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"When using the Google Maps API, certain restrictions may apply. Google continually updates the imagery within Maps; thus, caching may result in stale or even impermissible imagery. You may also not mass download or use bulk feeds of any Content, including but not limited to extracting numerical latitude or longitude coordinates, geocoding, text-based directions, imagery, visible map data, or Places data (including business listings) for use in other applications." Google Maps offers a way to download and save regional maps for offline use—you just need to do a little preparation before you leave home. To download a map, tap on the More menu (three horizontal lines) in the upper-left corner, then select Offline Maps Android Working with Google Maps > Android GPS, Location Manager Tutorial > Android Detect Internet Connection Status. If you haven't worked with maps yet, go through Android Working with Google Maps to get an idea about implementing google maps in your android application

Maps.Me is a WORTHLESS map, no directions, no routs, and cannot find a residential address!!! Sorry, uninstalled this app after 15 minutes of trying to configure it.If anyone's interested in Waze, here's a link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.waze MAPS.ME (MapsWithMe) are offline maps of the whole world. Map of the USA: New York, San Francisco, Washington. France Paris. Italy: Rome, Venice, Florence, Rimini. Spain: Barcelona, Madrid. Japan, Great Britain, Turkey, Russia, India. For Android and iOS devices

Not sure, never experienced that problem -= I'd try the new Google Maps built-in offline feature, though. It's actually solid now. OsmAnd, which I mentioned and linked to in the comments above, is also another good option.The developers behind the app have also made a promise. All maps and features will be free forever; there are no plans to introduce a pricing structure. MAPS.ME is ad-supported and you can pay to remove them.I've never tried the TripAdvisor app, but it seems to have good reviews and TripAdvisor has been a great website, in my experience -- so I'd give it a tentative thumbs up.

android-samples samples android maps-sdk. Want to be notified of new releases in googlemaps/android-samples Step 3: Having done that, return to map view and navigate to the area you want to save for offline use. Long press at the approx. center of the area you would travel to (for example, if you are traveling to a city, make sure you are selecting the heart of the city on the map) and wait for the map to load the address of that spot on the map.Apple's iPhone SE has gotten a lot of hype and attention since its announcement, but unless you absolutely need an iPhone, the upcoming Pixel 4a looks to be as good or better in almost every way.

You won't be able to interchange map files. OSM data is in unsorted XML format. Which is really huge (250GB to be exact) and you have to read the entire file to find something. - Therefore, the apps that use the data need to compile it to a custom format, they need to include their own indexes etc so it's not to big on your device and fast enough to query certain features.Google Maps offers a way to download and save regional maps for offline use—you just need to do a little preparation before you leave home.

The Google Play page says you can create your own maps with Androzic, so maybe it will work for you! Let us know how it goes if you give it a try.If you get the nightly from their site, you have just as much features as the paid version (you're only missing the automatic updates through the Market).I would like to see a comparison Navfree-OsmAnd though. As they both have access to the same data, it's really a battle on best features.

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No mention of OruxMaps? I've used it in the past and it was great! But my phone got stolen so I'm looking to see if it is still recommended or if there is something new and better...Step 1: Make sure you are connected to a WiFi network and open Google Maps on your Android. Although it’s not mandatory to connect to a WiFi network, it’ll be cost effective when compared to 3G in this case. The bottomline – ensure that you are online on the phone.For my purposes, it's awesome. If you want offline address search and directions, you'll need another GPS app. compile 'com.google.android.gms:play-services-maps:7.8.0' compile 'com.google.android.gms:play-services-location:7.8.0'. Once you have your libraries imported, you can close build.gradle and open your AndroidManifest.xml file. Above the application node, you need to declare that the application.. It does appear to have a Malaysia map. You'll need an Internet connection to download the map from within the app, but after that it works with no Internet or data connection required.

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  1. The default Google Maps app's improved offline support is also pretty awesome, but offers no offline navigation.
  2. Saving a map is pretty simple — to start, move the map to the location that you want to save for offline use. Then simply touch the Search bar at the top of the app, scroll to the bottom of the interface and tap Save map to use offline. If you searched for a location rather than manually finding the area, tap the bar at the bottom, then the menu button in the top right corner and tap Save offline map. In either case you'll then be taken back to the area of the map you were previously on, with a new interface.
  3. Note: There is no limit to the number of maps for specific areas that you can download and use offline on your Android Phone.
  4. Using the Google Maps offline just got easier to use than it used to be. In this tutorial, I will show you how to use Google Maps offline for navigation. How To Use Google Maps Offline on Android - This video will demonstrate how to save google maps for offline use on Android phone
  5. The augmented reality feature in its video is cute. Hopefully no really important features are cut out of the free version.
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Google Maps is unpredictable. It will be your friend and trustful guide 99 times out of 100, but there's always one time when it will turn into a trickster and Having offline maps requires neither GPS nor internet connection, so it's a perfect solution for roaming foreign cities, where you have limited internet.. Recently Google announced that Google Maps Navigation on Android has guided 1 Billion+ miles in America alone, over the last year. I started to look out for Google Maps Offline for Android, and finally settled with RMaps, that work with a charm Here Maps can save offline maps to SD cards, and have been doing what google is finally implementing in their upcoming maps update for a As well as a multitude of offline maps apps that use OpenStreet as their sources. Drawing a region to download maps, that reminded me of the gmap..

Cartograph Maps (Lite for free version) uses free, offline maps worldwide. They are very easy to download. Whole of UK is about 1GB. Find your way on any path, road, park, mountain etc in the world. It’s like a version of ViewRanger that doesn’t try to sell you stuff or nag you. Works on all platforms. I use iOS. I use Here We Go as my SatNav. It evolved from Nokia maps and has the great Surfer Dude voice (his repetition is good for my short attention span!) It just works. Offline UK map is about 1.2GBIn case anyone's reading these comments and looking for better apps, check OsmAnd out: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.osmand&hl=en

How To Use Google Maps Offline on Android - This video will demonstrate how to save google maps for offline use on Android phone. Kindly share this video: uaclips.com/video/pBbd41Fskyw/відео.html Steps you need to follow: Step-1: Open Google Maps and search a. Sygic is no longer on my device. It used to be the best by far. Then it was "improved" making it really difficult to use, especially whilst on the go. Adding favourites and waypoints used to be simple, so that couldn't be allowed to continue unchecked. Favourites are now just about impossible to add and retrieve. Maps are a featureless grey and route selection is very odd, frequently picking the least usable route compared to other apps, even free ones.3. Once the map of area appears on screen, tap on 3-line menu icon located at top-left corner of the search box and select Offline Maps option in the drop-down menu. 15 app gratuite per Android alternative a Google Maps per scaricare le mappe di tutto il mondo, usare il GPS ed il navigatore anche offline. Tutti gli smartphone includono un navigatore satellitare al suo interno, che tramite connessione GPS rilevano la posizione, permettono di esplorare le cartine stradali..

for mapdroid... when ia try to download maps it always get stuck without finishing download... any ideas why? Motorola xt720Although the app does create a cache by default when you are connected using a WiFi connection, it’s not easy to zoom down to all the levels manually and cache the desired area. Google maps 5.0 introduced the offline feature, but it’s not accessible directly. Here’s how you can use the feature and precache (download) an area of the map before you hit the roads.Seems to be a good collection of smartphone GPS know-how in this discussion. I'm wondering if anyone has come across an Android application like the iOS app "Bit Map"? Basically it lets you take any image file, and import it into the app by defining the datum (eg. WGS84) and lat/long for each corner of the map/image. Thanks in advanceDeveloper: Google Inc. Current Version: 10.34.3 Supported OS: Android 5.0 and above Signature: 38918A453D07199354F8B19AF05EC6562CED5788

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Ashish is a staff writer and video editor at Guiding Tech. He loves all things tech and has a soft corner for Android. Apart from contributing articles here, he also takes care of our YouTube Channel.CoPilot also has thousands of offline locations such as hotels, restaurants, ATMs, and places of interest. You can use the search feature to find them even if you’re in offline mode.The offline maps include directions, public transportation ticket prices, car-sharing prices, and train and bus timetables.Sygic is the most-installed offline GPS app in the Google Play Store. The company has an agreement with TomTom, allowing it to provide offline maps for every country in the world.Now that you’re in the Offline maps menu choose the Select Your Own Map button at the top of the screen. When you see the map, pinch to zoom out until the blue box is covering your desired location. Unfortunately, there’s no search functionality to quickly move to a specific spot.

Hey Chris, I just checked the play store. There was one more version which was released few days after I downloaded the app. That is supporting the maps download. I dont understand why they do this. Not to support the just previous version! I tested it out today morning. For a free app, this works amazing! :)When you fire up the app for the first time, it will prompt you to download maps for offline usage. That’s because there is no online map function here. Instead, the app offers more than 200 standalone individual maps to choose from, including 56 in Europe and 53 in the Americas.

Google just released an update to their Maps app for Android, and it has offline access to whatever maps you may want on hand. Google's offline access supports over 150 countries, and can store up to six large metro areas (like greater London, Paris, or New York City and surrounding area) on your.. This is really an interesting read, covering all the top GPS Android applications that work offline. This is, in fact, a great way to lookout routes when your GPS not working. HERE WeGo astounds the most as it offers offline maps for more than 100 countries. MAPS.ME is another one, which grabs the attention since it offers full-featured search function, voice navigation, re-routing calculation, and public transportation, all in offline mode. Would like to add a smart helmet mobile app, which offers GPS, Auto- call connect/disconnect, autoplay music list, SOS, Google map features and allow riders to contact emergency contacts in case of accidents.

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Popular free Alternatives to Google Maps for Android, Web, iPhone, iPad, Android Tablet and more. Explore 25+ apps like Google Maps, all suggested MAPS.ME offers the quickest offline maps of all the countries of the world. Travel with full confidence: wherever you are, MAPS.ME addresses all your.. Google Maps Offline. Let's begin with the navigation app that comes pre-loaded on all Android phones. Perhaps the most under-utilized capability of Google Maps is its offline maps feature. You can download the area of your interest using a strong Wi-Fi connection and save it to either your.. According to a new rumor, the Galaxy Note 20+ will come with a 108MP main camera, just like the Galaxy S20 Ultra. However, the upcoming Samsung flagship could be less impressive than the S20 Ultra in the battery life department. GoogleMap #googlemaps #tipsandtricks Use Google Map Without Internet - Google Maps Use Offline in Hindi Dost jab Aap ke How to use Google Maps offline on Android Phone, This video about how to use google maps offline on android mobile, You can.

Personally I preferred OsmAnd's interface -- interface may be more important than features for most people if both have the basic features down. Như đã biết Google Map hỗ trợ chỉ đường đi cho người dùng khá là tiện lợi. Hầu hết các địa chỉ trên thế giới hiện nay đều được Google Map chỉ đúng đường và góp phần Bước 1: Tải về Google Maps cho Android hoặc iOS. Bước 3: Tại đây bạn click vào dấu 3 chấm rồi chọn Download offline area In offline mode, you can enjoy a full-featured search function, voice navigation, re-routing calculation, and public transportation. You will also see restaurants, ATMs, and places of interest. If you’re online, you can share your location with friends, add bookmarks, and even make hotel bookings without leaving the app. This makes it a great Android app for traveling 11 Android Apps You Need for Traveling the World If you're going to be travelling anytime soon, you need these apps. Read More .In Navfree? I'm not really sure, it's possible -- but it's also possible that each app has its own special format and you might have to name the files correctly. Depends how the developers did it. Let us know how it works for you! Whether you're going on vacation overseas or just want to be able to navigate around town without draining your data plan, you can download different areas within Google Maps to use while offline. Here's how. How to use Google Maps offline on Android. Download map for offline use

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2. Tap on 3 bar menu icon located at top-left corner of your screen and tap on Offline Maps in the drop-down menu.When you enter your route, the app will compare car, bike, pedestrian, taxi, and public transportation routes in order to find the fastest and most cost-effective way for you to make your journey. It’ll even let you know whether your trip is predominantly uphill or downhill.

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Once you have downloaded the Map of specific area that you are interested in, you can follow the steps below to Use Google Maps Offline on Android Phone. Google Maps application usually comes pre-installed on Android devices. So, you can just launch that and start using. If you are using a cusom ROM and it Recently, Google has introduced offline maps features thus letting users save maps of certain locations and use them without internet connection

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Hey, I was wondering if you could use the maps downloaded in Mapdroyd in Mapfree by just moving it into the right folder. I thought because they both get their maps from the same site that they would likely be in the same format. This way you can download smaller sections of maps such as just Alberta and BC. I will try it and post back.You can follow the steps below to Update, Delete or Change the ‘Name’ of any Offline Google Map that you have downloaded on your device.First, launch the Google Maps app on your phone. Next, tap on the hamburger menu icon in the top left corner of your screen and then select Offline maps.

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Thankfully, Google Maps lets you download maps not just on your iPhone but also on Android devices to ensure your navigation remains a pleasing Use Google Maps offline on iPhone or Android. Once you have saved the desired destination, you can take advantage of the map to navigate freely Draft saved Draft discarded Sign up or log in Sign up using Google Sign up using Facebook Sign up using Email and Password Submit Post as a guest Name Email Required, but never shownI bet paid GPS apps (I've heard good things about Sygic) will have better, more comprehensive offline point of interest databases. If I were you, I'd try OsmAnd and see how many points of interest it's aware of in your destination areas. Saving Google Maps for Offline Use. [appbox googleplay com.google.android.apps.maps&hl=en]. To anyone who still thinks that saving Google Maps Offline is impossible, share this post and let them know Google maps features like satellite, terrain, indoor maps, and 3D buildings are not available offline. The maximum size of a map area you can download in Now tap the Save map to use offline option. Please note that only the area visible on the map will be saved. You can zoom in or out to select a..

The big thing to know about offline Google Maps is that saved areas are automatically cleared after 30 days on your device. Whether it's to make you download refreshed map data each time, to save you some minimal amounts of storage or some other reason, Google just won't budge on this limitation right now. You'll want to consider another mapping app if you need offline navigation.Nope, looks like there's still no offline navigation -- it's just improved offline support. It's nice for many people, but if you need offline directions/location search or more maps than just a few metro areas, you'll still need a third-party app.I just discovered it. It looks new -- I don't think it existed when I wrote this post. It uses OpenStreetMap data, has directions, and a points of interest database. In comparison to the two other OpenStreetMap apps here, OsmAnd has a slicker interface.About | Privacy Policy | Disclosure | Terms | Contact © Copyright 2020 @Techbout.com · All Rights Reserved Google Maps provides amazingly detailed routes and makes navigation very simple. You can easily get to any area without finding yourself lost. In this tutorial, we are going to show you how you can download maps of a specific area and use it offline in Google Maps. Note: Due to Map licensing..

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Other noteworthy features include free map updates, voice-guided GPS navigation, and pedestrian GPS navigation for when you’re on foot. Ihr könnt Google Maps offline durchsuchen und ohne Internet navigieren. / © AndroidPIT. Die Offline-Navigation mit Google Maps hat aber Einschränkungen. Echtzeit-Verkehrsdaten werden ohne Internet natürlich nicht heruntergeladen. Radfahrer und Fußgänger müssen ebenfalls auf Zielführung.. BTW, I use it mostly to tag interesting spots to visit while on vacation in Europe. I save the maps with different "zoom levels" on the phone and import my travel KMZ files from Google Earth into the application.

Sounds like a problem with your Android device or model, I think. It acquires in seconds on my device.HERE Maps everytime. For OpenStreetMap data and walking Locus maps. For Traffic data - Waze or Google maps (which use Waze data)

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  1. Google Maps does not require data to function. However, certain functionality suffers when you're strictly off line. Depends what you are trying to do. You can save offline maps to your smartphone. Do that when connected to wifi (switch off data - or use the intelligent switch if your phone has it) if..
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  3. I prefer Waze over the ones listed. However it requires a data connection so I guess that disqualifies it.
  4. Hi there very cool web site!! Guy .. Excellent .. Superb .. I'll bookmark your website and take the feeds also?I am glad to search out so many helpful information right here in the post, we want work out extra techniques on this regard, thank you for sharing. . . . . .
  5. É uma boa colocar o Google Maps offline para usar quando você não tem Wi-FI ou 3G/4G, ou não quer depender da conexão móvel para ir para algum lugar Entre no aplicativo do Google Maps no Android ou iPhone; Toque no menu de hambúrguer no canto superior esquerdo, representado pelas..
  6. 4. On the next screen, you will see the options to Update or Delete the selected Offline Google Map on your Android Phone.

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  1. Can't understand how Google Maps made it to the top of offline GPS tracking applications. Offline Google maps stop working after 30 days unless updated - ridiculous.
  2. I can also thoroughly recommend using MAPS.ME too. I discovered it when I was in Hong Kong for two days, downloaded the maps using the hotel's website then went out exploring with no 4G. It worked flawlessly, including turn by turn voice nav... so much so that I've continued to use it as my "go to" GPS app even now I'm back home. The maps auto prompt you to update them periodically too, so you're never out of date.
  3. MAPS.ME - Offline maps, travel guides & navigation. Subscribe to Android Police's weekly newsletter, with the biggest stories, latest deals, and insight on the week's news. Just enter your email below
  4. Step 4: Once the address is loaded, click on it to open the detailed view and select the option Precache map area (you will see this feature only when you have enabled the feature from labs). Google Maps will then download 10-mile area radius around the selected address (represented by a square box) and once the download is complete, you can have a look at all the details in the cached area even without an internet connection.
  5. Sygic has voice guidance for the first 7 days ONLY. Then you have to pay for it. This makes it useless in larger cities, as you can miss an exit before you realize that you should have exited. It was enough to uninstall the app, and find a replacement.
  6. 8 Is it possible? Yes,it is possible, there are different ways to do it, here you can find one: * TileProvider using local tiles
  7. I thought about /sdcard/Android/data/com.google.android.apps.maps/cache for location, but this directory is only 24MB total and there are only smaller files inside it. It must be in one of the caches though because every time I flash a new ROM, I wipe the cache and the Dalvik cache and my offline..
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Google maps introduced last month (November 2015) the offline mode, does not only download the map, but also the different locations (images, tiles, etc) within. Even if downloading just the maps is possible since 2012, maybe the introduction of offline features can change their perspective over their offline assets terms, but until they do not change their permissions agreement, it is just speculation. HERE WeGo is another app that specializes in offline GPS navigation. It offers offline maps for more than 100 countries.Genius Maps has offline maps available for most of the world. Europe and North America enjoy 100 percent coverage.The app can even help save you money. If you have an internet connection, it will automatically alert you about the cheapest nearby parking lots and gas stations, as well as providing information about upcoming speed cameras.

Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. Hm, I didn't notice that limitation because I don't need anywhere near that many maps. Thanks for chiming in!MapDroyd doesn't have navigation (it just shows you where you are on a map, shows you nearby street names, etc).

Met Google Maps offline kaarten kun je zonder dataverbinding navigeren. Open Google Maps op je smartphone; Open het hamburgermenu aan de linkerkant en tik op 'Offline kaarten'; Tik op 'Selecteer je eigen kaart' bovenin, waarna het kader verschijnt om je gebied af te bakenen They should work, you have a recent enough version of Android -- the only way to know for sure is to try it out for yourself!Yup, they don't need an Internet connection, so they're particularly useful for devices without cellular data connections! Tablets, too. I want to use my own tile maps in google maps api for android .The tile maps are created using ArcGIS for server 10.2 . The cache size is about 400 megabyte .I can't We have developed a simlar Android Application that shows Map data in an offline Mode. To show the map, we used the Google..

Google maps offline. Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by t325, Jan 9, 2011. I have a Nexus One with the latest version of Google Maps that has offline caching. It's my understanding that it will download maps of frequently visited areas for offline use Google Maps is one of the many applications bundled with the Android platform. In addition to simply using the Maps application, you can also embed it into your own applications and make it do some very cool things Note: If the 10-mile radius is not enough for you, repeat the process at different places on the map to cover the required area.I found one very nice off line navigation program ( beta version). It's MapFactor Navigator https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mapfactor.navigator&hl=en . Works with offline OpenStreet map with coverage for whole world.However, you will not get traffic info, alternate routes, transit info and bicycling info, while using Google Maps in offline mode.

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Google added an offline viewing mode to its Android Maps app around this time last year, and the addition proved to be a popular one. To activate the feature, all you needed to do was select the offline option from the pull-up menu, define the area, and watch it download. It was very easy, and made.. MobileBurn.com - Google released a new version of its Google Maps for Android today, and tucked inside the Labs section is a new, offline maps feature that lets you download map data to the phone. This allows you to access the maps when you are in an area without a data connection, or if you are.. Google Maps Android API : This is the default mapView in Android, and it uses the data from Google Maps. While the Google map application itself can be used in offline mode, as far as my knowledge goes, it is not possible to use Google Data in the offline mode Google Maps offline navigation is workable if you plug in the directions ahead of time. I've done that while cycling; it worked. Obviously if you need new turn-by-turn directions on the route, it won't help unless you can find Wi-Fi. Save Google Maps for offline access, so you can navigate the roads even when you're off the grid. Before we dive into the process, take a moment to visit the App Store on your iOS device, or the Play store on your Android device and check for any available updates for Google Maps

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The new Google Maps provides stable offline support -- it's out of beta, it's easy to use, and it shouldn't automatically delete maps anymore.As map caching takes a considerable amount of space on the internal SD card, it’s always advisable to delete the cached area once you are done with them. To delete a precached map navigate to Map Settings—>Cache—>Precached map area and then press the red cross next to an address. Google Maps offline; da oggi è possibile scaricare le mappe e godere di una navigazione GSP anche in assenza di connessione dati. Una volta scaricata la mappa, nel momento in cui Google Maps rileverà una connettività limitata o assente, passerà automaticamente alla modalità offline, mentre.. I also use it as a "tracker" or "logger" to keep a trace of where I've been (to georeference my pictures).

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You can download and store maps of an area in Google Maps so they are always available when offline or in areas with spotty wireless connections. How to Download a Google Map for Offline Use. Posted on March 18, 2019 by Kat Armstrong 2 Comments MAPS.ME is a complete free GPS app. If you need offline navigation, it’s definitely worth checking out.Google Maps will provide you with offline Voice Navigation from your current location to the place that you are trying to visit. Generic selectors Exact matches only Exact matches only Search in title Search in title Search in content Search in content Search in excerpt Search in posts Search in posts Search in pages Search in pages Receive Updates another thing, does osmAnd only work without data connections for short distances as it says? that would kinda suck.

The maps are organized by country, but densely populated areas have sub-regions available. You can also find maps for speed cameras in certain areas. Each map pulls its data from OpenStreetMap. Android GPS Offline. Having an offline map on your phone allows you to use the phone's mapping software without the need to access a data network. There is no doubt that Google Maps is one of the more popular Android map apps. In fact, many other applications rely on the Google Maps service

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  1. I tried Navfree on my Pantech Crossover and it crashed a lot (usually when entering destination info) and did not handle street addresses well...didn't accept house numbers. When it did know a location, it worked great...but more often then not, it wouldn't accept the destination. -Dave
  2. I’m a writer for 9to5Google with a background in IT and Android development. Follow me on Twitter to read my ramblings about tech and email me at justin@jaduino.com. Tips are always welcome.
  3. Like if I go to Google Maps, download the area, and then in my own app upload that area and use it as offline use.
  4. I've never imported KMZ files or anything that fancy-- I don't know if these apps can actually do that. I just use it as a simple GPS map that shows me where I am occasionally.
  5. When i wass in Roma, I used a app from Nelso. Nelso has apps from all the big city's in the world, not so manu in the USA, but a lot in Europe. When you look for a map of just 1 city than it will be a good one. The app works totaly offline and can tell you what is nearby. It even tells all about the atractions.
  6. Who says that? I am on PAYGo plan with no data and I use navigation all the time. I have HTC One X. AFAIK, majority of new phones have A-GPS then why do you need the data? Google Nav (Navigation) can use A-GPS to connect to satellites.
  7. You don't have cellphone coverage—or affordable cellphone coverage—everywhere. That's why Joel asked if he could download maps when he has Wi-Fi, and use them when he has no access to the Internet

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  1. 1. Open Google Maps on your Android Phone. 2. Once you are in Google Maps, type the Name of the place for which you want to download the Map. 3. Once the map of area appears on screen, tap on 3-line menu icon located at top-left corner of the search box and select Offline Maps option in the..
  2. When you’re happy with your selection, hit Download. Do note that Google Maps will let you know how much data the offline map will take up on your handset.
  3. Thanks for the recommendation. It seems a bit on the complicated side, but it does offer many more map types.
  4. Usually, Google Maps brings you to your destination without any problems, but once your mobile data connection isn't stable it can get annoying very quickly. Until now, you were able to download an area within Google Maps, but this offline material didn't work with navigation or search. All you were able..
  5. Has using Google Maps offline come in handy for you? Let us know in the comments, and don't forget to check out our other Google Maps tips and tricks and For example, I have one offline map on my android phone and want to send it to a friend on another android phone. Is that possible? If yes, how
  6. To access one of Google Maps' best hidden features, you have to know the magic word. Well, it's a phrase, really, and that phrase is: OK Maps. Also, it works on both iOS and Android devices.* Here's how to do it. Zoom in on a part of a map that you want to save for offline browsing

Sygic is my navigator of choice, been using it for some years and find it great, maps are updated regularly and are pretty accurate. Always use a in car charger as the battery drain is severe. Use it in both phone and tablet, great product.You can access public transportation information for more than 1,300 cities around the world, including most of North America and Europe.

Google Maps Offline Android Development Ask Question Asked 4 years, 5 months ago Active 4 years, 5 months ago Viewed 8k times .everyoneloves__top-leaderboard:empty,.everyoneloves__mid-leaderboard:empty,.everyoneloves__bot-mid-leaderboard:empty{ margin-bottom:0; } 3 I just saw this link5. On the next screen, you can zoom in on the specific area that you are interested in and tap on the Download button, located at the bottom right of your screen. When Google Maps for Android was originally announced, it lacked one very important feature: offline mode. On the surface this wasn't a big deal, after all, we are always connected to the cloud when we're on our smartphones, right? Unfortunately, no, we're not, especially when it comes to navigation

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Free. Android. Navigate your world faster and easier with Google Maps. Over 220 countries and territories mapped and hundreds of millions of businesses and places on the map. Get real-time GPS navigation, traffic, and transit info, and explore local neighborhoods by knowing where to eat.. (The offline ones, that is -- Google navigation in Google Maps is great if you have a data connection.) The Google maps always help us to reach our destination. Sometimes we end up at a location where we could not find any network connection. And this is the point where the offline Google maps are used. How to use Google Maps offline

Sygic is terrible compared to what it used to be. Much more difficult to use, less accurate and featureless maps compared to just about any other app available. Google Maps are a lifesaver when it comes to commuting as it is one of the most reliable source of navigation. One needs a good and stable internet If you searched for a place like a restaurant, tap More and then Download offline map. After you download a map, use the Google Maps app just like.. Unfortunately, it's only free for 7 days, and then it costs money. Still, if anyone's looking to shell out for a GPS app -- give Sygic a go.

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Google showed off offline Google Maps at its event earlier this month, and now during I/O it's ready to turn the feature on. We've got a couple of video trailers for offline Google Maps here (embedded after the break), users with Android 2.2 devices and above should keep an eye on Google Play for the.. in singapore, google navigation is not available, but by rooting and getting from xdadeveloper, i got google navigation to work, but it needs to be online *sigh*Yup, there are some good paid GPS apps (never tried Co Pilot, though). Honestly, if you're going to use a GPS app for navigation, it might be worth paying for one. The paid ones do seem significantly higher quality, from what I can see.

Need to add that my favorite is MAPS.ME. I was just now using it in Thailand. Their recent upgrade announced that they now do real-time traffic reports, but of course, for that part to work you would need to be on-line. Off line you get everything you want including route calculation, re-reroute calculation when you still get lost , (can't do that with Google maps) and voice directions. Works for walking and bicycles too. And maps can be placed on SD card memory for those "tight" memory phones out there. I also found the map detail visually more readable than other apps I tried. Android is a Linux-based operating system for mobile phones and other mobile devices. Android devices can be used to view and edit OpenStreetMap-based maps as well as to record GPS tracks that can be uploaded to OSM to aid in editing

How to Download Google Maps for Offline Use on Android? Step 1: Open Google Maps App, and sign-in to your account by using Como Usar o Google Maps Totalmente Offline no Android. De seu like e compartilhe, para tá ajudando o canal a. Once the Map is downloaded to your device, you will be able to use the Map offline to navigate to any place within the area covered by the downloaded Map.Hey Chris, I installed navfree app on my galaxy nexus. but when I open it it says, update your app to download the maps. but i had downloaded and installed the latest version. Any idea what the problem might be? The previous version of offline Google Maps would only let you view downloaded regions of a map, which was useful but still required you to connect to the Internet to start a navigation or search for a specific location. Google's latest update offers a much better offline experience for users 2. Once you are in Google Maps, type the Name of place that you want to visit and tap on Enter or tap on the Name of Place as it appears in search results.

Move around the map to select the area you want to save — the app will save everything on the map that's in view, and nothing more. You'll notice that there's a limit on the area you are allowed to save — it's enough room to get you an entire city or two, but you won't be saving whole states or regions with this method. Once you've found the area you want to save, tap Save at the bottom of the screen and then fill in a name for the saved area when the dialog box appears. Answer 1 of 48: Anyone notice that offline Google maps will give you driving directions, but not walking? Anyone know a workaround for that, apart from a data plan? I would think Google, whose motto used to 'Don't be evil', would encourage walking.. Google Maps Offline adalah sebuah fitur baru yang dibuat oleh Google untuk membantu kamu menentukan arah dan tujuan tanpa perlu koneksi internet. Dengan adanya Google Maps Offline ini, tentu akan mempermudah kamu memilih arah yang tepat saat koneksi internet tidak memadai Wonder why You left out NavDroyd? It's a version of MapDroyd however does provide turn-by-turn navigation in both 3d and 2d It also uses the same OpenStreetMap which you can download Download maps for offline mode beforehand. To be sure your maps are always up-to-date, enable automatic updates (they happen about once a month). When the internet connection is restored, the app checks if there is a faster route and suggests switching to it

I downloaded navfree. It's OK for the money but I really like a GPS that will take a house address. This won't. It will only take me to a cross street. I'll pay for sygic. Google has just rolled out a major Google Maps update for mobile devices, available to both iOS and Android users, which brings several PhoneArena has put together a quick guide on how to save offline maps on Android devices, although the same procedure is available to iOS users as well Since no one else has mentioned it I'll recommend Locus ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=menion.android.locus&hl=en ) which has free and paid for versions. You can get a (free) add-on map pack that gives you 20+ choices of map layer, from Ordnance Survey (the ultimate UK map) to Google Maps to OpenstreetMap. WRONG! Navfree is not a FULL offline GPS app. It's basically useless because you can't use the navigation feature offline. You need a data connection in order to search for an address. If you can't search for an address, it makes navigation pretty useless!

Google maps 5.0 introduced the offline feature, but it's not accessible directly. Step 1: Make sure you are connected to a WiFi network and open Google Maps on your Android. Although it's not mandatory to connect to a WiFi network, it'll be cost effective when compared to 3G in this case Maps by Google turns your phone and tablet into a navigator to assist you while traveling and finding places easily. Look over the areas maps and see how roads turn and where they go. Locate the food outlet or restaurants near you. Find the locations of marts, educational institutions and offices. Find streets, homes location, commercial areas, sports grounds and so much more. Even trace your own device location with the help of GPS. Google Maps is a widely used geographic mapping service. So, anywhere you wish to go, the destination can be located precisely on it. These maps are open for everyone. So, you can also add location of your own business and residence to assist people to find you easily.The only problem at times one can face is poor or no network connectivity while using Maps on the go and in such cases, the app fails to serve its purpose. As you know, both GPS and 3G/WiFi connection work in tandem in the background when you use the app to find directions. The GPS feeds your coordinates to the app, and they are in-turn displayed using a visual map that’s loaded from the server using a data connection. That’s why lack of internet connectivity can make the app pointless. (image credit: kalleboo) The Google Maps android application for android smartphone & tablets from Google Inc. It makes navigating your world easier and faster than other offline maps. Android Offline Maps Navigation. The Google Maps supports up to 220 countries and territories with accurate comprehensive maps Use all downloaded maps offline, synchronize collected data when you go online. View your map design. Choose from various basemaps like street and satellite. The native source code is available for Android and iOS. All updates are included through our private GitHub repository

However, you can only navigate online -- you can see where you are on a map offline, but you can't plug in an address and get directions unless you're online.Google Maps can provide you with turn-by-turn directions, even if you are offline and not at all connected to WiFi or Cellular network. You will find below the steps to Use Google Maps Offline on Android Phone. Google maps introduced last month (November 2015) the offline mode, does not only download the map, but also the different locations (images, tiles, etc) within. Even if downloading just the maps is possible since 2012, maybe the introduction of offline features can change their perspective over.. map(-) looks interesting, good reviews, im downloading it now. i too use WAZE, and its nice, very community, and if you want to make it work offline, just view the entire map area that you need to travel to, (it will cache) it, then go offline, that actually works, and for a free production, navigation works offline via this way..To see the state of your offline maps and manage them, swipe in from the left edge of the app and tap Your places at the top of the menu. Scroll down to the bottom and select View all and manage in the offline maps section. Here you'll see all of your currently-available offline maps, their expiration dates and their size in megabytes. You can tap on any selection to be taken to that saved area, or you can tap the menu button on the right to rename, update or delete the saved map.Not being able to nominate house numbers was the only significant limitation I found with MapFactor but there is at least one way of getting around it. Use Google Earth to find the destination, go into Street View and position the cursor on the entrance to the destination and note the map reference in Decimal Degrees. (Options may need to be changed to display the map reference in Decimal Degrees. This option might only be available on the Pro Version of Google Earth.) MapFactor can now be directed to the map reference rather than a street address. If you wish to keep the destination as a favourite, the map reference can be renamed to the street address.

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