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United Airlines will accept most sporting equipment. However, you need to be aware that there might be specific guidelines and packaging requirements that you must abide by when transporting certain types of equipment. You can find out more about the specific restrictions here.  Please note that the United Airlines baggage policies have been recently updated, so make sure to check the current regulations for what will apply to your flight.Additionally, in reference to asking if it matters where you booked your ticket, Air Canada does state: “If your itinerary includes travel with one of our codeshare partners or with another airline, it’s important to know that the baggage policies of the other carrier may apply.” Average United Airlines Baggage Handler hourly pay in the United States is approximately $16.74, which is 35% above the national average. Salary information comes from 118 data points collected.. With the exception of assistive devices and musical instruments, baggage weighing more than 100 pounds (45 kg) will not be accepted.

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  1. Providing the flight was booked on 1 combined ticket rather than separately (as a change would be required in the U.S.) then 1 piece of checked luggage (23 kg) would be included in the ticket. The fee to purchase a 2nd bag is $75 and the 3rd and 4th bags would cost $225 each.
  2. The only suggestion we have is to book your flight and/or pay for the bags with a credit card that will give you additional bags, or reimburse you for “travel expenses” of which, baggage fees are included in. You can find these cards in the section above: “Credit Cards That Give You A Free Checked Bag With United Airlines”
  3. If you qualify for different allowances based on your class of service and your MileagePlus status, the larger of the two allowances will apply.

Hi Ross, yes, the free carry-on bag does extend to your spouse so long as you’re both on the same ticket and paid with your Explorer card. The same goes for priority boarding and free checked baggage. Hope this helps—thanks!Hi Sam! As we’re not United, the best answer we can give is a researched guess, BUT, Air Canada has a baggage fee calculator tool that could help you out. United Airlines may make exceptions to the baggage allowance policy (e.g., to the number, size, weight, and/or applicable service charges) for certain MileagePlus members.. The baggage allowance for these itineraries will be subject to the allowances listed on your ticket. Please contact your local reservations office for further information if you're unsure of applicable.. sichuan airlines homepage. Skip to Main Content. China Australia Canada Czech Republic Hong Kong,China Japan Korea Russia Singapore Taiwan,China Thailand United Arab Emirates United..

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United Airlines will now only allow passengers to carry on one bag, which has to fit under the seat in front of you. United Is About to Charge You for Your Carry-On, Too Baggage with total outer dimensions measuring more than 115 inches (292 cm) will not be accepted as checked baggage. Ways Around United Airlines Baggage Fee. When you check a bag with United, the first bag for Summary on Avoiding United Airlines Baggage Fees. Using these eight strategies, you may never.. If you hold the United Explorer Card you’ll be able to check a bag for free for yourself and up to one companion on the same itinerary. This benefit applies even to international itineraries which is different from other airline cards like the American Airlines cards that only applies to domestic itineraries. International Basic Economy checked baggage fees are $60 for the first bag and $100 for the second. Some routes allow two checked bags as standard. There’s a United Airlines Baggage Calculator on their website that can be used to determine the exact amount per route.

If I pay for checked bags using a credit card will I have to present this credit card when I drop off the baggage at the airport before my flight? Depending on your fare type and Rewards tier, there may be additional service fees for travel. See fees for baggage, change, cancel, seats, pets, unaccompanied minors and more

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Checked baggage fee is different from the direction of the flight and the airlines. Use the official United airlines calculator to calculate a fee for Your checked baggage. Your United Baggage Allowance Is Bigger Than You Think. Meg Butler. September 23, 2019. Just how big can your personal item and carry-on bag be on United Airlines? It depends on who you ask

***NOTE: A recent synopsis follows, however, please check united.com for the most current baggage policies and pricing.***

Hi, I am travelling from Minneapolis to India via Newark..My itinerary says 1 checked bag, 1 carry on bag and 1 personal item is free..I want to know if there are any weight restrictions on carry on bag and personal item or just the size that matters? My personal item which is a backpack and carry on bag both weighs 7 kgs or 8 kgs but they are under the size restrictions as mentioned. Will my personal item be charged?Checked baggage charges apply for most handled packs. If it's not too much trouble utilize United's Airlines expense mini-computer to decide the charges for your checked baggage. A checked baggage may not surpass 62 inches in general measurements (length + width + stature) or measure more than 50 pounds. Overweight and larger than average baggage expenses will apply to any bag that surpasses these measurements.

Generally, you’ll get one free carry-on and one free personal item and you’ll have to pay $30 for your first checked bag and $40 for the second checked bag. There are many rules and restrictions that apply though so I suggest that you keep reading below for more detailed information.  Book your cheap flight with United Airlines through liligo.com travel search engine. If your baggage exceeds these measurements your items will be checked to your final destination and chargers will.. These are the per-bag fees for checking excess baggage on United Airlines. The third checked bag fee is $150 and the fourth, and any additional, checked bags will cost $200.Hi Lillian, per United’s Baggage FAQ page “When checking in at united.com, you can input your credit card information to cover your checked bag service charges. Your card will be charged immediately for the number of bags you designate at the time you check in online. If required, you may change the number of checked bags at the airport; however, bag charges paid online will not be refunded.”

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What is United Airlines' (UA) baggage policy?

I am travelling from USA to Vienna. Is my baby (lap infant) allowed a checked bag for free and a carry-on item too just as I am? The class is not Basic Economy, it is United Economy (L) In general, Lao Airlines adopts the international standard hand baggage policy. Individual carriers may, however, apply a different hand baggage allowance. If your journey involves a connection to other.. For more general information on baggage size for carry-on and checked luggage, read this useful introductory guide. 

Hi Trucmai! You should be correct here. If you purchased 4 standard economy fares for this transatlantic flight, you should each be allowed one personal item, one carry-on and one checked bag.Economy is not the same as Basic Economy. Since you are in Economy you may bring 1 personal item, and 1 standard carry-on bag, free of charge.2. Do I get access to the United Club location at B after I arrive from A during onwards travel? Even though my B to C flight is Economy?If you purchased any other fare class (basic economy, premium plus, biz, first) this may be different. In the United States, if you paid a checked baggage fee for your lost bag, the airline must refund your fee. What to Do If Your Luggage Is Stolen. Head directly to the baggage carousel when you get off..

Of course, I always advocate for you to arrive to the airport much earlier than this. For a domestic flight, I will try to arrive around two hours before departure and for an international flight I will try to arrive around three hours prior to departure. Click here to see U.S. airports with special minimum required times. Carry On Baggage Allowance is included on all flights. Find out how much and what type of Current Qantas and QantasLink Carry-on Baggage allowances for adults and children (except infants) are as.. Hi, I have a basic economy flight booked on United to Fort Myers, FL for later this week. I have a United Explorer Mileage Plus card, and I used said card to book the ticket(s). I do understand the free first checked bag allowance extends to my spouse, when on the same reservation. I also see I can carry on a bag when purchasing a basic economy ticket, as a perk to having the Mileage Plus Explorer card. Since RSW is a relatively short flight for us, and my spouse and I would like to just carry on (1) bag each, does anyone know if the carry on privilege for a Basic economy tickets also extends to a travel companion on the same reservation?? Thanks much!

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Baggage with total outer dimensions (length + width + height) measuring more than 115 inches (292 cm) will not be accepted as checked baggage. United States. Asia-Pacific. China. When you travel on a non-stop, Air China-operated and coded international flight with a ticket number preceded by 999, if your checked baggage exceeds the free..

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Hello. I have searched in many places and cannot find the answer to my question. I am United Premier Silver so I am entitled to one free checked bag of 70 lb. I also used my United Explorer Card to book a domestic flight for myself, wife and 2 children. The Explorer Card entitles me to a free checked bag for myself and one companion. I don’t believe the benefits can be combined to get 3 free bags but I wonder about the weight limits. Can my free bag be 70 lb and my companions free bag be 50 lb? Or would the Explorer Card benefits of two free bags override the 70 lb benefit I get with being Silver. The United bag calculator is not clear. It seems to imply that everyone on the itinerary gets one free bag of 70 lb but it also says service charges will vary by traveler depending on status. Any thoughts? Thank you.Hi Tyler! You don’t need to purchase the ticket with the United card. Your United credit card is tied to your MileagePlus account, and so basically any booking under your MileagePlus account will have the free booking, so long as the itinerary is eligible.These are the rates most travelers will pay United for checking bags on domestic flights, but they could vary based on your fare class or status. Check out the nitty gritty details on United’s website if you want to be 100% sure what it will cost.My wife and I am permanently moving from US to India. How many bags can I check in (for fees) per person? I have 25 bags that I need to carry. Please let me know at your earliest. How much will it cost me?Is there any way that I can bring on a carry on? Or am I forced to do a second checked bag (which is ridiculous as a small bag weighing 12lb is not the same as a checked bag of 60lb, but i don’t make the rules)!

Are United Airlines baggage fees comparable to other airlines? Is there a way to avoid them together? We explore this and more to help you travel better – Diaper bag – Breast pump and milk – Government-approved car seat – Compact folding stroller

My question is if I upgrade to first/business for segments A to B and then on the way back from B to A, do I get: 1. 1 more free checked bag for the whole/part of the trip? or do I pay the extra $100ish? United Airlines introduced its new low-cost Basic Economy class on Tuesday. United's 'carry-on baggage ban' had a nasty side effect that other airlines can learn from The actual fees charged for checked luggage will vary depending on your specific fare class, loyalty status, and other factors. For additional information on United Airlines checked baggage fees, please visit United’s website. United Airlines® is a registered trademark of United Airlines, Inc. This page was last updated on September 26, 2018. Neither LugLess, nor its parent, subsidiaries, and/or affiliates, makes any warranty, express or implied, or assumes any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information contained herein.

I want to purchase an economy basic ticket from EWR to Brussels and I need to take two checked in bags for myself and my son. I have the Chase United MileagePlus® Club Card but my husband is the main account holder (I have a secondary card) – Can my son and I still benefit from the free checked bag benefit? (ONE OR TWO CHECKED BAGS EACH?)United Airlines’ website states that a car seat will be accepted for free in addition to a stroller. An infant being charged 10% of the fare is also entitled to a 50 lb checked bag.Hi there, very helpful information but i’m having trouble finding what the maximum number of excess bags allowed to check per ticket? My family and I are relocating to Copenhagen (DEN-CPH, three tickets, 2 adults, 1 3-year old) and have decided to simply bring all of our personal belongings and its cheaper to pay for excess bags than to ship boxes. But I can’t seem to find a total number of excess bags that’s allowed per ticket, it just says the cost would be $200 per bag for 3+. (note, scandanavian airlines who will actually be the one flying us there has a limit of 9 on their website and of course cheaper, but alas, we’ll be flying with miles so I imagine that puts us as United Economy. We will also make them all within the smallest dimensions and under 50 lbs each (because it seems that the excess bag + oversize would be essentially double the cost?). We have not booked our tickets, so i wonder if that number would come up once we can use the calculator for our actual reservation?

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Save money on airfare by searching for cheap flights on KAYAK. KAYAK compares flight deals on hundreds of airline tickets sites to find you the best prices United Global First and United First baggage allowance changes from three bags to two bags for United Airlines MileagePlus has just launched their latest promotion on purchased miles, which is in.. Having flown United Airlines a countless number of times over the years, I am very familiar with their baggage fee policy, and luckily it is pretty straight forward policy. 

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Hi there, you can find more information related to United Airlines Musical Instrument policy here: https://www.united.com/ual/en/us/fly/travel/baggage/fragile.html#Musicalinstruments.I am flying from New York to Chicago next month by United Airlines on ‘United Economy’. I just want to carry a ‘Personal Item’ and ‘Check-in’ one bag, because my bag size is slightly larger (5-6 inches) than the allowed ‘Carry-on’ size. I do not want any ‘Carry-on’ bag. I do not have any kind of ‘MileagePlus’ or ‘Premier’ membership. So will I be charged extra for the ‘Check-in’ bag or will it be checked in free as I do not have any ‘Carry-on’ bag?

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  1. That being said, with basic economy tickets, you get one personal item and one carry-on item. United’s website states: “If you have purchased Basic Economy for a trans-Atlantic flight, you’ll still be allowed both carry-on items.” (meaning one personal item, plus one standard carry-on).
  2. United will charge you based on each measure that your luggage exceeds the limits. So for example, if one of your bags is oversized, overweight, and above the allowance then you will be subject to three individual extra charges. This can get very pricey so always be aware of that if you’re planning on bringing oversized luggage.
  3. Get all the information you need about flying with carry-on bags, checked bags and other special items on United Airlines. Find baggage policies & FAQs
  4. Hi Anthony, thanks for sharing this with us – sorry to hear about your experience with these airlines. Had you booked these 2 flights on a combined ticket, or separately?

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  1. Hi Mia! It’s always great to pack light and it sounds like you have mastered the art. You will have no problem checking a small, light, bag. As long as an item is large enough to have a bag tag attached, it is able to be checked. Thanks for the question.
  2. The Croatia Airlines baggage concept may be more generous than other airlines'. IMPORTANT!For excess baggage on international flights bought on the day of departure in Croatia and Bosnia and..
  3. Find out everything you need to know about taking carry-on baggage, free baggage and special baggage on your flights with Lufthansa here
  4. Fees depend on type of sports equipment. Skis, golf bags, fishing equipment, hockey, and lacrosse equipment are generally considered one item. Fees are charged starting at $30 USD. Fees for larger sporting equipment start at $150 USD. Check the sports equipment section of the baggage information page on united.com for exact details.
  5. Hello, please I bought economy ticket from Abuja Nigeria to Houston. How much am I required to pay for my extra bag of 23kg or may be 32kg as the case may be? Is the price paid for online the same thing as the price at the counter in the airport? Please reply
  6. An additional 50lb bag would cost $200. If this bag was overweight (51.0 to 70.0lbs) then you would be an additional $200 in excess fees.

United Airlines allows you to carry up to two baggage as checked in luggage with maximum weight being 23 kgs and linear dimensions being 158 cms. Check-in baggage allowance and fees depends.. Standard checked baggage on United refers to the first two checked bags weighing up to 50lbs and measuring 62″ (L+W+H) or less. The first checked bag costs $30 and the second checked bag costs $40.

If you purchase a standard Economy ticket (not Economy Basic) then you would be able to bring 1 piece of standard carry-on and 1 small personal item.Hi Erna, I would suggest trying out United’s baggage fee calculator tool. Baggage fees and allowances vary based on class of service and United elite status. With this tool, you’ll be able to calculate your specific baggage fee.As usual, the information didn’t explain much. How much is a suitcase and a carry on bag for basic economy? 50 bucks? 30 bucks? Also, do you pay at the airport? They said you can pay ahead on an app but most people over the age of 45 like me don’t know how to do apps or prefer paying a real person.

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We are not sure of the hand luggage we are allowed? Are we allowed one 22″x14″x9″ and a 17″x10″x9″ each being Basic Economy ticket holders?If I booked a flight for 4 people from New York to San Francisco, one-way, how much will it be to take a 13 kg bag each?Hi We are family of 4 persons with basic economy ticket from Kastrup Denmark – Brussels Belgium – and last destination is Dulles Washington International Airport.

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  1. Hi, how much does it cost to have an extra check in bag? We are going Asia, economy and we have 2 each checked bags free. How much it cost if I add another?
  2. Hi Amber, Unfortunately we can’t find any official information as you need to to United’s website to view the Buddy Pass terms of use, however, word on the web is that it’s 2 x 70 lb bags for the employee and 1 x 50 lb bag for a companion as a free allowance. We recommend you check the allowance with the employee you’re receiving the buddy pass from or call United’s call centre on 1-800-864-8331 to be sure.
  3. Hi Peter, we can’t comment on the policies of these airlines and advise you contact them directly to query this.
  4. Hi Carol, first – please be advised we are NOT United Airlines. We are Upgraded Points, a website that publishes points and miles based articles as well as additional travel related posts like this baggage fee article. To check your baggage allotment officially with United, you can use their baggage calculator tool here: https://www.united.com/web/en-US/content/travel/baggage/checked-baggage.aspx If you’d like to inquire with United directly, we suggest you use the contact page on their website: https://www.united.com/ual/en/us/fly/contact.html.

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Hello Christelle and thanks for the question. According to the United MileagePlus Club Card terms and conditions, only the primary cardmember and one traveling companion on the same reservation are eligible to receive 2 free checked bags. Authorized users also must be on the same reservation as the primary cardholder to receive the free checked bag benefit. You can access additional information here: https://www.united.com/ual/en/us/fly/travel/baggage/chasebag.html In the cabin, hand luggage shall be placed under Passenger seat. Small and light weightitems and outerwear Passengers shall bear all risks in relation to their cabin baggage. If a flight is interrupted..

The fee for the first checked bag would be $60 which can be paid online by logging in to your booking or at the airport.United Airlines (UA) will charge $200.00 USD extra for bags that are from 63 to 115 linear inches or from 160 to 292 centimeters. Bags greater than 115 linear inches or 292 centimeters will not be accepted as checked baggage / hold luggage.Instead of providing a hard and fast table to assess your baggage fees at a glance, United is now recommending all passengers use their official baggage fee calculator tool here.I would like to take my guitar on a trip to Europe (normal sized, hardshell case): Can I take it to the gate and have it checked in prior boarding the plane?Hi, We are flying through United to India via NJ, USA this December, economy class. We have an infant (9 month currently) traveling with us and as per United policy we have been charged 10% of the fare. I wanted to know if we can check in one 50 lbs bag for my infant. Also can we check in both stroller and carseat or it’s either of the two?

First, I have a connected flights from MO to VA, and from VA to Frankfurt, and finally from Frankfurt to Amman, Jordan. And I wanna check to bags, I know the first one is for free, but how much is the fee to check a second one. Asiana Airlines uses cookies to provide online services. This is only applicable to Asiana Airline flights provided by Asiana Airlines, and is not applicable to Star Alliance mileage tickets Baggage that goes over these limits will be charged an additional $75 for exceeding weight and an additional $75 for exceeding linear Frontier Airlines is 100% committed to helping in these situations Hi there, what if we are bringing a wedding dress? Would there by a closet available to put it in for the flight?

Is there a charge to carry on a backpack? I am trying to avoid a charge at all cost, so I decided to pack with just a backpack. My son and I are traveling from Fresno, Ca to Chicago through San Francisco. Please advise and thank you very much. Baggage allowance. Welcome to your Privilege Club Dashboard. United in dedication, we share our gratitude Hi, flying basic economy class from US to China, how many baggages can be checked in for free? thank you,I bought a Basic Economy ticket from Michigan to Maui,HI. Is this flight considered a Trans-Atlantic flight, which means a personal item AND a carry-on bag allowed?

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  1. My husband and I are going to Ecuador from Vancouver, BC, Canada in the Fall and would like some help how we could take 3 bags each. What would we have to do, in order to not pay baggage fees at the maximum weight of 70Lbs each? It is our personal goods. I thank you in advance for your advice.
  2. Here, you will find the number, weight and size limits—plus excess baggage fees—for checked baggage on ANA flights
  3. Hong Kong Airlines' regulations on free checked baggage allowance, extra baggage charge, through checked baggage and sports equipment, pets and mobility aids
  4. Hi, I am flying basic economy from the UK to San Francisco. I want to purchase one check in but what else can I carry onboard and what size would these be? Many thanks

For a current list of destinations where oversized/extra baggage may not accepted check out the Excess Baggage Embargo page.Checked bags are different from carry-on bags and personal items. Your first bag per person will be free, so you don’t need to pay for checked bags unless you’re booked in basic economy.Related United 2 comments Post navigation« Southwest Business Select Worth it? (Wanna Get Away vs Anytime) [2020]Chase Sapphire Reserve Travel Insurance Comprehensive Guide [2020] » 2 comments paul couch says: October 3, 2018 at 3:20 pm can I pay cash for checked bags?

With the exception of assistive devices and musical instruments, baggage weighing more than 100 lbs. (45 kg) will not be accepted.For your route, Basic Economy would include a personal item and standard carry-on bag for the cabin and no checked luggage.United Airlines’ (UA) standard checked baggage / hold luggage fees for U S domestic flights are as follows: 

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Hi there, Do you know what’s the baggage policy for check-in baggage especially when someone is flying to India? As per the ticket when reserved during the last week of February 25th, 2019, the ticket states that 2 checked in baggage are complimentary.Economy Plus passengers are entitled to the same baggage allowance as a standard Economy passenger. The benefits are in the cabin with additional leg room. How many checked baggage items can you bring? What is the size and weight limit for each You are traveling to or from the United States or Canada and the 1st transatlantic flight has an Air France.. Yes, fees might apply. They are determined by the type of fare you purchased, your destination, if you are an active U S military personnel and/or dependent, if you have status with United Airlines' (UA) frequent flyer program, status with an affiliated carrier, or if you have a United Airlines (UA) sponsored credit/charge card.

“1 standard carry-on bag: FREE (including Basic Economy Transatlantic flights & excluding all other Basic Economy fares*)” Find out all about SriLankan Airlines baggage allowance, excess baggage charges and discounts, airline baggage rules & all other All SriLankan Airlines Baggage Information at your finger tips It depends on what fare you paid for. Basic economy doesn’t get a checked bag or carry-on bag. You get a personal item which can be a small backpack or a purse.

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All checked baggage dimensions are allowed for United Business®, United BusinessFirst®, United First®, United Global FirstSM,Premier Silver, Premier Gold,Premier Platinum, Premier 1K®, United Global Services®, Star Alliance™ Gold travel classes. If you are traveling with baggage, you must check in at least 45 minutes prior to departure on a domestic flight and 60 minutes prior to departure on an international flight. (This applies to most airports although there are exceptions.). Airlines are imposing baggage fees and penalties for heavy baggage. United charges each passenger $25 for the first checked bag and $35 for the second when using United.com for travel.. Please take special note of when United Airlines imposes a baggage embargo, and whether this applies to your flight. Embargoes are usually in place on flights to destinations in South and Central America during popular travel times such as the Christmas holiday season.

United Airlines will accept a customer's wheelchair or other assistive device in addition to the checked baggage allowance at no additional charge. We accept all types of wheelchairs and scooters.. Airline company We (a family of 4) will fly from San Francisco to Frankfurt in Germany in June 2019. We all booked economy class tickets. I was a bit confused about how many carry-on packages we were able to bring for free of charge. Are we allowed to bring a total of four personal items, four carry-on bags, and four checked luggage at no charge?

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If you bring one of the following items on board, they won’t count towards your one carry-on and one personal item limit.In other words, you might be able to get away with it now, but you may be disappointed if this “bug” is fixed in the future.Any item larger than the carry-on baggage size and any item above the carry-on and personal item allowance will be checked to your final destination, and checked baggage service charges may apply. Airline-Baggage-Fees.com. 165 likes · 1 talking about this. United Airlines carried 76,000 comfort animals in 2017. The result is an increase in incidents such as bitings aboard planes

Hello, my wife and I are flying on United to LAX from IAH using our miles. Do we have to pay baggage fees? We are also MileagePlus Explorer card holders. Thank you Main menu. Scandinavian Airlines, Homepage. Baggage. Check-in options. Traveling with children I would always recommend to avoid flying two separate itineraries when connecting. That is because it increases the risk of you missing a flight and if you miss a flight in a situation like that you will likely have to pay for a new second flight.I am flying alone (disabled senior citizen, age 70) from New Orleans, La. to Hawaii on United Airlines, basic economy, in October, 2019. Can I put my purse in my backpack and it be counted as one carryon and how much to check an additional suitcase? Sorry but I am a little confused. Thank you.Hi Mahmoud, were these flights booked together or separately? Are they all on United? Which fare class (economy, business, first) did you purchase?

I am flying from chicago to Paris in May but unfortunately did not use my mileage plus credit card as it had not yet arrived. However, the flight is linked to my mileage plus account. I believe since I did not use the credit cards to purchase the flight that I will need to pay $60 for the checked bag. My question is for a carry on. It’s my understanding that I won’t be able to even bring a carry on (it would have to be checked or if I bring to counter I would have to pay for it as a checked bag plus an added fee). Is there any way to have the carry on bag be a carry on bag and have it stay on the plane? I don’t want it being ruined, and let’s face it, luggage gets ruined when it’s checked.Personal items, like a backpack, a laptopo bag, a shoulder bag or similar small items, dimensions can't exeed  17x10x9in  / 43x25x22cm. HELLO, TRAVELER. Find out airlines baggage fees and allowances from 140+ airlines ✓ No carrying and checking heavy bags ✓ No unpredictable checked baggage fees ✓ Meet your bags at your destination

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Search results for united airlines baggage fees from Search.com. United Airlines is boosting checked-bag fees for many passengers, matching a move earlier this week by JetBlue Airways Having flown United Airlines a countless number of times over the years, I am very familiar with their baggage fee policy, and luckily it is pretty straight forward policy For Basic Economy travellers, you will only be allowed one personal item, unless you are a Premier® member or a primary card member using a qualifying MileagePlus credit card. If you exceed this limit, you will be required to check their bag, and pay the applicable checked bag plus a $25 gate handling charge as United baggage fees.For checked bags with basic economy, United States: “For Basic Economy fares on trans-Atlantic flights, you’ll be required to pay for your first checked bag.” Which, according to their baggage calculator tool, should be a fee of $60. If the entire through trip from Edinburgh to Cincinnati was booked as one ticket with a simple stopover, you should not have to pay for your bags on the Neward-Cinci route as the allowance should apply per entire ticketed route, not per leg. (again, this is also confirmed by using united’s baggage calculator tool)

Baggage Fees apply to all checked bags on United Airlines flights within and between Canada, the US, the US Virgin Islands, and the Caribbean. Note: There are permanent and time period excess baggage embargoes to and from specific destinations in the Caribbean, Central America, Europe, Mexico, the Middle East, and South America. Please check “Baggage Embargoes” on United.com.Per the policies outlined in the cardmember agreement in the United Explorer card, you must purchase the ticket to receive the checked bags. If you pay for the taxes and fees and receive it, then good for you. Do not expect this to be honored at any point in time, as your free checked bags may be revoked if you violate the terms of the cardmember agreement. Taking a flight with United Airlines? Here's everything you need to know about the carrier's baggage fees — what's included, what to expect, and how to plan ahead I have had no problems with any international airlines before even though they have the same 62” linear limits..though it’ll be my 1st time flying USA domestic so just wondering how stringent they are on this..any info or help will be greatly appreciated!

Air mattresses with built-in pump are allowed in carry-on bags. Check with your airline if ammunition is allowed in checked bags. Small arms ammunitions must be securely packed in fiber, wood or metal.. Checked baggage at United Airlines is closely related to the route. In the cheapest economy class in the US, passengers have to pay even for one piece of checked baggage

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Most bags with a sum of length, width, and height of greater than 62 inches will fall into the oversized category. Oversized baggage fees are charged in addition to any standard, excess, or overweight fee. Bags measuring 63"-115" will be charged an additional $200. Baggage that has total measurements of greater than 115" will not be allowed as checked baggage.Checked bags are free for Business Class and First Class passengers across all destinations. Economy passengers to Europe and other long-haul destinations receive 1 checked bag for free. Check United’s baggage calculator to check the allowance for your route. If you’ve booked an Economy Basic fare then you will not have any free checked baggage allowance included. United's checked baggage allowance applies. Carry-on baggage is determined by the operated carrier on each flight, in this case United Vancouver-Chicago and Air India Chicago-Hyderabad


Traveling to Europe on United, Economy. Looks like I have one free checked bag. In addition to that one free checked bag, can I also bring a Carry On and Personal item without extra charges?For International flights:United Airlines’ (UA) standard checked baggage fees for U S international flights typically include the first bag in the airfare and $100 for the second. Find United Airlines international flight deals before checking the terms and conditions of your fares. 

If you are bringing in a carry-on item and a personal item, the flight attendants will ask you to place your smaller item beneath the seat and to store your larger item in the overhead bin.  The United Airlines (UA) baggage policy for regular Economy Class fares include the following United Airlines (UA) allows 1 carry-on bag and 1 personal item (purse, briefcase, laptop bag) per.. United Airlines Checked Baggage Allowance. All checked bags must adhere to a max weight of 50 United Airlines does allow passengers the ability to pre-pay for luggage online or via the mobile app.. If you purchase your ticket with a separate credit card (capitol One Venture card), can you still use the perks of the United Airlines Credit cards to get you free checked bags? Or do you have to purchase your flight with the United partnered cards to get you that perk?

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