five bullets max, the second slowest travel velocity, and the second highest vertical recoil. It does enjoy the highest fire rate of any Medic gun, but you’ll empty out your clip before you can even blink if you reach its max fire rate. It can function as a poor man’s Rigotti or M1907 for up-close hipfire, but you’ll perform far better if you opt for those guns instead of the Autoloading 8. I recommend holding off until you’re at the proper kit level and warbond amount to unlock the .25 Extended variant. 

The AMSEC gun safe BF7240 2 hour fire rating RSC-Rated Burglary Safe. This safe is THE MOST UNIQUE GUN SAFE IN THE INDUSTRY and here is why In addition to the core ones, BF1 offers two special class groups: vehicle classes and Elites. You become a vehicle class, a Tanker or a Pilot, by entering a relevant machine, which in turn becomes..

Easily one of the most iconic rifles used by the French during World War I, the Lebel 1886 is the only new weapon the Scout class can unlock in They Shall Not Pass, but it comes complete with two variants like the Medic class and Support class weapons. Like most bolt-action weapons in Battlefield 1, the Lebel 1886 has a great amount of stopping power but at the cost of a very, very long reload time that just doesn’t make it the most appealing weapon choice for the Scout class. As requested, RSC on Conquest! Request more games and challenges down below! ► SPONSOR Battlefield 1 DLC New Weapons ( BF1 ): Here's my RSC 1917 Weapon Guide/Review, including info..

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To unlock the Sjögren Inertial Factory, you’ll have to perform 50 kills with the Model 10-A Slug and kill 15 enemies with the M97 Trench Gun Hunter in a single round. Battlefield 1 Achievements guide shows you a list of trophies you can unlock in the game, how much they're worth, how to get platinum trophy

The default control scheme for Battlefield 1 for PC is: Keyboard Controls. Pitch - up/down/left/right arrow. Roll (Multiplayer) / Turn (single Player) - Mouse Thanks to patch tweaks, most of the Medic’s arsenal has enjoyed a lowered side-to-side recoil at a cost of higher vertical recoil. The Cei-Rigotti will send its bullets a little more predictably straight, but it’s also more imperative to keep it from knocking your arms up as you fire, as its previously hefty vertical jumps have only worsened post-patch. Establishing a mental rhythm as you tap the trigger helps immensely.The new addition for the Medic class in They Shall Not Pass is the RSC 1917, a powerhouse built to drop enemies with two well-placed body shots compared to the standard three shot requirement from the other rifles in Battlefield 1. Even though you can only fire six rounds before reloading, the RSC 1917 Factory and Optical are a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield if used properly. The RSC is unquestionably the most interesting weapon introduced in They Shall Not Pass. It subverts the Medic's standby three-hit formula for a two-hit lethality up to roughly 44 meters—well within the.. RSC SMG Optical Perform 50 kills with the RSC SMG Factory In a round, perform 300 Vehicle Damage using explosives. MEDIC Howell Automatic Factory Perform 50 kills as a Medic

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The level 10 kit unlock for the Medic is somewhat off-putting in spite of its promising stats: a fast fire rate equal to the sprightly Rigotti, a satisfactorily high bullet travel speed, and a damage range that’ll always ensure a 3-hit kill no matter your distance. But a pitiful five bullets sit in the chamber—just a single strip clip’s worth. The 1906’s engineer must’ve fallen asleep somewhere, because you can only down a single enemy—perhaps two if you luckily target someone already wounded—before tossing more bullets into it. Its hipfire is overshadowed by the M1907, and its aimed accuracy can’t outdo the M1916’s versatility. It’s nowhere near the all-star upgrade as the Assault’s Hellriegel, but it has the potential deadliness in the steady hands of skilled aim-masters. It’s certainly not intended for an aggressive setup; try it out in a more support-oriented role (behind plenty of cover) with the ability to mete out a snap defense should anyone turn their sights onto you. Play all your games on Linux. Lutris is an Open Source gaming platform for Linux. It installs and launches games so you can start playing without the hassle of setting up your game. Get your games.. Your maximized kill efficiency sits at three targets per clip, but like the Selbstlader 1906 and Autoloading .35, it demands careful bullet conservation to take full advantage of its boosted power. Equip it for open maps with good flanking routes—Sinai, St. Quentin, and Soissons among others—as it’s gleefully deadly for quickly eradicating unaware threats before they can react. Stow it for close-quarters grinders; the RSC’s rate of fire simply can’t compete with the more appropriate M1907 Sweeper or Autoloading .25 Extended. Recherche Cherche joueurs BF1. roulio974. PC Recherche joueur BF1 PC. Nickoow. 27 Novembre 2017

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■騎兵■メインウェポン ┗ Russian 1895■サブウェポン ┣ M1911 ┗ P08 Pistol■ガジェット ┣ 包帯ポーチ ┗ 弾薬ポーチ■グレネード ┗ 軽量対戦車グレネード■格闘 ┣ キャバリーソード ┗ キャバリーランス TSAR — Battlefield 1 - BF1 (@Battlefield1XP) October 22, 2016 Once the free memory is exhausted, performance takes a big hit - games with heavy caching like BF1 suffer horribly. The only way to fix it previously was restarting the computer (thus clearing the memory)..

Variants: Like the Hellriegel, the 1906 only comes in its Factory variant, so you’ll be stuck with ironsights and a dearth of attachments.■サブウェポン(突撃兵専用) ┣ Gasser M1870 ┣ 1903 Hammerless ┗ Howdah Pistol■ガジェット ┣ ダイナマイト ┣ 対戦車グレネード ┣ 対戦車地雷 ┣ 対戦車ロケットガン ┗ 対空ロケットガン APOC

all console commands, Battlefield, Battlefield 1, Battlefield 1 console commands, BF, BF1, BF1 console commands, commands, complete, console, console commands, game console, how to, List, options.. Let us know which weapons you’re looking to unlock first. I’ll be starting with the Revolver Mk. VI, followed by the RSC SMG factory, before pushing for the Ross Mk. III Marksman.

BF1 ESP 2.7 This is a simple ESP/Wallhack Hack for Battlefield 1 for everybody who don't need an aimbot ■サブウェポン(看護兵専用) ┣ Auto Revolver ┣ C96 ┗ Taschenpistole M1914■ガジェット ┣ 医療注射器 ┣ 医薬品箱 ┣ 包帯ポーチ ┣ ライフルグレネード(フラグ) ┣ ライフルグレネード(スモーク) ┗ ライフルグレネード(榴弾)

RSC SMG — зачем ты в игре? 26:49. Battlefield 1: 68 Game with the Worst SMG EVER! RSC SMG: How to unlock new weapon (FAST!) Battlefield 1 - Bf1 Apocalypse DLC , damage vehicles tips Gondolkodtam hogy beruházok a bf1 re vagy a bf5 re Szerintetek melyik éri meg jobban? Gusztustustalan pedig Bf-zni akartam de hát nem kell. Nem is szenvedek vele mert már egyszer volt.. First all the cheat for the bf1 is the best really good job speedi!!!Its fully andetected to fairfight.One question a have only if reports from other players can do anything

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Buy Battlefield 1 - BF1 offers action-packed battles on land, at sea and in the air with 64 players per server, four classes and destructible environment RSC SMG. AA Rocket Gun. Hansa Brandenburg GI. SELECT PRODUCTS (EACH A PRODUCT) FROM THE ORIGIN STORE AT www.origin.com/store/deals/missionblackfriday BF AND WITHIN.. [BF1] RSC SMG - Hardest Assault Weapon to Use! Buffed RSC SMG is a TAPFIRE 1 v 1 GOD - Battlefield 1. Battlefield 1 apocalypse - rsc smg factory gameplay - river somme.. The Ribeyrolles 1918 Factory is the only Assault class weapon to come equipped with a bipod so far, and it’s just about the closest you’ll ever get to using a carbine in Battlefield 1. While on par with the MP 18, the Ribeyrolles sacrifices hip fire accuracy for ranged accuracy when you’re aiming down sights, allowing you to engage enemies reliably at longer distance. It is one of the most difficult weapons to unlock in the DLC however.If you’re interested in the Lebel Model 1886 Sniper, you’ll have to get 5 headshots in a single round with the Russian 1895 Sniper and perform 10 periscope spot assists. As for the Lebel Model 1886 Infantry, you must get 50 kills with the Gewehr M.95 Infantry and 50 spot assists with the Flare Gun.

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To unlock the RSC 1917 Factory, you’ll have to perform 50 kills with the M1907 SL Sweeper and revive 50 of your teammates on the battlefield. If you’re interested in the RSC 1917 Optical, you need to kill 15 enemies during a single round with the Autoloading 8 .35 Factory and heal 75 teammates. Maps. Achievements. BF1 DLCs

Russian 1895 | Battlefield Wiki | FandomBF1: 第1弾DLC「They Shall Not Pass」で登場する新武器11種の性能詳細 | EAA
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