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I was watching the movie “Enemy At The Gates” the other day, and– by the end of the film– I wanted one of these.Chris Frenchak has over 20 years of firearms experience between sporting and responsible concealed carry applications. Chris is a member of multiple pro-second amendment organizations including USCCA, NRA, and just as importantly, his local range. Chris is continuing a legacy of support for our rights by working with his family to increase firearms education and awareness as the lead editor of GunBacker.Russian Soldiers on the Eastern Front: RIA Novosti archive, image #61150 / Alpert / CC-BY-SA 3.0 [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia CommonsBefore World War 2, or the Great Patriotic War, the Mosin was called into serving a wider variety of roles than ever before. At the time the rifle was developed it was considered quite accurate. After seeing the 91/30 I just had to have one of those too. Keep in mind that the first Mosin was bought almost exactly one year ago! From that humble M44 I now have that, 2 PU sniper rifles, 2 more 91/30’s, and a Type 53 (and yes there will be more! Les meilleures offres pour Promag Mosin Nagant Archangel Tactical STOCK-NEUF sont sur eBay ✓ Comparez les prix et les spécificités des produits neufs et d'occasion ✓ Pleins d'articles en livraison..

These days the lack of a bayonet isn’t a major issue. However, in World War 2 melee fighting was still a common occurrence. This is especially true for the Russians fighting in Stalingrad. Stalingrad was a brutal battleground where everything from artillery to hands was used to fight wars. > Firearm Accessories >Accessories by Gun>Mosin Nagant. Mosin Nagant There is 1 product. View: Grid

Mosin-Nagant rifle, sniper model (on display the rifle of A.G. Shirnokleyev, Russian sniper during The Mosin-Nagant's stock is made of wood and it's outfitted with a less than desirable trigger out of.. Overall, the Mosin Nagant - with a faster fire rate than other conventional sniper rifles and more stopping power than most DMRs - provides a good bridge between the two classes. Compared to other sniper rifles, it possesses a faster ADS time, reload time and faster mobility, allowing it to be played more aggressively.

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I apologize for my misspellings above my spell check is really getting off base except those intentional ones at the end .Utilizing a 27-inch barrel made by Tikkakoski, some by VKT, this was the first truly Finnish Mosin-Nagant. In addition to a heavy barrel, it also had a full stock and a new front-sight design, complete with protective ears. Many have fore-ends affixed via the Finnish Finger-joint system. While the M27 can still be had at a reasonable price, a close variant of it—the M27rv Cavalry Carbine—can demand top dollar.The stock was also cut to adopt a new removable sling, using the famed dog collar sling. The rifle was produced at almost half a dozen factories and over time became issued to more and more soldiers.

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I have 6 Mosins, including an M44 and a Type 53. There is not a bad one in the bunch. Ammo is cheap and readily available. These rifles are awesome to shoot, I intend to keep adding to my collection and enjoying every one I acquire. You can’t beat them for the “fun per shot” factor.Some of these rifles were issued to National Guard and ROTC units. These issued rifles are some of the most valuable collector’s pieces on the market.

Today I'm taking a look at a Mosin Nagant converted to .30-06 caliber in the early 1920s by Francis They bought a bunch of surplus Remington and New England Westinghouse Mosin Nagant rifles as.. The Mosin-Nagant rifle with this chassis installed weighs 5.8 kg (about 12 lbs 13 oz) and has an overall length of 1264mm (about 50″). The tech specs are probably stated for the.. I never read about any one rebarreling a mosin. I figured that it screwed on like most bolt guns. I just wondered if any one did this I have a clean one and it shoots great! You can customize this as easy as a 1955 Chevy! The one thing I call mine is a land cannon! The Mosin-Nagant earns no great distinction in having been used and abused by millions of illiterate peasant soldiers and Soviet conscripts. It wasn't the best all-around infantry rifle of its time

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Unfollow mosin nagant to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. You'll receive email and Feed alerts when new items arrive. mosin nagant: Items in search results. SPONSORED Made for Russian mounted troops, the Dragoon is identical to the M91 except outfitted with a 28.75-inch barrel and short handguard. This reduced the overall size of the rifle to 48.5 inches and reduced its weight to about 8.5 pounds. Dragoons were exclusively made in Russia (Ishevsk, Tula) as were their kissing cousins the Cossack Rifle. The latter is identical to the former, except fitted with a tangent rear sight and wasn’t issued with a bayonet. The Mosin Nagant is a Russian Sniper Rifle. It is unlocked at rank 91, or it can be purchased with credits. Od roku 1907 se začaly vyrábět karabiny s hlavní zkrácenou na 510 mm (karabina Mosin-Nagant vzor 1907). V roce 1910 proběhla první modernizace pušek a karabin Mosin-Nagant (puška vzor 1891/10 a karabina vzor 1910). Hlavní změnou bylo zavedení nového rámečku hledí pro střelbu náboji se zahrocenou špičkou střely, které měly poněkud odlišné balistické vlastnosti. Lišil se od staršího typu prohnutým tvarem. Alibaba.com offers 55 mosin nagant products. About 52% of these are Scopes & Accessories, 32% are Hunting Gun Accessories. A wide variety of mosin nagant options are available to yo

It first saw combat during the Russo-Japanese War in 1904, and later in the Eastern Front trenches during World War I, the bloody October Revolution of 1917, and the civil war that followed. Afterwards, it remained the standard-issue rifle of Stalin's Red Army. The rifle was very long and somewhat unwieldy, prompting the development of a shortened carbine version in 1939 and another even shorter variant in 1944. These were issued concurrently with the more numerous standard model during World War II and remained in production until 1950. The rifles in Russian hands at the beginning of the war became quite popular with soldiers. They were easy to use, accurate and hard-hitting rifles. The 7.62x54mmR round was potent and powerful, and the overbuilt rifle was perfect as a club or in bayonet battles.While I have modernized two as stated before in a reply to a 71 yr old gentleman, I do plan to acquire the classic 91/30 and make it a wall hanger as I do love the graceful yet simplistic lines of the myosin next to my 303 and Swedish 6.5×55 circa 1913 carbine and soon an ‘ 03 Springfield I shall have an amazing display of ww1 /2 battle rifles. I’d love to acquire the semi auto versions developed in ww/2 such as the garland and the m1-30 carbine among others they are few and far between and demand a premium price. I have two SKS early semi auto milled receivers not norincos although I’ve had nori cost and never had a failure as I’ve heard the stories. The only time I had a mishap was when I was firing corrosive rounds and the gas tube got clogged and it went full auto on me for three rounds, which in my particular case was humorous as there was no danger down range , Lmbo, it was a very pronounced separation in the shots it was a slow @.25 seconds between rounds ;3) by the final round ( there were only three left in the mag I was nearly vertical as it caught me by surprise. Learnt mah redneck lesson thet day, it was one malfunction that can be laughed about as no one could’ve gotten hurt. An ah never let thet gas sistum git dirtee again lol. Loved reading all the posts here I can see I have not experienced nearly enough of the variants that are out there. Have a super night guys and shoot straight.

The sights, the magazine, follower, and interrupter were all updated. The rifle was also converted to feed from stripper clips. All of these upgrades were taken directly from the Nagant rifle.The rifle was permanently attached to the rifle and folded to the right of the barrel. The M44 was born before the war began but saw very little use on the Eastern front. The M44 would go on to be a successful rifle in its own right.The Mosin has a massive aftermarket and is living a renewed life in the hands of American shooters. It’s a cheap, hard-hitting, fun to shoot rifle that kicks like a mule and booms like a cannon.

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My best advice is buy a front sight adjusting tool from ELBY custom services if you plan on using the original sights. There are tools available for the 91/30, M38, M44 and the Chinese Type 53. Better prices and customer service than the copycats on ebayThe Mosin Nagant has seen use in Eastern Europe, South America, and the Middle East. The Mosin Nagant has lived a long and eventful life and continues to serve in a variety of support roles.

M1 Garand vs Mosin Nagant. Thread starter alkemyst. i have a mosin nagant sitting at home , don't have any ammos.... it's more like a show piece for me. i'm using sks for the end of the world scenario... The Mosin’s are great. They are built like tanks. You can dig a hole with the stock, pound nails with the barrel and then shoot tight groups at the range all in the same. day. The pre – war (earlier than 42) are the nicest looking. The laminate stocks are nice and they are original. The M44 is the “Russian Boomer” as I call them. At the range the M44 sounds very unique and typically everyone stops shooting and comes over to see what is making all the noise. The older 91/30 in the 1920s with hex heads are beautiful – they have the really nice bluing. they are hard hitting with the 7.62 x 74R cartridges. I was lucky and grabbed some of these before the slamming of the door on imports. The spam can ammo are cheap and you can get it for a about $.25 a bang. That is a better deal then most anything else out there. Did I mention that they are built like tanks. 🙂@RobfromTn: Do what I did to my M-44, put a muzzle brake on it. The brake fits around the front sight and really tames the recoil, as well as eliminating the giant fireball. I found my AK Style brake on eBay for $14. Although, after shooting with it a few times it was coming off because the set screws were too small. I drilled and tapped larger ones, remounted it, and it hasn’t moved since. There are now many different styles to choose from for a little more money on AmazonWant to keep the rifle true to its original form? There’s about a metric ton of mil-surp across the internet. Looking to doll up your Mosin into a modern tack tapper? There’s no shortage of brand new upgrades to choose from. Timney makes a snappy drop-in trigger and Boyd’s Prairie Hunter stock is compatible with the rifle, to name a few options. All you need to do is figure out how you want to configure your rifle.The bolt was also slightly modified and was not compatible with the older 3 Line Model 1891 rifles. The New Mosin Nagant rifle has become known as the M91/30. The M91/30 is the most common Mosin Nagant on the market.

Today, good quality Mosin Nagant rifles are available for less than $200. The Mosin Nagant rifle has been produced in more quantities, over a longer period, than any other bolt-action rifle Back then, in what might qualify as the good ol’ days for Russian guns, there was a flood of reworked Mosin-Nagants on the market. They were so prevalent you could mosey down to your local gun superstore, pull one of the Russian warhorses fresh from its crate and for $100 or so head home with it. The ersatz Eastern Bloc cosmoline was complementary. And boy howdy, did you ever get a deal.Pušky s odsuvným válcovým závěrem byly během 2. světové války úspěšně nahrazeny samonabíjecími puškami Tokarev SVT-40 a Simonov SKS-45, které dále následoval legendární model AK-47. Přesto se puška Mosin-Nagant používala až do konce padesátých let a ještě dodnes se používá nejen při přehlídkách ale i u různých čestných jednotek a karabiny vzor 1938 a 1944 se ještě aktivně užívají v Číně a na Dálném východě. Good article, but I’m a little tired of this rifle being (mis)characterized as a “cheap beginner rifle” Yes, it’s inexpensive. And the ammo is cheap. Yet, some of us with years of shooting experience, and real life financial concerns, appreciate an affordable shooter. It’s no slouch either. After a bit of work, my ’39 Izzy is consistently grouping less than 2″ @ 100yrds (with an occasional flier). The ’54R hits hard as well. Just do your research prior to purchase. Currently, price and quality vary A LOT. IMHO, forget cosmetics. You can always refinish a stock or re-blue a barrel. Get a MN with a bright bore and a tight, crisp bolt. And have fun.This placed the scope quite high but was proven to be an effective sniper rifle. It was also a gun that could be made on-demand. It was an existing rifle and outfitting an existing rifle is easier than creating one. Especially for World War 2 era Russia.

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  1. Mosin Nagant rifles are an incredibly popular type of rifle. They are incredibly inexpensive and offer versatile use for hunting. To help your shot be more accurate while using a Mosin Nagant, you'll want..
  2. I own a Mosin-Nagant and it is in very good condition. But as you said at first, it’s a piece of history and that’s all it is to me. First off it’s a bear to shoot and it’s not all that accurate. Way to long, terrible to load and not to nice to clean. The kick on it is not to pleasant either, and I am wondering how the Russians could ever have won the eastern front with such a piece of garbage. Compared to the German Mauser or the British Enfield it’s amazing that they were not all crushed after WWII. And of course The U.S. Garand or M1 carbine which probably won the land war in japan and Europe. After firing All the rifles listed you know what you can do with the Mosin——Put it in a museum keep it there for history –forever.
  3. MosinNagants.com | Mosin Nagant Accessories, Mosin Nagant How-to\'s, Info and Resources. Remember the Texas Precision Products Mosin Nagant Muzzle Brake we posted about a while back
  4. Mosin-Nagant je označení pro několik typů opakovacích pušek vyráběných na území Ruska a Sovětského svazu od roku 1890. Pušky a karabiny Mosin tvořily hlavní střeleckou výzbroj ruských a sovětských vojsk v průběhu první i druhé světové války. Proslavil ji mimo jiné nejúspěšnější finský sniper Simo Häyhä a například sovětský sniper Vasilij Zajcev.
  5. M4A1 - G36K - M4 - L22 - SCAR PDW - AKU12 - Groza-1 AK12C - Honey Badger - SR-3M - Groza-4 - MC51SD FAL 50.63 Para - 1858 Carbine - AK105 - Jury - KAC SRR X95R● - HK51B▲
  6. um trigger and shimSpecialized trigger spring is designed to relieve trigger tension and smooth the firing operationReplacement shim noticeably..
  7. In 1904 the Russo-Japanese war began. At this time there had been close to 4 million Mosin Nagant rifles built. The Calvary obtained a large portion of the rifles, and some were sent to the front.

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Comparatively, it has the second lowest base damage of any sniper rifle in-game, passing the Steyr Scout, but can still pull off a one-shot kill (1SK) to the head at any range like other sniper rifles barring the Dragunov SVU. Despite the low damage values, the Mosin Nagant can still pull off a 2SK to the torso and limbs at any range barring the Steyr Scout. It makes up for this by possessing the second fastest rate of fire (RoF) of all bolt-action sniper rifles at 55 RPM—low by most standards but quite quick for a bolt-action rifle. Muzzle velocity is the second lowest among all snipers, at 2650 studs per second. I then added a custom Witt Machine muzzle break to the end of the barrel. Aside from decreased muzzle rise, it also gives the rifle a hot-look with that flat rectangle sniper-style.

The rifle can be found with both the older octagonal receiver and the newer rounded ones. They were produced at Izhevsk and Tula and their origin can be determined by their markings: Izhevsk rifles have a triangle with an arrow mark, Tula a star with an arrow mark.I have owned up to 10 of these rifles and all were great. I still have the first one I bought and would never sell it. It is a real tack drives and it’s easy to get 2 to 3 inch groups at 100 yards.

This forced the Russians to pay Leon Nagant for his entire design at the agreed upon price of 200,000 Rubles. In Russia, the rifle is known as the Mosin, and Mosin Nagant title was populated largely by the Nagants to attach their name to a military rifle.Mosin Nagant rifles are fun to shoot easy to afford with a large variation of the rifle that spanned a service life more than 60 years and looks like shooting for generations to come. I have a M38 its cheap to shoot since few 7.62 semi autos are not eating up all the surplus ammo like the AK47 and 7.62×39 . I have never seen a shortage of 7.62 Russian . Now many companies are making stocks , triggers, rebarreling , caliber conversions like 45/70 . The rifle has a future as a shooter or collector.

A página de armas mods Mosin-Nagant para o GTA San Andreas. Cada modificação do Mosin-Nagant contém um instalador The rifle met and exceeded current European standards for a reduced caliber, smokeless powder rifle. The rifle served is relative peace for the first decade of its service. Due to production limitations at the time the rifle was slow to be fielded.I have three of these things and they are all a hoot to shoot.. You can get nagants and the ammo without breaking the bank too. They also make a great truck or boat gun. Oh yeah, mine are VERY accurate too. Anyone else enjoy these as much as I do?The last Mosin-Nagant produced by the Soviets, it was about 1/2-inch longer than the M38. Production began in 1944 and lasted until 1948 with the carbine going through a bit of an evolution. Early on, they were outfitted with a hardwood stock, but after World War II the Russians switched to laminate. The rifle has a folding bayonet hinged at the muzzle, a rear tangent sight and was rather hefty for a carbine—9 pounds with bayonet. It was also copied by the Chinese and designated the Type 53. Mosin Nagant 91/30. STATT 390,00 €. 329,90 €. Das Mosin-Nagant ist ein russisches Repetiergewehr. Die zum Gewehr entwickelte Randpatrone 7,62 × 54 mm R ist die inzwischen..

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  1. as one other on here my grandfather gave his rifle to me which he snuck out of Russia. it was one of the mid made models as he told me he went through 7 of them before he found the right one. He recorded kills up to 1000 meters and several beyond but were unconfirmed. He loaded his own ammo and from him I got the caption keep your weapon clean and your powder dry. I had a m40 in Vietnam and it proved to be a very good sniper rifle. but my pride is the Weatherby 300 mag given to me by my company commander. When I used to go out with my sons who are both accomplished long shooters we always planned to take the Mosin for it still has the ability to provide pin point accuracy at 800 meters (3″ moa) but now I feel like a traitor because I fell in love with the 338 edge with tank brake so the mosin now just adorns the wall in my study. I wonder if Grandfather watches?. Isnt it funny how we human males progress up the trail in distructive capabilities to fill our egos.
  2. Have had a M91/34 for several years and is a great shoot. Mine came with a bayonnet and cleaning tools. The most necessary tool is the muli-purpose tool that was issued with the rifle. This tool allows removal of the bayonnet if it gets stuck, it is also a screwdriver for adjusting the firing pin to the proper striking depth, it has a depth gauge to check the firing pin (if the pin strikes to far, it can pierce the primer and blow out the cartridge). I purchased a headspace gauge to check headspace myself from time to time. My view and opinion “best rifle ever.”
  3. These American made variants are some of the most popular models in the current market. Their unique stamps make them more valuable than a traditional Mosin Nagant. The nearly 4 million rifles were never delivered.
  4. Drop in this ProMag Mosin Nagant Archangel Tactical Stock to outfit your classic Mosin-Nagant M1891 with a sturdy and reliable shooting platform that will greatly enhance your experience at the..
  5. I`ve got 1 round receiver dated 1936, 1 hex receiver dated 1934, and a type 53 which believe it or not is in better shape than any M44 I`ve ever seen. I bought that one on Gunbroker.com. As far as a rifle is concerned, each one of them is a SHOOTER! I just love these guns. I love everything about them. They break down for total cleaning in no time at all, and are very easy to clean. Refinishing them was a blast also. Heck, half the fun of gun ownership is making them your own. They`re accurate as all get up, and I just love the concussion. Of course let`s not forget the price, which can`t be beat either. I`m surprised these things haven`t gone up in price more than they have. The ammo is also awesomely priced whether your using corrosive or non corrosive. These things are like a beautiful woman…they get better as they age.
  6. The 3 Line Model 1891 served its purpose well and seemed to please the Russian military. The adoption of the Mosin Nagant gave Russia a modern rifle. It met the demand that Tsar Nicolas issued.

As a result, this inexpensive rifle is making renewed efforts to be one of the more popular budget rifles on the market.  It’s an effective long-range rifle to pair with a .22 for survival and just about anything else you’d need.It makes sense a Russian rifle would prove so rugged. A nation defined by extremes, it needed a military arm capable enduring both freezing polar winters and sizzling desert summers. Given its staying power in the face of adversity, the Mosin-Nagant has become among the top rifle choices among preppers.That brings back memories: in junior high (late 60’s) a bunch of us would bring our hunting rifles to school and would leave them in the principal’s office so we could go hunting right after school. The ammo we kept in our lockers. Национальная гвардия / US troops armed with the Mosin-Nagant rifle. This panoramic print says Co.D, 23rd Regt Inf, N.Y.G Оригинал : 3240×630 Archangel Magazine OPFOR Mosin-Nagant Stock Polymer Black. Product Overview. This magazine is for the Archangel Mosin Nagant Conversion Stock (Model #AA9130)

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  1. Mosin-Nagant — Mosin Nagant Mosin Nagant series of rifles Type Bolt-action rifle Place of origin Russian Empire Soviet Union Service history In service 1891-present Used by See Users Wars Boxer Rebellion Russo-Japanese War World War I Finnish Civil War..
  2. The Mosin Nagant, with its speed and agility alongside its (albeit low) sniper level damage allows the user lots of freedom when it comes to loadout customization and strategy selection, being able to successfully be used at many ranges in many different playstyles. With the PU-1 scope or similar optic, a user can act as a fast scout—moving quickly from advantageous positions overlooking a chokepoint or objective as to remain undetected. Using high powered optics, one can also successfully engage in long range sniping; the Mosin's extremely fast ADS and mobility means players who can reliably headshot can outsnipe players using more powerful but slower sniper rifles. With iron sights or low-magnification optics, a user can act with more aggression and engage at medium range, or even operate as if they were using a DMR or battle rifle, fulfilling its original role as a standard infantry rifle.
  3. První část označení pochází ze jména Sergeje Mosina, který byl důstojníkem ruského dělostřelectva a pracoval jako zbrojní inženýr carského arsenalu v Tule. Kolem roku 1885 se zapojil do výzkumu, jehož cílem bylo vyvinout novou pušku pro carskou armádu. Ruské vojsko do té doby používalo jednoranné pušky Berdan 2, které byly zoufale zastaralé. První zkoušky této zbraně se uskutečnily v roce 1890.
  4. Roku 1922 bylo rozhodnuto, že do výzbroje Rudé armády bude přijata pouze dragounská varianta pušky Mosin jako jednotná puška. V roce 1930 puška Mosin-Nagant vzor 1891 prošla omlazovací kúrou, ze které vzešly zbraně známé pod názvem vzor 1891/30 nebo vzor 1891/1930. Byla zjednodušena technologie výroby. Stupňovité rámečkové hledí s několika zářezy a se stupnicí v krocích bylo nahrazeno novějším sektorovým s metrickou stupnicí. Změněn byl tvar mušky, objevilo se chránítko mušky (napřed na tuleji bodáku, později na základně mušky). Dřívější uzavřené objímky pažby byly nahrazeny dělenými odpruženými. Původní hranaté pouzdro závěru změněno na okrouhlé, zádržka nábojů v zásobníku spojená s vyhazovačem byla nyní vyráběna ze dvou součástek.
  5. K Mosinově jednoranné pušce se potom připojila schránka na pět nábojů bratří Émila a Léona Nagantových. Vojenské jednotky dostaly tuto zbraň poprvé v roce 1891.

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  1. The M38 trimmed the M91/30’s barrel down 8.5 inches. This made the rifle easier to carry and use in closer quarters. The main downside to the Mosin Nagant M38 rifle is that it cannot mount a bayonet.
  2. Not really a new rifle, just a modification of the standby M91. In this case, the barrel was shortened to 20 inches and all the long-range graduations were milled off the rear sight. Many of these conversions were done in Bulgaria and Czechoslovakia, as well as Russia. Overall, these rifles are priced similarly to most M91 and M91/30s on the market today.
  3. Ze staršího modelu vzor 1907 vznikla roku 1938 karabina Mosin-Nagant vzor 1938 určená pro jezdectvo, spojaře a specialisty. Od ní byla v roce 1944 odvozena karabina vzor 1944 (lišila se pouze sklopným bodákem podél hlavně). Karabina vzor 1944 měla tvořit standardní výzbroj pěchoty a spolu s jejím zavedením do používání byla ukončena výroba dřívější pušky M 1891/30.
  4. They’re interesting to shoot — kind of a combination flame thrower, rocket launcher, and field artillery piece. And they DO kick, especially the Chinese carbine, but that’s to be expected with any large-bore, large load rifle. Since the only ammo I have right now is the Eastern European mil surplus in the SPAMmo cans, it’s a little hard to find a range where I can shoot, since the steel core makes the ammo technically an armor-piercing round.

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  1. $50.0 Mosin Nagant M44 Carbine Sporterised stock Other Russian WWII Orig. $32.0 (3 bids) Finnish Mosin Nagant M39 Military Surplus 1942 SKY Wartime Stock Set~W/Rod Other Military..
  2. The Russians learned a very bloody and brutal lesson at the end of the Ottoman’s Winchester repeating rifles. It was bloody battles like the Siege of Pleven that finally shook the Russian army to its core and convinced them to update their rifles.
  3. Most of the Mosin-Nagant's appearances were of the modified version that contained tranquilizer rounds. The unmodified version of the Mosin-Nagant does appear, however, in one of Metal Gear Solid 3's cinematic cutscenes as the main firearm of a Soviet footsoldier march.
  4. g down sights (ADS) time is better than its peers—rather quick without an optical attachment equipped. With a higher-powered scope, it is slowed down but still relatively quick.
  5. g the Soviet Sniper rifle in 1932. Wielded famously by Russian Snipers like Liudmyla Mykhailivna Pavlychenko and Vasily Grigoryevich Zaytsev in World War 2. These snipers used these rifles to great effect, killing hundreds of enemies throughout the war.
  6. This is a drop in fit next generation stock, constructed of a proprietary carbon-fiber filled super-tough polymer, for the classic Mosin-Nagant M1891. The stock fits most M1891 rifles, the hex and round..

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Just to share, I have 4 Mosins including a M44. My first one I purchased in 2009 for $90.00 from an online retailer. It was an Izhevsk 1940 91 30 with round receiver. I put a Monte Carlo stock on it, a Norstar sniper type scope with a JMECK custom scope mount that wraps around the receiver so that no modifications are made to the metal or wood. I threaded the barrel and put on an AK-74 muzzle brake. I sent the bolt off to be cleaned, polished and a bent bolt job by Max Shepard. I found a way to take the slack out of the trigger with a hair clip spring and a flat washer. That even made the pull a little lighter. I still have this rifle and it shoots beautifully. The others are: a Tula with hex receiver and laminated stock all matching numbers, a Tula hex with hard wood stock all matching numbers, the M44 is an Izhevsk with round receiver and all matching serial numbers. Except for the first rifle I modified, the others I cleaned and sealed the wood stocks and had the bolts polished by Max Shepherd. I also have a predecessor to the Mosins and that would be a nice Tula SVT 40 but that is for another topic.I bought my first rifle in 1962, when I was a senior in High School. The Army & Navy store sold loose rounds for about 5 for $1.00. Never did much with it, but did plink tin cans and a few glass bottles. I have no idea what became of that rifle. But it was fun and inexpensive. Today I have the carbine model with the folding bayonet. When I saw it for $125.00 I could not pass it by. A fellow at Church refinished it for me. I have 20 rounds in stripper clips and bought a sealed military ammo can (880 rounds?) for about $190.00. Looks real nice and will surely last me a lifetime (71 years old) and future generations.Od roku 1931 byla zavedena odstřelovačská puška Mosin 1891/30 s optickým hledím, dolů ohnutou klikou závěru, menšími výrobními tolerancemi a kvalitnějším zpracováním vývrtu hlavně. Používal se zaměřovací dalekohled typu PE zvětšující 4x nebo typ PU zvětšující 3,5x. Výroba započala roku 1932, kdy bylo zhotoveno pouze 749 ks a postupně vzrůstala. Roku 1938 bylo například vyrobeno už 19 545 ks odstřelovačských pušek Mosin. Protože se odstřelovačská varianta samonabíjecí pušky SVT-40 příliš neosvědčila, odstřelovačská puška Mosin zůstala ve výzbroji po celou druhou světovou válku až do 60. let, kdy byla konečně nahrazena odstřelovačskou puškou SVD. I have a numbers matching original sniper. I have bedded the rifle as described in an article and the results are amazing. With my loads and if I do my part and press the trigger properly, sub MOA groups are easy. I have used the rifle in old mil surp sniper shoots and always attract a crowd. I suppose one can get a lemon, but the rifles must have something going for them to have lasted this long.I have the M44 Negant Carbine 20″ barrel used by mostly Calvary I have read . Made in the Ural mountains 1944 at the same plant used to make the AK 47.

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Less than half a million rifles were delivered before the rising of the Communists in Russia caused the contract to be canceled. The new Communist dictatorship refused to pay the Americans for these rifles.If you watch a lot of reality TV, you’ll see Mosin Nagants all over the place. Agnes Hailstone on National Geographic’s “Life Below Zero” has one. Eustace Conway on History’s “Mountain Men” has one. And of course, they show up in WW2 newsreel clips from the Eastern front all the time.The rifle has been finished off with a custom camouflage paint-job using a base coat of dark earth and overlaid with streaks of olive drab sprayed through a cargo net stencil. I left the butt-stock and rubber pad as well as the cheek rest all black; so along with the all black 10-round magazine, this makes for an awesome two-tone look.

My first Mosin was an M39 Finnish version with a hex receiver. I bought it for $20 from someone I worked with who didn’t know what he had. It’s exceedingly accurate and in fine shape. My second Mosin is a 91/30 1932 hex receiver which is what I shoot most, only because I don’t want to wear out the M39. I recently acquired an M44 with the fixed bayonet. It shoots fine and has a clean bore and good wood. It’s fun as heck to shoot and really wakes people up at the range because of the VERY loud report and huge flame it throws out the front. Oficiální označení pro Mosin-Nagant znělo v té době Trechlinějnaja Vintovka Obrazca 1891 Goda – Tříčárková puška vzor 1891 (tříčárková je označení pro ráži – jedna čárka je 0,1 palce, 3 čárky jsou 0,3 palce, tedy 7,62 mm). Jako první vyrobila 500 000 těchto zbraní francouzská zbrojovka Manufacture d'armes de Châtellerault. Ruské továrny nabraly dech až v roce 1893, kdy ve tříletém období vyrobily více než 1,4 milionu těchto pušek. Tyto pušky se osvědčily v první světové válce, kdy Rusko dodalo Srbsku 120 000 pušek vzoru 1891.

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Mosin-Nagant Wisteria. 装弾数+1. MSは、Model Sportsの略です。 その他. Mosin-Nagantの同性能モデルで、スコープ倍率もMosin-Nagantと同じ To engage the safety, the rifle is loaded and the knurled knob on the end of the bolt pulled and the bolt twisted out of line. To take the safety off, the knob is pulled over and back into line—simple, but not handy. It is when the rifle is fired from a solid rest that the advantages of the type come to light. I had the opportunity to use a rifle from the collection of a young military intelligence officer who appreciates Russian history. Stripper clips are nice to have, but I single loaded the rounds into the magazine without any problem. Accuracy results are interesting and are as follows: The Mosin-Nagant 91/30 is a bolt-action rifle chambered in 7.62X54mmR. The Mosin-Nagant 91/30 was introduced to the Russian/USSR military in 1891 and stayed in.. The Mosin-Nagant while perhaps antiquated in your opinion, is still killing American troops around the globe, and, is a sole source of firepower for many people, in many countries, relying on it daily to feed their families

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Category:Mosin-Nagant rifle. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Mosin-Nagant (es); 莫先-納岡步槍 (yue); Moszin-Nagant (hu); Mosin-Nagant (ca); Mosin-Nagant (de); Вінтоўка.. Mosins are not junk surplus. Think your rifle is ruined due to counterbore and barrel pitting? No worries!Replacing the exceedingly rare M07/10, the M38 was essentially a rear echelon rifle. Given this, it was shortened with a 20-inch barrel and wasn’t equipped with bayonet fittings. Despite its size, it was still a hefty gun, tipping the scales at 7.5 pounds and—relative to other Mosin-Nagants—wasn’t prolifically manufactured. About 2 million were produced at Tula and Izhevsk and can be found with octagonal and rounded receivers. Despite somewhat lower production numbers, their price remains comparable to the M91/30.The Mosin, such a piece of kit! It’s so rugged, you could probably use it as a baseball bat for a few seasons. It shoots well for a rifle, it’s shoots awesome fora rifle under $200. Bear in mind though that supplies are drying up from what one heard, so if you want to get one for a low price, today is the day to get one. Don’t forget, you can go to a website called Mitchell’s Mauser’s if you want a premium one sniper built one, but the price commands a premium. Almost super premium. Do yourself a favor, but one now, throw it in a closet and forget about it. Someday down the road you will find it again and be glad you made the purchase when you did. Fun, powerful, well built, historical firearm. Love shooting it and never had one problem with the 350 rounds fire through it…I have a 1940 Izhevsk 91/30 matching numbers. I went to a gun show with the intent of buying one and was lucky enough to perched it at the show the only one there I might add and it made me have happy feet! That was two years ago now and I have keeping it original ! You can see all the stamps plaine I had it look over by a gunsmith and the barrel is in fantastic shape no rust or decay!! And love this rifle !! I shoot it a lot as the ammo is still vary inaspensive!! I also have a Vepr with a 23″ barrel in the same caliber and that rifle is just as cool!!! Now I want another Mosin they are not so EZ to get here

Reworked versions of these rifles were the ones shooters got accustomed to procuring for a steal. Overall, depending on condition, M91/30 runs anywhere from $300 to $500 generally. Verified sniper variants with original scope can sometimes skyrocket above $2,000.The Mosin Nagant is a fast hit and run sniper rifle. Instead of having traditional Crosshair sniper scopes, it has access to the PU-1 scope, which acts as a default scope like on other sniper rifles, although the magnification level is a bit lower, at 6.2x. Its iron sights are at 4.0x.

The new stock kit allowed me to add the optional ProMag front picatinny rail, to which I mount a modern bipod. Achetez votre carabine Mosin Nagant en ligne et en toute sécurité avec Naturabuy. 25 annonces neufs et occasions trouvées dans Armes réglementaires en calibre d'origine après 1900 Mosin Nagant Modern Imperial Russian bolt-action service rifle with an internal magazine, firing powerful long cartridges. When fully emptied, can be reloaded fast with a five-round stripper clip. Bulletgrubber - Recover unfired round when performing partial reloads.. Купить Ложа на винтовку Мосина AA9130 ARCHANGEL® OPFOR® Stock Mosin Nagant (Black). Ложа AA9130 серии OPFOR® с регулируемым подщечником и длиной приклада для винтовки.. Home » Stuff We Like » Mosin Nagant Giveaway for May 2014. This is a true piece of history with various models of the Mosin Nagant serving in militaries and recreational shooting since 1891

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Though it remained the standard Soviet rifle throughout WWII, the Mosin-Nagant was showing its age. The Red Army gradually began supplanting them with newer automatic rifles: first the Tokarev SVT-40, then the Simonov SKS. By 1951 it was finally replaced by the Kalashnikov AK-47. However, it kept its role as a sniper rifle until the 1960s, when it was finally replaced by the SVD. Error occurred. [NEW!] Scoped Mosin Nagant. By United States Military 1960s   The Mosin Nagant is often thought of as a bargain bin milsurp rifle - but some are major collector's Is that old Mosin Nagant rifle kicking around in the back of your gun safe more valuable than you think it.. I have two of these and I have stored the original stocks and upgraded to the detachable clip fed 5 and ten round clips, from archangel systems you need to buy a tinmey trigger and it’s a drop in fit. Now for the other mods I have found a company that will sell you a modified bent bolt body named ” big Gorilla gun works” they specialize in mosin nagants and do awesome work there are many styling so to choose from and reasonable pricing, second and more directly for your recoil issue I found a company called ” Witt machine” the make muzzle breaks for mosins and many other rifles but their muzzle break cuts recoil and muzzle rise by 60-70% it’s like shooting a 5.56 premium price but well worth it. It brought this mule kicker don’t to a kitty cat. I haven’t fitted my scopes yet but the mounts are available in CTD kits simple straight forward directions I have the equipment to do my own but big gorilla will do it if you like. I have an m38 and an m44 carbines . The archangel stocks have adjustable cheek rests and length of pull adjustments to fit. Just a hint for you and other folks out there wanting to modernize and make a nail driver. Big gorilla has a video of a feller shooting at 1400 yds and it’s awesome.

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For around $200, a Mosin Nagant is a great value. But when you factor in the weight of the weapon and the weight of its ammo, it’s a no-brainer to see why modern armies the world over switched to lighter weapons using ammo that weighs less per round.If there is any one facet Russian rifles in general, the Mosin-Nagant in particular, are renowned for, it’s their wang-leather toughness. Drop them on rocks, pound them against the pavement, dunk them in mud and the rifle will calmly shake it off, chamber another round and go bang.Nevertheless, the rifle is beguiling. It’s a war story writ large in birch and blued steel. To boot, those old mil-surp models that went for a song most of the time performed as well at your local range as they would have in the streets of Stalingrad or the sweeping fields of Kursk. Not always, though; there were lemons.The Red Army first discovered the combat potential of snipers during their invasion of Finland in 1939, when entire Soviet divisions were pinned down by determined Finnish snipers. When Nazi Germany turned on its erstwhile Soviet allies in 1941, the Russians promptly established a sniper program of their own, issuing modified Mosin-Nagants. These rifles had been fitted with down-turned bolt handles to allow the use of a 3.5-power PU marksman scope mounted to the receiver. Perhaps the most famous user of this weapon was the "Hero of Stalingrad," legendary sniper Vassili Zaitzev. Another famed user was the most successful sniper of all time, Simo Häyhä, who used a modified Finnish version during the Soviet invasion which is called M/28 (nicknamed "Pystykorva" in Finland). Because of its overall success, it was also highly valued to the point that the Germans preferred using captured Mosin-Nagants over their own sniper rifles.

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Intervention - Remington 700 - Dragunov SVU - AWS - BFG 50 AWM - TRG-42 - Mosin Nagant - Dragunov SVDS - Hecate II M107 - Steyr Scout - WA2000 Near the end of the war, some issues were identified with the Mosin Nagant M91/30 and the M38. Due to the close quarters warfare experienced on the Eastern front, the need existed for an infantry short rifle. The lack of a bayonet on the M38 meant they needed a new rifle. Other Attachments Kills Required Green Laser 110 Kills Canted Delta Sight 405 Kills Laser 20 Kills Canted Iron Sight 310 Kills Ballistics Tracker 1500 Kills With the AK Style, just don’t have anyone standing to either side or they WILL feel the blast. The concussion under the shooting pavilion at a range hits you in the chest like a fist. FUN!!

MG-42; Mosin Nagant; Mosin Nagant (Scoped); MP-4 The MosinNagant community on Reddit. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. All posts must be related to the Mosin-Nagant rifle

No, you aren’t picking up the 19th-Century equivalent of a modern chassis rifle. The Mosin-Nagant’s stock is made of wood and it’s outfitted with a less than desirable trigger out of the crate. But overall, with quality ammunition, the gun will hit the mark. A stock Mosin in good condition and shooting match ammo, it’s not unreasonable to expect MOA groups. Not a guarantee, mind you, just an expectation.During the Vietnam War, scoped Mosin-Nagants were used heavily by NVA and VC snipers. In one incident in 1968, legendary U.S. Marine sniper Gunnery Sergeant Carlos N. Hathcock killed an NVA sniper who carried a Mosin-Nagant. Upon finding the body, Hathcock discovered that his bullet had passed through his opponent's scope, through his eye, and into his head. Hathcock's near-mythical "through-the-scope" killshot would be impossible against a modern riflescope, whose multiple shaped lenses would deflect the incoming bullet, but worked just fine against the 1st-generation PU scope mounted to the Mosin-Nagant. The Mosin-nagant is an old school bolt action rifle from Russia. Originally designed by a drunk Russian engineer and an even more drunk Belgian gunsmith, who drew up blueprints on napkins in the back of.. I have two one 9130 and a carbine. They are both good solid shooters and fun to shoot. the 9130 I modified with a Timiney trigger and polished the bolt locking ramp and mating surface, makes the action a little smoother. The Carbine has a trigger mod to adjust slop with the sear surfaces polished as well as the blot lockup surfaces. They are a little more coarse than an Enfield MK4 but still are a good inexpensive pair of fun guns to plink with. I reload for both and for a relaxed shooting outing lighten the loads a little New England Westinghouse Mosin-Nagant Sniper Bolt. Mosin Nagant shared a link. 9 July 2018 ·. With the success of the recently released 7.62x39 FMJ Boat Tail round, Red Army Standard is now..

Tikka made the M30 from 1943 to 1944, about 24,000 in all. They never saw any action in World War II, languishing in storage until 1986 when they were sold as surplus. The 28.7-inch barreled rifle is essentially an M91 with sights calibrated from 100 to 2,000 meters. Given their history, these are usually in excellent condition and can be bought at a competitive price. Weapons. Mosin Nagant. Mosin Nagant. Endorsements. 4,120

The Russians put out the request for a modern rifle, and three rifles were submitted. One from a Captain Sergei Mosin, one from Leon Nagant, and one from a Captain Zinoviev. The trials were very split, with evaluators disagreeing on different elements of the rifles.The Mosin-Nagant is still a solid, practical and fun investment if gritty, dependable and historic rifles are your thing. But for all its positives, it does have its downsides—what gun doesn’t? In particular, three major areas stick out to me: mosin nagant yamulmuyorsam bir silah markasıdır. yani sadece sovyetler tarafından 2. dünya savasi nda de kullanılmıştır demek yanlıştır. dünyanın en iyi suikast silahları listesine girebilecek silahlar..

The Mosin Nagant rifle has been produced in more quantities, over a longer period, than any other bolt-action rifle. The rifle deserves a book-length study. There are a number of tidbits of information that are helpful to the beginning shooter. As an example, the Russian ball load for machineguns was a 200-grain bullet at approximately 2,300 fps from the 27-inch Mosin Nagant barrel. This bullet is heavier and slower than our own .30-06 but undoubtedly hit hard.The remaining quarter-million and some change Mosin Nagant were sold to the United States military. From there they were issued to forces fighting in the North Russian Campaign. Some were given to allies and others sold through the Civilian Marksmanship Program. The Mosin Nagant Rifle is affordable and a great everyday shooter with inexpensive surplus ammo readily available ~ Video Review. Quoted From The Mosin Nagant Rifle Vide AK12 - AN-94 - AS VAL - SCAR-L - AUG A1 - M16A4 - G36 M16A3 - AUG A2 - FAMAS G2 - AK47 - AUG A3 - L85A2 HK416 - AK74 - AKM - AK103 - TAR-21★ - M231 - G11K2 One of the most unique Mosins was recently at a gun show in Burch Run, MI. A hex head Remington with completely sportorized cut down barrel, modern sites, re-blued, nice walnut stock. And priced reasonable. The customization is endless.

The Mosin Nagant was brought to be the same way most rifles were in the late 19th century. Necessity, and bloody lessons learned from conflict. In 1877 the Russians marched into the Russo Ottoman war with single-shot Berdan rifles.The Mosin Nagant is a legendary rifle around the world. It has seen an upsurge in the last couple of decades due to the massive American sales of them. Largely driven by the low cost of both the rifles and the ammunition the Mosin is widely sold throughout the United States. mosin nagant. şükela: tümü | bugün. emperyalistlerin ve faşistlerin makineli tüfeklerine karşı türk askerlerinin ve sovyet askerlerinin ellerinde 5 mermilik mosin nagantlar yer almıştır. adeta silah..

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